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Magneto sits in his private office chamber alone in the darkness. The room is cold and completely metal with only a video monitor providing the light. The images on the monitor is looped showing a single scene from the Brotherhood's battle with Allan, thirty seconds of footage, played back over and over again. Magneto sits on his chair leaning over with his hands balled up pressed against his lips. He glances at the monitor then shuts his eyes tightly thinking to himself, 'What is the matter with me? Am I that obsessed to endanger my own children? Peitro and Wanda may have been killed in that battle, had Allan not held back. Why is that young man my enemy? He has turned down my offers to join my cause, and has shown resilience to my influences. Why do I persist?'

He looks at the monitor as plays back the scene of Allan holding back Wanda's wave of destruction, then deflecting it back at her in bright brilliant burst. Magneto then turns his attention to power grid gauges. Allan's energy level spikes off the grid's charts the moment of the burst. 'No, this will end as of now. He was not a threat to me until I ordered my Acolytes to attack him. I've endangered too many people with this strange quest to learn more about him.' Suddenly, Magneto's hand begin shaking, he grabs his head as his breathing becomes erratic falling to his knees sliding from his chair. Gripping his hair with his eyes open, Magneto erratically pants out, "N…No…cannot…stop…things…in motion." As he seems to struggle, "Urged…him to act…now…I must."

Magneto breathes out heavily with his eyes nearly watering. He stands up right with a determined stare and activates the intercom, "Gambit, increase your surveillance at the Xavier Institute. I want to know all that transpires behind those walls. Send Sabertooth and Pyro to retrieve Colossus from the police maximum holding facility. And locate Mastermind, I will require his talents." as a single tear runs down his face.

Deep beneath the Xavier Institute, the Brotherhood lay in the infirmary recovering from their ordeal with Allan. Hank McCoy walks his rounds checking each of them thoroughly and treating their wounds. Todd, Pietro and Wanda suffered the least amount of injuries only sustaining a few minor cuts and bruises. Wanda how ever lies in her bed with a ice pack on her forehead and a mean glare for her brother Pietro as she says, "That is the last time I save your scrawny butt, Pietro."

He smiles back at his sister and says, "I do appreciate you saving my scrawny butt though."

Todd speaks up, "But what about them, man?" as he points to Lance and Fred, who suffered the most injuries out all of them.

Fred lies back in his infirmary bed with his right arm wrapped up in a sling, his large head supported up by a thick neck brace, and hi left eye bandaged up with a hint of blood showing through. He lies there quietly as Kitty sits by Lance holding his hand. Lance at times squeezes her hand and groans out as he feels the sharp pain of his broken ribs when ever he tries to take deep breaths. Most of his upper body is encased in metal supported torso brace to keep him still. Bandages cover a good part of his face and arms due to the heavy lacerations he endured. Kitty smiles at him and caresses his hand lightly. Lance tries to smile back but instead groans out as the sharp pain stabs at him again. Kitty is almost brought to tears as she watches Lance in so much pain. Standing guard at the infirmary entrance, Iceman smirks and says, "You guys picked a fight with wrong dude."

Kitty gets anger and glares at him saying, "Shut up Bobby! Can't see there in enough pain?"

Iceman leans up against the wall and sighs out in frustration.

Just down the hall, in the main briefing room, Allan sits leaning over with his head hanging as Charles sits in his wheel chair across from him. Looking at Allan, Charles says, "You cannot blame yourself, Allan. You were attacked, there was nothing that could have been done."

Allan replies, "Yeah there was, I could have tried harder not to lose control. I could've let them beat me, not like I can't take it. I could've ran and save myself the trouble. I don't know why I didn't try either one. Ego maybe, I don't know. But I was weak. Now there's a price to be paid for my weakness."

Charles move up and places his hand on Allan's shoulder saying, "Despite all our great gifts, Allan, we are still merely human, prone to mistakes."

Nodding with his eyes still looking down, Allan remarks, "True, but the people around me have more to lose whenever I make that mistake."

"What will you do now Allan?" Charles asks softly.

Allan sighs and looks up s he responds, "I don't know, maybe I should leave. Until I know for sure you and yours are safe, who knows."

Charles's expression saddens as he asks, "I am sure you have been told, running will not solve your problems. What ever the influence that guides your life has led you here. Do not give up on this so soon."

Hank walks in wearing a white doctor's coat carrying a clip board with medical info on the Brotherhood. Allan stands up and asks, "Are they gonna be alright, Mr. McCoy?"

