X-Men Evolution NEXT

Day Off

After a quick parallel parking maneuver, Allan and four of the Xavier Institute students, Ray, Amara, Jubilee and Jamie arrive at an Empire Smoothie shop. The ideal spot for energy or protein beverage after a good work out. They each jump out from his shiny jeep and cheerfully scamper into establishment with eager thoughts of a freshly mixed smoothie. For Allan, having the day off from the Community Hall opened up a day for self expression. But unbeknownst to him, someone watches his every movement.

If there is one thing that troubles Magneto, is the feeling of be inferior to a single being.

A feeling he had to endure during the conflict against Apocalypse. The same feeling he felt when he was in the presence of Allan. He thinks to himself, 'Is this how regular humans see us? An enigma of life, misunderstood out of fear of inferiority?'

Magneto sits in his classy sedan across the street, watching Allan purchase several smoothie beverages for his smiling students. This is the same person who laughed at his threats, and smiled in the face of his own possible death at the hands of Colosus, one of the most physically strongest mutants in the world. Allan has turned down every invitation Magneto has offered to join his Acolytes, all demands to reveal his powers and motives, and he has ignored all threats to leave town. And despite all of that, Allan parades around Bayville as though they never took place. Magneto thinks out again, 'He either is truly ignorant of my power, or he simply has no reason to fear me at all. But I must know for sure.'

He continues watching as Allan and the four students walk out of the smoothie shop with their beverages and casually lean up on his jeep. Magneto then looks further up the street and spots the BrotherHood making their way over to Allan's jeep. "Begin recording, Gambit. Have the other Acolytes on stand by." He says on his cellular phone.

The cool sensation of a chocolate and banana mix smoothie is more than enough to set Allan's day right, but seeing the joy in the young students accompanying him gives him a sense of peace. Allan looks over at them and asks, "So, how are your smoothies?"

Ray brushes back his punk colored hair back as he gulps a sip of his smoothie, and says, "This is like, ritious, dude."

Amara and Jamie just nod their heads and smile while they both sip their smoothies through the straws. Jubilee remarks, "I love these. Do we get one these every time we do good in the Danger Room?"

Allan chuckles and asks, "Yeah, sure, define good."

Amara and Jubilee giggle as they glance at each other while Ray holds by his giggle with a tight lipped smile. Jamie expression becomes a plain innocent smile, as Allan give them a baffled look and asks, "Am I missing something here?"

Jubilee shares Ray's tight lipped smile as Amara speaks up, "Well, we kind of noticed, um, you and Rogue."

Allan looks at her with a slight grin and asks, "Me and Rogue…what?"

Amara takes another sip of her smoothie looking away in nervously. Ray speaks up and plainly says to them, "Come on guys, just say. Rogue is getting sweet with him."

Allan chuckles out, "Getting sweet, whoa, well, not that it's any of your businesses, but what've you noticed?"

The four students all kind of glance at each other with slight grins as Allan looks off to his left with a confused expression and says, "Well look at that, the circus must be in town."

The four students look also and see the Brotherhood standing a few cars away up the sidewalk glaring at them. Jubilee stands up quickly and says, "Uh oh, not good."

Allan asks, "Hey aren't those guys Tabitha's friends?" as he points.

Amara replies, "Kind of, but when they're dressed like that, it means trouble."

Rays adds, "Especially when they're looking at us like that."

Lance steps forward and points at Allan firmly saying, "Allan Paran, we gotta message for you from Magneto."

Allan looks at the tall teen pointing at him. He is dressed in a somewhat black body suit with stone gray accenting padding and a dome like see thru helmet. Allan glancse at the other three behind Lance and smirks. Todd's outfit is almost similar, with the exception of the color green instead of black and with out the dome like helmet Lance wears. The flashiest one with his arms folded, Pietro, is donned in blue outfit accented with a lighter blue lightning strip down the center , also brandishing padding, but a silverfish white color. Fred, the largest standing behind the rest of the brotherhood, wears probably the simplest outfit, a pair of boots over dark green slacks and a matching vest covering a tank top that barely fits on his overly obese body. Allan sighs out, "Magneto huh. On my day off too. Figures." He looks back at the students, "Ray, can you drive?"he asks.

