X-Men Evolution NEXT


In one of the many living areas in the Xavier Mansion, the students hold a debate. Pietro stands on the couch with a DVD in his right hand as he holds his left finger in the air stating, "No way, not a chance! I'm not allowing our first official movie night to be about romance or tragedies."

Kitty reaches up trying to grab the DVD out of his hand saying, "Give it back, Pietro! It's like, not mine! It belongs to Rogue. She'll drain you dry if you ruin it."

"Fine, here." as he reluctantly hands the disc back to Kitty.

She quick puts the disc in its case and remarks, "Ok, so no romance or tragedy flicks. So what's left?"

Jamie and Ray stand up spurting out, "Action!"

"Adventure!" Kurt says as he acts like swashbuckling hero.

Bobby and Todd both cheer out, "Comedy!"

Punching his hand with a grin, Lance adds, "Violence."

Kitty darts him a mean glare as he innocently smiles back at her. Then a deep muffled voice behind all them says, "Drama?"

They all fall silent and turn around to look. Behind them lounged out with a bowl of popcorn on his lap, Fred stairs back, then casually looks off in another direction in embarrassment and stuffs his face with more buttered up popcorn. Pietro hops off the couch and asks, "Well, who else is into movies around here? Maybe they can suggest something for us."

Kitty speaks up, "I think Allan is. I mean, he's like, an encyclopedia when it comes to movies. But he's not home right now."

"Cool!" Pietro says quickly just before he jolts out of the room using his super speed.

"Pietro, wait!" Kitty yells out. She adds, "Kurt, stop him!"

Kurt salutes her saying, "On it." as he teleports out of the room.

He rematerializes just out side of Allan's door where Pietro is standing. Kurt says, "You can't go in there, that's Allan's room."

Pietro replies, "I just wanna see if he's got any movies we might like. I'll give it back when we're done. Relax, blue boy, he won't even know we were here." as he opens the door and walks in.

Kurt cautiously follows him into Allan's room. Pietro remarks, "Hey, nice, he's got one of the nicer rooms."

Constantly looking behind him, Kurt says, "Come on, Pietro, we shouldn't be here."

Pietro ignores Kurt's warning and continues, "So where are his flicks. Whoa check out his stuff! He likes tech, I've never seen a laptop like this." as he lightly taps a very flat panel with his finger.

The panel is somewhat seamless with what seems like touch sensitive flat buttons that resemble a keyboard. Much to their surprise, a holographic screen appears above and floats over the panel as an image becomes clear. Pietro says, "Wow, it is a laptop. Check his screen saver."

They both look closer at the image of Allan standing next to a barely covered voluptuous platinum blonde to his left and very large individual to his right covered head to toe in Hawaiian tourist attire, with multiple types of cameras hanging off his thick neck. Pietro's expression becomes baffled as he asks Kurt, "Does the big guy look blue to you, or am I seein' that wrong?"

Kurt responds, "No, he's blue and probably twelve feet tall too. But I'm not paying attention to him, I'm looking at the chick." as his widen.

The blonde in the image appears to be wearing some kind of strapless bikini that barely covers her smooth looking fair skinned body. She leans on Allan's left shoulder, who is sporting a pair of cargo shorts and a opened buttoned denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up covering what looks like a surfing outfit. All three in the image wear sunglasses and stand barefoot on a bluff holding a 'thumbs up' and over looking a paradise like coastline.

Kurt nods his head with a grin as he looks at the blonde thoroughly. Pietro remarks, "Yo, that has to be hottest chick I have ever seen in my life."

Kurt replies, "Dude, 'hot' is not good enough for her, I'd say drop dead, insanely, gorgeous."

Pietro adds, "Where is Allan from? I wanna go."

They both chuckle grinning at the images as Jean's voice yells out from behind them, "Hey! Get out of there, now!"

With single thought, Jean uses her telekinetic ability and literally pulls them out of Allan's room. She continues, "Both of you have no business in Mr. Paran's room, unless you're looking for trouble."

Kurt says, "Ve know, ve vere just looking to see if he had any movies."

Pietro adds, "Hey we're sorry, don't tell, we won't do it again." As he speeds off and Kurt teleports away.

