X-Men Evolution NEXT

Point of View

The hour grows late at the Xavier mansion as Allan and Rogue roll through the front gates on his motorcycle. Rogue hugs his waist with her chin resting over his right shoulder. She hasn't stopped smiling since the left the restaurant, despite the danger she was in. Allan slowly rolls them into the garage, oblivious to the curious onlookers peering through the front windows, hiding behind the thick curtains. With their movie night now winding down, the Xavier students, including the newly joined Brotherhood, have either turned in for the night or simply fallen asleep on the couches. Kitty, Lance, Jubilee and Tabitha have managed to remain awake, munching on the left over snacks and talking about mundane things. But at this moment their attention is out the windows as they watch Rogue and Allan casually walk from the garage. Kitty remarks, "See? I told you they were together."

"So what, "Jubilee adds, "maybe he just gave her a ride home."

Tabitha sighs out, "This is so weak guys, he's given me a ride home before, didn't mean we made out or anything. Although, that would have been cool too." as she smiles.

Lance gives them a baffled expression asking, "Whoa, wait a minute, isn't he like a teacher here or something?"

Kitty replies, "I guess he's more like a student teacher. I mean, he's just a bit older than Scott and Jean, not by much. But I think he got, like, degrees and stuff."

"Still," Tabitha says, "What makes you think there is anything going on between Rogue and Allan?"

Jubilee point out the window with a shocked expression and replies, "Oh I think there are some clues."

They all peek through the window, still hiding behind the curtains, and watch as Rogue playfully loops her purple satin scarf around Allan's neck pulling him to her into a deep felt passionate kiss. Allan reciprocates by holding Rogue around her waist and against him. Kitty giggles behind the curtain saying, "Oh…wow…this is like, so intense."

Lance raises his eyebrows and smiles, "Um…ok…so what's the big deal?"

Kitty smirks at him saying, "Lance, Allan is like, the only person, probably in the world, she can touch. That's the big deal."

Tabitha remarks, "And the fact she just scored one helluva hottie, makes it a bigger deal." as she smiles at them.

"Um…so," Jubilee adds, "we saw them, what now?"

Bouncing off the couch away from the window, Tabitha playfully says, "Now, we get the juicy details."

Lance shushes them as they hear the front door open. They quietly peek around the corner and see Rogue leading Allan up the stairs by her scarf, which is still looped around his neck. The smile on Rogue's face as they ascend up the stairs and the whispering giggles she share with Allan makes Kitty's jaw drop as she whispers out to others, "Ok…maybe this is a little too intense."

Outside the Xavier Institute walls, a shadowy figure watches from the darkness as the lights in the main house turn off one by one. All accept one, in the far corner where Allan's room is. Then a whispering male's voice mutters from behind, "Just takin' in de scenery, or is dis official, Mystique?"

The shadowy form slightly ripples as small scales seem to unfold all over the shadowy figure's body, slightly changing the form from a slender pitch black physique to a blue skinned red headed woman. She looks back behind her with yellow glowing cat like eyes and sees Gambit crouched on a branch just above and behind her. He quickly puts his hands up saying, "Easy dere, not here to fight. Just doin' like you."

Mystique steps away from the wall looking up at him and replies, "And what do you think I am doing, Cajun?"

Gambit hops down a few feet from her and says, "Keepin' tabs on your little girl's new boyfriend."

"Yes," she adds, "I've noticed Magneto's interest in him too. Embarrassing actually."

Nodding his head and chuckling at the same time, Gambit says, "Dat, Remy will agree. Not our finest moments."

Mystique remarks, "Tell Eric, that he and his Acolytes, do not have the power to fight this, Allan person."

Gambit inquires, "And you do?"

Sneering at him, Mystique says, "I'm no fool, Gambit. I've seen this boy in action. Watched what he can really do, while you have only seen a small fraction of what he really is. No, I do not have the power to fight him either. I'm protecting my daughter, and doing my best to keep others away from him as well. You would be doing yourself a favor by doing the same."

"So," Gambit adds, "he be one tough nut to crack. We all been dere, and lived through it."

"Not like this," Mystique says, "this goes beyond anything we have all fought against before. I have this on good authority. Heed my warning, not that I care."

She steps back away from Gambit, being careful not to turn her back to him. Then her body ripples again as the scales fold all over her body morphing her humanoid form into a large owl. She flaps her wings frantically and flies into the night sky disappearing. Gambit watches her fly into the shadows as he mutters out, "Remy hearin' ya, woman. Too bad nobody else wants ta listen."

