A girl forced to work day and night to keep her mother alive and cared for. What will happen when she accidentally meets BTS and will the boys be able Now, one might ask what a young lady of 21 years would be doing working the morning shift in a coffee shop when she should be in school studying....and I would ask the same question except for the fact that this young lady has a sick mother who's medical bills keep making a sizable dent in her college fund. So here she is folks, working the morning shift in a coffee shop, daydreaming about college.

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Ch 1: Mornings

Maddie’s POV

I roll over in bed and crash my hand into the alarm clock going off at 5:30 in the morning. JesUs! Just because Joon has a show tonight doesn’t mean that I have to be subjected to his brand of torture.

Oh wait....I promised Sunny that I’d help her today.

*mentally slaps self for forgetting*

“Jagi...” Joon’s voice is muffled by the pillow he stuffed his face into.

I roll over to him and snuggle into his side. We both are WAY too tired to wake up right now.

“Babe can we just not get up for like....ever?” He moves to wrap his arm around me and pull me to his chest.

“Jagi we have to, you’ve got to help Sunny like you promised and I’ve got to get ready for tonight.”

“At 5:30 in the morning?” I lift my head to give him a look.

“Gonjunim you of all people know how long it takes Jimin to get ready.”

“Mmmm” I nod my head and lean into kiss my boyfriend.

Our lips meet and I try to pull away but his arm snakes it’s way around me and holds me there for a deeper kiss. What was originally an innocent peck start to turn into a full on makeout sesh.

“Gonjunim if you keep kissing me like this we aren’t gonna leave the bed for at least another hour.” I pull away and grin at him.

Sunny’s POV

I wake up to the most annoying sound in the world, courtesy of the alarm on my phone.....and of course the man sleeping next to me is completely unbothered.

For the love of god what can’t Min Yoongi sleep through?



I try poking him a little.


Still nothing. Oh boy I’m really gonna have to stoop this low, aren’t I?


He shifts a bit and then proceeds to roll over on top of me.

I didn’t actually think that calling him Oppa would work, but wow! Now I’m being crushed to death by my boyfriend.

“Min Yoongi wake up!” I shout at the top of my lungs.

He starts awake and immediately lifts himself off me.

“Oh thank god! I couldn’t breathe!”

“Yah! Woman you don’t need to yell to get me awake!” He sounds pissed off but I see right through his bs.

“Oh please, you slept through our alarm and me calling your name several times, you only moved when I called you Oppa.” I roll my eyes and roll out from under him.

“You called me Oppa?”

“Ya don’t expect it to happen again bud.” I get up to go shower as he lies back down and looks like he’s about to fall back asleep.

“Yah! Min Yoongi get your lazy ass up! I worked too hard to have you just fall back asleep.”

“Where are you going?” His head is still on a pillow.

“Shower” That perks him up a bit.


“No not without you, get up! I have work to do!”

There’s little more in the world that’s more motivating than....well you know.
Sooji’s POV

“Ahjumma I’m here!” I call out to the little old woman who provides one of my many sources of income.

She hobbles out of our storage room and her face lights up when she sees me. Even though I make below minimum wage here....I just can’t leave this precious little old lady to run this coffee shop by herself. Besides, most well paying jobs require you to have a degree and well.....I kinda don’t have that.

“We’ll open in a couple minutes just let me change and get the machines working.” I say before dashing into the bathroom to put on my work clothes and then dashing back out to get everything started.

Beans and Spoons coffee shop is by no means well known, and to be quite honest I have no idea how we stay open with the competition that Starbucks gives us, but Ahjumma keeps the shop open month after month. We have a few regulars that I see everyday and besides that the odd tourist that stops in occasionally; normally I don’t speak their language and they definitely don’t speak Korean, but we manage just fine.

In short I just end up with a lot of time to myself, doing nothing but daydreaming about having enough money to actually support myself or binging the most recent drama that I’ve been caught in.

Now, one might ask what a young lady of 21 years would be doing working the morning shift in a coffee shop when she should be in school studying....and I would ask the same question except for the fact that this young lady has a sick mother who’s medical bills keep making a sizable dent in her college fund. So here she is folks, working the morning shift in a coffee shop, daydreaming about college.

But today I’m daydreaming about something else!

