When I walked into class, everyone turned their heads towards me.

Some smirked at me, while others, mainly girls, glared at me. Others just didn't care.

"Sorry Ms. Lee," I apologised, walking to my seat.

"It's alright. You're only a few seconds late," Ms. Lee said. I put down my bag behind me and looked up towards the teacher.

"Alright everyone, I want you to self study for a little while. I need to discuss study plans with Mr. Willow. Later, he will come and teach you instead," Ms. Lee said.

George from the front row raised his hand.


"Why is Mr. Willow teaching us? I thought he was teaching class 801."

"He is. Today we're just going to try teaching a different class. That's all," Ms. Lee said, "Anything else?"

No one said anything.

"I'll get going then," Ms. Lee turned her head to Erin, the class president, "Erin, you can take care of the class for now,"

"Yes Ms. Lee."

Ms. Lee nodded at the class and left, closing the door shut behind her. Just after she left, the class went into an uproar. Everyone started talking at once, and others took out their phones to play video games.

I stayed silent, and instead, I gazed out the window. After sitting there a while, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned around. It was Horus, Mingyu, and George.

"What do you want?" I spat at them.

"Uhm... We just wanted to ask you a question," George stuttered.

"It's about my 'relationship' isn't it?" I asked them.

Horus nodded.

"I told you already! I'm not in a relationship with him!" I exclaimed.

"But everyone says you are! They even saw Seungmin lean towards you yesterday in the hallway!" Mingyu said.

I sighed, "Look. If I say i'm not, then i'm not. If you ask me this question again, I'll go after you myself," I said, glaring at the three of them.

"Sorry," Horus said in a sarcastic tone. He walked away, with Mingyu and George behind him.

While they walked away, I could hear what Horus said to George.

"I hate Juniper's attitude. She acts like she's the boss of everything," Horus had said.

It wasn't like Juniper cared or anything. She couldn't be bothered by such comment...

But, she used to. And back then, her feelings were sensitive, and any harsh comments could break her down in tears.

But that was only caused because of her first friend.

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