The Woman in White

By Clockworkcaptain

Adventure / Romance

A Nice Day for a White Wedding

The Republic City Ballroom was constructed to house practically any and all formal events. The place was opulent, grand, and massive. Iroh wondered, relatively freely, through the building. He had been allowed a cursory glance at the wedding location before he was escorted to another part of the building. They lead him to a long hallway with mirrors on one side and instructed him to stay there. Iroh frowned but obeyed.

Leaning against the wall, Iroh thought about the wedding aria trying to find any option to loose some if not all the white lotus guard. The wedding was set to take place in an indoor garden. The room had been all set up in and to his delight right behind where the Vicar stood was a doorway that lead further in to the building and probably into the hall much like the one he was currently standing in. Someone had hung large silk banners by the altar. The banners were all but begging to be set on fire and cause a distraction. So now he had and idea to get out of the courtyard and presumably out of the building but after that? Iroh didn't have a clue. He highly doubted that he and Korra could make it to the docks where his car was, especially with her leg being so injured.

Iroh sighed and glanced out the window and felt his spirits raised just a little. There, chasing some pour turtle ducks was Naga saddled up and waiting for Korra to call her. Iroh really wasn't sure how Naga got there but he wasn't about to complain. He gave a silent thanks to Agni.

A few moments, later two guards entered the room and lead him away. As he walked he passed mirrors he saw Ming walking right next to him her sword drawn in the reflections. When he would stop she would try to stab or slice the White Lotus guard but to no effect. Finally as they reach the last mirror she blew Iroh a kiss before vanishing completely.


Korra took one final look at her reflection. She had been left alone in one of the smaller rooms to finish getting ready. She jumped seeing Zaheer in the mirror and turned to face him. "What do you want Zaheer? To kidnap me? Because right now that sounds great!"

Zaheer chuckled. "Sadly, the security here is just too tight to accomplish a feat like that."

"Then how'd you even get in here?" Korra's face darken, she had been stabbed, painted with make up, and was now being black mailed into a wedding ceremony she was unsure would even survive. Her mood was not good.

"Getting in was easy when all the eyes are on you. They'll know if you slip out and your nice general friend will probably be blamed. They might throw him in a dark whole to rot away just for the hell of it. Like they tried to do to me."

Korra looked away. "Fine, you're not here to kidnap me. What do you want?"

"I'm here to give you a wedding gift." He smiled and held up a document. "In exchange for your signature on this piece of paper."

Korra grabbed the piece of paper and looked at it. "This is a letter disavowing the White Lotus and in support of their immediate dismantle. It lists all the shit they've been putting me through." She looked at Zaheer. "What good will this really do? I know what they did, are doing!"

"Yes but the world doesn't. Sign this and I'll give you your wedding present."

Korra signed the paper and held it just out of Zaheer's reach. "Before I give this to you, you have to tell me what your 'wedding present' is. Don't tell me and this piece of paper goes up in smoke."

Zaheer nodded. "During the ceremony Gazant will turn the floor to lava causing quite the calamity, give me that piece of paper and he won't cause endanger lives. Give that paper to me and I'll even tell you when he's supposed to act."

Pouting Korra handed the paper over; she knew that it was unlikely Gazant wouldn't hold back but if there was a chance to save a few lives she had to try. Zaheer smiled and took the paper from her folded it and put it in his pocket. "Thank you Avatar Korra, Gazant was instructed to turn the floor to Lava at the same time you say 'I do' so be prepared to run at that moment. Also don't be surprised if a few arrows fly your way. I've been told your dear general is not supposed to make it out alive." Zaheer frowned. "Pity he seemed like a decent guy."

Korra just glared at the criminal as he jumped out of the window leaving her alone. She sighed and sat down on a near by chair. She could just see in the mirror Lu Ten sanding behind her. The apparition set a hand on her shoulder. He gave her a weary. "Thanks Lu Ten."

The was a knock on her door and Master Chung walked in. "It's time Avatar Korra."