Jean rolls her eyes and sticks her head into Allan's room checking to see if they messed with anything. The holographic computer screen catches her attention as she steps in to look. Jeans giggles at the cute image of Allan and his seemingly unique friends standing next to him. Then she stares at Allan's shirt under his denim cover shirt. At first she passes it off as surfer's wet suit and thinks to herself, 'Typical'. But then she gazes closer and notices a distinct four cornered golden star like shape on his chest, partially covered by the cover shirt. Jean's expression becomes confused as she quickly walks out of Allan's room closing the door behind her. She briskly walks into her room and flips through her paintings desperately. She thinks to herself, 'What is this? How can this be?'

She notices a good portion of all her pieces share one common image, if not the same theme, a single glowing, golden four cornered star. Although an image of a star is some what common in celestial imagery, her star precisely matches the shape, proportion and color as the one she saw in Allan's picture. Jean nervously smiles to herself thinking, 'It's just a coincidence, has to be.'

The view from the window is breath taking. As night blankets over Bayville, the night sky reveals stars that stretch across the horizon. Below, the city lights complete the scenery nearly resembling the stars above. Rogue smiles as she gazes out at the evening landscape from her window seat. She glance around looking into the restaurant that sits one of the top floors of the highest building in Bayville. Biting her lower lip nervously she looks at Allan and says, "Ah never thought Ah'd ever be eating dinner in this place."

Allan smiles at her as he sits back relaxing in his seat saying, "It is a pretty slick place. Can't beat the view either."

Rogue glances again around at the other customers, who are all dressed in suits and evening gowns or dresses. She takes a quick glimpse at Allan and herself and remarks, "Um…aren't we a bit under dressed for this place?"

Allan glimpses at himself, then at Rogue and replies, "You look fine, Rogue."

Smiling at Allan, Rogue adds, "This place gotta be expensive, you don't have to do this."

Shaking his head, Allan chuckles and tells her, "Its' ok, Rogue. Trust me."

"If you're tryin' to impress me, I won't be if we get kicked out." Rogue replies.

Allan laughs as he sips his cold glass of water. Then a voice speaks out with a deep Italian accent coming from behind Rogue. Her eyes widen as the man deep voice startles her, "My friend, welcome, welcome, welcome!"

Allan stands up with a big smile on his face as a slightly overweight, older Italian man steps around Rogue and hugs Allan. To her surprise, Allan is speaking fluent Italian to the man and sharing a laugh at the same time. Then they turn looking at Rogue as the man asks, "My, my, who is this you grace my establishment with, my friend?"

Allan places his right hand on the man's shoulder and gestures with his left as he says, "Rogue, this is Bertino Giovanni, he runs and owns this place. As well as half the businesses in this building too, right Bert?"

Taking Rogue's gloved left hand, Bert says, "A pleasure, my dear." as he lightly kisses her hand.

She smiles and replies, "Nice to meet you. How do you know Allan?"

"You kidding, he is the son I should've had. I love this boy." as hugs and kisses Allan's head.

Allan chuckles and says, "Our, um, families, go way back."

Bertino steps back and asks, "Eh, this table good? What about your food? I'll fetch them for you my boy." as he quickly trots off to the kitchen with a smile.

Rogue looks over at Allan as he sits back down saying, "You are like mister popular."

Allan smile at her and replies, "More like, mister nice guy."

They both look over into the dining area and see Logan with Ororo being seated. Rogue say in surprise, "Look at them., "as she smiles and adds, "what're they doing here?"

Allan replies, "Having dinner. I owed them for what happened to them a while back."

Rogue curiously looks at him and says, "A while back? You mean that night Ororo and Logan got hurt in the alley? You're the guy that saved them?"

"I thought I made that obvious, Rogue. Those two knew." Allan remarks.

"Well," she adds, "why'd you lie to me when I asked?"

Allan replies, "I didn't lie, I just told you what you wanted to hear."

Rogue gives him a sarcastic smile as Bertino brings their dinners to the table.

Scott walks around the fair lit gardens of the Xavier estate looking for Jean, who disappeared in the middle of movie night. He finds sitting on a marble bench staring up at the clear night sky with a bit of sadness on her face. She sees him and smiles as he approaches. He asks, "Is everything alright Jean. You seem distant tonight. It's not like you to leave in the middle of movie."

Jean looks back up at the stars and asks, "Scott, do you believe things happen for a reason? Like, do think there is reason why we were born with gifts?"

Scott looks up at the sky with and replies, "I'd like to think so. But who knows what that is?" as he puts his arms around her.

She leans up against him resting her head on his chest saying, "I'm leaving to see my parents in three days."

