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X-Men Evolution NEXT

Helping Hand

Looking out his office window, Professor Charles Xavier watches his young students scamper down the steps in front of his mansion. It brings him much joy knowing they can overcome the obstacles they faced before and still find time to have fun. His thoughts are of their safety, and his wish to spare them the struggle they must face. The struggle for mutant acceptance among humans. A dream he and his students share, and are willing to defend. "But at what cost?" He says to himself lightly.

Then voice responding to his question catches his attention, "I'm sorry Professor, did you say something?"

Charles looks over at his office door to see his friend and one of the institutes teachers, Hank McCoy. He has grown accustomed to Hank's condition. Covered head to toe in blue fur much like Kurt but more beastly in appearance. His hulking musculature forces Hank to almost hunch as he walks, much like an ape. Sharp teeth, with incredible strength and agility makes Hank an intimidating figure. The result of his mutation, for which he has adopted the call sign, Beast. Despite Hank's appearance, his disposition is that of a gentleman, and very intelligent gentleman. One of the brightest minds Charles has come across, with a passion for teaching. Looking at Hank with a smile he says, "I was just talking to myself, Hank. My apologies."

Hank walks in holding some paperwork and dressed in some khaki slacks with a white t-shirt that stretches over his large muscles. "Have you been able to talk to the school board yet? The student are quite anxious to go back to school."

Charles settles back in his wheelchair, "Yes actually, I am meeting with them later this week. However, we must make preparations to school them here in case the board denies them access."

Hanks expression becomes sullen, "I sincerely hope that will not be the case."

"I feel the same way, Hank." Charles replies.

Hank notices Charles's concern gaze as he looks out his window.

"Professor, is everything alright? I remember you mentioning to me a few days ago you were having trouble sleeping."

Charles turns towards Hank, "Well I do get rest, and I sleep just fine. It's my dreams of late. It is as though my mind physically travels, I awake mentally exhausted."

"Any speculations what it may be?" Hank asks.

Charles takes a deep breathe, "Perhaps my mind is still recuperating from the ordeal with Apocalypse. The images I see are quite astonishing, yet they bare no resemblance to his influence what so ever. To be very honest, it feels like a sub conscience warning of some sort, as though a part of my mind is preparing me for something. Then again it may just be mental stress, dealing with the school board, repairing the mansion, seeing to the care of the students, and being ever vigilant of Magneto and his minions." He clears his throat and glances at Hank, "Well, what ever it may be, I do not believe it is a danger, especially to the students. Who all seem to be in much higher spirits this morning."

Hank smiles, "Indeed Professor. Of course it may have to do with Logan canceling all Danger Room sessions today. And the prospect of a "shopping spree" as they call it."

They both hear loud tire burning squeals and look out the window at the same time. They see the students piled in Scott's red and white convertible and Jean's new SUV. Both Hank and Charles watch as Scott's car literally burns rubber and speed off leaving a long skid mark down the estate driveway. Hank glances at Charles with a smile and says, "Higher spirits may be too kind of a word for their mood Professor. However, I will make sure they clean that up when they return." As both men chuckle looking out the window.

Music playing loud and wind blowing through their hair, the students of the Xavier Institute drop their fears and concerns and do what care free teenagers do best, have fun. They cruise through the main roads of downtown Bayville making their way to the local mall on the other side of town. They pass local shops, some of which are favorites among the students. Cruising in Scott's car are the guys, Scott, Kurt, Sam, and Bobby. Following close behind in Jeans SUV are Jean, Kitty, Rogue, and Amara. Scott pulls up to a red light as Kurt sits up fast in the front passenger seat.

"Dude, we've got to stop by there on the way home." As he points to a local shop.

Scott looks and says, "The 'Shake Shack' Kurt?"

Kurt sits back, "Ja man! They have this sweat triple chocolate on chocolate triple thick monster shake. Talk about killer sugar rush and brain freeze all at once."

Sitting in the back seat, Bobby adds, "Yup, and the fact all the employees are cute girls. And one of them being, 'ahem' Amanda."

