Lunch with Seungmin's Friends

Han Jisung from Seungmin's class entered the room.

He was followed by Lee Yongbok (Felix), also from Seungmin's class.

"Hey Seungmin, the teacher just left to go the bathroom. You should get back to class before he comes back," Felix said.

The class fell silent and stared at the new boys that had entered the classroom. If they were on the popularity scale, they would have been standing right next to Seungmin, along with the junior and seniors.

"Okay," Seungmin said, rising from his seat. He smiled at me and followed Felix and Han out the door.

But before they left, Han had whispered something in Hyunjin's ear. I saw, and wondered what he said. When Han finished what he wanted to say, he jogged out the door.

Hyunjin saw me and grinned at me. I looked away and looked back down at my phone.

When will Ms. Lee arrive..?

It was lunch, and I was one of the early ones to enter the cafeteria. I sat down at an empty table and opened my lunch my mother packed for me.

I opened the bag, and drew out a container and spoon. My mother had cooked kimchi fried rich for me.

I opened the lid and took a bite. After taking a few more bites, students started streaming in from the doors like a flood.

I continued to eat, despite the sudden change in noise level.

Anyways, while I ate, someone came and sat down opposite of me.

And you guessed who it was.

It was Seungmin (again).

"Hey," He said, as he placed down his tray. He had school lunch, and today they were having rice and mince, along with spinach and marinated sardines.

"Hey," I responded. I expected Seungmin to say something more, but he started eating without any more words.

We both ate in silence, until Felix came and sat beside Seungmin.

"Hey Seungmin," Felix said, patting him on the back as he sat down.

"Hey," Seungmin smiled, as he took a large bite of his lunch. I didn't think much of it. I continued to eat, but more people came and sat.

After Felix, Han and Hyunjin sat down beside us.

Then Seo Changbin and Lee Min Ho from a grade above us. And soon after, Kim Woojin, and Chris. The two seniors came and sat down.

"Why are they all here?" I asked Seungmin, irritation in my voice. I didn't like sitting with people, and I'd much rather be alone.

I was fine with one or two people, but a whole group?

"They just wanted to see my girlfriend," Seungmin said, winking at me.

I gagged and turned away from him.

"Why are the oldies here anyways?" I asked, looking at Chris and Woojin.

"ExCuSe mE! We're not old. We're only two years older than you!" Chris said, exasperation in his face, "Why does everyone call us old!?"

Kim Woojin, another one of the oldies, grinned at Chris' expression.

"It's because the grandfathers insisted to tag along," Felix answered me, going along with the 'old' joke.

Changbin and Han grinned and then burst into laughter. Min Ho joined in and eventually the whole table, but me, was laughing.

"Come on, laugh a little!" Hyunjin chuckled, patting me on the back.

I grunted in displeasure, and quickly finished my lunch, eager to get out of this place.

"Hey, after school, come with me to meet Jeong-In," Seungmin said, "Me and everyone else here, are going to go pick up Jeong-In, and then we're going to the dance academy. Come with us, and watch us dance,"

"I don't care who the hell he is, and I can't. My mother will cut my head clean off my shoulders. And it's not like I want to watch you dance either," I told Seungmin.

Seungmin pouted, sticking his lower lip out. I couldn't help but smile at the sight of him.

"OOoooooh!" Changbin said, "So-hee's falling for our Seungmin!"

"When did I allow you to use my real name?" I shouted at Changbin.

Everyone looked over at us and started 'ooooh-ing'

Seungmin grinned at me from across the table. I stuck my tongue out at him and I turned to the rest of his friends. I cussed at them.

They all looked taken aback. I smiled and grinned, and put my lunch box back in my bag.

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