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"You saw it here first on Channel 7 Action News as our cameras brought you live video feed of this early evenings dramatic events. For those just tuning in, at approximately 6:35 pm, a titanic battle broke out between two powerful mutants at this very popular dinning spot behind me in downtown Bayville. One of the mutants has been identified as the criminal known to authorities as the Juggernaut, whom we have been informed had escaped from a maximum security prison some 72 hours prior to this night's battle. Authorities are being tight lipped about the identity of the other mutant, who witnesses describe as a young man, possibly in his early twenties or younger. As you can see behind me, the massive destruction and disarray. Every shop and eatery has suffered in some way, irreparable damage and may have to close indefinitely. But despite all this damage that can be seen, there were only a few minor injuries, and no fatalities. Witnesses say that the young man bravely took on the 'unstoppable' Juggernaut and single handedly brought the large man to his knees in defeat. Then, with the aid of other local mutants, he assisted fire fighters and rescue workers as they saved trapped victims after the battle settled down. The identity of the other mutants are also being withheld by authorities. The young man and the other mutants who aided in the rescue efforts disappeared during the confusion of the aftermath and have yet to be found. The Juggernaut was arrested and handed over to special military units where he was flown out to an undisclosed located maximum security holding facility, according to local law enforcement officials. There are a lot mixed feelings about tonight's events, some negative, but mostly positive. Especially to those whose lives were saved today, many of which, as this reporter has learned, would like to thank that young man and the local mutants in person. Channel 7 will continue to bring you more news on this as more information presents itself. This is…"

Charles presses the off button on the remote and turns to Logan. Lying back in his bed, Logan raises his eyebrows remarking, "Can't complain when the mutant community gets good publicity."

Nodding his head, Charles says, "Yes indeed. Despite the situation, the outcome was more positive than I had expected."

Logan looks at him inquiring, "What's the situation, Charles?"

Taking a deep breath, Charles replies, "Captain Stone at the penitentiary has informed me that the helicopter transporting Cain never made it to the holding facility."

Closing his eyes, Logan says, "So he may still be out there. You think Mystique has anything to do with it?"

"More in likely," Charles replies, "and if it is, she has found a way to mask her mental signature from me. As well as the other two mutants the Brotherhood has described. It is quite odd how Magneto and now Mystique, have this vendetta against Allan. They both seem to know how powerful he is, and yet they risk so much on futile attempts trying to kill him."

"And what about Sauron?" Logan asks, "When're we goin' after him?"

"You, and the X-men are not going after him. Allan will." Charles remarks.

Logan sits up and mentions, "With Magneto and Mystique out there still gunnin' for him? We can't let him go alone."

Charles places his hand on Logan's shoulder saying, "Rest, old friend. I do not like the idea any more than you do. But considering the alternative, Allan doesn't have many choices."

Lightly nodding his head, Logan replies, "You're right. So, how're others doin'?"

"Hank is keeping an eye on them." Charles adds, "Most of the gathered mutants only suffered minor reactions to Sauron's influence and were able to leave with just slight nausea after Allan healed them. You, the X-men and the 'healed' mutants, namely the Morlocks, took the brunt of Sauron's power. Needless to say, Ororo is not happy about being in the same predicament you both were in that other night."

Logan lies back with a slight grin saying, "I ain't gonna complain, we might get another free dinner out it." as he chuckles.

-Hank quietly walks through the infirmary checking on the sleeping patients. The room is filled on both ends. The sound of beeping electronics gives him a sense of relief, knowing that their vital stats haven't changed for the worse. He approaches Evan's bed side checking his condition. The he hears a slightly stumbling sound and quickly turns around. Hobbling through the infirmary doorway, Ororo struggles to up right herself with her cane at the same time bracing her arms up on the door ledge. Hank quickly rushes to her side and hold her up whispering, "You should not have gotten up Ororo. You could make your condition worse. Now I'll carry you back to your bed."

Ororo pushes off of him and slides down to the cold floor. She catches her breath and says, "No, I'll remain here, near Evan."

Hank tries to protest, but the look in her eyes keeps him quiet as he nods and pulls up a spare wheel chair for her. He places her in the chair and wheels her up to Evan's bed side. Ororo takes hold of Evan's hand and starts to tear up. She mutters out, "You should have seen the hope in his eyes, Hank. It was almost heart breaking, especially when Sauron proved to be a fraud."

Sighing out, Hank replies, "Things could have turned out worse, Ororo. All of you could have ended up like Suaron's unfortunate family sitting in that farm house. Who knows how long they sat there in that condition."

"What is Sauron, Hank?" Ororo asks, "How can there be such a creature no heart?"

"I do not think it is for us to understand such creatures, Ororo." Hank replies, "We can only react to them, and do our best to survive."