Her alarm buzzes through her head as Kitty slowly opens her eyes. She squints over at the clock and presses the snooze button, then sits up stretching. As she yawns, she looks over at Rogue's bed and realizes it's still made. She's unsure if she should smile or be worried, so Kitty quickly hops out of bed and throws on some clothes. She darts out her door and almost runs into Kurt, who is just getting his bearings this morning as well. Kitty thinks quickly and phases through him to avoid a collision. Kurt gasps out, "Whoa! Hey, good morning to you too Kitty."

She replies, "Sorry about that Kurt. I'm a little bit in a hurry."

Kurt asks, "Vhat for, there's no Danger Room sessions today."

Kitty looks around cautiously and pulls Kurt aside as she whispers, "Ok listen, it may not be anything, but Rogue came home late last night with Allan."

"So vhat, they vere probably hanging out." Kurt replies.

"Well that's not the end," Kitty adds, "Rogue never slept in her bed last night, Kurt."

Kurt sighs out, "So vhat, maybe…vait, noway….noway!" as he grows a shocked expression.

Kitty covers his mouth saying, "Quiet! It maybe nothing, but that's what I'm going to find out."

"How do intend to do that?" Kurt asks.

"I guess," Kitty pauses, "I'll just have to, like, ask her."

They both briskly walk to the kitchen, all the time keeping their eyes out for Rogue if she happens to be around. Trotting down the stairs, Kurt asks Kitty, "So, do you really that they…you know."

Kitty just glances back at him with a nervous smile as they approach the kitchen entrance. They stop to the side of the kitchen door and hear two voices quietly chatting and giggling. Both Kurt and Kitty put their ears on the door lightly and listen, hearing Rogue's voice, "Are you goin' to be alright today. Ah didn't mean to keep you up all night."

Allan replies, "I'll be cool, sleep is just a human habit for me, not a need. I'm more worried about you."

Kitty and Kurt both look at each other in shock as they continue to listen. "It's not like Ah have anywhere else to be today, besides, Ah had fun last night, or this mornin'." Rogue replies as she giggles.

Allan says in playful tone, "Well, I do aim to please madam."

Kurt and Kitty hear a light kissing sound as the kitchen falls silent for a few seconds. Rogue remarks, "Ah never met a guy who like to cook so much. This is a big breakfast."

Allan replies, "We did have a long night. Heads up." as clanging noise is heard from the kitchen.

Rogue laughs and says, "That was pretty slick."

Kurt and Kitty both take deep breaths and slowly open the kitchen door. There they see Rogue sitting up on one of the stools wearing a long t-shirt with only her bare legs showing. Allan is by the stove cooking what smells like sausages and eggs sizzling in the pan. He says again, "Heads up girl." as he catapults a sausage over to Rogue.

She hold her plate up as the sausage flips and lands perfectly on her biscuit roll. Rogue giggles again saying, "You're battin' a hundred this mornin', tough guy."

She looks over and sees Kurt and Kitty walking in and smiles at them cheering out, "Mornin' ya'll. Want breakfast?"

Kurt smile back at her and replies, "Sure."

Rogue spins around in her stool and hops off. Kitty notices Rogue is wearing a pair stuffed animal slippers that look like two cross eyed turtles. Rogue walks up to Allan with plate in her hand as Allan smiles at her putting the rest of the cooked morning meat on the plate. Kitty nervously smiles and notices Allan wearing his usual workout out fit. The tight beater tank top tucked into his shiny black and bluish loose slacks with blood red shin padded boots. Kitty asks, "Um…Mr. Paran, is there a Danger Room session today?"

Allan looks back at her with a curious smile and says, "Yup, but not for any of you. Today it's just me and maybe Mr. Logan. Ororo perhaps, only if she's up for it. Oh, and uh…you can just call me Allan. I don't think I've earned the right to be called mister yet."

Kitty smiles and chuckles as he hands her a plate with a tofu sandwich on it. Allan says, "I heard you were a vegetarian, so I tried planning ahead." as he smiles at her.

She takes the plate blushing and replies, "Wow, thanks, I guess."

Kurt sits by Rogue and starts to munch on his sausage egg biscuit. "Ain't it good, Kurt?" she asks.

With his mouth full Kurt just smiles and nods. Kitty giggles at him as she silently eats her breakfast. Allan pulls up a stool across from them and starts eating. Kitty notices Rogue and Allan occasionally glancing at each other with coy smiles on their faces. She clears her throat nervously and giggles to herself as she continues eating. Allan looks at his watch with wide eyes and quickly takes large bites of his morning sandwich. He gets up fast wiping his mouth off with a napkin and says, "I gotta get going. Can you three clean up for me when you're done?"

Rogue smiles and nods at him as Allan walks up to her and kisses the top of her head saying, "I'll see you later." Then he looks at Kurt and Kitty, "You two, help yourselves to as much as you want, I made a lot. Later." as he quickly trots out of the kitchen.

