The Baby Theory

Ch 7: Mayhem at Camp and at Cabin Three

"So how are our new parents?" Silena asked the two as she reached them. Annabeth gave an exasperated sigh. "We're fine, Silena, now please go away."

"Ohh, don't be like that Annabeth, you know that I'm just kidding." The blonde did not reply to this.

"Uhh, is there something you wanted to tell us?" Percy quickly interjected before things got awkward.

"Oh! Right. I needed to borrow Annabeth for a while, is that okay with you guys?"

"Mama." Luke objected as he's ready to burst into tears. Percy started to panic.

"Don't worry little guy. Mommy's just going for a walk with your Aunt Silena. They'll be back before you know it." His words seemed to soothe little Luke. Silena can't help herself but to squeal loudly.

"Aw~! A father-son moment; that's just so cute! You're really taking this parenting thing rather easily, Percy. I can tell that you both are already doing a great job. And thanks for making me an aunt; I'm extremely honored! But I still do need to know the child's name at least."

Percy chuckled to himself. "Yeah, sorry, I forgot about that. Anyways, this is Luke Perseus. Luke, that's Auntie Silena."

Silena pinched Luke's chubby cheeks. "Very nice choice of names, I must say. Hello, Luke!"

Luke smiled at her. "Awntie!" The teens and the naiads eavesdropping nearby practically melted at the sheer cuteness of it all.

"Anyways, we really should go. I want to finish it before dinner starts." Silena started pulling Annabeth's hand but was quickly stopped by Percy. "Wait! I have to talk to her first."

She gave them a knowing smile which made them blush. "Alright. I'll be waiting over that tree, Annabeth. Hurry you two, okay?"

As soon as she was out of earshot, Percy removed his grip on her wrist. "I'll – err, we'll see you on dinner right? Will you, uh, you know, sit at Poseidon's table?" He stammered. Luke quietly watched his parents and behaved himself like the good kid that he is.

Annabeth raised her brows. "Of course I'll sit with you, Seaweed Brain. Why on earth would I not do so?" She said a 'duh' tone. "But are you sure you and Luke will be alright on your own?"

"It's okay. I'll protect him, I promise. Anyways you should go now, Silena's waiting for you." Percy made a 'shoo' gesture with his free hand.

Annabeth clucked her tongue and was about to walk away when she hesitated. She then surprised the two boys by kissing Percy on his cheek and then Luke on his forehead. She started running as fast as she could towards Silena, refusing to look back. Too bad she didn't get to see the deep red that colored Percy's face.

"I saw that, you know." Silena teased as Annabeth reached her. The blonde flushed pink at her revelation.

"You know, I really don't get why you two haven't started dating yet. I mean, you already have a kid, so I presume that your relationship will easily transpire like that of lovers. It's quite depressing to watch your progress."

Athena's favorite daughter frowned. "I don't want to talk about it Silena because it will never happen."

"Oh Annie, Percy definitely likes you. Just wait until he makes a move; I have a feeling that it'll happen soon. And Aphrodite's kids are always right about their gut feelings."

Annabeth decided to just ignore Silena's words in favor of asking her: "Where are you taking me, anyway?"

"I'm taking you to your newly-shared cabin with Percy, of course!" She chirped.

"Oh gods, please tell me my guess is wrong." Annabeth mumbled to herself.

As soon as Cabin Three came into view, Silena practically started skipping like an excited little girl; making Annabeth even more nervous than she already is. When the daughter of Aphrodite reached for the door to open it, Annabeth willed herself to shut her eyes completely. She heard the creak of the door opening and then eventually Silena's deadpanned voice.

"It's not that bad, honey."

She wasn’t kidding at all. When Annabeth opened her eyes, she saw that the interior of Cabin Three remained as is except that her added stuff made some touches here and then. As they entered the cabin, Annabeth saw one large bed with blue and white sheets that did not have an upper bunk. She immediately knew that that was where she and Percy were supposed to sleep tonight, with Luke in between them.

"Well, this is more toned down than what I've imagined." Annabeth finally commented after a minute of observing.

