X-Men Evolution NEXT


People scatter for safety as rubble and smoke engulf the immediate area. Police sirens echo almost everywhere and rescue crews usher the people in safe directions as much as they can. A few frightened people take cover under near by tables at outside bistros, others hide behind cars and corners covering their heads. They each flinch at the loud thundering sounds of crushing strikes. The ground shakes and rattles as the sounds of a titanic battle is heard through the chaotic dust and debris. Police officers in full riot gear rush to the trouble area but are soon knocked off their feet by a heavy shockwave on the ground. They quickly scatter to their hands and knees and shuffle themselves to the side away from the action as Juggernaut come sliding out from the dust cloud on his back. His invulnerable body drags on the cement road creating ditch of cracks rubble. He grunts out as he comes to halt sliding up against a police squad van. Police officers leap out of the van and quickly try to surround Juggernaut pointing shotguns and pistols yelling, "Freeze! Stay down, stay down!"

With one of his eyes swollen up and blackened and a line of blood dripping from his nose, Juggernaut sneers at the officers and flails his arm outward knocking all four officers away. The strength of his arms sends the officers flying over damaged cars on the side of the street and crashing into phone booths and other police surrounding the scene. Juggernaut staggers to his feet, then hears a yell coming from the settling dust cloud ahead of him. Leaping out of the thick dust cloud with his legs crouched under him and his arms out stretched like a bird, Allan arches through the air at a height of fifty feet towards Juggernaut's position. Smoke and dust trial off of him like a missile as he kicks out with both legs bearing down on the large armored man. Juggernaut quickly adjust his stance grabbing hold of the police van behind him. His hands grip into the tough metal of the armored van as he grunts out swing the vehicle at the airborne Allan like a baseball bat. The van literally shatters against Allan's tough frame sending metal shards and car parts in every direction. The blow is loud and ear splitting making onlookers dive for cover again. Juggernaut stumbles as the vehicle in his grip disintegrates from his swing swatting Allan from the sky like fly. The blow send Allan careening into a local truck carrying crates of bottled water. Allan's body smashes hard into the truck causing it to slide sideways up the street before tumbling over. The vehicle bends and snaps as it is crushed against Allan's indestructible body. Bottles of fresh spring water burst under the pressure splashing water and plastic bottle caps all over the street. Allan peels off the folded metal from his body and shakes his head from the cold water that has now drenched him completely. In a sarcastic tone, Allan says to himself, "Well, that was refreshing. This is what I get for trying to be fancy in street brawl."

The driver of the bottled water truck climbs out of the front cab unhurt and looks over at Allan with confused if not fearful expression asking, "Buddy, you alright?"

Picking up a squashed half filled bottle of water, Allan takes a quick gulp while lying in the twisted metal. He lets out a light burp looking up at the old drivers replying, "Yup, I was, uh, just a bit thirsty, thanks."

Allan picks himself up and out of the mangled remains of the truck and looks at himself in frustration. His clothes remain intact, but severely tattered and torn. A pair of his favorite blue jeans, and one of his favorite simple statement t-shirts that had 'my t-shirt' printed across the chest, now scorched by fires, drenched in fresh spring water and torn by what ever he was thrown through recently. Allan rubs the side of his face acknowledging the bruise he sustained from one of Juggernaut's wild swinging punches. He then quickly pats himself around his pants, and quickly pulls out his wallet sighing out, "Thank God. I thought I lost it." as he grins holding up his old leather wallet.

The truck driver suddenly yells out, "LOOK OUT!" as he dives off the end of the metal heap that was once his truck.

Allan quickly looks up and notices another car flying towards him at high speeds. With a disappointed glare on his face, Allan mutters out at the last second, "How original." As the car slams into him crushing him into the remains of the mangled water bottle truck.

Metal scrapes the pavement as the pile of now vehicle junk slides backwards with Allan mumbling rants sandwiched in the mess. He kicks the remains of the car away from him in loud metal ripping sound and peels himself off the mangled water bottle truck again. Allan looks around himself quickly, then looks up at Juggernaut yelling, "You freakin' jerk! You made me lose my wallet!"

Juggernaut staggers a bit rubbing his head, failing to notice Allan charging at him down the rubble ridden street. Allan rants out in anger, "You pick fight with me, total my jeep, ruin my clothes, and make me lose my cash! I'm taking you down you overgrown Cabbage Patch Kid looking reject!"

