The Woman in White

By Clockworkcaptain

Adventure / Romance

No matter where you are, no matter how far

Korra let out a sigh and glanced up at the clock. It was almost 11:30 and finally those who had been yelling seemed to have exhausted their vocal cords enough to let her get a word in edge wise.

"Are you done?" She looked at the group. "Temper tantrums over? Can I talk now?"

The group nodded as no one really had voice or energy left to keep yelling.

"Good, now the first thing I want to do is cover the non important topics so they don't show up later like minor offences in completely unrelated arguments." She looked at Asami. "Do not blame me for your failed marriage, that is on you two" She pointed to Asami then over to Mako who just waved. "Honestly, if you just spoke to each other in the first place then maybe you might not be in this mess."

She signed and walked over to Bolin. "And you, earlier you were owning up to your mistakes until you found out it was me…what the f*ck? Did you just want to yell so you weren't left out?"

Bolin looked away. "Maybe."

Korra rolled her eyes before looking at Tenzin and Lin. "Ok, you two have a very valid argument that I did, in a sense, abandon my duty as avatar and left the world to its own devices which probably wasn't the best move ever, but you haven't considered one little thing. The world has screwed me over so many times Iroh's jealous! And really if you knew about our…that's unimportant. Long story short I don't give a f*ck about the world anymore and really you're going to have to come up with a better reason to come back and save its ass aside then it's my destiny because news flash my destiny has been to die young! So excuse me but sit your asses down and cool it. I'm not going to take any of that B.S. from you two when you did jack shit with the whole White Lotus wedding thing."

Mako looked over at Bumi. "She got scarier."

The commander nodded and took a gulp of his water. "Yeah, no wonder Iroh wears the skirt in the family."

Korra glared at the two. "Do I need to come over there and talk to you two too?" The two shook their heads. "Well then don't talk shit about my husband, because I will kick your ass. We've survived in this cesspool of a city for five years and for all of it he has never let me down and keep me and." She paused for a moment. "Our daughter safe, fed, and happy. Mock his job all you want but it put food on the table and paid the rent. I'd like to see you two do better in the same circumstance." She took a deep breath and looked at her father all the anger and rage draining from her face. "But you, you have the most valid argument and reason to be angry with me." She hung her head. "And I'm sorry, I should have found away to tell you I was alright but I was so scarred of being found I just…didn't want to risk it."

Tonraq pulled her into hug. "I'm just happy that you're alive." He stepped back. "Daughter?"Korra blushed. "Yeah, surprise! You're a grandfather."

Tonraq took a breath. "I shouldn't be surprised. What's her name?""Sona."

"How old is she?"

"Four and half in a few months…don't do the math." She gave her father a guilty smile. "Please."

Tonraq sighed. "You know I'm going to have to a least threaten Iroh now right?"

Korra nodded. "I know, but just so you know Iroh's great dad. Just like you."

Tonraq smirked. "Stop sucking up Korra." He looked Korra over. "How many of those tattoo's are real?"

Korra looked at her arm. "Some of them are henna…I may have gone a little over board on the ink."

Lin raised an eyebrow. "You think?"

"Hey! You're still on the shit list chief!" She looked back at Tonraq. "Sorry…so my shifts almost over and I'm guessing you are all going to try to drag us back to republic city in the morning."

Lin crossed her arms. "That was the plan."

Korra gave Lin the single finger wave and kept looking at Tonraq. "Why? And just an FYI I will have nothing to do with the White or Red Lotus."

Tonraq looked at his daughter in surprise. "Korra the Red and White Lotus is gone both disbanded most of their members in jail. They've been that way for a few years now."

Korra's shoulders dropped. "They've been gone for that long? Then why are you here?"

"To find you. Korra I know you don't want to but you need to come back to Republic City." Tenzin looked at Korra with pleading eyes. "Please come back home."

Korra' face darkened. "I am home! And if the only reason you want me back is to cage me again then you can all go to hell." Not even bothering to take another look at them she turned on her heel as was almost out the door when another woman walked in.

The new person looked at the closed sign suspiciously and back at Korra. "Um, did I miss a memo Ming? Why are we closed?"

Korra sent a dirty look at the group. "Sorry June, family came into town."

June looked at the group. "Oh I'm sorry dear. Do you want me to tell the boss?"

"You can but I don't plan on going anywhere." Korra walked over and grabbed her bag from behind the bar. "I'll see you later June and make sure they pay."

June nodded. "Oh and Ming, if I don't see you again, it was nice having you as a coworker."

Korra gave her a little smile. "Thanks some to you."

"Give Sona and the wife my love and be safe Ming."

"You too…Hey!"

"Sorry couldn't resist." She smirked. "He's so much prettier then mine, and mine's female. Good luck girl, visit if you can."

Korra shook her head then looked at her father who looked hurt. She sighed "You can come with me." She glared at the rest. "But they can't."

Tonraq sighed and hoped that in the morning Korra would be more agreeable. He fallowed her out the door giving the rest a fleeting glance.


June leaned against the bar and looked at the group. "So who here needs a drink?" Every one raised their hand. She smirked.

After a few rounds Mako finally asked the question burning in everyone's mind. "If you know we knew Kor-Ming before why haven't you tried to ask us about her?"

June chuckled. "Because this is Omashu where we don't care about a person's past because you either were born here or are running from something. It's actually quite rude to even suggest I would want to dive into Ming's past." She looked up at the clock then back at the group who were all looking very worn from the day. "Bit of advice, I would leave here and get a few hotel rooms since most of your party looks like their about two fall asleep in their seats. This ain't no bed and breakfast."

