X-Men Evolution NEXT


After another session in the Danger Room, Allan and the younger students head back up stares for some breakfast. They all sit around the kitchen helping themselves to what ever suites their fancy. Allan sits down and turns on the morning news. He waits for the traffic report but is instead watching live footage of workers cleaning up the damage caused by his battle with the Brotherhood. The younger students get quiet and look at each other as Amara, speak up, "Um, Mr. Paran, we just want to say that we're sorry for not being there to help you."

Allan looks at them while drinking his orange juice. He wipes his mouth and asks, "Help me where? Oh that?" as he points to the TV news. "You have nothing to be sorry for."

Ray adds, "But if we stayed, we could've helped you."

Sitting back in his chair, Allan says, "And things could've gotten a lot worse. Believe me, it wasn't pretty or fun, it never is. You did what I told you to do, and I thank you for that."

Jamie sits up in his chair and asks Allan, "So, where did learn all those cool moves? Were you trained in some ancient warrior temple in China?"

Allan chuckles and replies, "You know, you watch too many movies, but you're not that far from the truth." He gets up and stretches as he continues, "I got to be at the Community Hall in about two hours. I owe you guys smoothies later on today, cool?"

They all smile as they watch Allan walk out of the kitchen. Jamie grins at all them and says, "See, I told you he was some kind of Kung Fu master."

Ray replies, "You thought he was a super hero, Jamie, shut up."

Rogue walks down the hall heading towards the kitchen for breakfast. She looks up and sees Allan coming up the hallway heading to his room. He smiles at her as she gives him a sarcastic smirk. Allan stops and says, "We can always go for round three in the Danger Room if you wanna keep acting like that. I don't even know why you're mad at me."

Rogue turns around and says, "Ok, Ah'll tell you why." As she stands with her hands on her hips, "You, you're full of secrets. It's almost impossible to get to know you. At first you come off as this cool tough guy with a good head on his shoulders, then all of a sudden you become mister sensitive. You don't even tell us anything about you, like your powers, who or what your friends are, and where you're from."

Allan replies, "Hey, I told where I was from."

"Big deal, California," Rogue sarcastically says, "Where in California."

Allan sighs out in silence as Rogue continues, "See, that's what I'm talkin' about."

"Look at me," Allan remarks, "Truth being told, I really don't know how to answer that question, without it sounding too ridiculous. But as far as my powers go, I can do quite a few things, some I'm not aware of yet, and some that are very obvious. But that's why I'm here. Not only to teach, but to learn too. There, happy?"

Rogue shakes her head and replies, "You're missin' my point."

Allan darts out, "Alright, if we're gonna start being honest with each other, then how about telling me your real name?" as he stares at her.

Rogue falls silent as she looks into his eyes. Allan adds, "Well, it was nice to meet you too, miss." As he nods at her with a sarcastic stare, "I'm gonna be late for work, see ya around."

Rogue watches Allan walk to his room and close the door behind him. She takes a deep breathe and turns heading to the kitchen. She notice two doors slightly cracked open with eyes peeking through. They quickly shut when they realize they've been seen as Rogue just rolls her eyes and keeps walk down the hall.

Crouched down in the garage, Logan tightens a bolt on motorcycle wheel with a quick jerk. He slowly stands up grabbing a dirty rag and start wiping his hands off then takes a step through the car doorway taking deep breathes of the morning air. He turns back around tossing the rag into a corner and looks up to is Ororo standing next to his motorcycle. She remarks, "I never understood the obsession between men and their machines." as she smiles at him.

Logan replies, "As a man gets older, the toys get bigger, that's all."

"Very true," Ororo adds as she points over at Allan's sleek motorcycle.

Glancing over his shoulder at Allan's bike, Logan says, "That is a good lookin' ride. I'm always tempted to take it out for spin." as he smiles at Ororo.

Allan struts in from the car doorway saying, "Ordinarily, I'd let you Mr. Logan. But first she needs to be calibrated to your body structure, unless you want to black out when you top off the speed."

He walks in wearing a pair of loose jeans and tight black t-shirt covered by a sporty leather racing jacket that matches the color scheme of his bike. Allan straddles his bike, placing his helmet on his lap then reaches into his jacket with his right hand. Logan asks, "What's that thing run on anyway? I don't smell any kind of fuel from it's' tanks or anywhere."

Allan looks at him and replies, "Water, its' hydrogen powered. Why do you ask?"

Logan looks at Ororo, who shares his concerned expression, then looks back at Allan saying, "You mean to tell me that bike is a rollin' bomb?"

