X-Men Evolution NEXT


Coroners and forensics experts scour the scene at the Fieldview Inn east wing motel parking lot. The early morning list is illuminated by flashing red and yellow lights as authorities try to piece this mystery together. Fifteen dead mutants from different parts of the state, cause of death unknown. Several damaged vehicles are strewn all over the parking lot, cause of damage unknown. And a strange humanoid shaped pile of ashes lying in the center of the severely cracked driveway. Plenty of head scratches and unreliable eyewitness accounts confuse investigators, even as they question the late night check in clerk, who claims he had been in the bathroom during the time of the incident. Truth being told, the clerk had decided to keep his mouth shut about the strangely dressed young couple showing up very late and asking about a local tenant, due to the fact he was partially drunk at the time after drinking twelve pack of cheap beer. So rather risk his only job, he claims ignorance, and plays innocently dumb to investigator's questions. A few hours had past since the angelic flash of light and violent shaking woke up and few nearby tenants at the local motel, some of which are complaining to police about losing sleep and the damages to their cars.

Rogue peeks through the thick curtains out the front window, barely able to see anything of the action over by the east wing. She looks back into the motel room over at Allan, who lies sprawled out on the bed appearing sick as he groans lightly. He struggles to sit up with his eyes squinting and asks, "Where are we?"

Rogue smiles at him as she walks over to the bathroom sink and brings him a paper cup of water. Allan lightly take the cup and gulps back the tap water. He clears his throat and continues, "How long was I out?"

"A couple of hours." Rogue replies, "It's about 4:45 AM."

Allan struggles to keep himself upright as he looks around inquiring, "So, where exactly are we?"

Rogue sits next to him on end of the bed and holds him up and steady as she says, "We're still at the Fieldview Inn. Ah had to find a place for us to hide out after you passed out. Lucky for me, this place only had one late night janitor. Ah had to, um, borrow his key and memories to find us a vacant room."

Looking at her with a slight grin, Allan asks, "And where's the janitor now?"

Rogue bites her lower lip and smiles saying, "Ah stashed him in a utility closet out back. Relax, he didn't see it comin'. Besides, we'll be long gone before he wakes up."

Allan looks at himself and notices his uniform top had been removed and his helmet resting on a nearby night stand nest to the bed. His blood red padded boots sit in the bathroom where his top his hanging out to dry it seems. He asks, "Where are my gloves?"

Rogue replies, "Ah gottem soakin' in the sink. They were kinda gross and dirty."

Slowly shaking his head, Allan seems a bit dizzy as Rogue asks him, "Are you alright, Allan? Why did you throw up and get sick all of a sudden?"

"It's typical," Allan answers, "I get like this whenever I redistribute energy from another, um, cosmic person. Feeling that much cosmic force flowing through my being like that makes me feel really queasy. Although, it's never been this extreme before, it must be also all the mutant energy Sauron drained. Man, I hate mixing drinks." as he lies back on the bed.

Rogue chuckles as she stands back up and walks up to the window again and picks through the curtains. Allan looks up at her saying, "I'm surprised you're still awake. Did you watch over all morning?"

She glances back at him with a smile raising her eyebrows and replies, "Well, Ah couldn't actually sleep after what Ah saw. Not somethin' Ah want lingerin' in my head right before breakfast."

Allan closes his eyes rubbing his forehead adding, "That's so true."

Rogue giggles and turns her gaze out the window again. As she stares out the window, her eyes widen with concern as she spots two gentlemen making their way to them knocking on doors and asking questions. Rogue quickly steps back saying, "Uh oh."

She takes quick glances around room as Allan looks up at her asking, "What, uh oh?"

Rogue darts around the room grabbing Allan's helmet and tossing it into the bathroom trash can. She looks at him determined like and says, "Stand up."

"What, why what's up?" Allan inquires.

She grabs his arm and pulls him from the bed standing him up. Then, much to his surprise, Rogue quickly unbuckles his stylized belt and unbuttons his pants. Then just before he could ask another question she quickly yanks his pants down to his ankles revealing his dark blue briefs, and pushes him back onto the bed. Allan lies flat on his back with surprised expression as he watches Rogue quickly undressing right in front him. She removes her X-man uniform with determination kicking off her boots into the bathroom, pulling off her padded top and tight pants until she is only wearing an eye catching back sports bra and panties. She grab her uniform form the floor and tosses them into the bathroom as well. Allan looks at her half naked fair skinned body and remarks, "Um, wow."