Korra stood up and limped over to the man she once trusted like a father. "Of course it is. Let's go and get this farce over with."

As he lead her to the ceremony Korra felt her heart being to race telling her to run. When they stood in front of the big double doors, Korra was in full-blown panic mode. She wanted to run but her body wouldn't let her. She mental braced herself. She had to keep calm or else these people would trap her forever and the idea of that scared her more than death.


Iroh looked around the room noting the five snipers standing at the highest points of the glass ceilinged room. Now that he was standing here he recognized it from his dream, which was, aside form the addition of the snipers, exactly like it. Looking over the crowd he let out a sigh of relief when he didn't see any of his family. Hopefully, it meant Asami had gotten them out of harm's way. Korra's parents were absent as well…and now that he really looked he knew none of the faces in the crowd. Who are these people?

The music changed and everyone rose to his or her feet as Korra dressed in white and wearing a vale that covered her face was walked down the isle. Her limp still very pronounced as Master Chung almost pulled her to the front. Cameras flashed as she walked. She was handed off to Iroh she held his hands tightly. Even through the white fabric of her vale Iroh could see the panic in her eyes. She glanced to her left and Iroh fallowed her eyes. He felt his heart skip a beat, there sitting in the third row was Gazant. Iroh's first thought was how the hell he got past the guards and the second thought was how could this work to his advantage. He looked back at Korra who mouth the words 'I do'. Iroh raised an eyebrow but was soon distracted by the Vicar addressing the crowd.

Korra's hands were shaking so badly even when he squeezed them she didn't seem to calm down at all. Her eyes kept darting around the room never resting. It was almost like she was watching something constantly moving in the air, darting around like a fly. She didn't seem to be paying any attention at all when her line came up.

"Well Avatar Korra do you?"

Korra's head snapped to the Vicar. "Huh?" There was a chuckle from the crowd.

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Korra bit her lip and glanced over to her right for a second just to get a look at Gazant. "I…do."

It was like a bomb suddenly went off in the room. Actually, one did go off, shattering the glass ceiling and raining glass down on the screaming people below. The chaos did not stop there as the floor of the aisle turned to hot lava trapping the people in their rows. Korra grabbed Iroh and pulled him to her left as an arrow flew right through where his chest had been a second ago.

Iroh was stunned at the sudden turn of events but didn't stay that way. He quickly fire bent an inferno between him and the crowd of people. Grabbing Korra's hand, he practically dragged her out of the room and into the hallway that over looked the park. The screams of the people could be heard even in the hall and it made Iroh sick but he couldn't go back. He just couldn't.

Iroh saw two White Lotus guards enter the hall on the far side. Iroh smirked and sent a bolt of lightning at one of the chandeliers. It came crashing down between them and subsequently set the rug on fire. He could hear more people coming from the other end of the hall. He gave Korra roughish smile and tilted his head at the large window.

Korra shook her head. "OH No no no no no!"

"Yes." Iron said smiling before picking her up bridal style and crashing through the glass. He used his Fire bending to slow their decent and landed softly on the grass below. Naga was sitting a little ways off and ran up to them. Her tail wagging.


Iroh rode through the streets of Republic city Korra sitting in front of him sidesaddle her head resting against his chest. There was a red spot growing on the skirt of her dress as she probably broke the stitches during their mad dash. The city streets were filled with people, many refugees from Ba Sign Say. He passed crowds of people who didn't seem to be interested in him or the young woman clinging to him. They had their own problems and he didn't matter.

"Where do we go now?" He asked her after he had put enough distance between them and the ballroom. "Do we head north to ZouFu?"

Korra shook her head. "No, we go south to Omashu."

Iroh looked at Korra surprised. "Omashu? That's a floating city, a place filled with nothing but vice and sin." He paused. "A perfect place to become someone else."

Korra nodded. "We're on our own from this point on. We can't afford to call upon our friends the White Lotus will look there first. We'll just put them in danger."

