An epic 10 chapter story about Zim falling in love with a Utopian (I made them Irkens mates) girl named Crystal who is exactly like him. Originally I had never planed on making Zim fall in love becaus

Romance / Fantasy
Jennifer Russell
Age Rating:

The Ultimate Sacrifice!

Chapter 10

Setting 1 back with Doom and Crystal

Crystal is strapped in the same way that Zim was and Doom and some other Matrixys are with her.

-Crystal- You'll never get away with this Doom. Me and Zim will stop you. Your pitiful attempt at destroying Irk is all in vain. Soon Zim will escape and we will destroy you all. And then…

-Doom-Will you just shut up already. Geez don't you understand the relationship between evil beings and their captives.

-Matrixsys 1- A sir.

-Doom- What?

-Matrixsys 1- We just got a report that the Irken has escaped.

-Crystal- Ha I told you.

-Doom- shut up

-Matrixsys 1- With all do respects sir she did tell you a…

-Doom- What was that?

-Matrixsys 1- Oh nothing. So what do you want us to do about the Irken?

-Doom- Isn't it obvious find him.

-Matrixsys-(They all salute) Yes sir! (They get ready to leave)

-Doom- I'm going with you this time. I won't let you imbeciles ruin my plans any longer. Plus it will give me some time away from this little pest.

-Matrixsys- O.k.…(They all leave Crystal alone)

-Crystal- I'm glad that Zim escaped. I hope he's smart and leaves me behind.

-Zim- (Burst throw the door) Now why would I do that?

-Crystal- Zim you're an idiot for coming but I'm glad you did.

-Zim- Yes yes I'm sure you are. (He pushes a button on the control panel and Crystal is released.) Now lets get out of here. (She gives him a hug, and he goes all googoo eyed)

-Dib-(Then Dib walks in and sees the two of them) Hate to brake up this little love fest, but Zim we've got to get out of here.

-Crystal- (Zim and Crystal stop hugging they are a little embarrassed. Then Crystal points at Dib in discuss and anger) Hey what are you doing here?

-Dib- I'm the one who saved Zim.

-Zim- I would of gotten out on my own.

-Dib- Sure you would of.

-Zim- Silence you tiny brain head. (they glair at each other and their heads are together like in "Tak the hideous new girl" as they glair at each other Julie walks in)

-Julie- For the love of Utopia do you two ever stop fighting? Don't you think we have more important things to worry about.

-Dib- (they stop glairing at each other) Julie's right Zim we've got to get out of here. (Doom and the guards storm in)

-Doom- No one's going any where. Guard seize them. (Guards seize Julie and Dib. Zim guards Crystal, but then she gets in front of him to talk to Doom directly.)

-Crystal- Ah Doom come to gravel in our presents, good I've been looking forward to this. Now gravel, gravel like you've never graveled before.

-Doom- That's it I've had it with you. You think you're so superior just because you think I need you for the machine. Well I've got news for you, you annoying little rat, I don't need you both for the machine. In fact I could just, say, destroy one of you then the other would absorb all the powers. And I think I've had just about enough of you. (He fires these evil red beams form his hands at Crystal. She is about to get blasted but then Zim jumps in the way. The force of the ray pushes him and Crystal against the wall. They slide down to the floor. Zim is in Crystal's arms he had gotten the full effect of the beam.)

-Crystal- Zim why did you do that, that was so stupid.

-Zim- I couldn't let him hurt you Crystal because I…I…

-Crystal- You…You…what?

-Zim- I love you Crystal… (He dies)

-Crystal- Nooo…(She holds Zim up and looks at Doom) He's dead you killed him.

-Doom- Oh too bad, I was aiming for you. Oh well. (Crystal puts Zim down she is really mad) If you don't corporate then the same fait will befall your friends over here.

-Crystal- (She looks at Doom really angry like) You killed him. He was the only person that ever understood me in my whole life and you killed him. You will pay for that. (she shoots beams from her own hands at Doom but he meet them with his own.)

-Doom- Ha I'm a little surprised that you were able to access your powers but they're nothing compared to mine in their condition. You might as well give up.

-Crystal- You have no idea what kind of mistake you made when you killed Zim. You are going to regret that. (Her beams start to get bigger and more powerful)

-Doom- What's going on you shouldn't be able to access this kind of power. (Her beams completely consumes him) Ah…(He's destroyed)

-Julie-(Instantly when their leader is destroyed the rest of the Matrixys disappear since they are all connected to him.) Crystal you did it you defeated the Matrixys.

-Crystal-(She is holding Zim's corps) So what it doesn't matter Zim is dead. (She starts crying over his body. Julie walks over to try and consult her)

-Julie- Oh Crystal I'm sorry cheer up.