Hank glances at his clip board and sighs out saying, "For the most part. However the wounds that were inflicted on Fred and Lance are bit more severe. Fred may end up losing an eye, and Lance may be suffering some slight internal bleeding."

Allan rubs his forehead and tells Hank, "Maybe there is something I can do."

"You don't have to Allan." Charles urgently says.

Glancing back at Charles with a smile, Allan replies, "It's ok Professor, as they say in the movies, 'My cover's been blown'. 'Time to face the music'."

Allan walk into the main infirmary room casually. Todd sees him and quickly leaps behind his bed saying, "Whoa! Heads up guys!"

The Brotherhood all look at him with a mixture fear, anger and awe. Allan takes a deep breath as Wanda darts out, "What're you doing here!"

Pietro sarcastically adds, "Yeah, you've proven how superior you are to us. Now what?"

Hiding behind his bed, Todd says, "Uh guys, let's not anger the dude who just tore us a new one."

"I came here," Allan says in a plain tone, "to say I'm sorry for what happened."

Lance grits his teeth and groans in pain as he says, "What're you sorry about, we attacked you."

Allan nods his head, "True, and I personally believe nobody is above a butt whooping. But with me fighting back the way I did, I made things a lot worse than you may perceive. So I'm trying to fix one mistake at time, starting with you guys and girl." as he gesture to Wanda.

She looks at him sarcastically and asks, "You're some kind of doctor too?"

Allan replies, "No, but I can do this."

He stands in the dead center of the room as they all watch him carefully. Allan holds his hands in front of his chest, palms apart but facing each other. He closes his eyes as a small sparkle of light appears between his hands. It slowly grows and gets brighter as he slowly moves his palms apart. The light takes the form of a bright four corner star that lights the room completely. The light is extremely bright but does not blind anyone in the room. The members of the Brotherhood feel a tingling sensation around and within them. Cool yet comforting at the same time warm and soothing. Kitty and Bobby watch in amazement as the light washes over all of them. They look at Allan who is surrounded by a halo of angelic light with his eyes still closed, holding his hand parallel in front of his chest. Rings of light emit from him radiating over everyone in the room giving the sensation of warm light traveling through them as it passes. Then Allan opens his eyes as the light dissipates into his hands. He looks around rubbing his hands lightly and asks, "How do you feel now?"

Lance takes a deep breath and says, "Hey, it doesn't hurt anymore." as he smiles.

Removing his bandages, Fred says, "My eye, it's fixed! And my arm ain't broke any more!"

They all look themselves over and realize their cuts and bruises are gone. Even Wanda's major head ache vanished, as though they never suffered any injuries at all. Bobby says, "Hey wow, he even got rid of that nasty zit on forehead!"

The Brotherhood members sit up in their beds in amazement looking at each other and themselves. Allan nods his head and turns to walk out. Kitty removes Lance's torso brace quickly saying, "This can't be, like, real. Can it?" as she looks at Allan.

Lance's ribs have been set correctly and mended perfectly. Hank looks at Allan and says, "You never said anything about performing miracles as one of your gifts." as he smiles at him.

Allan places his hand on Hank's shoulder telling him, "Make sure they stay in bed for at least a day. The energy that spread over them will cause a bit of disorientation. More like a long head rush. I'll be back soon as I can." as he walk down the seamless hallway.

Lance looks at his friends and then at Kitty innocently saying, "He didn't stick around for us to thank him, or even apologize."

Kitty kisses lance on the forehead and quickly runs out after Allan. Out by the main elevator Kitty calls out to him, "Mr. Paran, that was like, so amazing. How did you do that?" she asks.

While he waist for the elevator to arrive he replies, "Oh I don't know, redirecting certain energies to entice healing, rearranging the perception of time to... you know, it's complicated. Let's just say, it's easier done, than said." as he grins.

"Well," she adds, "You're a lot more powerful then we all thought."

Allan lightly nods his head a bit and says, "It does have its' perks. But being this powerful isn't all what it's cracked up to be" as he looks at Kitty with a slight grin.

The elevator opens and Allan enters turning around saying, "If anyone is looking for, I'll be out taking a long walk. I need to get some fresh air." As the elevator door closes and start its way up.

Scott rushes out of the bathroom brushing his hair back quickly and makes his way to Jean's door. He knocks in a quick rhythm saying, "Jean, we gotta go. The movie starts in less then an hour."