Scott smiles at Kurt, "Your girlfriend works there?"

Kurt grins at Scott then at the trio in the back seat, "Hey, the fuzzy one aims to please," as he point to himself, "and besides, she said she would hook me up with one of there special killer shakes."

Scott laughs and replies, "Ok, ok Kurt. After the mall, just for you."

In the back Sam adds, "And being around cute girls can't hurt."

They pull up to another red light at a busy intersection much to everyone's frustration as mid-day traffic kicks in. As the boys wait for the long light to change, they sudden hear a deep rumbling sound approach. Then Bobby spurts, "WHOA! Bitchin'!"

They look to their left as motorcycle pulls up in the next lane to them. The cycle is unlike anything they've seen before, and just like guys, they stare at it like so. Sleek from front wheel to back wheel which already shows off it's hubless feature giving the wheels a hallow free rolling action. Extremely aerodynamic looking and almost seamless in design, the engine sound is almost turbine like even as the rider reved her up. The boys look as though they've seen the Holy Grail as Kurt stands up saying, "Sweat wheels man!"

The rider looks in their direction replying in a amplified electronic voice which resonates from his completely tinted helmet, "Thanks bro."

The rider's leather outfit matches the colors of the bike, all reds, yellows and cobalt blues. No visible exhaust pipes, the bike appeared to be completely electrical. The boys seemed to drool over the bike as the rider glances at them again nervous like.

The girls in Jean's SUV seem more interested in the rider than the bike. Kitty in the front passenger seat scoots up to look, "That guys' got to be like hot under that outfit."

Rogue smirks, "Get your mind out of the gutter Kitty."

Kitty quickly replies, "I meant because of the hot weather, Rogue. How about getting YOUR mind of the gutter."

Amara remarks, "He's kind of cool looking. He matches his motorcycle. The guys are like all over that."

Jean adds, "Yeah, and they're probably freaking that guy out too."

As she is about to honk her horn and scare the guys a bit, Jean's eye drifts over to the rider, who takes a short glance at both vehicles next to him. Jean starts to feel bit anxious and starts to grip the steering wheel tight. Jean feels herself starting to space out just as Kitty playfully says, "Hello! Jean you there?"

Jeans seems to snap back as she says, "Huh? Yeah, I'm cool. Kind of getting hot in here."

As she flips the air condition to high.

The traffic light turns green and the rider revs his bike and speeds off in front of them effortlessly. The boys in front cheer out loudly high fiving each other. The girls simply shake there heads. Rogue says, "Ah'll say this much, Ah bet that guy on his bike could give Quicksilver a run for his money."

Amara adds, "Now that would be something to cheer about."

"I know, the guys are such retards." Kitty remarks.

Jean takes a deep breathe as she follows Scott's car heading towards the mall.

It's mall like any other, a large glass monument for those who worship the almighty dollar. A three level building with bright logo signs enticing everyone to spend every last cent, and it never fails to do so. Not even a hour passes and the girls already have shopping bags hanging from there arms. While the guys compare the cool factor of the new video games and dvds the purchased. They head over to the food court to grab a bite

chatting up a storm and giggling all the way. Upon reaching the food court they all stop suddenly and spot a familiar and annoying sight. Scott sneers and stand firm as he mumbles out, "The Brotherhood."

Sitting at the out skirts of the food court area, four young teenage boys are lounged out and arguing over a pizza they were supposed to share. They stop their bantering to look and see the Xavier students watching them. The slim, white haired boy stands up quickly and shoots them a mean grin. The other three follow and stand up behind him slowly as he speaks out, "Well, look what we got here, boys."

Scott quickly says, "We're not here for trouble Pietro, so let's just chill today."

A taller boy steps around the white haired Pietro and points at Scott, "If you don't want any trouble, Summers, then don't give us any."

Kitty immediately steps in front of the taller boy, "Lance, we're not here to fight!"

Lance looks down at Kitty and slightly grins replying, "I know, Kitty. Sorry about that."

Pietro slaps Lance's arm, "Why are you apologizing to these losers for?"

