As soon as I opened the door, my mom started shouting.

"Where were you!?"

"Mom, stop! Let me explain-"

"Don't tell me you were with that boy again! Do you know how dangerous the world has become!? I swear-"


My mom paused mid-sentence, her eyes boring a hole through my skull.

I sighed and started explaining.

"I was asked to help the class president with some after school duties," I lied.

"I'm going to call the school to make sure," My mother said, taking out her phone.

"It's not like they know, mom. It was a short notice request made by the class president," I told her.

"What did you do?"

"She just asked me to help her with some errands that she needed to run," I said.

I took off my shoes and started walking towards my room.

I expected my mother to say something more, but... she didn't.

Before I walked into my room, I took a glance at my mother. She was still glaring at me. It was as if she was trying to fry a hole through my head.

I yawned and sat up, drawing the curtains open. Today was Saturday!

I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. My mom was still asleep, and so I started the fire, and started grilling ham and eggs on the pan.

Once the food was cooked, I put it on a plate, and made a second serving for my mother. I toasted both us some bread. Then once everything was done, I brought my food to the table and went over to my mother's room.

I knocked on the door and entered.

The mother was still sleeping, so I turned on the light and shook my mother awake.

"Mom, I made breakfast."

"Okay, I'll be out in a minute," My mother groaned as she turned to her side.

I left the room and headed back outside to eat. Eventually I finished, and I went back to check on my mother. She was still asleep.

So I left her alone, and decided to go out to the convenience store to buy some snacks. I quickly wrote a note and left it on the table.

I placed the snacks on the counter, waiting for the cashier to finish scanning the barcodes.

"3,000 Won please," The cashier told me. I took out my wallet and paid and left the store, with the bag of snacks in my hand.

I took my time walking back home. There wasn't really a need to hurry, so I slowly walked along the roads, scanning the shops that lined the sidewalk.

Eventually I arrived home, but when I got there, the house was dead silent.

Was my mother still asleep? I thought. It was well past two o'clock and had she not woken up yet?

I put down the snacks and hurried to my mother's room. My mother was on the floor, the blankets pulled off from the bed.

Something was wrong. Really wrong.

I pulled out my phone and dialed the ambulance. What was happening?

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