Barely regaining his bearings, Juggernaut steps forward and swings a right hook at Allan. Stopping his charge short, Allan ducks sliding under the punch and delivers a solid left thrusting punch of his own to Juggernaut's lower mid torso. The strike causes Juggernaut to heave forward as Allan follows up with upward right elbow to his broad chin straightening the large man's posture. Continuing the motion, Allan leaps up, then brings a left downward elbow striking Juggernaut solid on his clavicle. Allan's strikes hit with a loud thundering clap, shaking the air and ground. Juggernaut collapses to his knees, dazed by the beating as Allan walks around behind him. Locking his arms around Juggernaut's neck and head, Allan grips him in a sleeper hold as he grunts out, "Nap time, big boy."

His eyes rolling back a bit, Juggernaut loses consciousness. Allan releases him letting him fall face forward to the heavily cracked cement with loud and heavy thud. Taking a deep breath, then sighing out, Allan looks over at the police officers, who watch with shock and awe, and tells them as he innocently grins, "Well, he's a lot tougher than he looks. Sorry for the inconvenience."

One young officer speaks up nervously, "Um…no problem? And…uh…you're under arrest? I guess."

Allan chuckles, "Yeah, right." as he shakes his head.

A couple of rescue workers and firemen approach Allan quickly trying to get his attention. One fireman remarks, "Hey you, super guy or somethin', we got two buildings on fire and one about to collapse with people still in them. The street is block with junk and we can't get our trucks through. Ya mind givin' us a hand?"

Allan quickly brushes his jet black hair back replying, "You got it, but what about him?" as he gestures to the unconscious Juggernaut.

An older police officer speaks up saying, "A special containment crew is coming in from the military, he's handled. Just go!"

Allan gives him a salute and runs up the street with the firemen. Looking around, he sees two buildings about to be engulfed in flames and another with major gap ripped out of it's side from where Juggernaut had thrown him through. One fireman asks him, "So, what's the plan, super guy?"

Scratching his head, Allan replies, "I'm thinking, and don't call me that."

Allan looks over at police barricade where a crowd has begun to gather to watch the drama unfold. He spots the Brotherhood trying to push their way through. Allan rushes over to them telling the police officers, "Hey let them through, they're with me."

Lance speaks up, "We came to help. Where's Juggernaut?"

Allan points to the large unconscious man and replies, "Dudes' taking nap. Look I need your help, follow me."

Todd remarks, "Whoa! I told ya guys, he hogged all the action."

They quickly follow Allan to the trouble area as he starts ordering, "Alright, we have to split up but work together. Fred, those fire trucks can't get through. You need to clear the street of debris so they can get through. What ever they can't drive over, you have to carry them over. Wanda I need you to hold back those fires."

Wanda asks, "How? I can't control fire."

Allan tells her, "No, you can't, but you can alter the random air circulation and cut off the oxygen enough so they don't burn as hot. While she's doing that, Todd I want you to help the firefighters get those people out. Be very careful in there and use that nasty spit of yours to prevent them getting burned if you have to. Lance, you're with me. Time to do the hero thing guys, let's rock!" as they all split up to their designated spots.

Rogue dives to the ground tucking and rolling as she dodges Sauron's dive bombing attack. He swoops back into the air pushing up large gusts of wind all around her. Rogue gets to her feet and runs over to Iceman who lays unconscious. She removes both her gloves and touches his cheek lightly absorbing his powers. Standing back up she awaits Sauron's next diving attack. The air whistles as he bears down on her again in a diving maneuver. Rogue shuffles back glaring at him as she uses Iceman's power catching Sauron off guard forming an icy slide right before him. Sauron is surprised by her defense as the slide catches him in the air. Rogue re-directs him to the ground away from the others. Sauron slides off the long ice sheet and hits the ground in a cloud of dust. Rogue takes advantage of the moment and fires a large and sharp ice spike towards him. Rolling to his clawed feet quickly, Sauron reaches up and effortlessly catches the ice spike with both hands and remarks, "Vvvvery clever my dearrr. You mmmmake thisss battle wwworth while."

He turns the spike around and throws it back at her at twice the speed. Rogue braces herself unable to dodge such a fast counter attack and uses the powers of one of the mutant gathers she absorbed earlier turning her fair skin into solid rock. The large ice spike smashes against her tough rock hard body scattering ice chunks all around her. The force of the blow knocks the wind out of her as she falls backwards to the ground. Rogue loses concentration and reverts back to her normal flesh as Sauron is quick in his reactions and stands over her with his wings out stretched. "You mmmmmay be protected against my liffffe draining powerrrr, " he states, "but it willll nnnot prevent mmmme from devouring the fffflesh off yourrrr bones."

He reaches for her as Rogue tries backing away. Suddenly, Sauron arches back with his wings flailing out to his side. He yells out in pain as three distinct sharp claws pierce through his chest. Rogue looks up and sees Wolverine on Sauron's back with his claws digging deep into and through his skin. Wolvering shoves his right claw in an upper cutting manner through Suaron's back pulling him away from Rogue grunting out, "Don't count me out yet, bub! I ain't through with you!"