Grinning at both of them, Allan remarks, "Well, I don't pretend to be an expert on this kind of stuff, but it is a pressurized system and relatively safe." as he nods at them. Allan continues, "Hey, if you wanna check out it yourself, we can trade bikes for the day."

Logan quickly replies and chuckles, "No thanks, Allan, I think I'll pass."

Ororo asks, "Are you going somewhere, today?"

"I have an art class to teach today at the Community Hall." Allan replies.

"Allan, I don't think that's a good idea," Logan adds, "As far as we know, Magneto is still after ya."

Allan sighs out as he straps on a backpack, "You're right, but I'm not gonna halt my life all on the account of some whacked out would be world conqueror who treats me like his longtime arch nemesis. I have other responsibilities and bills to pay." as he smiles and starts up his motorcycle.

Ororo chuckles and says, "You know how ridiculous that sounded?"

Smiling at them, Allan replies, "Hey, that's the life we live."

Allan pulls out two slips of paper from his jacket pocket and hands them to Logan saying, "Here, take these, I figure I owed you two."

Logan looks at the slips of papers and says, "These are two complimentary dinner passes to Mediterranean Horizons restaurant."

Ororo remarks, "That is very expensive restaurant! It's that one that is located atop one of those tall buildings downtown. How did you manage to get those, Allan?"

Allan smiles as he adjust some settings on his bike and answers, "Certain individuals in my, um, profession, are very generous. Most of them owe me quite a few favors too."

He revs up his bike putting on his helmet and closing the visor. With a quick switch, a pressure sound is released from the bike as Allan waves at them and saying in digital sounding tone through the helmet, "You two enjoy the dinner." He releases the brake and rolls out of the garage.

Ororo and Logan watch as Allan kicks his bike into gear and speeds out. Looking at the passes, Ororo remarks, "Well Logan, I guess it's a date." as she smiles.

Hank McCoy casually walks through the infirmary checking on the Brotherhood one by one. He looks at all of them nodding and says, "Well, it seems you all have made a complete recovery, thanks to Allan. But I am asking all of you not exert yourselves."

Lance slides off his bed feeling his ribs as he smiles asking, "Can we walk around?"

Hank replies, "Feel free to roam the premises, but please, stay out of trouble."

They each stand up putting on the extra clothing that was provided for them. Not the regular clothing they are use to, but the athletic gray sweat pants and white t-shirts with a stylized 'X' on the left chest provide better covering then their severely tatted uniforms they once wore. They make their way onto main floor of the mansion and try their best to act casual. The halls bustle with light activity passing them by. The occasional stare and giggle from a passing student would get their attentions for a quick moment, but they continue walking through the living areas to the recreation rooms. As they walk through the rec room doors, they are greeted by Tabitha who is playing pool with Amara. "Hey guys! Glad to see you're up and roaming." she cheerful states.

Todd says in surprise, "Boom Boom, you really moved back in here?"

"Well duh!" Tabitha responds, "Can't beat the perks in this free ride." as she gestures around with her hands to the rec room.

Pietro remarks, "So, this mean you're an X-Man now?"

Tabitha points at him and grins saying, "I never said that, speedo. Just came back to finish what I started and see where this ride takes me. You guys are welcome to try this out too."

Lance waves his hands replying, "No way, I tried that, it's too intense for me."

"Wasn't much better bein' on the other side of the line either was it kid." Logan mentions as he walks up from behind them and continues, "Difference is, we take responsibility for our actions here. Other wise , ya wouldn't be walkin' right now."

"Yo, he gotta point, "Todd adds, "Even if we did leave now, we ain't got no cash, and you all know that crazy Cajun dude will be back with another message for us."

Fred speaks up, "And it probably won't be a good message either."

Lance looks at his friends and asks, "So, you guys wanna stick it out here for while, just until the heat is off us at least?"

They all glance at each other as Pietro speaks up, "After what our father put us through lately, I owe him nothing. Count me in."

Wanda mentions, "For once I agree with my brother, our 'father' has gone overboard this time. But what about Mystique, she's bound to find out about this."

Logan replies, "We'll worry about her when it comes up. What about the rest of ya?"

Both Todd and Fred nod in agreement as Lance says, "Alright, we stay, but that don't make us X-Men."

Grinning at them, Logan says, "Wouldn't dream of it kid. We'll have rooms set up for all of you later." As he walk back out.

Tabitha cheers out, "Rock on guys! We're gonna have a blast here."

Amara speaks up, "Despite what you all may be thinking right now, it's a lot of work to stick it out here."

Pietro replies, "How tough can it be?"

Lance quickly adds, "Don't ask, Pietro, trust me."

Kitty scampers into the rec room runs up to Lance, "Is it true, Lance? Are you guys really staying?"