"How long will you be gone?" Scott asks.

Jean looks up at him and replies, "About three weeks. They want to go to our beach house in Florida."

Scott adds, "I'll miss you."

She smiles and says, "I'll be back, silly. I just need get away for while."

"So, what about your paintings and drawings, I thought you wanted to display them some where." Scott inquires.

Jean sits up saying, "Um…I do, I'm just…giving those a rest for now."

Scott remarks, "If you want, I'll ask Mr. Paran for you and see what we can set, by the time you get back."

She looks at him and says, "You don't have to, but that'd be nice."

"So, Florida, sounds like fun." Scott adds.

Jean pinch his cheek and says, "Just keep this thought while I gone, Scott."

Scott asks, "What thought?"

Jean telepathically voice into his head , 'Tan lines, Scott, tan lines.'

His jaw drops as she smiles and stands up saying, "I'm going back in to what else they're watching. You coming along?"

The wind blows gently on his face despite the height they are at. Allan stands near the edge as he looks out over the city from the top of the high rise restaurant. Rogue sits on a slight incline watching him. She says, "Are we allowed to be up here, Allan?"

He looks back at her with a smile and replies, "I don't know, but no one seems to be complaining."

Allan holds out his hand to her as she says, "Ah don't think so, we're really high up."

"I won't let you fall," Allan remarks.

She smiles at him and says in soft one, "Ah already have."

Allan walks back to her and crouches down in front of her asking, "So what do we do now?"

Rogue caresses his face and says, "Well, you still gotta bet to honor."

Allan holds her hand gently on his face and replies, "And I plan to honor it to the best of my ability."

She brings his face close to hers as she smiles and softly says, "Good, then Ah order you, to kiss me, now."

He smiles at her and responds, "Yes, ma'am."

Rogue slowly closes her eyes as their lips slightly touch. Suddenly, Allan glances behind Rogue and noticing a figure running down the incline she is sitting on. He forces Rogue on her back as he springs backwards dodging the figure as it lands between them. Allan looks the person carefully and sees it's a slender and sleek figure. Almost female in nature, but covered head to toe in a tight black ninja like outfit. In a scruffy voice the dark figure says, "Stay away from her."

Allan responds in frustration, "Who the hell are you!"

Rogue rolls to her feet fast bringing her left foot up in a crescent kick at the dark figure, but missing as the figure flips over her attack. Allan quickly shuffles forward with his own attack thrusting a fast low kick, followed by an air ripping spinning left back fist at the dark figure. The dark figure dodges the kick and blocks his back fist. But the Allan's strength behind his back fist attack forces the dark figure back staggering as it grunts out in pain. Then Rogue jumps on the dark figure's back saying, "You sure know to ruin a tender moment!" as they struggle, she continues, "Let's see who we got here!"

Then in one fluent motion, the dark figure executes a Judo throwing maneuver catching Rogue by surprise and sending her flying over the dark figure's shoulders toward the edge of the building. She bounces and rolls off the edge unable to grab hold anything to stop herself. The dark figure suddenly yells out in a deep woman's voice, "NNOO!"

Allan quickly runs to the edge yelling at the dark figure, "My sentiments exactly you jerk off!" as he swan dives off the edge after Rogue.

Air rushes at her face as Rogue falls and screams. Allan yells out to her, "GO LIMP!"

She glances up as she falls but doesn't see Allan. Her downward motion is suddenly halted as she finds herself in Allan's arms like a damsel in distress. She catches her breath then looks around as she notices Allan floating about thirty feet above the valet parking entrance. She looks back at Allan and remarks, "You can fly too?"

Allan grins at her and replies, "Did I forget to mention that?"

She giggles as she wraps her arms around him, pulls his face close to her and passionately kisses him. Allan slowly floats them down to the driveway while they silently kiss. The valet attendant watches in amazement as they gently touch down locked in their intimate embrace. The attendant mutters out, "Um…sir?"

Allan looks out at him as Rogue hides her face giggling. With a bashful smile, Allan tells him, "It's the race colored street bike, parked between the two limos." then he tosses him the keys. Allan adds, "make it fast, we're being chased."

Rogue lightly kisses his neck as Allan smiles and asks, "So, any idea who that was up there?"

She whispers, "Ah'm not worried, at least not right now."

Allan smiles at her and says, "Looks like you got in some action this time."

"Ah got more than that." She replies softy.

Allan still holds her up in his arms as they lock lips passionately once more.

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