Silena smiled. "I do try sometimes, my dear. But that's not exactly the real reason why I brought you here first."

"Oh? And what is it then?" The blonde asked her curiously.

Silena made no reply as she pulled Annabeth towards a new cabinet that was placed strategically on a corner that barely took space. "I asked Charlie to make you a personalized cabinet that takes little space since I know you're obsessed with everything being in order. Anyways, just think of this as our very special present for you."

And when she opened the totally cool cabinet, it took all of Annabeth's willpower to not strangle her right then and there.

Inside the cabinet was a collection of the most scandalous articles of clothing Annabeth had ever seen in her life. Lacy underwear, color-coded two piece bikinis, sexy nightgowns, revealing dresses and a bunch of Aphrodite-worthy casual clothes greeted her sight.

"Oh gods, what is this?!" Annabeth screeched.

"My part of the gift, of course. No need to thank me."

Annabeth was so shocked she failed to return to her normal calm and over-analyzing self. "W-what happened to my old clothes?"

"Oh. It's still on your trunk back at the Athena cabin but I padlocked it since I know you'll definitely return to your old unfashionable choice of clothing."

"For the first time in my life I lost the capability to think straight." She said as her face started to grow hot.

"You're that overwhelmed, huh? Don't worry dear; I completely get your thanks."

Annabeth gulped as she dared to touch one of her 'new' underwear. The bra is definitely lacy and black and had a tiny red ribbon on the middle.

"You're an A cup, right?" The black-haired girl asked. Annabeth gave a horrified look.

"No, I'm a B."

"Oh. Oh, right. Thank goodness I got you the right size, I think." Silena sounded as if she tried to reassure herself.

The horns for dinner time suddenly blasted all throughout camp. Annabeth thanked its impeccably good timing since it saved her from any more embarrassing conversations. She tried her best to cool her currently very warm face as she fanned herself while walking towards the pavilion.

The looks of her fellow campers only served to further warm her face especially when they saw her walking past the Athena table and made her way towards the Poseidon table where Percy and Luke were sitting. She avoided looking at Percy's curious expression as she still continued to fan herself despite having already settled down.

"Don't ask." She pleaded when she saw Percy's mouth opened slightly.

The rest of their dinner was spent by blatantly ignoring the looks, sneaking glances, giggles, whispers and catcalls made by almost all of Camp Half-Blood's population. Annabeth bit her lip as she focused on feeding Luke with banana-flavored baby food while Percy hid his face on the table's surface. When feast had ended, Chiron stood at the center of the pavilion to announce something while glancing briefly towards Poseidon's table.

"Today had been a very interesting day and I'm sure your head counselors explained, or dare I say it, 'gossiped' the incident that had happened this morning at the Big House. I'm sure you're all aware how the children of Athena are born and how that relates to Percy and Annabeth's current situation. And because of that, we must welcome our newest member of our 'family'. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, would you care to come up in front?"

The said couple gave the centaur their deluxe I-totally-loathe-you-right-now glare as they slowly made their way in front. Luke looked puzzled and slightly terrified as to why everybody's eyes seem to focus on him and his parents.

"Uh," Percy started off rather stupidly. Annabeth nudged him on his side, forcing him to continue.

"Yeah, so this is Luke Perseus Chase Jackson, everyone. Please treat him well." He then grabbed Luke from Annabeth's arms as he posed in the same position as that from the Lion King.

Luke stared at his surroundings with his large intelligent gray-green eyes and said in what seemed as a baby greeting: "Daa!"

There was a brief silence. Then suddenly everyone started making their way towards Luke and fought to see who would hold him first. Even with his Achilles Heel, Percy was struggling to keep Luke away from the overwhelming crowd of campers and residents. And while Percy was having trouble, Annabeth had been helpful enough to just stand there and laugh at his sorry ass.

Thankfully, Grandpa Chiron came to the rescue. "Now, now, campers please go back to your respective seats. You'll all get plenty of chances to hold Luke for the next couple of days so please calm down."