Smiling at her, Lance replies, "Yeah, at least for while."

Kitty hugs him as the others hold back giggles. Lance asks, "So, where's this Mr. Paran guy, Kitty. We wanted to thank him for healing us so fast."

"Oh, he has a day job teaching art downtown. He'll be back later today." Kitty says.

Wanda remarks, "That's a little dangerous isn't it? Our father might still be after him."

Tabitha adds, "I don't think that stud worries about anything." Then she sees Rogue walking by the doorway and adds with a smile, "Well, there are some things he likes to worry about."

Public transportation in Bayville is quite reliable, and at a fair rate. But despite the aspect of saving a few bucks on gas, or the pain of very long walk, the reliable transit system still surrenders to mid-day traffic. And Rogue spends a good hour on a fairly air conditioned bus. She sits silently, careful not to have too much contact with the lunch hour riders. The she finally reaches her destination and is let off with a handful of other passengers. Rogue takes a deep breath and looks up at the Community Hall. She walks by a kiosk and catches her reflection in the glass. Making some minor adjustments to her dramatic outfit, mostly black with the exception of a purple satin scarf around her neck, she shift her chain like belt a little more to her left over long black skirt. Her long black gloves match her black boots as she lightly brushes off some dust that clung onto her from the bus ride. Then she turns and starts walking to the Community Hall entrance. Rogue notices some glances from people but ignore them the best she can. Its' possible they may know she is a mutant, or the fact that her dramatic appearance is a bit much for these group of conservative citizens. As she walks in, the lobby is active with children of all ages, laughing, playing, and learning. She looks up at the large digital activity board and reads down the list intensely. Then someone from behind speak up, "Interestin' places you like to hang out, chere."

Rogue closes her eyes in disappointment and says, "Not now Remy, please."

Gambit stands off to her left and says, "Gambit believes you lookin' for the fifteenth floor. Dat be where yo new boyfriend teachin'."

Rogue turns toward the elevator and quickly heads there as Gambit follows behind. They both step in and press the fifteenth button. The door shuts and the elevator heads up. Rogue sighs out, "Don't start anythin' today Remy."

Gambit look at her with a grin, "Nothin' gonna be startin', chere. Just curious 'bout why yo here is all."

"That's my business, and I told ya to stay away from him, I mean it." Rogue angrily replies.

Gambit's tone becomes stern as he says, "Da man be dangerous, chere."

Rogue darts out, "Unlike you right!"

"Gambit be a different matter." He responds.

"Oh yeah, different," Rogue adds, "compared to you and the other Acolytes, Allan is a saint. All he's tried to do is help, while all you've done is try to kill him."

"Dere be a reason for everyting, chere." Gambit replies.

"Well, Ah don't want to hear it Remy," She says as the elevator reaches the floor opening the door, "Just leave'em alone."

Rogue steps out of the elevator into the hall as Gambit grabs her wrist quickly and adds, "Gambit tellin' you, girl, dere be more goin' down here den we think. Da boss ain't right in da head, he gonna keep comin."

Rogue glare back at him and says, "Then Ah guess we'll be seeing 'you' really soon again too. Now let go!"

"Rogue, just listen.." Gambit pleas.

Just then the elevator suddenly slams against Gambit's out stretched left arm fairly hard. Gambit yells out in pain as he lets go of Rogue's wrist. She look up and sees Allan holding the elevator door on Gambit's arm. He reaches down with his other hand and grabs hold of Gambits hand. Allan slides the elevator door back open and twist Gambit's arm forward and down in a submissive Aikido hold. Gambit grunts some more in pain as Allan looks at Rogue and asks, "Are you alright?"

She responds, "Yeah, he…we.. were just talkin'."

Allan lets go of Gambit and continues to hold the door open. Gambit cradles his arm muttering out, "Oui, tink you broke my arm."

Allan replies, "It's not broken, at least not yet. What do you want with her, gumbo?"

Gambit rubs his arm as he adds, "Not her, mon ami, it's you. Just a warnin' for ya."

"I know, your boss is persistent. Tell him I'm waiting, and so are his kids. Now, get lost, very lost if you read me." Allan remarks.

The elevator door closes with Gambit cradling his sore arm. Allan turns around to look at Rogue stating, "Glad I'm taking a late lunch today." as he smiles at her.

He starts walking up the hall as she follows. Allan continues, "So are you now curious about what I do during the days too?"

Rogue replies, "Actually, Ah thought we could talk, you know, alone."

They walk into the class room and Allan starts putting some items into his backpack then zips it up. He looks at her with a smile and says, "Let me buy you lunch, and we'll have our little heart to heart. You like Chinese?"

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