-Dib- (Dib looks around at the scene. He sees Crystal crying over Zim. Julie trying to consult her and Minimoose hovering over them, looking all down and sad. Then he relies.) Hey where's Zim's insane robot thingy?

-Gir- Owwa…(Dib turns to the control panel and find Gir near the big red self destruct button) What does this button do? (He pushes the button)

-Ship's Computer- Self destruct in seated. Ship will self destruct in 20 minuets have a nice day. (count down begins)

-Gir- Yeah we're doomed.

-Dib- You idiot robot why did you do that?

-Julie- Dib leave the Sir unit alone we've got to get out of here. Come on Crystal.

-Crystal- No I won't leave him.

-Dib- But he's dead.

-Crystal- Shut up you stupid human.

-Julie- Calm down Crystal we'll take him with us. Just come on already.

Setting 2 The Massive.

The Matrixsys' ship is in full view in front of the Massive. Red and Purple are hugging each other in a panic. The armada is guarding Irk but they think it's hopeless.

-The Tallest- We're all doomed they'll never succeed. (They're crying in a panic)

-Irken Massive crew member- A sirs it appears that the Matrixsys' ship is starting to explode.

-Red- (he and purple get out of the panic) They did it, I always knew they could do it.

-Purple- Yeah me too. (The Matrixsys' ship explodes and then Julies image appears on the screen)

-Julie- (she salutes) Greetings Tallest!

-Purple- Julie great job on destroying the Matrixsys. How is everyone?

-Julie- Well you have to report back to Utopia at once. Something awful happened to Zim. (she cuts the transmission)

-Red- Could this day get any better?

-Purple- Yeah I know right.

-The Tallest- Whoo…

Setting 3 Back on Utopia

The whole gang is in the hospital wing. Zim is lying dead on a bed. Crystal is crying near his bed. Everyone even the Tallest are bowing their heads in sorrow. They still hate Zim but after hearing the story they can't help but feel sorry and shocked at the little monstrosity's actions.

-Red- Zim really sacrificed his life for Crystal's?

-Julie- Yeah he just jumped right in front of the beam.

-Purple- Wow.

-Wisest- (Goes over to Crystal to try and consult her) Oh Crystal cheer up.

-Crystal- (She turns to the Wisest still crying) How can I cheer up this is all my fault. If he had never met me he could of destroyed the horrible planet Earth and gone on with his life. It's all my fault. Please tell me is there any way to bring him back?

-Wisest- Well there is one way but it's completely suicidal.

-Crystal- What is it? (She says still sad but with a glimmer of hope)

-Wisest- Well you would have to give him all of your powers. They would disappear and he would come back, but in doing so you would kill yourself which is completely…

-Crystal- I'll do it. (She says with determination)

-All- No Crystal don't do it. (they want to try and stop her. But she pushes them out the door using her powers. Sealing the door behind them. You can hear them all banging on the door and telling Crystal to stop during this hole scene.)

-Crystal-(She lifts Zim and herself up in the air using her powers. She holds her hands out towards him and a ray starts coming out of her hands and into him. It completely surrounds him.) Zim I could never live with myself knowing that I let you die. Live on and destroy all of the filthy humans for me.

-The Tallest-(We cut to the tallest banging on the door) Crystal stop your making a big mistake. Will someone get this door open. (Instantly the door slides back into the wall. The tallest fall and look at the scene. Crystal is gone and Zim is still unconscious on the bed. Dib rushes over the tallest and slaps Zim awake.)

-Zim- Owa, Dib how dear you defile my face with your filthy human hand. What did you do that for? You Shall pay filthy human. Hey wait a minute how am I still alive and where's Crystal?

-Dib- A Zim I don't know how to tell you this but Crystal sacrificed her life to save yours

-Zim- What no, why did she do that. That was so stupid she should of just let me die. (he starts crying)

-The Tallest- Yes she should of just let you die. (They're crying too)

-Wisest- Get a hold of yourselves you three. Crystal may be gone but so are the Matrixsys it is time to return to our normal lives. Zim you must return the human back to Earth and complete your mission.

-Zim- (he sniffs a little and gets a tear from his eye and talks very sad like) I guess you're right. Come on Gir, Minimoose, Stink Beast lets go home.

Setting 4 Dib's house

Zim is dropping Dib off at his house with the cruiser it is night time.

-Dib- (he gets out of the cruiser) Zim I'm so sorry about...

-Zim- Don't talk to me human filth. Just leave Zim alone. (Zim leaves in the cruiser headed for his base. Dib looks at him leave in shock.)

-Dib- Wow I've never seen him like this. (He takes out a camera from inside his pocket) I did record the whole thing, but now I don't even feel like showing it. I wonder if he'll ever get over what happened.

The End…

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