Jeans opens her door smiling and replying, "Sorry about that, I was just adding some finishing touches to my last canvas."

Smiling at her as he chuckles, Scott adds, "You and those paintings, Jean."

She shares his smile and remarks, "Don't laugh, or I'll have you pose nude for one of my pieces." As she grins playfully pointing to her head.

Scott innocently smiles back at her saying, "So, how about that movie?"

Jean giggles and grabs his arm as they walk out toward the front. They walk to his car as Jean looks up at the sky. She says, "Look at the clouds, forecast never said anything about rain tonight."

They both get into Scott's convertible and speed off into the night. Despite the overcast this hot summer night, the air is seemingly cool as Scott and Jean smile at each other driving down the road. Scott suddenly says, "Hey look, is that Mr. Paran walking?"

Jean peers ahead and replies, "It sure is, why's he walking?"

Scott pulls his car up to Allan, who greets them with wave and smile. He remarks, "Good evening cute couple!" as he grins.

"Is everything alright, Mr. Paran?" Scotts asks, "Why are you walking up this way?"

Allan glances in both directions and says, "Just wanted to walk for a bit, I think better when I'm moving about."

Jean adds, "Well, it could be dangerous. I mean, you could be attacked again."

"Then it's a good thing I'm out walking," Allan replies, "Wouldn't want to be attacked while I'm in the mansion. That'd suck for everybody else." He says with a smile.

Scott asks, "Do want us to give a lift somewhere? We're kind of heading in the same direction."

"I'm cool Scott," Allan says gesturing with his hands, "Besides, this looks like date, so I wouldn't want to cramp your style, bro."

Jean smiles at Scott as he asks, "Are you sure?"

Allan smiles and chuckles out, "You better get going and have fun before I pick your car up and throw you to the mall. Go on, have a good time!"

Jean giggles and asks, "You can do that?"

Smirking at both of them with a smile Allan replies, "You wanna try me? Get going you two!" as he chuckles again.

Jeans smiles and waves as Scott says, "We'll catch you later, Mr. Paran."

Allan shakes his head and watches them drive off down the road. He keep casually walking down the side of the road. Every few feet, he would hear a distant 'poofing' sound, and would stop to look in that direction with a sarcastic grin. Then he would just turn and keep walking. A little further in the trees on the side of the road. Kurt and young Jamie try their best not to seen or heard as they follow Allan up the road. Kurt would teleport both of them just ahead of him in the woods so not to be seen. Jamie lightly coughs as he accidentally inhales the smoke from Kurt teleporting. Kurt quietly whispers, "shshshsh, dude, he could have heard you." as peeks through the trees watching for Allan.

Kurt continues quietly, "Yo, vhy are ve shadowing him anyway?"

Jamie whispers, "Like I said, I got this theory that Mr. Paran is some kind of ultra cool butt kickin' super hero at night. He always goes out late at night, and sometimes he comes back with a limp or whatever. I bet he's heading to his 'batcave' or something."

Kurt sarcastically looks at Jamie and whispers, "That sounds so stupid, I'm going home."

Jamie quickly grabs Kurt's arm and quietly says, "Wait, look." as he points.

Kurt looks and sees Allan had stopped and is facing the other tree line across the road. He moves side to side as though looking for something. Jamie and Kurt glance at each other with baffled expressions as Jamie asks, "What do you think he's looking at?"

Allan continues to peer through the neighboring woods and even starts to make his way in looks at Jamie and quietly replies, "I'm not sure, man. But whatever it is, it got his full attention."

The tree line across the street shudders ominously as the shadows seem the sway and move with the sound. Allan glances behind him and smiles toward Jamie and Kurt, then leaps into the dark shadowy woods across the street disappearing into the night. Jamie quickly says, "He saw us!"

Kurt expression becomes concerned as he says, "That vas very veird, yo." As he teleports he and Jamie back to the mansion front steps.

They both head inside running into Kitty and Rogue talking in the hall. Kurt approaches them, "Yo, something is up with Allan."

Kitty giggles as Rogue turns and glare at him saying, "Were you following him? He said he wanted to be alone, Kurt."

Kurt step back and says, "Vell, it vas Jamie's idea."

Rogue stares at Jamie who just smile all innocent like. Kurt continues, "No but listen, something is happening."

Jamie adds, "Yeah, it has to do with what Mr. Paran does late nights."