Todd, the smaller of the four speaks up, "Pietro, check this out, we're like out numbered, and I'm in no mood to be someone's whipping boy, knowhatahsayin'?"

Pietro sneers at Todd as the larger if not fattest of the four, Fred, steps up and puts his large hand on Pietro's shoulder, "I'm goin' with Todd and Lance on this, Pietro. Besides, I'm still hungry."

Glaring at his three friends, Pietro pushes Fred's hand off his should furiously and says, "Hands off, Freddy! I'm not standing for this embaresment, I'm gone!" As he literally speeds off in a blurring streak kicking up a light gust of wind.

Jean finally speaks up, "Well, we're not going to fight, we're going to eat, right?" As she looks at Scott.

Scott says, "Yeah, I'm cool."

They all gradually pick their favorite eatery and a spot with enough chairs for all of them eat at. As they eat, laugh and chat, Amara suddenly spurts out, "Hey, it's Tabitha!"

Amara points towards a perky young blonde who smiles and waves back as she scampers over to them. "What's shaken guys and girls!" she says cheerfully.

The guys smile at the attractive blonde while the girls share hugs and squeals of glee. Tabitha continues, "Well it's good to see all of you out and getting' in touch with your superficial sides. It looks my guys bailed on me." As she points to where the Brotherhood were sitting and adds, "So any action over here?" as she grins.

Jean giggles and replies, "Tabitha, don't you ever cool down?"

Tabitha reaches over and snags a few of Kurt's french fries. Kurt continues to just smile at her despite his frustration of losing some good fries. She scarfs down the fries and says, " Nope, too early in the days for that." She swallows and reaches over grabbing Bobby's soft drink and quickly takes a huge gulp. Bobby watch helplessly as he watches half his soda disappear. Tabitha adds, "Whoa baby, but think I might have found something to keep me scorchin'." As she points over to another part of the food court. They all turn their heads to look. Kurt speaks up, "Hey I recognize the outfit, it's that cool motorcycle dude."

Tabitha stands up not taking her eyes off the guy, "Motorcycle huh, well kiddies, it looks the action is sitting right over there. Check this out." As she starts walking over there brushing her hair back with both hands.

Sitting quietly with a sketch pad across his lap, the motorcyclist busies himself engrossed in his work. He gradually looks up to see the young blonde leaning on one arm on his table. He pulls his sleek sunglasses down the bridge of his nose smirking at Tabitha, who waist no time as she says, "So get this. My friends just ditched me, and now I don't have a ride home. And seeing this cool looking helmet sitting right here," as she runs her finger over the visor piece of his helmet, "I was thinking, maybe you'll be a gentlemen and give this little lady a ride home?" as she playfully grins at him.

The motorcyclist picks up his drink and takes a sip not taking his eye off her. Putting his cup down and brushing his jet black hair back, he replies, "You're blocking my view." As his gaze looks past Tabitha.

She turns her head to see what he is looking at and finds herself looking back at the Xavier students, who are still all watching her. They all kind of grin as they see both Tabitha and the motorcyclist stare at them. Then Rogue notice his gaze is actually directed at her. She quickly looks away and blushes. Tabitha turns back around to the motorcyclist, who slowly stands up. Tabitha says in a sly tone, "You know, I do like the sound tight leather makes." As she smile at him again.

He chuckles and shakes his head, "I'll tell you what, I'll give you a ride home, if you hand this to that girl sitting on the end over there."

He tears a page out of his sketch pad, folds it and hands it to Tabitha . She smiles and takes the piece of paper with two fingers. He adds, "Meet me out front." As he chuckles again picking up his helmet and heads out of the food court. Tabitha scampers back over to the Xavier students, "Now that was hot, you guys. Can't wait to check out his wheels. Oh yeah, he told me give this to you, Rogue."

Tabitha hands the folded piece of paper to Rogue who unfolds it fast. She gasps and remarks, "Oh mah Gohd!."

The others look on and are stunned as well. Jean says, "That is a really good drawing."