Kurt and Kitty glance at each other nervously, Rogue notices their expressions and says, "What."

Kurt swallows his bite and quickly takes another avoiding the answer. He gesture to Kitty with his eyes for her to speak up. Kitty swallows her bite and sneers at Kurt as Rogue says again, "What is it you two?"

"Well," Kitty replies, "What's with the kissing?"

Rogue rolls her eyes, "He kissed the top of my head, it was cute, so what."

"So, where were you last night? You got home late and you never went to bed." Kitty remarks.

"I stayed up with Allan, hangin' out in his room a bit." Rogue says casually.

Kurt swallows another big bite and manages to ask, "Doing vhat?"

Kitty smiles with big eyes at her as Rogue replies, "What kind of question is that?"

"Nothing," Kurt answers quickly getting up, "I'm going to get cleaned up." as he teleports out of the kitchen.

Rogue looks at Kitty plainly and asks, "What are you two up to?"

Kitty replies, "Well, like, you didn't sleep in your bed last night. So where did you sleep?"

"Ah didn't, Allan and Ah stayed up all night." Rogue answers.

Leaning closer to Rogue, Kitty quietly asks, "So, did you…you know…"

Rogue leans in a bit and also asks, "Did Ah, what, Kitty?"

Kitty raises her eyebrows and grins at her as Rogue sits up and says, "Get your mind out of the gutter, Kitty."

Sitting up with a surprised expression, Kitty asks, "Well, what else would you two be doing all night?"

Rogue sighs out with her eyes closed "We stayed up all night listenin' to music and playing some new online games on his laptop. Most of the time we just talked."

Gesturing to Rogue's morning attire, Kitty inquires, "Ok, what about what you're wearing? Those aren't yours, obviously."

Shrugging her shoulders, "You're right, Ah borrowed this shirt from him, and Ah didn't want to wake you up just to put my jammies on. And Ah like his slippers, they're kind of goofy, like him." as she smiles at her feet.

Kitty mentions, "Rogue, we, I mean I saw you last night when you two arrived. And let me say, wow."

Rogue quickly gets up and peeks out the kitchen door, then quickly turns back to Kitty. Rogue leans in a bit and starts talking in a low tone, "Alright listen, and you better not say anythin' to anybody, got it?"

Kitty nods with wide eyes as Rogue continues, "Yesterday was probably one of the most blissful days of my life. I spent the entire day with Allan. We talked, a lot, later in the day we started kissin', a lot."

Kitty giggles saying, "Oh wow, I bet he's an awesome kisser too."

Rogue smiles and adds, "I can't explain everythin' that happened yesterday. It was almost surreal. But last night is when it really started to get….um…hot."

Nodding her head in excitement Kitty remains silent as Rogue continues, "Ah'm gonna be honest with you Kitty, last night Ah thought we would go for it. A good part of me wanted to, especially when we were in his room. He picked me up with his arms around my waist, my feet were off the floor and I couldn't stop kissin' him for anythin."

Kitty's eyes shines as she asks, "Then what?"

"Ah got nervous," Rogue says in a disappointed tone, "Ah told him to stop."

"But he kept at it?" Kitty inquire.

"No," Rogue adds, "He stopped and let go. Then he apologized. Ah mean, I came on to him, and he apologized to me."

Kitty tilts her head and asks, "So that's it?"

Rogue replies, "Yeah, after that, we decided just to hang out for the rest of the night. Ah mean, we were both worked up. So we did anythin' to just to avoid the urge. And Ah'll tell ya Kitty, he smells so good."

Giggling, Kitty asks, "Like what, what's he smell like?"

Closing her eyes, Rogue replies, "Ginger bread cookies."

She and Kitty laugh as some of the other students walk in. They enter the kitchen in their rowdy manner and get excited at the prospect of great smelling breakfast. Scott says, "Good morning ladies. You girls coming down to the Danger Room?"

Kitty says, "Why, today is like, our day off."

Scott mentions, "No, to watch Allan and Logan's session. I heard it's going to be brutal."

Lance replies, "Now that's gonna rock to watch those two take on the Danger Room."

Rogue and Kitty both look at each other as Kitty says, "Ok why not."

Hank watches from the command center and remarks, "Incredible, look at them. Are you sure you would not join them, Ororo?"

Standing next to Hank and looking into the main chamber, Ororo replies, "As exciting as it seems, Hank, I'm not that crazy."

In the main chamber, Professor Xavier sits in silence with his eyes closed in his wheel chair while Wolverine and Allan defend his position from the Danger Rooms onslaught.