Rogue scatters to her feet backing up as Wolverine continues his assault. Glowing yellow blood squirts and drips from Sauron's wounds and sizzle as it hits the dirt below. Sauron flaps his winged arms back hitting Wolverine several times forcing him away and to the ground. Wolverine collapses to the dirt and quickly struggles to his feet. His remarkable healing ability has kept him from feeling the full brunt of Sauron's power drain, but it still affects him none the less. Sauron spins around swatting Wolverine with his large scaly wing send him nearly thirty feet backwards crashing back to the ground. With his attention now on Wolverine, Rogue uses the opportunity to run over to Cyclops. She kneels down touching his lips with her fingers saying, "Sorry 'bout this Scott, but Ah need some fire power right now."

Sauron stands over Wolverine an a boasting stance stating, "You hhhhave made thiissss feast worth my wwwhile. Nnnnow ffeeeel the pain you sought." as he reaches down to finish Wolverine off.

Rogue sudden yells out, "Hey birdman! Didja forget about me!"

Sauron quickly spins around as Rogue focuses a full blast of Cyclops power from her eyes at him. With the same surgical precision as Cyclops, Rogue aims the beam directly at the open wounds Wolverine inflicted on Suaron's chest. Rogue's optic blast attack hits Sauron dead on his wound piercing his body as it rips through his chest and out his back leaving a gory gapping hole through his body. Sauron yells out in pain trying to cover the grotesque wound. He flaps his wings heavily and in a hard gust of wind vaults himself into the sky rapidly leaving Rogue's field of vision in a matter of seconds. Falling to her knees breathing hard, Rogue wipes the sweat off her forehead. Wolverine slowly sits up look worse for wear and glances over at her. She looks up at him as he grins holding a thumbs up saying, "Nice goin' kid."

Rogue takes a deep breath and stands back up looking around watching the others starting to come to. She finds her gloves and puts them on before moving over to Wolverine. She kneels down and helps him sit up remarking, "Ah hit that thing with everythin' Ah had, and he still got away."

"Don't be hard on yourself, Rogue," Wolverine adds, "we can hurt it, but we don't have the power to kill it. Allan does."

Charles's voice echoes in their minds, 'Logan, anybody, is everything alright. I lost contact for while.'

Wolverine focuses his thoughts and replies, 'We're good for now. Sauron got away, turns out he's more than just a mutant. We almost bought it for sure if it weren't for Rogue. She chased him off. But we're in no condition to go after him.'

Charles continues, 'I will send Hank to assist you. Pietro has informed me that Mystique launched an assault on Allan as well using my brother Cain as muscle. But it seems Allan and the Brotherhood has the situation under control for the most part. As soon as he is done with the rescue efforts in town, I will send him to your position. How bad is everyone Logan?'

Adjusting his posture on the ground, Logan replies, 'Well, I'll get better. And with the exception of Rogue, I don't see anybody else walking out of here. Its' quite a few of us, Charles, our infirmary is gonna be full, and then some.'

Charles adds, 'Preparations are being made, Logan. Now relax, Hank is on his way.'

Rogue carefully drags an unconscious Shadowcat next to Wolverine, then sits back catching her breath looking at him with concern. Wolverine sits up and pats her shoulder saying, "Don't worry about Mystique yet, kid. There're people here that need your attention first. Besides, we both know Allan can take care of himself."

She lightly smiles at him, then slowly stands back up walking over to Iceman's unconscious body and begins to carefully drag him next to Shadowcat.

Fred hoists the last fire truck over his head and carries it across and over the severely cracked pavement, then carefully places it down allowing the fire fighters to gain access to the dangers ahead. Wanda continues her hexing powers redirecting the flow of air, keeping the fires from turning into a raging inferno. She backs away as the fire trucks arrive to take over. Todd leaps out of a third story window with agile ease cradling a four year girl in his arms. Using his oddly elongated tongue, he latches onto a nearby lamp post and swings them both to safety. Todd puts the little girl down as rescuers pick her up and move her to a safe distance. Catching his breath, Todd remarks, "Yuck, I hate the taste of charred metal." as he wipes his tongue on his dirty shirt.

Allan braces the crumbling building up gripping onto one of the main beams that were exposed from gapping hole created during his battle with Juggernaut. He adjusts his position and pushes up slightly against the structure, maintaining its balance. Dust and cracked bricks fall and crumble all around him as the building shudders and shakes in his grip. Electrical sparks dance brightly before him hitting his dense body and further scoring his tattered attire. Allan yells out, "Lance, You gotta hurry bud! She's coming apart around me!"

