Entering the Academy

"You told Jeong-In that he'll find out in due time. Does that mean I'm a possible canidate?" Seungmin asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Tch. Would I really date someone like you?" I said, sticking my tongue out at him.

"You would. Don't lie," He said, punching my arm playfully. He didn't hit me hard, it was barely a nudge. But either way, I smacked him on the back of his head.


I smirked and skipped ahead. Eventually we arrived at the academy.

It was a medium-heighted building, it wasn't very tall or short. The building itself looked alright. Nothing too fancy, and nothing too drab.

'Stray Kids', and I all walked into the building, and was all granted access, only after explaining to the lady on the front desk who I was, and what I was here for.

We took the lift up to the sixth floor, and when the elevator door opened, we were faced with a hallway, with two doors on each side.

"The inside of this place looks drab," I said, stepping out of the elevator.

The hallways were painted white, and nothing hung on the walls, except for a single clock.

"The CEO of this company is going to paint the walls with designs further throughout the year. They're going to make the hallways look Muah! Beautiful," Han said, doing his best with a french accent.

"That's the practice room we usually use," Seungmin said, pointing at the last room on the right side.

We all walked towards the room.

Eventually we entered the dance studio, and a cold blast of cold air hit us.

"Why is it so cold?" I asked, wrapping my arms around myself.

"Cause' someone left the air conditioning on," Lee Know said, turning off the AC in the room.

I shivered.

"I'll keep you warm," Seungmin said. Before I could interpret what he meant by that, I was dragged towards Seungmin.

He dragged me in front of him, and embraced me with his coat, the warmth seeping through my skin.

It felt nice, and I could feel my cheeks burning up.

"OOohhh!" Changbin called, staring at us with lovey-dovey eyes. Hyunjin laughed, and everyone else smiled at the two of us.

"Seungmin Hyung is finally going to leave us, isn't he?" Jeong-In said, pretending to cry.

"Stop that!" Seungmin said. I looked up at him, leaning my head backwards.

My head landed on his chest, and his face started burning red.

I laughed and got out of Seungmin's grasp.

"Let's start dancing guys," Felix said, setting up the music, "We need to show Juniper how cool we are,"
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