Ray stutters out, "Uh...yeah...but I only got my learners permit."

Nodding his head and standing up, Allan tells him, "That'll have to do. Get back to the mansion and tell the Professor what's going down."

Jamie asks nervously, "And what's gonna go down?"

Allan smiles at Jamie and says, "Don't worry about it, kiddo."

Jubilee remarks, "No way, we're not gonna leave you here alone with these losers."

"No people, listen to me," Allan says sternly, 'They're after me, not you. My first concern is your safety, my second concern is not getting my shirt dirty." As he smiles at them. "Now scoot, get home and leave this to me."

The four students relunctantly get in Allan's jeep as says to them, "I'll be fine, and don't look back."

They pull out quickly and turn the corner as Ray drives them home. Allan turns to face the Brotherhood standing his ground. He looks at Lance and says, "So what does Magneto want this time? What is he afraid to tell me in person?"

Lance raises his hands and says, "First it's time to introduce to you who the real bad boys of Bayville are!" as his eye roll slightly back. Lance concentrates and gestures his hands at the ground. A massive shock wave erupts away from him and envelopes Allan as she sidewalk and pavement crack and explode around him violently. People on the streets run in terror away from the action as the sound of car alarms and broken glass echo out in the street. Lance says, "They call me Avalanche, catch my drift?"

Allan just looks at him with a stern glare. Despite the shaking and terrain damage around him, Allan remains on his feet. Then a quick blur and gust of wind kicks up around as well as Pietro suddenly appears in front of him, beside him, then suddenly bombards Allan with junks of hand sized rumble thrown at a high rate of speed. The chunks just smack up against Allan and shatter. Then Pietro, in a blur of speed stops and stands next to Avalanche with a cocky grin on his face. Piertro says, "You can call me Quick Silver, that's if you're fast enough, loser."

Looking both of them, Allan shakes his head in disappointment. Then Todd leaps out over and around him in his frog like manner. Allan takes quick glance at his agile movements as Todd says, "Call me Toad, yo! And here's mud in your eye!" as he spits a wad of green slimy substance out of his mouth.

Allan quickly blocks the slime with his right hand, but it just globs over and sticks to his hand like snott. Allan looks at the slime in discust as it hangs and slowly drips to the rubble riddled sidewalk. Then Fred says, "Heard you're tough, let's see if you're tougher than the Blob!"

Allan looks up and sees Fred leaping out over him. He manages to bring his hands up but Fred let's gravity pull him down as he lands and crashes on top of Allan like meteor hitting the ground. The sound of cracking and smashing cement shatters the glass of shops around the street. Quicksilver and Avalanche start chuckling as Toad remarks, "Yo man, that was the easiest doe we ever made."

Quicksilver adds, "I can't believe, my father is worked up about this guy. Even Tabitha thought he was a hottie."

Avalanche replies, "Well, he ain't all hot now, right Blob?"

Laying on his stomach where he landed, Blob chuckles out, "Yeah, he wasn't so tough."

Then the ground beneath Blob starts to rumble a bit. Blob says, "Hey what's up?"

He gasps out then yipes out in pain, "OWW! Hey! WHOA!"

Blob is lifted like a car in workshop. His large body raises out of the ground rapidly as Allan appears under him, holding him up with both arms stretched over his head. With a very much pissed off look, Allan spits up some rubble from his mouth and says, "Now that we've introduced ourselves…" as he lift Blob even higher.

Allan looks at the other Brotherhood member and says, "You dropped this?" as he throws Blob at them in a high arc.

The other three scatter away as Blob comes crashing by them, being thrown like a rag doll. With surprised expression, they look at Blob, who is slowly getting his bearings, then turn their heads at Allan. Looking back at them, and dusting his now tattered attire, Allan asks, "So, what did you have tell me, Avalanche?"

The Brotherhood stare at Allan with concern as he slowly advances towards them.

