A Conversation With JYP

"I was told that someone came with you guys."

Park Jinyoug walked into the dance studio, his eyes scanning the room. His eyes eventually landed on me, seeing that I was the one who had arrived with Stray kids.

"Who's that Changbin?' Park Jinyoung asked.

"That's So-Hee, she's our friend," Changbin replied, smiling at me.

"Did you tell her about Stray Kids?"

"We did, but she swore she won't say a word about it," Hyunjin interrupted.

"Did you?" Park Jinyoung asked me.

I didn't know what the heck Hyunjin was talking about, but I went along with it, hoping that it was the right choice.

"Yeah. I already promised them," I said.

"Make sure you don't talk about this is public. They haven't been publicised yet," Park Jinyoung said. He turned to the boys, with a grin on his face, "You guys are doing great. Also, later an instructor will come and teach you guys new moves,"

"What are we going to learn?" Felix asked. When I looked at him, there seemed to be stars in his eyes. Literally.

"Just some more advanced moves for you to practice," Park Jinyoung said, "Do you guys need anything else?"


"We're good!"

A chorus of voices rang through the dance studio.

"Alright then. I'm going to get going," Park Jinyoung opened the door, and stepped outside.

The door shut close behind him.

"Okay, so-"

The door opened again, and Park Jinyoung came back inside.

"So-Hee's gotta go in ten minutes. Make sure she gets her way outside on time."

The CEO left once more.

"Okay. Uhm, so wanna dance again?" Woojin suggested, breaking the silence.

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