Rogue looks around the room then at the bed. She grips the top comforter sheet and yanks it from under Allan causing him to roll about on the bed. Rogue drops the comforter on the floor then quickly sits up on Alan straddling him. Despite his dizziness, Allan sits up to her as Rogue brushes her hands through his hair, then starts to quickly mess his hair around with her hands. Rogue sits back on his lap and starts to shake her head running her finger through her hair and does the same. Alan places his hands on her bare sides holding her gently as he asks with a smile, "What gives?"

Rogue stops for a second and smiles back at him. She leans forward kissing full on the lips then quietly says, "Just play along."

She slides off of his lap, reaches down and picks the comforter off the floor and begins to wrap herself up in the thick sheet. Allan chuckles as Rogue looks back him with a smile saying, "Lay back and look tired."

Allan lets his dizziness overwhelm him as he drops his head back lying on the bed. Rogue takes a deep breathe as someone knocks on the door. She quickly runs her fingers through her hair again and answers, "Just a sec!"

Then she slowly opens the door holding the comforter firmly around her almost naked body. She looks up at the two gentlemen, who flash two police badges in her direction. Their faces become baffled as they look at her. Rogue innocently smiles at them saying, "Um, hi. Can we help you?"

One of the police officers blushes and stutters a bit saying, "Uh…sorry to …um… sorry to bother you miss. But we are conducting an investigation on last night's disturbance, and we are asking around if anyone had seen or heard anything regarding the event."

Rogue plays innocent with wide eyes replying, "We just thought it was party or somethin'. We heard loud sounds and saw some bright lights through our curtains, but that's 'bout it, officers."

The other police officer asks, "We, miss? Is there someone else in the room with you?"

Smiling at them, Rogue replies, "Oh yes," as she gesture into the room toward Allan and adds, "that's my, um, my fiancé."

The officer sticks his head in the door and peeks over at Allan, who lies flat on his back on the bed. Allan looks up with a grin and salutes the officer. The officer asks, "So you both heard noises and saw lights, but didn't really see anything pertinent?"

Allan clears his throat and says, "Not really officers. We were kind of….busy at the time." as he continues to grin.

The officers look at each other with baffled expressions scratching their heads out of embarrassment and step back from the door. One officer says, "Well, um, again, sorry to bother you two. Have a good night…or morning…um sorry." as they back up and walk away from their room.

Rogue slowly closes the door and quickly locks it as she sighs out in relief. Allan sits up half way bracing himself up on his elbows and asks with a playful grin, "So what're we suppose to do now, get married? Or do we skip all the way to the honeymoon?"

Returning his playful grin, Rogue walks up to the bed with the comforter still wrapped around her. She climbs up on the bed and sits on Allan's lap again straddling him. Holding the blanket firmly around her, she leans down to his face saying, "You ain't gettin' lucky, tough guy. At least, not yet." as she smiles and kisses him.

Rogue opens the blanket and embraces Allan as she kisses him passionately feeling the warmth of his body against hers. She lets out a slight moan as Allan gently runs his hands up and down her bare back. Their lips slowly separate silently as Allan smiles and mutters out to her, "You sure aren't making this any easier, babe."

Rogue grins and replies, "All part of my evil plan." as she embraces him again in a deep passionate kiss.

Hank pours himself another cup of coffee as he yawns widely, letting out a slight beastly growl stretching out with his arms. The night had been long for him, watching over all the Morlocks's and X-men's vital stats. He had to be on his toes more so with the Evan and the Morlocks. Through out the night and early morning, their conditions would become erratic and deteriorate as Hank would rack his brain to stabilize their vitals. He rubs his forehead slowly sniffing his fresh cup of coffee and looks up at the clock. 6:30am, he reads and mutters out, "Yes, indeed." as he sips his cup.

Hank leans forward on the kitchen counter onto his elbows. He closes his eyes and rubs his face gently with his left hand while holding his coffee mug in his right. Yawning again with his eyes closed, he hears someone walk into the kitchen. "Good morning Mr. McCoy." the voice says in a soft female tone.

