X-Men Evolution NEXT


Logan and Allan sit at bar just a few minutes north of Bayville. Looking at Allan curiously, Logan asks, "Not gonna drink up kid?"

Allan stares at his mug and remarks, "I can't drink beer this early in the morning, dude. I don't really drink much anymore, I can't feel the effects of alcohol like I use to."

Glancing at Allan, Logan says, "I know the feelin'. I only down' em back outta habit now."

"So you and Ms. Monroe feeling better I take it?" Allan asks.

"Good as can be," Logan replies, "Never got the chance to thank ya by the way."

"It's all good, Mr. Logan," Allan adds, "I'm just sorry I didn't heal you two up correctly. It's not easy dealing with those things."

Logan nods his head while he takes another gulp of his beer as Allan continues, "By the way, why haven't you told the students about that night, they have no clue that was me that had your back."

Swallowing his gulp and slightly grinning at Allan, Logan replies, "Let me ask you this. Have you told anybody about you, yet? It's quite obvious you're more than just a mutant."

Allan slides his mug of beer over to Logan, who gladly take it, and responds, "I'm still working on that. The details about that part of my life are a tad bit complicated."

"And what about Rogue?" Logan inquires.

Glancing back at Logan, Allan replies, "What about her?"

Logan sips his new beer and adds, "Been hearin' you two getting' close. I can also smell her all over ya, kid. Have you told her about what you are?"

Allan taps his fingers on the bar lightly and replies, "Pretty much told her everything, with the exception of those details. Like I said, I'm still working that out. Hell, I wouldn't even believe me."

Logan chuckles into his mug as he continues sipping his beer. Allan looks back at Logan as says, "You still didn't answer my question, Mr. Logan. Why haven't you told anybody besides Hank, Ororo and the Professor about that night?"

Wiping his mouth of the beer foam, Logan stares at Allan saying, "You gotta a good look at that thing. Not something you'd wanna have lingering in your head while you shower, kid. It wasn't one of my better nights, and besides, ya know what that thing was gonna do to me?"

Allan smiles and starts to chuckle and laugh as another deep, rough sounding voice from behind them asks, "No, Logan, how about you tell us."

Both Logan and Allan turn slight looking over their shoulders and see Sabertooth and Pyro. Allan sighs out as he and Logan turn back around to the bar. "I thought I smelled somethin' rotten walk in." Logan says as he gulps back the last drop of beer from his mug.

Sabertooth places his clawed hands on both Allan's and Logan's shoulders and says, "Easy runt, unless you and your new buddy here want us to turn what's left of happy hour into a firetrap."

Allan looks to his left as Pyro shows off his flame throwers hidden under his trench coat, then looks around the bar and sees some of the patrons sitting around killing time or slumped over on their tables sleeping off the hangovers. He shakes his head and asks, "What is it now, man?"

Pyro takes a seat on the stool to Allan's right as Sabertooth sits at Logan's left. Allan looks at the fiery red headed to his right and sarcastically remarks, "Kind a warm for trench coat, don't you think?"

"I'll show ya warm, pretty boy." Pyro replies with a glare.

"Don't know why the boss got us runnin' around cause of you, but it's startin' to get on my nerves." Sabertooth adds, "You maybe tough, kid. But the folks around you ain't. So if you don't want'em gettin' dead, you'll skip town."

Allan turns looking at Logan remarking, "Check this out, this threat is coming from a pussycat and a flamer." as he gesture at Sabertooth and Pyro.

Logan starts laughing as he signals the bartender for another beer. The bartender watches them cautiously as Logan says, "I guess it's never too early in the day for a good old fashion bar brawl, eh kid?" as he glances at Allan.

With a quick jolt of his arm, Logan swings his full beer mug at Sabertooth and shatters it across his face, splattering cold beer and glass all over. Sabertooth grunts out loudly as he flies off his stool onto a table supporting three hung over customers. The weight of his body smashes the table into pieces knocking three patrons off there chairs and waking them up violently. They stumble back into other patrons who each respond violently as fists, chairs and profanities are thrown around. Logan smiles as he watches Sabertooth get pummeled and stepped on by the ensuing brawl. With a big grin on his face, Logan leaps into the fray at Sabertooth colliding with him and slamming him into the floor disappearing into the growing chaos. Pyro is taken completely by surprise watching his large companion take a hit like that. Suddenly Allan grabs him by his trench coat and stares at him with large grin on his face as well. Pyro looks back at him innocently as he watches Allan raise his tightening fist. Hearing the knuckles in Allan's left fist crack, Pyro slightly smiles at him and whimpers out, "Uh…my bad?"

Walking around the grounds of the Xavier estate, Scott and Jean show some of the newer students the sights and scenery. Amara, Tabitha and Kurt watch from a distance as the Institute's two star students give the grand tour. Tabitha remarks, "So, the perky blonde over there is Sam's sister?"