Mako looked at the group. "We'll leave in a minute. I've just got one question for you."

"You can't have my number."

"No not that, what is your opinion on Kuvira? "

June tilted her head. "Odd question but if you must know the bitch can rot in hell right next to my former mother-in-law."

Mako looked at her in surprise. "Really? I thought every body loved her."

June snorted. "Only if you're dense and live in Republic City. Kuvira's a monster who carts away people she doesn't like and people who are not of Earth Kingdom decent and puts them in camps. This city is filled with people just trying to get away from her. I prey to the spirits every night she never comes to this city."

Bolin looked down. "It's a little late for that. She's already here."

June dropped the glass she had been cleaning. "Shit, is she really?"

Bolin nodded. "Yeah, She's here to talk to Queen Sozza about joining the Earth Empire."

"Well I hope our Black Dragon has enough fire in her to keep the bitch at bay."

Bumi raised an eyebrow. "Black Dragon?"

"It's the nick name for our Queen. It's kind of like our city's symbol too." She pointed to the black dragon tattoo on her arm. "Traditionally if you can survive your first year here you're allowed to get a Black Dragon tattoo declaring that you're one of us now. It might sound silly to you tourists but for the people here having that mark and being apart of something is a comfort that we probably didn't have back in our old lives."

Mako looked at his glass. "Makes sense. If you're an outsider every where else it must be nice to be an insider somewhere." Then a thought struck him and he looked around the room. "Uh Tenzin where's Jenora and Kai?"


Korra didn't talk much as she led her father to her apartment and Tonraq didn't try to make her. He could see the fatigue in her face but as they walked he had to get something off his mind. "You know I will never let you get trapped like you did before right?"

"I know daddy, it's just that I can't afford to even chance that again. I mean I'm a mother now and the stakes are astronomically higher with Sona in the mix."

Tonraq sighed. "I know the fear you feel for your daughter and I can respect your position." He put a hand on her shoulder. "But please come back with us, we don't have to stay in Republic City, we can go right to the South Pole where you will be free to come and go as you please but your daughter and husband will be safe. Please Korra, just think about it. Your mother misses you so much and she would love to see her grandchild."

Korra sighed. "I'll think about it, but promise me that I always have the option to leave and take my family with me. Promise me this isn't gong to be a cage like before."He kissed her forehead. "I promise, if you come home to the South Pole it will not be a cage."


The two entered the apartment to see Iroh and Karrem still awake and talking even though both looked dead on their feet. Korra walked over and kissed Iroh on the cheek. "Still up? I thought you'd be asleep by now."Iroh shook his head. "We decided to wait up for you." Iroh frowned. "How'd it go? Are you ok?"

Korra walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine and grabbed a slice of bread. "I've had rougher nights." She took a sip. "Look I really don't want to talk about it now. Ok?"

Iroh nodded and then looked up at Tonraq, still remembering his manors Iroh stood up and gave a small bow. "Sir."

"General." Tonraq crossed his arms. "I must say your ability to run in heels was quite impressive."

Iroh cringed and attempted not to give his now usual sassy retort (What after five years of being a drag queen it was kind of his default defense mode). "Thanks…I've had practice."

The room fell into an awkward silence until Korra walked back in. She stopped and tried to suppress her smirk. "As much as I hate to interrupt this very important awkward silence it's almost 2am, my filter and give-a-f*ck-o-meter is broken, and I want to sleep. I think all of us need sleep. But here's the awkward part where are you two going to sleep?" She pointed at Karrem and Tonraq. "Because we have a couch but that only sleeps one, so you two can either got to a hotel or play rock paper scissors loser gets floor."

Tonraq looked at Korra. "And where are you going to sleep?"

"This is my home, I will be sleeping in my bed, next to my husband which you will not murder, maim, or threaten during the night. You can try that shit in the morning when I'll have more patience and Iroh will not respond like General Irony…maybe." She looked over at Iroh who shrugged. "Or he might…that could fun to watch." She shook her head and looked back at the two water tribe men. "So what's it going to be?"


Korra closed her bedroom door and looked at Iroh. "They chose to fight over the couch because their tiered right?"

Iroh shrugged pulling off his shirt revealing his own tattoos, the biggest again being that of a black dragon this time on his left side rib cage. "Probably, I don't think they implicitly know that usually to night is sex night."

"It better not be sex night! That's still my daughter!"

Iroh looked at Korra. "Are they really standing next to the door? Or are our walls that thin?"

Korra opened the door to find the two men standing right behind it. "What do you want?"

Karrem looked at Korra sheepishly. "Pillows, and an some extra blankets."

Rolling her eyes Korra grabbed the requested items and handed them to Karrem. "Here and" She placed two packs of earplugs on top. "Just in case we suddenly get energy." She gave the two and evil smile and slammed the door. Korra looked back at Iroh. "What?"

"Just marveling at what happens when your give-a-f*ck-o-meter breaks. That's our dads."

"Yeah and we exist so they know how married people act." Korra sighed and pulled off the high-heeled boots she had been wearing for the past seven hours. " Sorry, It's been a very long day and I've really stopped caring. I'll regret my actions tomorrow but tonight I just don't care."

Iroh walked over and pulled her into a hug letting her just rest against him. "I know love." They were quiet for a minute. "Do you want to sleep naked to mess with them?" He could feel Korra chuckle.

"Yes but only 50% is motivation to mess with them."

"And the other 50%?"

"I'm too tiered to even attempt to change into pajamas."

Iroh kissed her. "Why do you think I even suggested it?"

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