Daniel used to be a great friend, coming over to me when I needed his help.

But after a while, things changed. He started saying bad things to me, even when I did't do anything. I hadn't done anything different from any other day.

He started bullying me, insulting me, cussing, and had gone wayward. I tried apologising, to become his friend again. But he only continued to try to make me feel bad.

"If you touch me... I'll go and throw your favourite figure out the window," Daniel threatened, baring his teeth.

"I didn't do anything!" I shouted.

"I hate your attitude, your personality and everything else! Leave me be." Daniel spat at me, "Don't you dare call or text me again,"

That day I decided to stop trying to become friends with Daniel again. I was hurt, and I didn't know if my heart would ever heal. Any comment would break me down, and I would cry.

Even now, I didn't know what changed Daniel. He never told me, and I've never contacted him again.

My mother also broke contact with her friend, afraid of getting my feelings hurt again.

But I've grown to become stronger than I used to be. When I ever see Daniel again, I swore I would beat him.

It wasn't literally like a beating, more like a slap at the back of his head. Just when my thoughts went away, Mr. Willow stepped into class, and everyone fell silent.

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