Waiting for his Texts

I walked down the hallway, staring at my phone.

No texts yet.

Seungmin had told me that he would text me after he finished practice. Right now, I had just arrived at my apartment complex. And the walk to my house from the dance academy took me around fifty minutes.

I was sure Seungmin would text me about now. But what's taking him so long?

I sighed and turned off my phone. I unlocked the front door of our house and stepped inside.

My mother was sitting at the table, reading magazines.

"So, where have you been?"

"Uhm, hanging out with my friends," I said, as I slung off my backpack.

"You're hanging out with those boys again aren't you?" She asked me, a sharp edge in her tone.

I shrugged.

"What did I tell you about them!?" My mother screeched.

I smiled and laughed. My mother was back to her old self.

"They're not like other boys!" I told my mother, skipping to my room.

"Fine. But if they lay a finger on you, I'll go and beat them myself," My mother said, as I walked into my room.

"Okay mom," I said, smiling.

I turned on the lights and sat down at my desk. I took out my phone again. Still no messages.

I dropped my phone, and let my head fall onto my arms.

Why was I so paranoid? Why am I sitting here waiting for a response?

I groaned and laid there for a while.


I opened my eyes, my mind groggy. I yawned and looked around. I must've fallen asleep, I thought. I picked up my phone and turned it on.


Seungmin had messaged me, after all that waiting. I quickly opened my phone and opened the chat, seeing what he had written.

Seungmin: Sorry! The instructor didn't let us leave until it was to his satisfaction! (TnT)/

Seungmin: So, wanna do something together after school?

I sat there, thinking. Eventually, I responded.

Juniper: Sure :3

I sent the text, and Seungmin responded a minute later.

Seungmin: You do know that tomorrow is Saturday, right?

Seungmin: Wait! :O

Seungmin: Are you saying that you're putting aside the contract to hang out with me? (-w-)

Juniper: Shut up.

Juniper: ...

Juniper: Anyways, where are we gonna go tomorrow?

Seungmin: Wanna go to Myeong-dong?

Juniper: Sure :)

I turned off my phone, and a wide grin replaced my smile. I felt happy, and ex
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