They see a fully detailed pencil drawing of Rogue as she is about to take a bite out of her gyro wrap sandwich. Tabitha playfully says, "An admirer, Rogue, a hot one too. But I get to ride home with him. Later!" as she trots off.

Kurt says, "Wow, didn't know you were model material, sis."

Rogue replies, "I ain't, and this is kind of creepy y'all. Why would he draw me?"

Scott adds, "Well why not?"

Rogue blushes again as Bobby leans over to look. "Wow," he remarks, "You look really hungry in that picture, Rogue."

She glares at Bobby who sits back in his spot quickly at tries to sip his empty soft drink.

The way home always seems longer, especially when making a pit stop for a friend. Just as Scott said earlier to Kurt, they would stop by the Shake Shack to visit his girlfriend Amanda. As they walk in, the sweet scent ice cream and candy fill the air around them. It's a cute little café like hang out. 50's style décor all over complete with a modern day digital juke box. A girl behind the counter greets them. " Hi guys."

They all say hi in there own way, except for Kurt, who reaches over the counter lightly grabbing her hand kissing it lovingly. " Guten tag, Amanda." He says lightly to her.

She giggles and replies, "Kurt, I'm on the clock."

He says in soft voice, "So am I, frauline." as he gazes at her deeply.

Bobby and Sam step up, "Hey Kurt, can we buy a shakes now?" Bobby asks.

Sam adds, "Yeah, I'm starting to lose my appetite watching work your mojo, dude."

There is a small amount of customers in the joint along with the group of Xavier students.

Some of which are seated at the bar like counter and some at tables behind them. A few of them, hearing Kurt's attempt at being suave and hearing his friends' remarks, chuckle to themselves. The young mutants each order their shake gleefully, and one by one receive their cool beverage. A smooth a refreshing desert as they share a comfortable moment from the outside heat. Their fun suddenly comes to a halt as the entrance door opens abruptly nearly breaking the jingling bell off. Three punk looking men stride their way in and stop short looking at the kids. They are each dressed uniquely, one looking like your typical chain and leather jacket tough guy with green tinted hair. Another wearing clothes three sizes larger letting his baggy jeans hang almost halfway down his legs with hair looking like he just woke up five minutes ago. Finally a tall, skinny, pale skinned punker wearing only a pair of tattered jeans and a tank top that's barely hanging on his shoulders. The green haired punk says in a rough voice, "I didn't think they served freaks at this joint." gesturing at the Xavier students.

Scott signals his friends to remain calm, just as Rogue steps up and says, "Who ya callin' freaks, ziphead?" holding up her fist.

The skinny punk spurts out, "Yeah we know freakoids live at that mansion across town. Some kind of school for wierdos." As he and his buddies laugh.

Scott turns to his friends and says, "Come on guys, let's get out of here."

Just then the store manage comes out and says, "You three gentlemen shouldn't be harassing my customers. Now please leave."

The baggy clothed punk remarks, "They ain't customers, they ain't even human!" as he point at them.

Suddenly the green haired standing a few feet from Scott, purposely flails his arm knocking Scotts milkshake all on his shirt. Scott steps back shocked as remnants of his fresh shake drip off his shirt to the floor. He yells, " Hey come on man!"

The punk grins at him and says, "oops, how clumsy of me, or not!" as he and buddies laugh again.

Rogue and Bobby get riled and sneer at the punk. Rogue removes one of her gloves with the intent of using her mutant ability to absorb the punk's energy, which would also render him unconscience. Bobby begins to follow her lead and secretly starts to ice up his body using his ability to generate and control extreme cold. Jean sees them both and telepathically says to them, 'No, we can't, just stay calm.'"

Bobby and Rogue keep silent and listen to Jean's plea as they holster their powers.

Just as Scott is about say something, a milk shake flies over his should from behind and smacks the green hair punk dead in his face, splattering chocolate shake all over him. He backs off gasping as he accidentally swallows some. Then a voice speaks up in a sarcastic tone, "oops, how clumsy of me, I completely missed my mouth."

