I sat outside waiting in worry, my hands fiddling with each other.

I had got my mom into the hospital on time, for what, I don’t know. The doctors were inspecting right now.

Eventually, what felt like hours, did someone walk towards me. It was a lady in a white coat.

“Are you, So-Hee?” She asked me, looking down at the clipboard in her hands. I nodded, and looked up at her.

“Is my mother okay?” I asked her.

The nurse nodded, and proceeded to talk.

“Your mother is diagnosed with atherosclerosis,” The nurse said, “Her arteries are being narrowed from plaque that’s building up inside her. She should be fine as long as she eats healthier and exercises more. It’s mainly caused by aging, but you can counter it with other treatments,”

I nodded solemnly. I didn’t fully understand what the nurse had said. Some words registered in my brain, while others came in through one ear, and went out the other.

“She should be able to leave in a few days time. But for today and tomorrow, she should stay at the hospital. Just in case something else happens,” The nurse told me.

“Okay,” I said. The nurse looked sympathetically at me and left, her soles pat-pattering against the white polished tiles.

I decided to go and see my mother. I walked down the hallway, until I reached the right door. I went through it and walked over to my mother’s side.

“Hey mom,” I said, kneeling down. I peered over at her. She was asleep, her breathing normal and steady. I sighed.

At least she was okay. I walked over to the small couch in the room, and sat down. I had my bag with me, which contained my phone, a book, and a charger.

I took out my phone and turned it on, only to see loads of notifications. It was from Seungmin. I had unblocked him, since I thought he wouldn’t bother me as much anymore, but I guess I was wrong.

I clicked and read Seungmin’s texts.

Seungmin: Hey, whatcha doing?

Seungmin: Why won’t you answer meee?

Seungmin: Juniper?

Seungmin: I can see that you didn’t block my number. Why won’t you answerrrr

Seungmin: When you read this text me back. Okay?

Seungmin: Do you wanna go watch us dance next Friday?

Seungmin: Sorry for texting you. I shouldn’t be anyways, since it’s not Friday... \(-n-)/

I smiled wearily and typed back.

Juniper (So-Hee): I don’t know. I have to ask my mom. She’s sleeping in the hospital right now.

A few minutes after I sent the text, Seungmin returned an answer.

Seungmin: What happened? Are you two okay?

Juniper (So-Hee): Yeah I'm fine. My mom just fell unconscious.

Seungmin: Okay. Don't get hurt.

Juniper (So-Hee): Why would I?

Seungmin: I was just worried (-n-)

Juniper (So-Hee): Okay (-w-)/

Seungmin: Baiii

Juniper (So-Hee): Byeee

I smiled. It was nice to talk to someone. I've never really texted anyone besides my mother. Like I said, I'm not good with people, and it felt nice. It had to be SEUNGMIN out of everyone, but I still appreciated it. I grinned and put my phone away.

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