Amara adds, "Is she? You mean, Sam, Cannonball Sam?"

"Ja, Amara," Kurt replies, "That is Sams's little sister, Paige"

"Wow, I guess they kind of look alike. What are her powers?" Amara asks.

Tabitha says, "It's kind of gross. She can like, alter her skin into almost anything. But she has too peel the old skin off first."

"Eeww!" Amara exclaims.

Kurt asks, "Vhat about the other girl vith them, the one vith the purple hair?"

Rolling her eyes, Tabitha replies, "Oh her, I think her name is Elizabeth, Elizabeth Braddock or something like that. I heard she's from England, and that she is some kind of teen model over there."

"How do you know all this, Tabitha?" Kurt inquires.

She grins at him and says, "Rumors are my specialty, blue. I just keep my ears open and close by. Oh, and I'd be careful with those dirty thoughts of yours, the girl is a telepath."

Kurt grabs his head and replies, "Oh great, another one."

Amara smiles and adds, "Wow, she's a model, that's so cool."

Tabitha quickly latches onto Kurt arm and says, "So, blue, tell us what you saw this morning, in full undisclosed detail."

Amara eyes shine at him as he replies, "I really should've have kept my mouth shut."

"Oh come on Kurt." Amara pleas, "You might as well finish what you were saying earlier."

Being a sucker for cute faces, Kurt sighs out and says, "Alright, alright! It maybe nothing, ok? But it looked like Rogue was wearing one of Allan's t-shirts for pjs."

Tabitha's eyes get wide as she smiles, "Are you serious, blue?"

Kurt shushes her and replies, "Ja, but keep it down, geez. Rogue will kill me if she caught me telling you any of this."

Amara says, "Kurt I saw her too, so what, may be she just borrowed it."

Leaning closer to her, Kurt adds, "Ok, but she said she stayed up all night with Allan, hanging out."

Tabitha giggles and replies, "Sure she was, and I was born a nun."

Kurt says, "I'm gonna burn for this, I know it." as Amara and Tabitha continue to giggle behind Kurt's back.

Just as the three start to walk into the house, they suddenly see a sporty mustard yellow convertible pull up the driveway quickly and comes to a quick stop right by them parking. Loud rock music echo from the speakers as an attractive short haired strawberry blonde steps out. Orbs of sparkling light dance and twist around her as she looks around with a dazzling smile on her face. She turns and looks at the three teens and quickly leans into her sporty car turning off the engine, cutting off the loud music. The lights dancing around her dissipate as she walks up to them with a small bag hanging from her right shoulder. She takes off her slick sunglasses and smiles at them saying, "Well hello, my name is Allison, I'm a friend of Allan's. Is he here?"

Amara replies, "Um… no. He is with Mr. Logan."

Allison gives her a cute smile and remarks, "Oh, ok, well I need to talk to the man in charge here." as she drops her bag in front of Kurt and playfully adds, "Do you think you can get that for me cutie?"

Kurt's stutters out as he innocently smiles at her, "Ja…sure…I love helping."

Tabitha and Amara smirk and watch as Allison makes her way up to the front door. Then she turns around and says, "Oh, if you could, get the rest of my bags for me, that would be so great, thanks."

Allison beeps her keychain remote popping open the trunk to her convertible, then walks into the house casually. The three teens peek into the trunk and see it full of matching luggage. Tabitha and Amara stare at each other with plain blank expressions as Kurt says with a dazed smile, "Wow, Allison is such a cute name."

Allan and Logan pull up to the mansion garage in Allan's cobalt blue jeep. Though it was shiny before, it now emits smoke from different parts of it's chassis, it's glass shattered and leather seats torn and burned as well. Allan and Logan stare at each other casual like. Their appearance is rough looking, though with no visible mark or injury, their clothing is torn and tattered and their hair out of place. Dirt and smudge marks smear across their faces as they begin laughing hysterically. They both exit the jeep while laughing. The front wheel suddenly pops and hisses out air making the jeep lean off to it's left a bit. Logan steps around and says, "Oh man, sorry about that, I'll fix that for ya."

Allan replies, "Don't worry about it, I knew it was gonna give sooner or later. I'll just re-arrange the matter around it and repair it later."

"Well," Logan adds, "That was a helluva way to start the day."

Allan looks back at Logan and starts to reply to his statement but notices Charles rolling up in his wheel chair with Allison walking beside him. Cleaning himself off a bit, Allan says, "Allison, how's it going? What're you doing here?"

She replies, "Well it's nice to see some things don't change. " as she looks him over.