A series of disappointed campers begrudgingly made their way back to their tables. Chiron grabbed the squealing Luke from the bruised and stampeded Percy and placed him back on Annabeth's arms. "I think you're better at keeping him safe, child." He commented. Percy both scowled at Chiron's mischievous smile and Annabeth's amused smirk.

"I'm going to Athena's table for awhile and introduce Luke to my half-siblings, okay?" She told him as she bounced and kissed Luke in her arms while making her way towards Malcolm and the rest.

"Hey, Perce." Grover joined Percy on Poseidon's table. He sighed, now completely tired.

"Hey, G-man, what's up?"

"I can tell you're tired and...a bit frustrated? Well, I think you have plenty of reasons to feel like that. But really man, you need to make a move soon since everybody in the whole camp is expecting something from you."

"I don't understand, G-man. What exactly are they expecting from me?" Percy asked, trace of tiredness now completely gone.

Grover sighed. "Well, they're kinda expecting you and Annabeth to get together soon because you're like, Camp Half-Blood's the 'It' couple."

"The what?" The hero of Olympus looked extremely lost and confused.

"The 'It' couple or the 'Power' couple, I mean. It's every teenage-packed place's most anticipated and ruling couple. You're both practically branded as the King and Queen Bees of this place, just like in every high school setting. So yeah, that's why everyone's watching you carefully because they're waiting for your next move, I myself included. "

Percy's jaw dropped. "And you all know this because?"

This time, Grover blushed. "Juniper told me all about these things. Ever since the incident spread around camp this morning, you and Annabeth became a major topic for everybody to talk about. I also heard that somebody's planning to spy on you guys tonight and videotape it."

"Wait, what?! Why?" Percy cried in alarm. Grover stared at his hooves, suddenly refusing to meet Percy's eyes.

"Sorry to say Perce, but everybody kind of already knew you had a huge crush on Annabeth. Well, except her, of course. Anyways, they're – I mean, we're – all curious to know how you would act from now on."

"Oh gods, what is up with everyone and wounding my man pride?" He moaned. Grover smiled sadly and patted his shoulder in comfort.

The dreaded event of the day finally came as the camp's sing-along had ended. Percy and Annabeth slowly made their way towards their supposed 'home' with Luke. Annabeth gulped nervously as she remembered the monstrosity she called as her clothes waited for her there. Percy, on the other hand, started sweating as he realized he may not be able to hold his self-control tonight and might do things that may possibly destroy his friendship with Annabeth.

But before he could enter his cabin, Percy was interrupted by a panting Silena who hurriedly whispered: "Don't worry about the spies; I used my charmspeak so that they won't bother you tonight. Have fun! And oh, the Stolls said they placed a box of protection in your top drawer if you guys ever feel the need to do it."

Percy stood there with his eyes wide open and face as red as tomato as he watched Silena grab Beckendorf's hand and made their way towards a secluded area, probably to make-out or something.

"Percy? Are you coming?" Annabeth's head poked out from inside. His temporary shock was replaced with the familiar feeling of nervousness and fear.

He expected the cabin to look all gross and totally girlish when he entered but to his relief, it didn't. Luke was placed on a big bed with no upper bunk, surrounded by blankets and pillows and already fast asleep. Annabeth stood over to her new awesomely-designed cabinet looking all flustered and completely red from face to neck.

"Something wrong, Annabeth?" Percy asked in concern.

That seemed to cut off her trance. Annabeth rapidly closed her cabinet and smiled at him nervously. "Nothing! Nothing's wrong." Obviously she's lying but he decided to let it slip for now.

Percy made his way towards his own cabinet and grabbed his shirt and pajamas. "I'll change first since you look like you're having trouble with your clothes." And as soon as the bathroom's door was shut, Annabeth let out a shaky breath.

"Ooh, Silena Beauregard you just wait until I get my hands on you tomorrow!"

She started pacing back and forth, contemplating whether to wear those hideous slutty-looking nightgowns or not. When she finally made up her mind, the bathroom's door creaked open and out came a pajama-clad Percy. Annabeth's inner girlish-self screamed He's so cute just kiss him senseless already but her rational-self prevailed. A blush appeared on her cheeks though, much to her horror.