Wolverine tussles with automated drones as he slashes and cuts his way the hoard of machinery. Allan dances around the Professor in aerial show of acrobatics blocking, and parrying all kinds of projectiles targeting Charles. Every chance he gets, Allan would aid Wolverine's assault by redirecting some of the energy blast destroying some of the drones he was tangled up with. Up in the command center, the students walk in and are greeted by Ororo, "Come to watch the spectacle?" as she gestures to the main chamber.

Bobby remarks, "WHOA! Total carnage, man!"

"I heard that, I can't believe their still alive!" Lance adds.

Scott points out, "Yo, check out Allan's uniform."

Kurt replies, "Wow, he really does looks like a super hero now!"

They watch Allan twist and turn his body in a display of agility that rivals Kurt's natural ability.

Rogue smiles and asks, "How does he see in that helmet?"

Jean looks closely as she focuses on Allan's uniform. He wears his usual loose slacks with the blood red boots. But this time his outfit seems complete. Instead of the usual beater tank top on, he wears a full cover top that tightly hugs the contours of his physique. His top shines as much as his pants and the color all seem to match. He wears forearm padded gloves that match the color of his boots. Over his head, a seamless blood red helmet like face mask with eyes cut out of it cover his face. Across his shoulders and down his chest, a red tapering strip points down to his center, and on his chest, a bright shiny four corner star follows the red striping angle. Jean takes a deep breath as she is reminded of her paintings and steps back closing her eyes. Scott sees her and says, "Hey Jean, what's up, you ok?"

She replies, "Hmm? Oh, I'm fine, it's just a little crazy down there."

Scott grins and adds, "Crazy and insane."

Jeans smiles at him and says, "I bet you'd love a chance to be there right now."

Shrugging his shoulder a bit Scott glances at her and chuckles.

Below, Wolverine yells out, "Allan, watch you six!"

Allan turns quickly and sees two large, bulking droids bearing down on him fast. He looks behind him and sees Charles with his eyes shut sitting in the same position he had been in from the beginning. The droids increase their speed as Allan turns and charges towards them. Wolverine yells out," What're ya doin' kid?"

Allan leaps forward then in one complete motion, he spins his body horizontally at the two droid colliding with them in a loud metal grinding crash. The impact sends one of the droids flying back against the Danger Room wall shattering it into pieces. The other grabs hold of Allan in a bear hug and begins to squeeze tightly. Allan manages to get his arms loose, then brings down both of his arms onto the droid head smashing like tin can with both of his fists. The droid goes limp and falls back as Allan lands onto his feet. He turns to check on Charles and sees the Danger Room turrets firing more projectiles at him. Wolverine yells out, "Charles, look out!" as he starts to sprint in his direction.

Allan realizes they won't make to him in time and with both hands, he gestures at the speeding projectiles. His eyes glow an intense red underneath his helmet as an energy wave ripples from his hands deflecting and redirecting the projectiles back at the turrets. The weapons explode all around them as Wolverine covers Charles with his own body.

Then Charles casually opens his eyes and smile at Wolverine saying, "Excellent, well done."

The Danger Room shuts down as Hank runs the scans and performance evaluations. Logan removes his mask and looks at Allan saying, "Kid, I know you're use to running around solo, but 'round here you gotta keep your eyes open. We almost had a mishap."

Allan removes his helmet and pulls down his cowl replying, "You're right, Mr. Logan. I just got carried away back there."

Logan looks at Charles and asks, "So, how'd he do in the mental section?"

Charles smiles and says, "Very well actually. Allan, your concentration as vastly improved in last few weeks. But there are still some emotional barriers you need to overcome. Your battle prowess is unmatched, but you still hold back too much, and I feel it's starting wear on you mentally. But that will be for another time."

Both Logan and Allan nod and start walking out as they notice the cheering up in the command center. They both wave and laugh as they mock their victory. They make their way into the crowded Command Center and the students all cheer out in excitement. Logan mentions, "Hey, remember this isn't a game, alright."

Allan remarks, "Don't be so modest, Mr. Logan. We did look pretty bad ass in there today."

Allan's comment brought more cheers from the male students who he share high fives with. Logan smiles and says, "Hey, I am the best at what I do." and high fives Allan as well.

Allan looks over at Rogue, who sits up on the console smiling at him playfully.

He says, "I'm gonna get cleaned up. I owe Logan a beer. I'll catch all of you later"

As he still glances at Rogue.

She speaks out, "A beer this early in the mornin" Logan?"

"Hey I won the bet, I scored the first hit. Don't worry, girl, I'll bring your boyfriend back in one piece." as he place his hand on Allan's shoulder and guides him out.

The other student giggle and chuckle as she glares at them with her intense eyes. Jean watches Allan leave the Command room, then finally sighs out as he and Logan exit.

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