The Baby Theory

Ch 5: The Parents part II

"MAMA?!" They all chorused.

Annabeth managed to calm down and was thoughtful enough to grab the kid from Percy and shush him up. Silena was the first one to break free from the trance.

"YES! Percabeth prevails!" Finally that woke everybody up.

"So are you the mother, Annabeth?" Katie voiced out everybody's thoughts. Annabeth remained impossibly calm and collected, making Percy jealous of her ability to do so.

"That's highly and completely illogical, Katie. Why on Mt. Olympus would you think so?"

"Uh, in case you haven't noticed Annie, he just called you his mom." Connor deadpanned.

"Do not call me Annie!" She barked fiercely at him. "And I heard the child. I think it's just like the way baby chicks call the first person they see as their mom. Besides, we don't have any absolute similarities and I haven't had a boyfriend since birth. You all know that." She said confidently.

"Yes that might be it, but the kid's definitely got intelligence. And his eyes are a bit grayish- which we all knew that only an Athena child possesses. And who, pray tell, aside from you is close enough to Percy?" Will pointed out.

Annabeth cursed silently in her head. Will Solace was good and perceptive enough; she knew everybody thought so, too. She adjusted the child until his head rested on her shoulder. She was ready to make a reply when Will continued again.

"What about the way children of Athenaare born? Aren't all of you just born purely from the mind? So even if you claimed that you haven't had a boyfriend, the idea of procreating from the mind is still valid and might be a possibility, right?"

Four words popped in Annabeth's mind right now: Damn you, Will Solace.

"It's true that we were born from the minds of our mother. But honestly, we are only their offsprings; our powers are only half as much as that of the goddess Athena and there's still the possibility that it would not happen. The notion is very much questionable."

"Nobody, and I mean nobody wins an argument when I'm around", Annabeth thought to herself.

"Actually, it's not that much questionable." A new camper decided to join the debate. All eyes turned to Malcolm as he strolled inside the meeting room.

"Dude, what are you doing here?" Pollux asked him.

"I came to ask Chiron permission to use the open area as a volleyball court and I couldn't help but overhear your conversations. I must say it intrigued me."

"Well, what's your notion?" Annabeth asked distractedly as the kid in her arms turned to look at Percy.

"I think the idea of procreation using the mind is quite probable." Malcolm started.

Annabeth's eyes turned extra thunderstorm dark. "What do you mean?"

"Athena children are born when both the mother and the father share an explicit bond that is quite different from others. If, for example, they share the same love and passion for something, then at that time, the child can be created. I believe you and Percy both share an explicit bond from the years you've spent together only, it is masked by your faux best friend act."

"And your point is?" Annabeth practically scowled, her calm façade slowly breaking.

"My point is that since we are Demigods –half God, half mortal –, our way of procreating might need physical attachments after all. Stuff like kissing, holding hands and hugging may help trigger it. Answer honestly you two: have you held hands?"

Everybody inside held their breath as they waited for them to answer. "Yes." They confirmed rather inaudibly. Silena, Katie and Clarisse smirked.

"Did you hug?"

"Yes." The Stoll brothers and Grover fist-bumped while Chris and Pollux smiled.

"Did you..kiss?"

There was a long pause. Percy locked eyes with Annabeth for a moment, then: "Yes/Yeah."

Malcolm, Beckendorf and Will smirked triumphantly.

"Well, that solves everything. The final thing that gives everything out is the massive headache you had a few months ago, Annabeth." He concluded. “But of course, this is just my theory.”

"Wait, the kid's already a year old. How did that happen if Princess Curls here only had that massive headache a few months ago?" Clarisse asked for the first time that day. Malcolm gave her a wry smile.

"Actually when the Athena kids are born, he/she usually has matured for a bit. My father told me I appeared on the doorstep already a year and a half old."

"Whoa, seriously?" Grover murmured.

"Yes, it's quite true. I was a year old when I was sent by Lady Athena." Annabeth confirmed rather glumly. She started getting angry since she knew that all the facts were true and valid.

"And this is exactly why Athena kids act more maturely than the rest. Any clarifications?" Malcolm asked while everyone aside from Annabeth and the child shook their heads. "No? Well, alright, I guess that made everything clear. And oh, congratulations on the baby, Percy and sister dear."

Annabeth fumed so much they all started to back away from her. The only thing keeping her from her indestructible wrath is the fact that the child is in her arms at the moment. She sent a look of loathing towards Malcolm and Will and practically avoided meeting Percy's eyes.

Before things could get any more awkward, Chiron finally entered the building. "So, have you children found out about the mother?"

They sent only a uniformed stare at Annabeth and Chiron knew they got it. "Okay. First things first: you need to move to Cabin Three, Annabeth."

