X-Men Evolution NEXT


Kurt stumbles through Scott's door and flops to the floor. Sitting up in his bed quickly, Scott darts out, "What are you doing up, Kurt?"

Reaching up and grabbing the end of a table, Kurt pulls himself off the floor and replies, "I can't stay bed that long, man, I'll go nuts. Besides, Logan is up around."

Scott adds, "That's because he heals faster than all of us. Mr. McCoy says the rest of us need to stay in bed for at least a day. Something about our nervous systems suffering a level of stress. I'm not going to argue with the man."

Kurt remarks, "Dude, I felt my legs and tail going numb. I hate the feeling of pins and needles on my tail. I had to get up."

Looking at Kurt through his ruby red sunglasses, Scott smiles and shakes his head replying, "It's cool, Kurt, I know the feeling. Just don't let Mr. McCoy see you, or he'll end up carrying you back to your room."

Kurt leans up against Scott's dresser and asks, "So vhat's going to happen now? The X-men are pretty much side lined."

"Well I'm sure the Professor already has a back up plan." Scott adds, "It's not like the team is out for good. I mean Jean and Rogue are still kicking."

"Speaking of which," Kurt asks, "when are they coming back?"

Scott shrugs his shoulders saying, "Jean is on vacation with her folks. She'll be back in a couple of weeks. Rogue went with Allan to track down Sauron. Who knows when they'll be back."

Kurt expression grows concerned as asks, "Do you think it was a good idea to let them go alone?"

"The Professor seemed ok with it." Scott replies, "Besides, Allan is one tough dude. And if it weren't for Rogue, we would've all ended up like Sauron's family."

Kurt closes his eye tightly rubbing his forehead saying, "Don't remind me. I can't get that horrible image out of head, or forget that awful smell of death."

Scott gives him a plain smile and remarks, "Sorry Kurt. Hey you better head back to your room before Mr. McCoy sees you."

"Right, later man." Kurt says as he slowly hobbles out Scott's door.

Allison and Elizabeth walk by as Kurt exits into the hallway. He stops and watches them walk by in their sexy new redesigned uniforms. Allison stops and looks at Kurt asking, "Oh hey there, blue velvet. So, what do you think? Now be honest."

Kurt just stares with wide eyes as he looks at them from the feet up. His eyes follow every sleek curvature of their bodies as he stares in silence. Elizabeth speaks up, "Hello, a penny for thoughts, Kurt."

She suddenly gasps and slaps Kurt across his face and darts out, "Watch what you're thinking!" and storms off down the hall.

Kurt staggers from the slap and struggles to maintain his balance fighting his muscle fatigue. Allison grins at him as Kurt remarks, "But… but I didn't say a vord!"

"You don't have to with her, cutie." Allison says, "Anyways, thanks for the feed back, blue velvet." as she winks at him and quickly follows Elizabeth down the hall.

Kurt rubs his cheek softly and mutters out, "May be I should have stayed in bed."

The luxury sedan slowly rolls its way in line to the toll booth. The traffic has been stop and go for nearly forty minutes due to the toll booth bottle neck. Sitting patiently in the back seat, Rogue caresses her fake pregnant belly smiling at the kind elderly woman, who constantly glances back at her through rear view mirror as she drives. Allan sits in the front passenger seat giving the elderly woman directions home. As they wait in traffic the elderly woman strikes up another conversation, "So, are you two going to get married? It would only make sense for the child."

Rogue clears her throat nervously and replies, "Well, we've, um, discussed it. But there's no plans yet."

Allan decides to add, "Actually, that's why we are headed to my folk's place in Bayville." and glances back at Rogue with a nervous grin.

Focusing his thoughts to her, Allan asks rogue, 'You enjoying the ride?'

Rogue gives him a surprised look as she replies, 'Whoa, I forgot you can do that.'

Allan remarks, 'I don't do this very often, but it does come in handy.'

They both tune out the elderly woman's lecture on life conversation; seeing she is one of those people who like to here themselves talk, and continue with their shared focused thoughts. Rogue glances at the elderly woman and tells Allan, 'She's a really nice lady, but she really needs to get of her high horse about the fact of life.'

Allan adds, 'Well, you have to admit, it didn't quite look good, seeing an unmarried young couple on the side of the road about to have a baby.'

'That was some fast thinkin' by the way.' Rogue says, 'Ah can't believe she bought it.'

Allan playfully replies, 'You play the part well, you should consider an acting career.'

Rogue silently smirks as she remarks, 'Sure, great, so if movies or sitcoms need a generic pregnant chick, Ah'm their girl. Thanks, but no thanks.'

They both glance at the elderly woman as she continues with her speech about proper family values and parental responsibilities. Focusing their thoughts again, Allan and Rogue tune her out once more. 'Can Ah ask you somethin' Allan?' Rogue inquires.

Allan replies, 'Anything.'

'Where are we going with this? Ah mean what's goin' on between you and me?' she asks.

Allan adds, 'Why, is something wrong?'