Hank stands up with his eyes still closed and yawns out, "Yes, good morning." and takes a gulp of his coffee while slowly turning around.

He slowly opens his tired eyes, then suddenly widens them as he spits out his coffee is spraying manner. He looks over across the kitchen to see Elizabeth dressed in her newly redesigned uniform. Hank coughs and gasps as she asks, "Are you alright, Mr. McCoy?"

Hank wipes his mouth replying, "Well first, I must protest to you attire, Elizabeth."

Looking her up and down, Hank notices quite a few changes to her outfit. First and foremost is the skimpiness off the new uniform. The material seems to be the same as the original uniforms, except now Elizabeth wears it like a bathing suit. A single one piece covers her legs and upper torso area, but leaves her back bare as it connects and holds up around her neck in choker like collar. The low cut part down the bareness off her smooth back gestures to the long gloves and high leg covering boots she sports. Elizabeth's outfit is all one color, the standard dark blues used on all the regular uniforms with ax 'X' placed centered on her chest. She looks at Hank innocently saying, "It's my uniform, Mr. McCoy. Allison and I took the liberty of redesigning it a little."

Hank replies, "Now I see, Allison, huh."

Elizabeth smiles and says, "Oh, we also came up with our own codenames. It took all night but Allison settled on Dazzler. And I came up with Psylocke for myself. Kind of like Warlock, but 'Psy' instead of 'War', Psylocke. Aren't those brilliant?"

Hank grins and slowly nods his head responding, "That, really doesn't make any sense, but I guess they work. However, the uniform…"

Allison struts in and adds, "Morning Hank. What about our uniforms?"

Hank's eyes widen again as he get a glimpse of Allison's outfit as well. Similar to Elizabeth's, Allison's uniform follows the same one piece pattern but stops short just above her breast, and cuts low revealing a bit of cleavage. She sports knees high boots and short biker gloves with the 'X' symbol on top of both gloves. Then to top off her outfits look, she wears a tie on head band with the same 'X' symbol centered on her forehead. Hank remarks, "Allison, your new codenames are great. Very catchy, but your uniforms are very… questionable."

Allison gently nudges Elizabeth with her elbow saying, "See? I told you it would work."

Hank's expression is baffled as Allison continues, "The way I figure, Hank, we're going to have to learn how to fight or defend ourselves in light of recent events. And if the bad guys are too busy looking at us, and I know we look good, they're not shooting at us."

"I see your point, Allison." Hank replies, "But…"

Elizabeth speaks up, "We also think that this sends a message to the general public. We may be mutants, but that doesn't mean we can't look fabulous." as she and Allison playfully pose smiling at Hank.

Shaking his head out of confusion, Hank rubs his eyes and takes a big gulp of his coffee and heads out of the kitchen. Elizabeth giggles as she drinks a cup of orange juice while Allison mentions, "I don't know what he's worried about. From what I am told, he usually runs around in just dark blue speedos."

Lance knocks on Kitty's door softly saying in a low tone, "Hey Kitty, you awake?"

Kitty responds in weak voice, "Yup, I know it sounds weird, but I'm too tired to sleep."

Lance walks in and pulls up a chair next to bed side. "I just wanted too see how you're doing. Heard the X-men almost bought it." Lance mentions.

"It was close," Kitty sighs out, "but I guess we managed. I heard from Mr. McCoy you and Brotherhood were like, heroes yesterday. That's so cool, Lance."

Lance smiles and shrugs his shoulders saying, "It was Allan's training that really made a difference, Kitty. The others were really awesome too."

Kitty smiles and remarks, "I'm glad you're sticking this out, Lance. And thanks for helping Allan, it really means a lot to us."

Lance grins and playfully acts tough replying, "Hey, no sweat. That's what heroes do."

Kitty giggles as her head rests on her soft pillow. Lance gently caresses her forehead and asks, "Are you gonna be alright Kitty?"

She smiles back at him replying, "I'll be fine, Lance. Mr. McCoy says my body is in shock. I just need rest, and something to eat."

Lance kisses her forehead and stands up saying, "I'll fix you something, anything, skies the limit."

Kitty smiles and mentions, "I'm vegetarian, remember?"

Raising his eyebrows, Lance remarks, "It's a breakfast challenge, but I think I can manage."