"What?!" Annabeth and Percy shouted at the same time.

"Why are you surprised? Isn't it natural?" Chris asked rather too innocently.

"Yeah, and don't tell me you dislike the idea, huh, Percy?" Travis gave a suggestive wiggle of his brows. Percy turned red all over his face and neck.

"Travis! Stop making them uncomfortable! They're already having enough trouble for one day. Cut them some slack." Katie nagged the older Stoll.

As the topic seemed to ignite the camper's mouths at the same time, they started talking incessantly. Percy used this opportunity to sneak closer to Annabeth when she didn't notice.

"So, uh, are you okay?"

Annabeth gave him a blank look. "Really, Percy? You ask me if I'm okay?"

"Uh, I meant to ask if you're okay with everything going on. I mean, you know, with the child and accusations and-"

Annabeth's snort cut him off. She shook her head in disbelief and met his eyes. "You're ranting, Seaweed Brain. Honestly, I'm not okay yet, but I'm trying my best to cope up with this unexpected, err, situation of ours. But don't worry, I won't leave you; I'm at fault here."

Percy put his hands on her shoulder, ignoring the fact that the child was sending him death glares for stealing away his pillow spot, and held serious eye contact. "Annabeth, I'm at fault too. You don't have to blame yourself since we're both in this together. I may not do so well but I promise you, I'll do my best to make both of you happy. Okay?"

Annabeth was so stunned she couldn't reply so she opted on nodding her head. Gods, he should really know how much that meant to her. The list of why she loves Percy Jackson just earned another tally.

"Dada, Mama." The boy pointed a chubby finger at the direction of the campers. Percy and Annabeth both realized he was trying to warn them that there were still people in the room. Any more of their private moment would've been eavesdropped by one Silena Beauregard.

"Thanks buddy, we get you. You're a genius." Percy whispered gently as he kissed the kid's forehead.

And exactly five seconds after that, all eyes were turned to them again.

"Ooh! It's just like living at an apartment! Gosh, that's just so cute and married couple-like!" Silena squealed like a typical Aphrodite child would.

"Scandalous!" Grover exclaimed.

"No, it's pretty much manly." Beckendorf pointed out.

"It's the right thing to do, I think." Katie said.

Before everyone started talking again at the same time, Chiron cleared his throat. "So that ends today's meeting. You are all dismissed and are required to return to your cabins."

"Chiron! Can I have the honors to redecorate the bedroom arrangement of Cabin Three?" Silena asked with a glint in her eyes.

Chiron exchanged looks with Annabeth and had a mental conversation.

No, Chiron, please don't let her do it.

But she has a point, Annabeth. You'll need to sleep together in the same room.

Do you want to get punished once Mother knows about this?

No, I don't want to be turned into an owl. But you know Silena's personality; she won't stop at nothing.

Grr. Fine. But don't let her redecorate the room. Gods forbid how much Percy and I would dread living there.

What am I supposed to tell her, child?

Just tell her to place my belongings there or whatever. Knowing Percy, he won't let us go back until dinner's over. Please, please Chiron!


"Uh, child, why don't you just place Annabeth's belongings there? We mustn't redecorate the entire cabin since we're not yet sure if we're really not getting any more campers there."

Silena pouted but accepted the offer. "Okay, wardrobe inspection is alright for me too."

"Alright, you may all go."

As the campers started leaving the Big House, Percy grabbed the basket and waited until they were the last to go out.

"Hey, uh, Annabeth, kiddo, want to hang out at the lake?"

Annabeth smiled. "Okay." She turned to the child in her arms. "Do you want to?"

The child gave a cheeky grin and the teens laughed as they made their way to the lake.

Olympus: Aphrodite's Point of View (POV)

OH MY GODS- wait; I am one, so never mind. Anyways, that was TOTALLY CUTE and SO WORTH IT! (Hugs a huge pink pillow nearby and accidentally throws her magic mirror-turned-TV on the wall)

Ah, my theory's just beginning. Gosh, all of it totally compensates for my temporary power depletion. But, Chiron had been less than helpful today. Hmm, I decided not to punish him yet since I'm too happy!

And what was the name of that Athena child again? Malcolm? Oh yes, I think so. MALCOLM DEAR YOU ARE SO GOING TO HAVE A HAPPY LOVE LIFE SINCE YOU'VE HELPED ME OUT!

Ahh, calm down, Gorgeous me. A goddess must always act cool and composed. Deep breath now. In. Out. In. Out. In-

I can't. I can't calm down. I'm practically glowing with love and happiness. I need to release the overflowing emotions. I guess I'm playing it rough for today. ARES DARLING! WHERE ARE YOU?! LET'S GO DO IT NOW!

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