For months I’ve been studying the blueprints to the biggest stadium in Seoul....the stadium that my absolute favorite band of all time is playing in tonight. Being the broke fan that I am I have no way to buy myself a ticket, but I’m 99.99999% sure I’ve found a way to get myself into that stadium and get myself as close to my idols as possible.

Is it risky? Totally. But what’s life if you don’t sneak backstage to get into a concert once in a while?

I flip the neon OPEN sign on and unlock the door before hurrying back behind the counter and waiting for Mr. Kim (a crotchety old man who likes nothing but straight black coffee served in a mug) to arrive.

The door dings open and I don’t even bother looking up from the TV that I’m not watching because I’m too preoccupied going over my foolproof plan.

“That’ll be 5,000 won Mr. Kim.”

“Oh um, I’m not sure I’m the person your thinking of.” The voice is distinctively NOT the voice of an old man in his mid-60s rather the accented light vocals of a young woman.

Oh god Sooji what is wrong with you?!

“Aigoo I’m so sorry miss I thought you were someone else.” I turn around to see and very tall young woman who is clearly.....not Korean? A tourist? But she speaks Korean....? Wow she’s actually quite pretty. Like she should model or something, maybe she is a model wherever she came from?

Focus Sooji!

“No it’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

Ah thankfully she isn’t a stuck-up, easily insulted type of pretty person.

“So what can I get you?”

“Ummm I’ll have a large iced coffee with almond milk and 3 pumps of vanilla, and then-hold on” She digs around in her pocket and pulls out her phone. “Sorry, and then 7 iced americanos and a skinny vanilla latte. Please.”

This woman just ordered 9 drinks.....9 DRINKS!!!

“Uh-ok then, coming right up.” I take her card (a very expensive looking black one might I add) and swipe it in the cash register because you know.....this shop hasn’t really progressed to the chip readers yet.

“Sorry about the big’s a big day for my boyfriend and his friends so I figured coffee would help with the getting up at 5:30 in the morning.”

“Oh ya I know about big days” my mind immediately going to what is potentially the biggest night of my life...oh ya that’s tonight.

“These guys are total grumps when you don’t feed them or wake them up too early, I’m honestly surprised that I’m still alive.”

“Why’s that?” I ask, not really paying attention to the conversation.

“Because I always get stuck waking up the ones who are still asleep. I swear I’ve had everything from a pillow to an action figure thrown at me.”

That catches my attention.

“Wow, these guys sound like my older brother.”

Oppa died 5 years ago from cancer....actually the same cancer my eomma is dying from right now.....but we don’t share that with the world, do we Sooji?

No, no we don’t.

“These guys kinda are my older brothers actually. I’d never had brothers before I met them, but I guess there’s no going back after they’ve decided that you’re their dongsang.”

Whoever this tall gorgeous foreign lady is she sure likes to talk, but honestly I don’t mind at all, it’s kind of nice to just have an easy conversation with someone who isn’t twice your age.

I put the finishing touches on vanilla latte and start to put the drinks in cup holders.

“Umm you’re not gonna be able to carry all these at the same you mind if I help you get them to your car?”

“That would be great actually” she smiles at me and I swear I don’t swing that way but DAYUM this girl is beautiful.

We walk out to her car....scratch that she drives a fricking van.

“Wow, you drive around precious cargo or something?”

“Well when I went to buy a car I wanted something that would fit all of us.....this was the biggest one they sold. But now that I think about it I probably should’ve just taken Jin’s car, it’s so much smaller.....” she trails off.

Wait.....Jin? As in Kim Seokjin? As in the oldest member of BTS? As in-

Calm the heck down Sooji, you are blowing this waaaaaay out of proportion, there are plenty of guys in Seoul named Jin.....but she did order 7 coffees-NO STOP IT!!!! You’ll just make yourself look like a creepy fan girl if you ask.

“Are you ok?” Wow I totally froze there.

“Ya! Is there anything else you need?”

“Oh ya! Here’s my card, give me a call if you need anything. And I’m Maddie by the way.” She sticks out her left hand with a business card and her right hand for me to shake.

“Umm, thanks! I’m Sooji.” I take the card and shake her hand.

“Nice to meet you Sooji.” With that the mysterious foreign model named Maddie gets into her van and drives away.

Wow! What a way to start the morning.

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