Rogue rolls her eyes and sighs out, "Ah could've told you that. He plays in band to make some extra cash."

Kitty grins at Rogue, "And how would you know about that?" she asks as she giggles.

Kurt interupts, "Vell, unless his band is playing in the woods tonight, something weird is going down. I say we check this out."

Hoping up and down all cutesy like, Kitty says, "oooh, conspiracy, let's go!"

Rogue replies, "No way guys, Allan would be really mad if he found out we followed him."

Kitty leans over to Rogue and playfully asks, "Oh come on, don't you want to see what your man really does at night?"

Leaning away from Kitty, Rogue darts out, "He ain't my man!"

Jamie replies in a low tone, "Not yet anyway." as he and Kurt try to hide their smiles.

Rogue glares at Jamie as she says, "Alright fine, let's go. But Jamie stays."

"Hey this was my idea." Jamie replies.

"And Ah'm takin' charge, gotta problem with that?" Rogue says with a mean stare.

Jamie smiles innocently again and backs off slowly. Rogue looks at Kurt and says, "Ok Kurt take us there."

Kurt places his three fingered hands on Kitty and Rogue's shoulders and teleports all three of them out of the hall. Jamie remarks, "Man, I hate being the youngest!"

Rogue, Kitty and Kurt materialize on the side of the road where Kurt last saw Allan. Kurt says quietly, "He vent in this vay." As he gesture and slowly moves into the dark woods.

Kitty whispers, "Uh guys, maybe we should've brought like, flash lights."

Kurt quietly replies, "He vould see us coming in an instant. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness and walk slow."

Rogue whispers out, "Adjust to what? There's an overcast, and the streetlight barely hits anythin'."

"Shshsh," Kurt adds, "Just hold on to me and vatch you step."

They trudge through the dark woods for a few minutes slowly trying not to make a sound.

Kitty looks back and says, "Guys, I can't see the road anymore."

Rogue replies, "Great, now we're lost."

"No ve're not, just follow me, I think I here something ahead." Kurt remarks.

Kitty stumbles and trips into Rogue who in turn falls on Kurt. The chain reaction sends all three of them sliding down a slight hill of leaves through the woods. As they slide and lightly hit the bottom, Rogue slowly stands back up saying, "This is so stupid, what if my shirt tore, you two would be out cold and Ah'd have to carry ya both up that hill, in the dark."

Kitty says in a scared tone, "Um maybe we should really turn back, Kurt."

Kurt replies, "Nein, just a little bit further, come on."

Rogue adds, "Kurt, Ah think Kitty is right, we can't see a dang thing like this. Do you even know how far we've gone?"

"Just another minute," Kurt says, "Then we'll leave, ok."

All three slowly feel their way up the next rounding hill, letting their eyes focus on whatever light is available. As they gradually reach the crest of the wooded hill top, that a hint of light barely shining through the trees. The closer they get, the light gets a bit brighter, and a bit hazy as well. A loud cracking sound echoes just ahead, as though a tree was just split in half. Just then the haze of light gets even brighter as it flashes with the sound that tears through the air loudly. With the woods now illuminated all around them, Kurt, Rogue and Kitty duck quickly. With his agile body, Kurt make his way to the top of the hill remaining as low as he can. Kitty cries out, "Kurt wait!" as she and Rogue do their best to follow him.

Reaching the top of the wooded hill, the three X-Men look over to other side and are stunned to what they see. Near the bottom of the ravine like clearing in the woods, they see two strange looking creatures standing in front of Allan. They watch carefully behind the cover trees trying to understand what is going on. The creatures are very large and beastly, but do not seem to be threatening. As a matter of fact they see that Allan is actually have a somewhat, casual conversation with them. Though they can't hear anything do to the white washing sound the emitting light is giving off, Allan's behavior shows that he is no real danger. However the two creatures talking with Allan have a haunting appearance. Both creatures are about the same size, and tower over Allan by at least seven feet. One glows intensely, emitting the light that now illuminates the trees around them. The other is cover head to toe in thick bulking amber colored armor that shines and reflects the light given off by the other creature. Kurt's eyes widen in excitement as he whispers out to the girls, "Look at that, those things look cool!"