Rogue continues, 'No, its just… Ah can deal if this is just a summer fling, but then we missed our chance back at the motel. But if this is somethin' else, Ah'd like to know.'

Allan glances at the elderly woman then back at Rogue as he replies, 'Babe, I uh, I thought I made my intentions clear.'

'Don't get me wrong,' Rogue states, 'Ah've had a wonderful time being with you and all. Despite the possibility of being killed by flesh eating space aliens, Ah've had the time of my life being around you. I just…' as she glances up at the elderly woman and adds, 'she's askin' you a question.'

Allan turns his attention back to the elderly woman as she asks, "Names? Have you both thought of names for the baby?"

With a quick reply, Allan says, "Oh, uh, Ralph if it's a boy, and Mary Ann if it's girl."

Rogue's jaw drops as she remark, "We ain't namin' this kid Ralph, he'll get picked on at school. And Mary Ann? Where'd you get that, Gilligan's Island?"

She lightly slaps the back of Allan's head as they chuckle and drive down the highway entering Bayville city limits.

Sitting in the cargo hold of Magneto's floating spherical fortress, Gambit flips through a deck of cards with Colossus watching out of boredom. He looks up glancing at Sabertooth and Pyro on the other side of the chamber then turns his stare at Colossus. In a low tone, Gambit remarks to his large Russian friend, "Remy not likin' this one bit, mon ami. Us holdin' up like this out in the open, ain't my style. Da boss not actin' his usual self."

Colossus sits up and takes a deep breath replying in a low tone, "I have to agree, comrade, he's been distracted. I often here him talking to himself, like there are two people in his head."

Gambit glimpses around and turns back to Colossus and adds, "Distracted, you kiddin'? Did you see what we stole from that secret military compound? Da boss is bringin' a world a hurt down on us. We need to get off dis ride."

"What is it you suggest?" Colossus says, "You stay for the money, I stay to protect my family."

"Remy can get money anywhere, without riskin' too much." Gambit adds, "And who says you can't protect your family by yourself. And if not, we both know one fella who can."

Colossus nods and replies, "So, how do we jump ship?"

Gambit grins at him and hands him a ace of spades saying, "Just follow my lead when the time comes, mon ami."

Sudden a loud humming sound reverberates on the far wall of the cargo hold. Two large doors slowly slide apart s Magneto's voice echoes out, "It is complete, my Acolytes."

Sabertooth and Pyro walk up to the door with wide smiles and wide eyes. Gambit and Colossus stand up slowly gazing at large figure casting a shadow over them through the opening cargo door. With grave concerned expression on his face, Colossus mutters out to Gambit in a low tone, "Just say when, comrade. Just say when."

Sitting in her wheelchair, Ororo darts out, "I told you I did not want to be moved from Evan's side, Logan! Now stop pushing me!"

Logan shakes his head as he pushes Ororo's wheel chair down the hall towards her room and replies, "The only person pushin' anybody 'round here is you. Keep pushin' yourself to stay awake and you're liable to make your condition worse. Now I'm taken you to bed and you're gonna get some sleep, even if I gotta wrestle ya down."

He wheels her into her room and up to her bedside. Logan scoops Ororo up into his arms and carries her over to her bed and gently lays her down. Protesting to this treatment, Ororo struggle to sit up and states, "I will not be treated like some helpless hospital patient. I'm quite capable of taking care of myself, you brute!" as she pushes her hands against Logan's shoulders.

Logan gently grabs her wrists and holds them down on her bed as he brings his face close to hers. In a low soft tone, he tells her, "Excuse me for carin'."

He stands back up and slowly walks to her door. Ororo clutches her soft comforter closing her eyes fighting back tears. She then opens her eyes and calls out, "Logan."

He stops in the doorway and looks back at her. Ororo smiles and says, "Thank you."

Logan returns her smile and replies, "Get some sleep." as he turns and walks out gently closing her door.

Out in the hall, Logan takes a few steps up the hall. He takes a deep breathe, then suddenly collapses to the floor. With quick animal like reflexes, Hank shuffles up to Logan and catches him before he falls face forward. "Logan!" Hank says as he holds him up, "Have you lost your mind completely. You may recover faster than all of us, but you are far from a complete recovery."

Logan staggers to his feet, holding onto Hank's broad shoulder and says, "Just got a little dizzy, Hank. Nothin' to yap about. Besides, I gotta get out there and find Allan and Rogue."

Hank states, "You are in no condition to look for your own shoes let alone a search and rescue mission. Now, I am the resident doctor in this school, and if you do not start cooperating with me I will have to take drastic measures and sedate you with a horse tranquilizer."

Logan chuckles and says, "You don't got horse tranquilizers."

"Well, I can make some in the chemistry lab down stairs. So don't try me." Hank replies as he holds up Logan.

Getting to his feet, Logan supports part of his weight but still leans on Hank. He asks, "That your way of sayin' you'll kick my butt, Hank?"

Hanks smile at him and says, "In medical terms, yes. Now let's get you back to your room. Remember you are suppose to be setting an example."

