My mother was let out from the hospital on Tuesday, and I skipped school that day to help her out.

I wanted to make sure she was fine. Wanted to make sure she was okay. When I went back to school the next day, Seungmin wouldn't leave me alone, despite the rules of the contract.

He kept asking me why I wasn't at school. I ignored him at first, but eventually caved in, telling him all about what had happened.

Right now, we were sitting outside, on the school courtyard.

"You need to pay the contract fee. You broke a rule," I said.

Seungmin frowned.

"Come on, just this once?" He asked me, trying his best to do a puppy-eyed plea.

I smiled slightly, as I pushed him away.

"I made you smile!" Seungmin said, wagging a finger at me.

I slapped his hand away.

"Still, you need to pay for what you did," I said. After talking with Seungmin for a while, it made me feel better. And I felt a little closer to him.

"Man, you look prettier when you smile. Now there's just a frown on your face," Seungmin said, frowning himself.

I glared at him, and that shut him up for a while. I quickly continued what I started.

"So are you going to pay back what you did?" I asked him.

"We never mentioned it in the contract," Seungmin said, looking sideways at me.

"Just let me slap you in the forehead," I said.

Seungmin looked at me with a certain look on his face. I couldn't tell what he was feeling.

"What? Is that what you want?" He asked me, raising an eyebrow.

I grinned, and dragged him up from where he sat.

"Wait! I-I didn't a-agree yet!" Seungmin said.

Either way, I kicked the back of his knee and he fell, kneeling on the ground.

I held him in place with one arm, while I brought my other arm in the air.

"H-hold up!" Seungmin cried out.

"Stop fussing! You deserve this for everything you've done in the beginning." I said, "And started this whole nonsense. Thank you though. I appreciate it,"

I lifted my arm in the air and brought it down on his forehead.


He fell over, clutching his head.

"It hurts!" He whined, sitting up.

I stuck my tongue out at him, grinning. I waited until Seungmin got up and dusted himself off.


I looked down at my watch. A supposedly five minute conversation had gone way past what it was supposed to be.

"Hey Seungmin, I've got to go now," I said.

Seungmin stopped in the middle of his sentence.

"Alright. Get going," Seungmin said waving me off with a glare.

I smiled and waved as I ran off.

"See you!" I cried out.

When I turned around to look at him, he was waving back, with just the tiniest hint of a smile on his lips.

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