Lance runs out the front entrance of the building carrying an injured elderly man. He quickly hands him over to a few rescuers nearby and turns back to the crumbling building. Holding the ten story building up, Allan yells out to Lance. "It's gonna tip into the other structures! You need to focus and localize you shockwave and shatter the foundation, make it collapse on itself!"

Lance holds out his two fist down towards the crumbling building's base and grits his teeth. His eyes slightly roll back as the ground begins to shake and rubble. A loud cracking sound followed by a jolt on the ground are felt as Allan pushes off the building quickly. The structure caves in violently in itself as though being swallowed up by the earth. A cloud of dust and debris cover the immediate area as Allan and the Brotherhood use the confusion that follows to escape into an empty alley way. Allan looks at all them thoroughly remarking, "Nice work people. Head back to your house, Pietro is gonna meet you all there in the X-Van. Get your stuff, head to the institute and stay put."

Wanda looks with concern asking, "Why, what're you going to do?"

Allan replies, "The Professor telepathically told me the X-Men are in some trouble. I gotta go assist Mr. McCoy. Now head back and don't stop for anything. You've all done enough today, I'm proud of all of you."

Stepping away from them, Allan smiles, then suddenly leaps into the air. In a blurring streak of speed and dusty wind, Allan darts through the sky out of their sight as he flies in a high aching manner over the neighboring buildings. The Brotherhood smile with wide eyes as Todd says, "Whoa, you think he can teach us how to do that?"

Rogue covers her face as Hank brings the X-Chopper down to a soft landing. The unique looking vehicle powers down it's engines and lets the main ramp down. Hank quickly lumbers out of the craft over to Rogue carrying a large medical kit over his muscular back. Without a word they rush over to others across the field. Immediately, Hank starts looking over every one of the unconscious victims in an orderly manner. Wolverine sits up and asks, "So, how we're lookin' Hank?"

"Nothing really major, some dehydration and muscle fatigue. Just the like what happened to you and storm that other night." Hank remarks.

Rogue says, "Ah think the worse off ones are the ones who were so called healed by Sauron. Like Evan. They haven't stirred a bit since that passed out."

Hank quickly checks Evan thoroughly, feeling his pulse and checking his pupil dilation. "Indeed," Hank says, "they may be all beyond my expertise. Their bodies are in extreme shock. All of Evan's life signs are very faint, and may be fading."

"Is there anything we can do for them?" Rogue asks in earnest.

Hank glances at her saying, "Medically, no."

A distant deep thundering boom echoes across the sky as Hank looks up with a smile adding, "But that is what miracles are for."

Rogue turns and glances up to see Allan rapidly descending from the night sky. The air whistles around him as lands on the flattened field continuing his forward motion running to them. Rogue stands up quickly and leaps in to his arms. Allan embraces her passionately as Rogue hugs him tightly around his around his head burying her face in his neck. Putting Rogue back down onto her feet, Allan caresses her face wiping off a smudge of dirt asking, "Are you alright, are you hurt?"

She wipes the tears from her eyes as she replies, "Ah'm fine, it's the others."

Rogue looks Allan up and down remarking, "Oh mah gohd! What happened to you?" as she looks at Allan's tattered clothes and bruised cheek.

Allan smiles at her while kneeling down to Evan's side saying, "Yeah, I know, but you should see the other guy." as he chuckles.

Hank smiles at Allan saying, "They are going need your special touch, Allan."

Nodding his head, Allan replies, "I'll do what I can. But all those who allowed Sauron to drain them freely, even though they didn't know any better, they are going to have to live with some scars. There are some rules even I can't break." as he looks up at Rogue.

Allan sits up in kneeling posture closing his eyes. He holds out his hands with the alms down and his arms out stretched towards the unconscious people. Hank and Rogue look around as area surround them seems to become weightless. Small particles of dirty and rock float about them as Allan's body angelically glows. Allan opens his eyes revealing his bright glowing red glare as he looks up at the sky. A bright gold and white glowing star shines like a sun from his chest as he takes a deep breath. A wave of translucent energy ripples outward from his entire being and washes over the entire farm land. The dead field slowly returns to its' former picturesque green pasture. One by one, the gathered mass of mutants slowly sit up, with confusion on their faces. The Evan and the other worse off mutants remain unconscious, but Hank finds their medical status quite stable for now. Allan breathes out as the light and energy wave fades away into the night sky. A light breeze blows through them as life seems to breathe itself once more in the area. Rogue kneels down to Allan as Hank watches and smiles. She looks into Allan's tired eyes and lightly says, "Let's go home."

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