They all turn and see the motorcyclist sitting at the bar counter glancing at them. He gets up and steps in front of Scott and stares at the shake drenched punk. "Well," he says, "aren't we just the clumsy ones today." as he deviously grins at him.

The baggy clothed punk steps up to the motorcyclist furiously and tries to push him back. Much to everyone's surprise, his attempt to shove him back proves futile as the motorcyclist stands his ground unmoved. It was as though the punk hit a wall causing him to just flop against the motorcyclist face first. The motorcyclist calmly grabs hold of the baggy clothed punk's shirt and slowly starts to bunch the baggy fabric in his right hand. He says, "Geez, you wear a lot of shirt, buddy." as he jerks the punk up holding him high with one arm.

Everyone in the in shop gasps almost at once as the motorcyclist seemingly holds the baggy clothed punk effortlessly off the floor. Giving a bored expression at the punk in his hand then glancing at his friends behind him, the motorcyclist mutters out, "Nobody wanted any trouble. 'Trouble' is not listed anywhere on the damn menu here. And you three seem to only want trouble. And since they don't serve that here, it's time you twerps left."

The motorcyclist looks at one of the other customers and asks, "Sir, would you be so kind and open the door for me."

The quiet customer quickly gets up and pull the front glass door open and politely grins at the motorcyclist, who in turn says, "Thank you very much."

The tall skinny punk and the now shake drench green haired punk slowly start backing out of the shop with fear in their eyes. The motorcyclist smiles at them friendly like and says, "Relax, fellas', I'm sure you'll find the trouble you're seeking. Just not here."

Then with a slight forward jerk of his arm, the motorcyclist tosses the baggy clothed punk towards them through the door. The two other punks get smothered as their baggy friend careens into them like a sack of potatoes knocking all three of them to the hard sidewalk.

The punks scramble to their feet and run off in different directions up and down the street. The Xavier students watch in amazement as some of the customers clap and cheer the motorcyclist. A handful of customers quietly grab their belongings and leave the shop quickly. The motorcyclist walks up to the counter grabbing a wad of napkins and hands it to Scott remarking, "And that is how we handle ignorance where I'm from. You good?"

Scott wipes the shake mess off his shirt and replies, "Yeah, thanks dude."

Jean helps out Scott with his shirt as Kurt and Kitty approach the motorcyclist cautiously.

He stands at about Scott's height, if not a tad bit shorter. His build is somewhat slim and yet through his sporty leather outfit, form of an athletic body can be seen. Kitty asks, "Are you a mutant too?"

Kurt adds, "Ja, you threw that dude like he was rag doll."

The motorcyclist just smiles at them as he zips up the chest area of his leather outfit.

Jeans glances up while helping clean Scott up and notice one of the many patches that that run down the motorcyclist's arm. She reads the text of the top patch to her self, 'Acropolis Speedway.'

Then she notices in the patch a symbol she has seen before, a single star. She stares at it for what seems like forever, then Tabitha's cheerful voice startles her, "Hey, what gives? Why're you guys crowdin' my ride?"

She squeezes her way through as Scott says, "Your friend here just bailed us out of some trouble."

The motorcyclist replies, "Hardly," as he looks up at Tabithaand adds, "let's jet."

Tabitha scampers out waving at the Xavier students. The motorcyclist looks over at the manager as he starts to leave saying, "Sorry about the mess."

The shop manager simply replies, "No problem, anytime." with a wide expression his face.

Scott quickly speaks up, "Hey wait, who are you?"

The motorcyclist glances back and says, "Just a guy bro. Stay cool." As he exits the shop.

They watch through the window as they see him speed off on his sleek motor cycle with Tabitha seated behind him cheering and waving back. Bobby remarks, "Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but that was really cool."

Amara adds, "I agree, he was like, tough."

Rogue looks at Scott with concern, "Now what. You saw what he did."

Scott replies, "I know, he lifted that dude easily, then tossed like a match stick."

Sam asks, "He's got to be a mutant too, right?"

"I don't know," Scott adds, "We better get home a talk to the Professor. Let him know we have a new guy in town."

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