Kitty inquires, "Oh, any word from Rogue and Allan?"

Lances smiling expression turns soft as he replies, "Not yet. They went after that Sauron guy shortly after they brought you guys in. The Professor lost contact with them sometime last night. Something about cosmic energies blocking telepathic waves, I guess. I think he's been trying to find them all morning, but he says they might be keeping a low profile, there's been a lot of police activity up there."

Kitty expression becomes concerned as she says, "I hope they're ok."

"I'm sure they are, Kitty." Lance replies, "Those two are tough as nails, and are fast thinkers. Getting home shouldn't be a problem for them." as he smiles at her.

Allan hold his right thumb out as cars speed by them on the open road. Car after car pass them ignoring his plea for a ride as he yells out to them, "OH SURE! Just ignore the struggling young couple stranded on the side of the road!"

Rogue stands behind him with a smirk on her face as she says, "Ah'm a bit confused, Allan. Why are we tryin' to hitch a ride home?"

Allan drops his thumb as another zips and looks at Rogue saying, "We're keeping a low profile, Rogue."

"Ah don't see why you can't just fly us home." Rogue mentions.

"A couple reasons why that's not a good idea." Allan adds, "One, we'd be flying in broad day light, away from a very violent crime scene. Two, I don't think you noticed all the cops and Feds hanging around the premises. Three, Magneto is still out there after my head. And let's not forget to mention your mom."

"Foster mom." Rogue adds with a sneer.

She looks up and down the road and asks, "Well, can't you like, teleport us home, like Kurt?"

Allan replies, "Probably, I just don't know how, yet. Even if I did, my power signature would still spike, and we'd still be in a heap of trouble. And more in likely, we'd end up fighting another creature like Sauron all over again. It's not always fun to be this powerful, especially when you try to live a normal life."

"What's normal anyway, right?" Rogue remarks with a smile.

Another car passes them by as Allan mentions, "You know what, we look like idiots. That's why they don't stop." as he gesture to their clothes.

"Hey, you said low profile. Our uniforms are too flashy, and these were all Ah could find at that laundry mat across from the motel." Rogue replies.

Allan looks at himself shaking his head. He wears an old tattered flannel button up shirt with a pair of stone washed jeans that barely hang off his hips. Then to top it off, he wears a red trucker hat with embroidered image of a beer mug of the front. He then looks at Rogue and smiles as she wears an old flower dress that drapes over her like a sagging blanket. It was the only thing she could find to cover her skin just incase she came in contact with anyone by accident. Allan starts to laugh as he looks at her. She stares and laughs at him while more cars pass them. Rogue asks, "So, is this what it's like to save the world on a daily basis?"

Allan replies, "Kind of sucks huh?"

Rogue smiles remarks, "Ah don't know. Kind of rewardin' in way. Makes me feel a bit normal for a change."

Allan smiles back at her, then starts to look at her with a conniving grin. She stares at him with a wierded out expression saying, "What're you thinkin'?"

He looks around quickly and grabs their uniform bundle and starts balling them up into his helmet. Allan hands her the helmet and says, "Stuff this under your dress and hold it there."

Rogue slides the stuffed helmet under dress and allows it to protrude from under the garment. She says, "I look pregnant, Allan."

He replies with a grin, "Perfect." and turns around waving his hands frantically at an approaching car.

Rogue asks out loudly, "Wait, what're you doin'?"

Allan glances at her as a car starts to slow down and says, "Just play along."

A very shiny luxury car slowly pulls up to him and a elderly woman rolls down the automatic passenger side window asking, "Are you alright young man?"

Allan replies with an innocent smile, "Well ma'am, our car broke down. We were gonna try to walk to the next town, but my girlfriend here can't make the trip."

The woman's face saddens as she looks at a pregnant Rogue. Waving with a baffled smile, Rogue rubs her pretend bulged out stomach. The woman asks, "Where are you too headed, young man."

"To my parent's house in Bayville, ma'am." Allan replies.

The woman takes a deep breath and says, "You know what, just hop in, both you."

Allan smiles and says, "Thanks a lot ma'am." and runs over to Rogue with a grin.

He whispers to her, "Let's go home."

She whispers back with a concerned expression, "What do Ah do now, give birth?"

Allan lightly kisses her and says with a smile, "One thing at a time, babe."

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