Lee Know turned the music on, and everyone scattered.

I sat by the sidelines, watching everyone.

Seungmin was with Hyunjin and Jeong-In, stretching out their legs. And Woojin and Lee know were going over some dance moves.

Han, Changbin, and Felix were jogging on the spot.

Eventually, they stopped warming up and started the real deal.

"Everyone in position," Lee Know called out. Everyone ran towards their allocated spot, and the music started playing.

The song wasn't one I recognised, but it was nice, with a lot of intensity in the music.

Felix started off the dance. He walked into the middle, pushing aside Hyunjin and Han who stood beside him.

Then it got quicker and quicker. Their movements were really smooth and fluid, and it seemed to be impossible.

Their skills were on the level of the greatest idol himself, which is Kim Yugyeom, the lead dancer in Got7.

Of course, this is just my opinion, but I was sure that Stray Kids would be able to work further in the future, and they might even be able to transcend past Yugyeom's level.

Eventually the music stopped, and they had all stopped dancing.

"How was it?" Han asked me as he walked over to where I sat.

"Amazing," I said.

"Told you so," Felix said, grinning.

I scanned the room for Seungmin. He was wiping his face with the bottom of his shirt, his stomach visible from underneath.

Okay, so maybe I stared at him for a second or so, but you have to understand me.

He has abs. I mean the rest of Stray Kids probably also have abs, but like, wow.

Anyways, I looked away from him, to see Felix sitting next to me, with a certain look on his face.

You know the 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking' emoji? That look was literally on his face. He'd seen me stare at Seungmin.

"Checking out our Seungmin, are you?" Felix said, raising an eyebrow.

"Stop it," I said, slapping him in the shoulder. I could feel blood rushing to my face.

Felix smiled at me with that same expression, and left. Soon after the seat was replaced with Seungmin.

"Did we look cool?" He asked me, with a smile on his face.

"Uhm...y-yeah," I said, smiling awkwardly. I was still embarrassed.

"We're going to practice again soon. Are you still going to stay?" He asked me.

I took out my phone and checked the time. It was 4:51 PM.

"Probably. But I'll stay for a while longer," I said.

"Okay," Seungmin grinned, and got up, "You should try dancing, we'll teach you,"

"I'm fine," I said, refusing his offer. To be honest, I sucked real time in dancing. If there was a contest for this, I would win first place.

"Aww, fine. But-"

Seungmin didn't get to finish his sentence.

The door to the dance studio opened, and walking through the doorway was a guy who I've seen on TV many times. It was Park Jinyoung.

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