After School

"If my mom comes after you, I'm telling you, you'll die," I told Seungmin, glaring at him.

He had stolen my phone and had held it high above my head, so that I couldn't take it back from him. I was supposed to go home, but I couldn't go without my phone.

Seungmin had promised to hand it back to me, if I at least went and met Jeong-In. So I agreed. Right now, we were waiting outside for his friends, to finish packing their bags.

"It's okay. I'll fend her off with salt and iron," Seungmin said.


"Nothing. It's just something I read about in the story, "The Spook's Apprentice.' It's kind of like an inside joke," Seungmin said. We waited a while more, and eventually his friends came out of the doors as one big group.

"Let's get going. I can't stay for much longer," I said, walking ahead of everyone.

"You don't even know where to go," Hyunjin called out before I could go to far.

He was right. I walked back towards them and fell in pace with the rest.

"You should really come and watch us dance. You'll be so amazed that you'll fall in love with every one of us," Felix joked.

I shot him a dirty glare, and that shut him up.

"Why are you even learning dance anyways?" I asked.

"Cause', we're hoping to join an idol group," Changbin said, "We even made a name for ourselves."

"It's called Stray Kids," Chan interrupted, "I think it's pretty neat, don't you think?"

"Yeah. I guess," I replied.

"But seriously Seungmin, how could you do that to Juniper?" Woojin said.

"It's the only way," Seungmin said, shrugging. He then turned and grinned at me.

I returned his smile with a glare.

We walked the rest of the way in silence. Eventually we arrived in front of a middle school.

"Is this were this Jeong-In is?" I looked up at Seungmin, waiting for his answer.

"Yeah," He said, "We just have to wait until he finishes his class president duties,"

We all stood around, waiting for this kid to come out of school. Eventually a kid came running towards us.

"Hey everyone!" The boy shouted. He had braces, and his hair was aloof.

"Hey Jeong-In!" Woojin said, wrapping his arm around his shoulder.

"Who's this?" Jeong-In asked, looking at me with curiousity.

"Seungmin's girlfriend," Woojin said, winking at me.

Damn him. He knew that I wasn't in a relationship with him, yet he still continued to tell everyone I was Seungmin's girlfriend.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Jeong-In, an eighth grader of this school," Jeong-In said, pointing at his school's sign out front.

"Nice to meet you," I said. Then I turned to Seungmin, "Can I have my phone back now?"

"But don't you want to come watch us dance?" Seungmin asked me.

"I have to get home. My mom will kill me," I told him urgently.

Seungmin smiled evilly, but still took my phone out of his pocket. He was going to hand it to me, but lifted it out my reach, again.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, jumping. He grinned, aan expression of challenge spread across his face.

I smirked and punched him in the shoulder. He backed up and lowered his arm out of shock. That was when I snatched back my phone.

"Bye!" I said as I ran off.

I ran at full speed, feeling the need to get home. No doubt my mother would question me as soon as I stepped into our flat.

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