Kitty shushes him and looks on with also wide eyes, but with fear behind them. Rogue remains silent as she watches Allan. They see him gesture with his hands continuing to casually talk to them. Then much to their surprise, they see Allan start laughing and slaps the armored creature on the side of it's arm. Both creatures also appear to be chuckling as they slowly back away from him. The armored creature waves and leaps into the air. The ground thumps loudly and jolts as it kicks it's legs sending it soaring our and over the trees into the night sky. The glowing creature reaches out with it's abnormally large clawed hand and shakes Allan's hand. Then it dramatically sprouts a pair of angelic wings from it's back. But before it starts flapping the wings, the creature points up the three X-Men watching from the hill top. Allan turns and looks up with a plain expression as Kitty spurts out, "Uh oh." as she notices they've been seen..

Rogue taps Kurt's arm and says, "Let's get outta here, now."

Just then, the creature flaps it's wings and also soars into the night sky gaining altitude rapidly, then finally disappearing behind the over casting shadows. The woods go dark almost instantly after the creatures departure, blinding the three lost teens. Kitty says in a frustrated tone, "Oh great , now what."

Kurt replies, "Simple, I just teleport us out by the road. Everyone hang on." as he teleports them to the side of the road just outside the woods.

He smiles and says, "See, ve vere not lost for second. I knew exactly vhat I vas doing."

Kitty looks around and says, "If that's true then where's Rogue?"

They both dart their heads around looking for her, then slowly turn and look back into the darks woods, with concern on their faces. Kitty says, "You should teleport back in and get her, Kurt. " as she backs up.

Kurt looks into the dark woods and gulps in hesitation..

Rogue struggles with all her might, but she is held off her feet in a light bear hug. A warm hand covers her mouth preventing her from screaming. She kicks and squirms, and even tries to bite the hand over mouth, when she realizes that her mouth is being held by a bare hand. A voice says to her gently, "Will you stop struggling, you're only gonna hurt yourself."

She is let go suddenly and she quickly turns around bringing her right knee up clocking the person behind her in between the legs. The person gasps out and grunts in pain. Then with a light flash in the air, a glowing round orb manifests over them shine a little light in the spot. Rogue glances down and see Allan down on one knee, with one hand in his crotch, the other hand gesture to the glowing orb. She yells at him, "What're doin' sneakin' up on me like that?"

Allan slowly stands back up and replies, "Look who's sneaking. What are you doing out here anyways?"

Rogue point at him saying, "That's what I was gonna ask you. What were those things?"

Shaking his, Allan responds, "It's really none of your business. And those 'things' as you call them, happen to be some very close friends of mine from out of town."

"Some weird looking friends ya got." Rogue remarks.

Allan gives her a baffled glare saying, "Look who's talking." He points to the sky and adds, "You know, where those two are from, they are considered very beautiful women."

Rogue's eyes widen, "Those two were girls?"

"Hey, hey wait a minute," Allan says waving his hands, "why are you guys following me? And why did you knee me in my nuts?"

She replies, "Well Ah don't like bein' grabbed like that from behind, serves you right. Besides, aren't ya like indestructible or somethin'?"

Allan gives her a blank stare saying, "Yeah, but that doesn't mean pain free."

They hear distant 'poofing' sounds in the woods followed by Kurt's voice calling out for Rogue. Allan smirks at her as Rogue rolls her eyes yelling out, "Ah'm alright Kurt, just wait out by the road."

Kurt and Kitty stand on the side of the road peering into the dark woods. They see a glowing orb float through the trees lighting the way as Allan and Rogue come trudging slowly through the brush. As they make their way out, Kitty and Kurt hear their argument echo out of the woods. "Yes, I do have a lot of friends, who happen to also be girls, is that a crime to you or something?" Allan remarks.

Rogue sarcastically says, "Like Ah really care what you do."

Allan says, "Well you keep coming back to that stupid question when you haven't even answered mine. Why are you following me?"

She stubbornly looks the other way and says, "You keep askin' that question like you got somethin' to hide."

They both step out of the brush towards Kitty and Kurt. Kitty says, "We are really sorry for following you , Allan. Um…I guess…"

Kurt adds, "Ve thought you might have been in trouble."

Allan sighs out looking at them, he shakes his head and remarks, "Look, I appreciate your concerns. I know things have been a bit crazy the last few days, but I can take care of myself. And I would very much like for you to respect my privacy next time."

Kurt and Kitty nod as Rogue just turns and starts walking back toward the mansion saying, "Whatever."

Allan pokes at the glowing orb and dissipates the light as he follows the three back to the mansion.

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