Ray barely misses the opening gate at the Xavier Institute as it opens. He speeds through and brings Allan's jeep to a skreetching halt out in front of the main house. All four of them rush inside yelling, "Professor, anyone, we need help!"

Charles come rolling out on his wheel chair and says, "Students, please remain calm. I am aware of the situation." as they all look at him in confusion.

Charles smiles at them and turns around as Scott comes down the stairs dressed in his uniform. Charles tells him, "Cyclops, take your team and back him up. I feel that Allan is holding his own, but he is also dividing his time to save the lives of the citizens endangered by the Brotherhood's recklessness."

Cyclops give Charles a nod and taps his communicator saying, "X-Men, let's move." as he turns and runs to the elevator.

The young students look at Charles with concern. Amara asks, "How did you know Mr. Paran was in trouble, Professor?"

Charles replies, "Alan's unique gifts grant him a certain level of telepathy. Similar to my own, but very unique in nature. It was his genuine concern for your well beings that allowed me to hear his thoughts."

Ray looks down in disappointment, "We shouldn't have left him, Professor."

"I understand how you feel, Ray," Charles adds, "But you did what you were told, and you are now safe. That was Allan's first and foremost priority."

Charles comforts them with his smile and gentle tone as he watches them walk into one of the recreation rooms silently.

Smashing face first into the hard pavement, Blob slumps down like a sack of potatoes knocked out. Avalanche looks at his large unconscious friend, the looks up at Allan, who glares at him with a stone cold face. Allan says in a loud voice, "I read your files back in the Institute, Lance. All of you are pretty much high school drop outs, or will be at some point. You even tried being an X-Man, and you could've made it too."

Avalanche glare at Allan grunting out, "What do you know!" as he dramatically raises his hands causing another shockwave towards Allan.

The ground violently rips in half as the tears toward at Allan. Hold out his left hand palm down with is fingers curled under, Allan stops the shockwave dead. Avalanche, already out of breathe with his uniform heavily tattered and torn, looks in horror as Allan twists his left palm upward and literally pulls the energy causing his shockwave out of the ground. The energy is a rippling ball of titanic forces warping the visible light around it as it hovers over Allan's left hand. Glaring back at Avalanche, Allan says, "This fight is over Lance, live and learn from it."

Avalanche grits his teeth and yells out, "KISS OFF MAN!" as he raises his hands once more causing a large quake shaking the nearby buildings.

Allan closes his eyes and turns his left palm toward Avalanche. With a quick gesture of his fingers, he sends the ball of rippling energy at a blinding speed at the enraged Avalanche. It collides with him directly sending him flying back and dissipating his current shock wave. Avalanche's limp body is flung almost fifty feet back before crashing down on rubble covered pavement. The sound of cracking is heard as the returning shock wave breaks some of his ribs knocking unconscious as well.

Toad hops down to check on Avalanche, but unsure on what to do. He looks back at Allan with fear in his eyes as he says, "Please, d..don't kill me man! We only needed the money!" as he stumbles over Avalanche 's limp leg.

Allan's glare turns into a look of pitty hearing Toad whimper in that manner. He closes his eyes again and says, "He's not dead Todd. And I'm not going to kill you."

Feeling a gust of wind blow by him, Allan opens his eyes quickly and darts his right hand out to the side. In a blink of an eye, Allan holds Quicksilver by his neck holding him off the ground. Quicksilver tries kicking his legs to run, but instead kicks up dust and debri with his super fast moving legs. He gags as Allan holds him firm with Toad watching in fear from the ground. Allan turns and looks at Quicksilver saying, "So, you're magneto's kid. Same hair color and arrogance."

Quicksilver struggles, but to no end. Allan's grip is too strong, and is slowly getting tighter. Allan asks in a harsh tone, "Would your father knowingly put you in danger? Is he that arrogant to see that this fight was over before it began?"

Then Allan hears a female voice echo from behind him, "Let him go!"

He turns to look and sees a punk looking girl decked out in red attire. Her eyes glare with anger as she says, "I said, let him go!"

Quicksilver hangs from Allan's grip as he groans out, "Wanda…run."

