Dark Love (OneShot)

Chapter 1 - Prologue

You and Yoongi have been married for 2 years after an relationship of 6 years and knowing each other of 10 years.

While he is fucking your best friend Jisoo and leads an secret relationship with her, you began to see Yoongi's best friend Jungkook.

Things lead to another, sooner or later Jungkook was fucking you.

Jungkook confessed to you, and you being on cloud nine, fell in love with Jungkook.

You began to forget about Yoongi, while he begins to miss you.

Sad thing is, neither Yoongi or you knew what the other was doing behind their back.

There were always lies.

Work, work, work. That was you number one lie and he always believed it.

While he said he was out with his friends, but you knew there weren't all six of them.

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