Charles holds back a smile as he says, "Your friend Allison has powers that have evolved a bit, and she is here to learn to control them. I must say, this is a very interesting way to introduce you to the new students." as he looks off to his right.

Allan looks and sees Scott, Jean and the two newer students standing there looking at both Logan and Allan's tattered appearance. Scotts mutters out, "And…uh…this is Mr. Paran and Mr. Logan, they are both instructors here. They're good too." he says nervously.

Charles asks, "Was there a problem this morning that I should know about, Logan?"

Logan clears his throat and says, "We kinda had a run in with Sabertooth and Pyro."

Allan glances back at him and adds, "More like mop the floors with them."

He and Logan chuckle a bit as Charles remarks, "Ahem, I trust the encounter resulted in no injuries?"

"Well," Allan says, "Pyro might need some new teeth, here and there. But the most damage was done to my jeep, when he missed with his flame throwers."

Logan and Allan stand there nervously smiling at all of them as Charles shakes his head and smiles saying, "At the very least, I am glad to see you both showed some restraint on your parts. Otherwise I might have learned of this on the morning news."

Charles turns and heads indoors followed by Scott, Jean and the newer students. Allison walks up to Allan smiling and says, "So you wanna tell me all about it?"

"Not really, Allison." Allan replies, "This is Logan by the way."

She looks over at Logan and simply says, "Hi."

Logan grins at her saying, "Back at ya."

Looking back at Allan, Allison says, "I really have to talk to you, later. It's very important."

Allan shrugs his shoulders replying, "Sure, Allison, whatever, it's always important, right? Find me later, I gotta get cleaned up and meet somebody."

She walks up and pinches his cheek saying, "Oh I'll find you. Just watch your rear." as she smiles and walks away.

Logan looks at Allan with a smile asking, "Ex-girlfriend of yours?"

Allan shakes his heads smiling back at Logan and replies, "She wishes."

Sitting in the front common area in the house, Scott , Jean and the new student Elizabeth share a conversation. Just behind them next to the climate controls, Hank tinkers away calibrating the meter while students rush in and out of the front door. Elizabeth asks, "So, is it always this active?"

Jean smiles and replies, "Well, most of the time."

Just then Logan and Allan walk through in their rough appearance. Logan makes b-line straight to the kitchen while Allan trots up the stairs to his room. Scott clears his throat a bit and says, "They…don't usually look like that. Uh…well, what I meant was…"

Elizabeth speaks up, "No need to explain, Scott." As she giggles, "We just caught them at a bad time. I'm sure they are fine instructors."

Jean giggles with her and asks, "So what do you think so far?"

"I am actually quite comfortable," Elizabeth replies, "This house reminds me of my family home." as she looks around.

At the top of the stairs, Ray and Sam lean up on the railing talking. Ray remarks, "Dude, you've been missing out on all the action."

Sam replies, "I heard, bro. But it looks like I got back just in time." as he quietly gestures over down to Elizabeth, who continues her conversation with Scott and Jean.

Ray mentions, "Talk about total babe, she's also a model."

Nodding his head, Sam adds, "This is gonna be an awesome semester."

Allison walks by both of them as she moves up the stairs. She smiles and winks at them as Kurt follows behind her carrying two of her bags. He stops and looks at Sam and Ray asking, "Have you guys met Allison yet?"

Ray replies, "I think we just did. She a student too?"

Kurt says as he struggle with the heavy bags, "Kind of, she's a friend of Allan's."

"The new instructor?" Sam asks, "Everyone tells me he's cool."

Ray adds, "I bet that dude knows a lot of babes like that."

Allison yells out to Kurt, "Yo, blue velvet boy! Hop to it with those bags, cutie! I wanna pull out my bikini and hit the pool!"

Kurt catches his breath and replies, "Sorry, I'm coming." as he teleports.

Ray and Sam grin at each other and both cheer out, "YES!" as they high five one another.

Stepping out of the shower, Allan grabs a large towel and starts to dry himself off. The relieving sensation of steamy shower after a grimy bar brawl relaxes him a bit as he looks in the mirror with a smile. He thinks to himself, 'That was kind of fun.'

His mind drifts as he looks deeper into his reflection. The image of himself fades away to an blurry image of stone bust resembling him. The expression on the bust is stone cold as echoing voices chant out, "WE GIVE OUR SOULS TO YOU!"

Then one singular voice screams out in pain, "NNOOOOOO!" as the stone bust shatters into dust. Looking down at his hands, he sees his palms washing in a pool of blood. Then as though from behind him, the sound of millions of different voices blare loudly as they all says at once, "YOU MUST ACCEPT."

Suddenly, Allan's perception is brought back to the bathroom mirror and his attention caught by the anxious voice of young Jamie who calls out, "Mr. Paran, are you done in there? I really gotta go!"

