Heading to Dance Practice

Friday came, faster than I had expected. Class was as boring as ever, and my class mates nosier than they've ever been.

“I saw you outside with Seungmin yesterday!" Matthew said, "Did something happen between you two?"

"Did you kiss?"

I ignored everyone and everything. The questions wouldn't stop coming, like the day when the rumour started.

Luckily lunch saved me, giving me a little break. I sat down on the table I usually sit at. And 'Stray Kids' came and sat down next to me, as usual.

Yes you heard me, this was now a normal thing.

"Hey guys," I said, as they all took a seat at the table.

"Hey Juniper," Seungmin replied, smiling at me. I smiled back.

"Hey So-Hee, how's our dandy boy?" Changbin asked me.

"Dandy... boy?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That's the nickname we gave him," Woojin said, as he took a bite of his chicken.

"Also Changbin, when did I say you could use my real name?" I said, glaring at him.

It wasn't as if I didn't like it, it was just what I wasn't used to. I had studied in Canada back then, and everyone just used my english name.

Changbin stuck his tongue out at me in a friendly way. I stuck my tongue out at him in return.

"So are you guys officially in a relationship?" Hyunjin asked us, grinning at me and Seungmin.

I bent over, and smacked his forehead lightly.

"Yah, why'd you do that?" Hyunjin said, pouting, his bottom lip sticking out.

"Cause, that's a stupid question to ask," I said, "What do you think?"

"I think you are," Minho said. Han and Felix nodded in agreement.

A joking grin was on Felix's face. He was just doing this to annoy me.

"Well we're not, and we're never going to be in one," I said, eating my sandwich.

"Awww, but I think our dandy boy really likes you," Chris said, wiggling his eyebrow at Seungmin.

Seungmin slapped him in the arm, and that was the end of that conversation.

"So are you coming with us today?" Felix asked me.

"I asked my mom. I just told her that I was going to help the class president again. I feel bad lying to her," I said, looking up at him.

"You do know you don't have to come, right?" Jisung said, popping out of nowhere.

"I know, but Felix here, thinks that I would fall for every one of you if I went. And I want to see how good you guys are," I said, smiling.

"Let's go get Seungmin, he should be talking to the teacher right now," Han said.

The three of us walked down the hallway and waited outside, peering in through the classroom windows.

Seungmin was standing there, talking to the teacher, Hyunjin at his side.

Me, Felix, and Jisung couldn't hear a thing on the other side of the window.

After a few minutes, Seungmin came out, Hyunjin in his heels.

"Hey guy," Seungmin said grinning.

"What happened?" Jisung asked Hyunjin and Seungmin.

"Nothing. The teacher just asked me if I could help him do something after school. I said no, cause' today we're going to go the dance academy,"

"So should we get going then?" Felix asked.

"We need to see where the hyungs are first," Hyunjin said, walking ahead of everyone. Seungmin, Felix and Jisung followed, running after him.

I ran after them a few seconds later, a wide grin plastered on my face.

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