"Aren't you going to change now, Annabeth?"

Said girl inwardly sighed. Here goes nothing. "Actually Percy, can I borrow one of your old shirts? Just one that doesn’t fit you anymore."

Percy raised a brow at her as she squirmed in her spot, biting her lip. He recognizes that as a sign of nervousness and he couldn't help but think of her as cute. "I don't mind Annabeth, but could I ask why?"

He watched as her face turned red and started playing with the cuffs of her gray jacket. After a moment of silence, Annabeth gave him a determined look and grabbed his wrist while leading him towards her cabinet.

"Uhh, Anna-"

"Remember how Silena brought me here a while ago? Well, she showed me this gift of hers and after seeing that, it made me want to rip her hair off. That's because her gift basically is –" Here she ripped open the cabinet doors. "-this."

Percy's jaw dropped on the floor as his eyes frantically seized the sexy set of what seemed to be clothes. Pervert alert! Pervert alert! Percy Jackson has thought of many indecent situations regarding his best friend Annabeth and those scandalous clothing! His mind mentally made warning bells. And before you ask, no, he did not see Annabeth's lingerie since she wisely placed it on the drawers below and had been left unopened for obvious reasons.

He started sweating again and felt his loose pajama pants starting to grow tight. On the outside he looked calm– okay, scratch that 'cause he totally looks like a creep. He wondered how Annabeth hadn't started freaking out from the looks of his face. Inside is way worse, though. Only a few moments more and all hell may break loose. Thankfully – thank gods my self-control won! – Annabeth finally closed the monstrosity of temptation to which Percy referred to as her cabinet.

"So, can I borrow one of your old shirts?" She pleaded with large puppy dog eyes which were a rarity for the children of Athena. And can Percy say no to that adorable face? Of course not, silly!

"Yeah, sure. Just uh, give me a moment." The distraction gave him enough time to calm both his rapidly beating heart and his manhood. He sighed inwardly as he felt the heavy strain on his self-control left by the moment awhile ago and questions just how far his patience can last. He finally finds an old shirt that's too small for him and hands it to Annabeth who looked relieved.

"Thanks, Percy! I'll go and change now."

Percy sighed again as he sat on the edge of their shared bed. He smiled at the sleeping Luke and was about to lie in when he saw movement on the window. Alarmed, he quickly grabbed Riptide on his bedside drawer and made his way outside.

When Percy opened the door, he was greeted by the sight of a red-faced Malcolm and…Pollux?

"H-hey Percy. I uh, err, just wanted to hand this over Annabeth. We knew what Silena did to her trunk and we were able to savage only these. Sorry for disturbing and we honestly didn't see your perverted expression and… Yeah you weren't supposed to hear that. Anyways, bye!"

Malcolm quickly ran as soon as he handed Percy a small satchel of Annabeth's clothes. Pollux sighed. "Athena children really do suck at lying. Geez." Then he turned to Percy looking uncomfortable. "So yeah we did see that perverted expression of yours and it's a wonder how Annabeth had completely missed that but anyways, we'll try to keep our mouths shut for your sake. Goodnight!"

As Percy uncapped Riptide and closed the door, he mentally groaned at his luck. How many more days of torture would he undergo?

"Percy? What's going on?" Annabeth came out from the bathroom looking all sexy and hot wearing his old faded blue-green shirt that reached mid-thigh.

Great.Another test for his self-control."Nothing much. Malcolm just dropped by to give you your clothes that they managed to save." As he handed her the small satchel, he tried his best not to ogle at her exposed legs; reminding himself that he had been caught wearing that disgusting expression and risked not to do it again.

Annabeth seemed to not notice Percy's futile effort to not ogle at her legs. "Thanks! I was starting to worry that I would only have your shirt cover my underwear for tonight. Remind me to thank Malcolm and my siblings tomorrow." She said as she pulled out shorts from the satchel and made her way back towards the bathroom.

Oh gods why did she had to say that?!

As soon as the doors were shut again, Percy made a facepalm. "This is going to be a long night."

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