Allan drops Quicksilver, who falls limp to the pavement out of breathe. Wanda looks at Allan even more enraged and yells out. Allan watches her gesture her arms outward causing a energy wave to radiate from her body. Glass from nearby building shatter, light poles still standing warp and bend as any car that hasn't been demolished in the battle explode near him. As the wave of destruction approaches him, Allan holds up his left hand again seemingly stops the wave, as though physically holding it back. Wanda let's her rage charge her some more as she puts more energy into the attack. Allan holds against the wave, but id slowly pushed back. He looks around at the damage she is causing with a concerned look. Behind Allan, Quicksilver balls up and covers his head to protect himself. Allan looks at Wanda with a sad expression as he mutters out in a low tone, "Please…don't make me do this."

Quicksilver looks up and sees Allan's eyes begin to glow in an intense red. Allan grits his teeth and tightens his left fist. The sound of his knuckles cracking sends shivers down Quicksilver's back as Allan yells out in an echoing sounding voice, "SIT DOWN!"

Then a bright pulsating energy wave flashes out of Allan's left fist overwhelming Wanda's power and somewhat deflecting it back at her. The pulse lets out a sound like an after hum of a large bell being hit very hard. The light washes over everything in sight, but is more focused on Wanda, who is hit like some invisible force had smacked her face. She stands there for a bit, then wobbles in place before collapsing backwards. A distant echoing sound of a thundering boom can be heard all over the city. Allan's eyes remain glowing bright red as he looks back at Quicksilver, who cowards away from him. Then from behind in a violent charge, Colossus rams Allan like freight train. Although being hit from behind has forced Allan to jolt forward, he manages to twist extremely fast and as Colossus is also moving in the same direction, he swings his right fist upward in an upper cutting punch. The blow nails Colossus directly under his chin, causing a loud pinging sound as Allan's fist lands solid, redirecting his forward motion up into the sky. Allan continues his twisting motion and spins like a whirlwind horizontally then lands on the balls of his feet sliding backwards. Colossus come crashing down back down crushing the pavement with his solid organic steel body. Allan, with his eyes still glowing reaches down fast and grabs him by his neck and yells out, "You persistent bastard! What do you what from me!" as he pulls Colossus out of the rubble rapidly. Colossus fights back against Allan's pull but is slammed again into the cement face first. He grunts out as Allan begins to hammer him with his left fist on his head over and over again. With each blow, the ground shakes sending Colossus deeper and deeper into the ground. Allan ceases his violent assault and stands over Colossus, who fall unconscious reverting from his steel form to flesh. Allan stands there searing with anger as he looks at the Brotherhood who lay scared and broken. His glowing red eyes slowly dim showing his tears as he yells out, "What's keeping the rest of you, huh? I know you're watching, Magneto! Is this what you wanted?" as he falls to his knees with tears running down his face, " Do you realize what you've done!" Allan screams out.

On his knees, Allan silently sobs and mutters out in a low tone voice, "I didn't want this to happen, I'm so sorry, Oh God I'm so sorry." as he looks over at the Brotherhood, who lay either unconscious or injuried.

The X-Jet hovers over scene and quickly lands further up the street. Cyclops and the other X-Men come running down the street and immediately start checking the injured. Rogue, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler move over to Allan, who doesn't acknowlegde them as he kneels there with a sad blank expression on his face. They help him onto his feet and brace him up under each arm. Kitty looks at him and with a cincerned tone asks, "Mr. Paran, are you hurt? Are you ok?"

Allan remaisn silent as they walk him to the jet. Nightcrawler glances back as he helps walk Allan and says, "Whoa man, you really kicked their collective butts."

Allan glimpses at Nightcrawler and replies in a low tone, "No, I made a mistake."

Rogue notices tears run down Allan's cheeks as his expression becomes even sadder. She asks, "Allan, what's wrong?" as they get him into the jet.

"I need to see the professor." Allan answers as he looks at her with his tear filled eyes.

The sound of sirens and horns echo in the distance. Cyclops orders, "Alright, let's get them all to the jet and clear out, now!"

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