Clutching to Evan's hand, Ororo closes her eyes dripping tears from her eyes. Hank comforts her saying, "He'll pull through, you'll see."

Hank walks to the other patients leaving Ororo with Evan in silence.

-Upstairs in the main house, Rogue makes her way around to the other X-men's rooms checking on their conditions. The Brotherhood assists her whenever possible, but find themselves pre-occupied with the news coverage of their daring rescues. She smirks at their minor arrogance and continues on with her rounds, quietly peeking in on her sleeping friends. Each one of them in a deep sleep with an IV line running into their arms keeping them hydrated. Wanda approaches Rogue and inquires, "So, is your team really laid out, Rogue?"

Looking back at her with concern, Rogue replies, "Looks that way, Wanda. Ah don't know for how long though."

"So, how come you weren't affected by that Sauron guy?" Wanda adds with smile, "I mean, the way we heard it, you were like the last 'man' standing."

Rogue shrugs her should a bit replying, "Well, that ain't far from the truth. But Ah can't take full credit for runnin' him off. Wolverine kept fightin' and Allan's powers were protectin' me the whole time."

Wanda smiles at her as she follows Rogue up the plush hallway and remarks, "Must be nice having him around, huh."

Rogue shares her smile and replies, "It's been, different. But Ah can dig different."

Peeking her head into Kurt's room, Rogue makes sure she can hear his light snoring before she closes the door and moves on. Wanda continues, "If you need any help, Rogue, we're here if you need us." as she looks back hearing the other members of the Brotherhood cheer again about their brief news reel appearance and adds, "Well, I'll be at least."

Rogue giggles as Wanda returns to the living area with the other Brotherhood. Slowly walking though his door, Rogue asks out, "Allan? Are you dressed?"

Allan replies, "Yeah, come in Rogue."

She walks in with a smile on her face, then stops in her place. Her smile turns to a gaze of concern as she sees Allan dressed completely in his shiny uniform. He slides the tight hugging cowl over his head only exposing his face and the top crown of his hair, then turns to look at Rogue. She closes her eyes taking a deep breath, then sighs out remarking, "Please tell me, you are just goin' down stairs to work out, and you are not headin' for a fight."

Allan's tone is straight and to the point, "I have to hunt down Sauron."

Rogue tightens her fists and steps up to Allan stating, "So you're just gonna kill em'?"

"Only if I really have to, Rogue." Allan replies as he picks up his shiny blood red helmet.

He continues, "Things will get worse out there if I don't. And that's just the beginning."

"What exactly is he, Allan?" Rogue demands.

Allan sighs out, "In the common tongue, Sauron would be called a Displacer Beast. They are a cosmic parasitic energy life form that thrives off of weaker and willing physical beings as hosts. The beast grants them cosmic power, and false sense of purpose which usually leads to insanity. They have this need to feel alive physically, even if it means their own death. You see, taking a body is not enough for them. They begin to yearn for more, so drain others around them to continue to feel alive. The body they infest will eventually burn out and explode releasing that cosmic energy in wave of destruction."

Rogue remarks, "So, just let'em blow up."

"It's not that simple," Allan adds, "I'm not talking about a simple car explosion or a couple of nukes going off in the desert. The cosmic energy released in the explosion will rupture the other cosmic force that surrounds this world causing a chain reaction that will tear this planet apart in matter of seconds turning the Earth into a giant ring of rock and dust orbiting the sun."

Staring at Allan with a blank look, Rogue simply replies, "Oh…"

Allan tells her, "There are other forces way out there that do pretty much the same thing. This to me is the nastiest. They are sentient, suicidal, and they stink."

Rogue lightly chuckles at Allan's last comment. She tries to hide her smile, but is unable keep her tight lip grin from showing. Allan notices and cracks a smile as well. He adds, "Well I'm sure you caught a whiff of Sauron's odor. Kind of smells like a public restroom that hasn't been mopped or flushed in ten years."

Rogue laugh out, "Dang that's gross." as she adds, "Alright, Ah'm comin' with you then."

Allan steps back saying, "What? No way, nien, nada, uh uh! Are you nuts!"

She replies, "You gave me somethin' that makes me immune to Sauron's draining power. He can't hurt me, so why not?"

"Babe, look, what I gave you is my way of protecting you from certain dangers, without breaking too many rules to do so." Allan replies as he caresses her shoulders and continues, "It's complicated, and it works. But it won't keep Sauron from physically tearing your limbs off."

Rogue stands up on her tippy toes and embraces Allan around his neck as she grins lightly remarking, "And that's why you're gonna be there too, tough guy." as she kisses him lovingly.

Their faces close, Allan smiles and looks into Rogue's green eyes stating, "You're not going to let me say no to you ever, are you?"

She shares his smile and lets her lips dance off of his lightly as she replies, "Nope."