Iroh kissed the top of Korra's head. "Ok, south it is." He urged Naga forward to the south and made his way out of the city and in to the Earth Kingdom. They kept to the coastal roads making sure to avoid people when possible. They slept in forests and caves whenever they were too tiered to go on. They knew nothing of what was going on in the rest of the world and they honestly didn't care.

Angry and bitter the two made their way south. The sun was setting on the sixth day when it started to rain. Eventually the downpour became so bad they had to stop and find shelter. He spotted a cave in the side of a steep cliff. Naga was able to climb the narrow path to the cave. They were soaked when they entered the cave. Iroh held Korra close as she shivered from the cold. Left over form a past resident was a pile of wood. Iroh stared a fire and striped off his layers of wet clothing.


Feeling the warmth of the fire Korra started to feel a bit better. She looked out at the thunderstorm raging as she took of her coat. "It doesn't seem like a normal storm does it?" She mused.

Iroh shook his head. "No, no it doesn't." He looked down at Korra's blood soaked pant leg. "How's the leg feeling?"

"It's ok. Hurts but not too bad." She looked over at Naga. "I think there's more medial supplies in Naga's saddle. Iroh found the saddlebag with the medical supplies and tossed them to Korra. "Thanks, I'll take care of my leg if you can unsaddle Naga and set up the furs to sleep on.

"I can do that." Iron said unsaddling Naga before placing the fur blankets on the ground leaving one to lie to use as a cover later. He glanced over at Korra who was now in a shirt and her underwear rebadging her leg. "Korra, would you like some help?"

She nodded. "Yeah, my hands are still to cold to get a good grip and tie this new bandage."

Iroh smiled and helped her before picking her up and placing her on the furs. "There, you'll be more comfortable here."

"Thanks. Sit by me?" She gestured for Iroh to sit next to her, which he did. She leaned against his chest. "Mmm I almost forgot how warm you are." She looked up at him, her blue eyes looking up into his amber ones. "I'm so sorry I dragged you in to all this."

Iroh smiled down at her. "You didn't drag me into this it's always been my fate to be beside you." He kissed her. "I don't know how many lives we've lived before but I know I have loved you for all of them."

She kissed him wrapping her arms around him. "That's really cheesy you know that right?"

"Yeah but it's true and right now you're the only person I can trust." He looked away. "I still can't believe my own brother would hate me so much." He hung his head trying not to show Korra how hurt he really was about the situation.

Korra snuggled against him pulling him close and kissing him deeply like the night they had spent together. She could feel his arms pulled her closer her chest pressed against his. His fingers tangled in her hair.

The storm lighting and rain raged out side while a different storm raged inside, a storm of passion. The lightning flashing across the sky was dim compared to the fire burning in their eyes. The thunder could not drown out their screams for salvation and declarations of love. But like a real storm it couldn't last and too soon the two were spent entangled with each other. Korra slept soundly dressed in Iroh's oversized shirt while he watched over her.

Iroh kissed Korra's neck and looked lovingly at her sleeping face. He felt a wave of shame and guilt wash over him. What was he doing? They were on the run! Was this really a good idea? He sat up and found his boxers and pulled them back on. He walked to the mouth of the cave. The rain still pounded the ground but he could just make out the full moon peaking through the clouds.

He sighed looking up at the white orb. "I know I'm not one of your children being of the Fire Nation and of the sun and all but I beg you. I need help." He leaned against the wall feeling all the panic and fear he had been hiding bubble up. "I need those people from Grandfather's stories. Oh spirits! I'm so lost! I just want a happy ending this time and I don't know what to do! I wish Aang was here he always seemed to know what to do." He gave a bitter laugh. "But you can't do that can you? You can't bring people from the past to help in the present. That would be impossible."

Shaking his head he laid back down with Korra pulling her close. He suddenly felt extremely weak. He tried to stay up but the weight of the past few days became too much and his eyes drooped. Just as Iroh's eyes close he saw a figure walk into the cave but he can't muster the energy to more and falls into the arms of Morpheus.

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