The Woman in White

By Clockworkcaptain

Adventure / Romance

One in every Family

Korra was wandering through the dark halls looking for Iroh when she ran head long in to Zechi. The crown prince was rubbing his arm his sleeve torn and looking a bit more then unkempt. He looked down at her with surprise.

"Oh, Korra! I didn't expect to see you here…" He checked his watch. "At almost one in the morning. Here let me take you to your room." He put an arm around her and started to walk her down the hall towards her room. "I wouldn't want one of your guards to find you and give you a hard time. So why are you over here? Kind of late for a walk."

Korra bit her lip. "I was looking for Iroh actually. He's not in his room and like you said it's almost one a.m. so where is he?"

Zechi patted her shoulder. "I don't know maybe he went for a walk. Look at the moon. You know enjoy the his last night of freedom or would be if he was actually marrying you and not doing…what ever the hell this circus is."

"I take it your not a fan of the White Lotus's plan."

"I'm not a fan of my baby brother being involved with this plan." He looked down at Korra. "Nor am I all too thrilled about the heart ache you're going cause him. It's not nice to toy with people's emotions miss Avatar."

Korra drew away from Zechi. "I'm not toying with his emotions. I actually do care about him."

"Oh, I know I saw you in his bed a few days ago. You should really lock your door before engaging in such escapades." He looked down to see Korra's face turn bright red. "Don't get me wrong you might actually harbor feelings for my poor brother but the fact of the matter is he's royalty and you're only the avatar. Eventually mother will find a woman with a political alliance she really wants and he'll be the perfect bargaining chip."

Korra frowned. "That's a horrible thing to say."

"It's the truth, my dear." They reached Korra's door and Zechi leaned against the wall smirking. "When it comes to politics, the children of the ruling class are just pawns to be moved around the chess board for the leader's convenience. Iroh is the youngest and has no hope of inheriting the throne." He opened Korra's door. "He's really no more then a puppet."

Korra walked in to her room and looked at Zechi. "If Iroh's a puppet then why hasn't he been forced in to a marriage yet, while you're on failed marriage number: three?" She closed the door in Zechi's face.

The Prince looked at the door shocked and jumped when he heard the sound of someone clapping. He looked to see his sister. "Do you want some cold water for that burn brother?" Lafey asked smirking.

Zechi straightened his collar. "No, Lafey I don't. Shouldn't you be in your room with your husband? I mean it couldn't hurt to pretend to like him."

She snorted. "I would rather die then spend one night in the same room as Wu. Seriously, why can't he just be a good idiot and divorce me like all your wives did." She frowned and looked at Korra's door. "Do you have to be so mean to our little brother's lover? And don't give me that crap of being concerned for his well being, you don't give a damn about any of your siblings, unless what happens benefits you. What's your game big bro? What are you trying to gain this time?"

"I can worry about him without gaining or losing a single thing. Just because he's found himself a mate doesn't affect me. I am genuinely worried for him." He looked a Lafey who was giving him the 'I don't believe you' look. "What happens if his fun now results in parenthood later? You remember his childhood, is he really someone who should be allowed near a child? Let alone raise one? Last time I looked it's not healthy to see things that don't exist."

Lafey rolled her eyes. "Oh come on! That was a good twenty years ago! Our little brother would make a great dad! He, unlike you and Rohku, has the capacity to not be an asshole." She paused and narrowed her eyes. "You're worried about losing your crown aren't you? You've gone through three wives and no child. Iroh's a Fire Bender add him having a child and suddenly your place in line isn't as secure as you want it to be."

"What? No! My place is completely secure but it wouldn't hurt if my brother could keep it in his pants until I actually have an heir."

"Oh that's cold big brother. Real cold." She shook her head. "Glad I'll never be on your radar. I am genuinely afraid for my future nieces and nephews."

"Why? Don't you intend to have children at some point?" Zechi had a dark glint in his eyes. "Shouldn't you worry about them too?"

Lafey snorted. "Ha! I don't think I'll be having any children. Since you know the only person I sleep with is your ex-wife no.1. She's told me so many things about you. Mommy and Daddy would be so crushed on how you turned out. Pity…" She smiled. "No, I'm not worried I'm a non-player in your game. Now go back to your side of the island. Scoot! Before I wake mommy and daddy and tell them you're out of bed and in the girls dormitories."

Zechi just glared at his sister then turned on his heal and walked away. Lafey sighed and leaned against Korra's door. "Watch yourself little Snow Flake, his ambition has no limits and he will stop at nothing to gain the thrown or his own satisfaction. Like a ramped three year old he'll take what he wants and destroy what gets in his way." Hearing no answer Lafey opened the door to find Korra already asleep. The Kiyoshi warrior shook her head. "Sleep well little Snow Flake, don't let the flames of men's ambition melt you away."


Zechi ground his teeth as he made his way back to his room. He really wished he had been an only child or they had stopped at two. He glanced out a window. He knew his siblings wanted to take the thrown from him. Why wouldn't they? To have the power of a nation, it was everyone's dream. Entering his room he pulled off his shirt and looked at his arm. Blood had seeped through the bandages. Damn polar-bear-dog, he'll need to change the bandages before he went to bed. For the dog's sake he hoped it wouldn't get infected or else next time he saw her he'd put a bullet between the mutt's eyes.

He lay back on his bed and pulled out a red lotus Pi Sho token. He smirked thinking about what Zaheer had tasked him to do tomorrow. Simple really, when the shit in inevitably hit the fan offer Korra a safe way out and right into the hands of the Red Lotus. He thought of how cute Korra had looked earlier. It was beneath him to lust after his little brother's sloppy seconds but if he were to ever make an exception Korra would probably be it.

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