-Allison smirks at her bedroom mirror as she holds up her new training uniform over her body. A standard look for new students at the Xavier Institute, darks blue top and tight pants with sharp yellow gloves, boots, belt, and shoulder paddings. An 'X' logo marks both shoulder pads and belt buckle to add a form of team unity. Allison tries not to laugh out loudly as she stares at her reflection. Elizabeth peeks into her room and giggles out, "So you received your uniform too I see."

Allison looks at her still holding the uniform against her body saying, "And we have to wear these whenever we work out?"

Giggling some more, Elizabeth replies, "I suppose so. Not much for fashion statements are they?"

Smirking at her reflection again, Allison remarks, "Well, it has potential. It can't look any worse."

She then looks at Elizabeth with a coy smile and says, "Betsy, bring your uniform in here. You and I are gonna set a new standard for this school." as they both grin at each other like devious villains.

-Sam and Ray walk by and glances at Allison's doorway. Ray whispers to Sam, "Man that girl is so hot."

Sam raises his eyebrows and nods as they make their way down stairs to the kitchen. Upon reaching the kitchen, they both raid the fridge for various snacks. Ray snags a couple of cold pudding cups while Sam grabs a few sticks of celery and a jar of peanut butter. They each perch themselves on a couple of bar stools and begin snacking. Ray remarks as he gulps back a spoon full of chocolate pudding, "So, if the X-men are temporarily side lined, does that mean we take over as the X-men?"

"You got me, man." Sam replies, "But someone's gotta be ready if trouble happens."

"That would so rock if we were." Ray adds, "I mean, we've got the fire power , and the skills. And, with Allan on our team, we'd be unstoppable."

Sam chuckles as he scoops peanut butter out of the jar with a celery stick. He takes a quick bite of his snack and talks with his mouth full saying, "Yo, Allan is a one dude space armada. He doesn't need a team. You heard earlier, he took out the Juggernaut by himself."

Ray remarks, "But they're still gonna need X-men, buddy. I say it's time we strut our stuff."

Sam smiles and nods his head, then glances out the kitchen window munching on his peanut butter covered celery stick. His eye widen as he mutters to Ray, "Whoa, check it out, man."

Ray looks out the window as well and sees Allan and Rogue walking out to an open grass area in the back yard. Ray mentions, "Aw man, Allan is in full gear, bro!"

Sam adds, "So is Rogue. It looks like they're goin' on a mission or somethin'."

Shaking his head slowly, Ray says, "I'm tellin' you, when you're an X-man, you get all the action. I bet those two are off to save the world or something."

Sam laughs replying, "Doubt it, man. It's probably some kinky date they're going on."

Ray shares Sam's laughter as they both watch from the window. Allan scoops Rogue up in his arms holding her like damsel in distress. She wraps her arms around his neck nodding at him. Then with a quick leap into the air, Allan carries Rogue off into the dark night sky, flying over the tree lined horizon.

-Gambit manages to evade detection as he effortlessly leaps onto roof of a covered walk way. Below him, two armed soldiers walk by patrolling the grounds. Glancing around from his vantage point, Gambit spots other soldiers walking their patrol route. They patrol in groups of two as they pace about the secluded military base. Sentry towers holding two guards maneuver a spot light around, shining into the night darkness. Parked all around and in the base, armored tanks and urban assault vehicles lay silent next to each other. Gambit moves with out making a sound as he leaps across to another roof top. He crouches down avoiding the sentry tower's spot light. Gambit muffles a light grunt as he cradles bandaged wound he suffer at the hands of Wolverine. Remaining low, he looks around quickly before dropping for the roof top down to the smooth paved lot. Gambit looks up at the large door before him and reads the large lettering, 'Storage Hanger T'. He finds the main access door and like professional thief, pick the pock with out tripping any alarms. Gambit gently closes the door behind him and begins search the inside of the large hanger. Large metal boxes and crates line the walls up to the ceiling. Each one label 'Top Secret' with multiple reinforced locks keeping them secured. Gambit leaps up on on the much larger crates and reads the identification label. He lightly nods his head and pulls out a compact communicator. Tapping the send and receive button he quietly mutter out, "Magneto, think Remy found what you was lookin' for."

Magneto's voice digitally responds, "Excellent, Gambit. Mark the package, and prepare to move out on my signal."

Gambit asks, "What signal?"

He shrugs his shoulders and places a quietly blinking tracking device on the crate next to the identification label that reads, 'Tri-Sentinel 1.0.1 Prototype'.

Gambit quickly stands up as the sounds of air raid sirens begin to blare outside. Raised voices scream out orders as gun shots and explosions are heard. Then the sound of metal ripping with magnetic vibrations echo around him as Gambit looks up smiling and saying to himself, "Oh, dat signal."

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