Allan pauses for a quick second, then replies, "Ok, I'm done, just give me a sec."

He wraps a long towel around his waist and slips on his flip flops. Looking back into the mirror he whispers out, "Don't push me."

Allan opens the door walking out as Jamie rushes by and shuts the door. He slowly makes his way back to his room feeling the cool breeze of the new enhanced air condition on his moistened skin. Allan opens his door and sitting on the end of his queen size bed wearing nothing but a two piece string bikini is Allison. She sits with her legs crossed wearing a pair of thick high white sandals. Her sky blue bikini hugs her slender figure as she leans back on his bed bouncing her smooth tanned leg with a smile on her face. Allan sighs out and says, "You know, this is a school which means there are kids running around."

Allison replies grinning at him, "I don't think the little tattoo on my cheek is going to corrupt these cool kiddies."

"Tattoo on what cheek?" Allan inquires, but then adds, "Wait, never mind, I don't wanna know."

Laughing and sitting up Allison says, "Yeah, I just got it done a couple days after you left New York. That's was what, a year ago?"

Allan grips the towel around his waist tightly as he walks to his dresser pulling out a pair of underwear. Allison watches him with a smile as she says, "Looking cut as ever, Allan."

Still gripping his towel, Allan replies, "So you found my room huh?"

"It wasn't too hard, just have to be nice to people to get what I want." Allison says with a grin.

Allan gives her a sarcastic stare and remarks, "Already starting to get the guys wrapped around your finger, that's so you Allison."

She giggles and replies, "Well, yeah, all but you, of course. You always play hard to get."

"Alli, what are you doing in here dressed like? Or do I even need to ask?" Allan says.

Holding up her hands, Allison replies, "Just wanted to see if you'd like to hang out by the pool and watch me tan." as she continues giggling.

"Sounds like fun, but I have things to tend to today." Allan says as he slowly walks to the door.

Allison walks her fingers up and down her thigh and remarks, "This isn't the first time that we've had this less amount of clothing between us," as she smiles and adds, "I mean the only thing that is really separating us is my bikini and your towel."

Allan quickly mentions in light harsh tone, "And enough emotional baggage for a two month trip to China."

Her expression saddens a bit as she says, "One mistake, Allan. It was just one mistake."

"Sometimes, that 'one' is all that it takes." Allan replies. "Now if you don't mind, I have to get dressed."

Allan opens the door, gesturing Allison to leave. But as he opens the door, he see Rogue walking up to his door way. Rogue's eyes widen as she looks at Allan only covered in a towel. She blushes and mutters out, "Whoa… Allan Ah'm sorry."

Allan says to her, "It's ok, Rogue, I just got out of the shower."

Rogue glances into his room and sees Allison standing up in her skimpy bikini. Turning her glance back at Allan with an expression of disappointment washing over her face, Rogue quickly says, "Ah guess Ah caught you at a bad time," as she starts to back away, "Ah gotta go."

Allan stumbles still gripping his towel, "Rogue wait!"

Rogue quickly walks away down the hall. Allan looks back at Allison and spurts out, "Damn it Allison!" and runs down the hall after Rogue.

He catches up with her just before the stairs saying, "Hey, wait up. Rogue, I know it looked bad, but we were just talking."

Rogue fights back her tears and looks at Allan saying, "Ok, whatever." She replies, "may be this is for the best, Ah mean we were moving too fast, it may be best to slow things down a bit."

Allan lightly holds her dimpled chin up with his hand looking into her eyes and says, "I don't want to slow things down, Rogue."

She stands there in silence as Allan caresses her face. Unbeknownst to them, their drama has caught the attention of some of the other student, who pretend not to listen and look.

Rogue closes her eyes and turn her face away. Alan pleas with her, "Don't turn away, please."

A single tears rolls down her cheek as she says, "Ah wasn't ready for this, Allan. Ah need to get off this ride before Ah crash'n burn."

Rogue backs away and walks down the stairs covering her face as she walks out side leaving Allan holding his damp towel around his waist. He glances around and notices the curious spectators trying not to be obvious. Allan sighs out shaking his head and turns back towards his room. He sees Allison walking up the hall from his room. She gives him a blank stare and says, "May be she's not mature enough to handle this kind of game."

Allan walks by her and says in a low tone, "Allison," as he glances at her, "shut up."

He walks into his room and slams the door shut behind him. Allison quietly says to herself in very sarcastic tone, "Well that was really stupid, Allison. Just like old times."

Allison slides on her sunglasses hiding her sad eyes and starts down the stairs heading to the pool area. Still sitting in the front common area, Scott, Jean and Elizabeth watch as Allison walks by and heads to the back. Elizabeth smiles at both Scott and Jean and says in verylight cheerful tone, "You know, this place gets more exciting every minute. So, what's next?"

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