Charles sits at the computer console in the situation room monitoring the news broad casts and police communications from upstate. Crime scene details and news speculations reveal no information that may lead to Rogue's and Allan's whereabouts. So much energy was released into the air that it disrupts Cerebro's scanning range. Charles rubs his face and eyes fighting fatigue due to lack of sleep as he continues his tedious monitoring. The security door slides open as hank walks in removing his white doctors coat and draping it over a nearby chair. "Everyone seems to be stable condition now, Professor." Hank says with a confident tone, "It was a long night, but they will all pull through with no real permanent damages. Now emotionally, that may be different."

"Indeed," Charles remarks, "Evan and the Morlocks had very high hopes of Sauron being able to heal them of the hindering affects of their mutant gifts. I will not be easy for them when they wake to face the harsh reality."

Hank's expression saddens as he nods. He then asks, "So, still no word from Allan or Rogue?"

"None I'm afraid." Charles answers, "I've monitored all police frequencies and all news broad casts pertaining to the last night's events. It seems the authorities up state received an anonymous phone call leading them to the decaying remains of Sauron's family, who's real name by the way is Karl Lykos. Later in the night police were called in again to a Fieldview Inn motel where they found the bodies of fifteen unidentified mutants who died of unknown causes. They also found the near incinerated remains, of who they believe is Karl Lykos, lying out on the parking lot of the same motel. After that, details get sketchy, down to speculations and opinions, but no mention of anyone else involved."

Hank smiles and adds, "In a way, that's good news, Professor. Although there were casualties, Rogue and Allan were successful in stopping Sauron, and managed to elude capture or detection in the process."

"Very true, Hank," Charles remarks, "And it is quite obvious they are keeping a very low profile."

Hank sighs out and says, "I'm confident those two will turn up, Professor. They are both very resourceful when need be."

Outside, on the front grassy area of the estate, Sam, Ray, and Jamie toss around a football while Tabitha, Amara and Jubilee sit close by listening to music and trade rumors. "I bet they eloped." Tabitha chuckles out.

Jubilee remarks, "No way, Rogue is too smart for that."

"Um, isn't Allan, like older than her?" Amara asks.

Tabitha laughs and adds, "Not by much."

Sam catches the football then turns to the girls saying, "Kill the love story, girls. They went on a mission last night. Ray and I both saw them take off in full gear."

Jamie cheers out, "Awesome! I bet Allan saved the world from an alien invasion or something showing no mercy with his cosmic super hero powers."

Ray darts out, "Man, stop being a dork. You know Allan doesn't like be called a super hero."

Amara adds, "And besides, if Allan was saving the world, what would Rogue be doing the whole time?"

The front gate entrance slowly begins to swing open as they all turns to look down the driveway. Tabitha's jaw drops as she points and says, "Well, whatever she was doing, happened over night guys."

They all watch in shock as they see walking up the driveway dressed in worn looking clothes. Rogue's belly protruding from under the flower dress she wears while Allan walks closely behind her, both unaware of the young onlookers in the grassy area. Rogue speaks out, "Ah like the name Gabriel, its' very angelic."

"Well that's why I chose it." Allan replies.

Rogue adds, "But it could also work if it's a girl."

"Only if you pronounce it a tad differently. "Allan states.

They walk by towards the house as the teens outside back away huddling up. Jubilee says in a shocked tone, "Oh my God! Rogue got pregnant!"

Sam remarks, "Don't be ridiculous. Not overnight."

Amara says, "Yeah, but they are talking about names for a baby, right?"

Jamie grins and adds, "Well, consider, maybe, Allan's super physiology can advance the birth process to create a super race of new mutants. A race that could take over this world."

"I'm telling you, man, stop being a dork." Ray tells him.

Tabitha says, "Well, we're not gonna find out any facts just sitting here. Let's check this out, people!" as they all follow her back to the house.

Charles and Hank come the front door of the house greeting both Allan and Rogue. "It does my heart well to you both alive and well." Charles tells them.

Hank tilts his head looking at Rogue and says, "Um, do you care to let us in on current events, Rogue? Or should we ask Allan as well?"

Allan and Rogue look at each other and giggle as she says, "Well, we had to improvise in order to get home undetected."

She reach under the flower dress and pulls out Allan's stuffed red helmet. She and Allan start laughing as Charles and Hank also smile. Charles says, "I must say, you two are creative. Evidently, well done, both of you."

Rogue smiles and replies, "Thanks Professor."

Hank remarks, "I'm sure you two would like to clean up. It's been a long night for all of us."

Allan looks at Hank as he walk into the house and asks, "So how is everyone? They doing ok?"

"As well as can be expected, but they still could use your help." Hank replies.

Nodding his head, Allan says, "Let me get cleaned up, and I'll meet you down stairs."

Charles adds, "Perhaps you should rest first Allan."

"I'm alright Professor," Allan replies, "I'm more worried about Rogue. She kept us on the move last night even after I passed out. She did all the leg work"

Rogue smiles and kisses Allan on his cheek and says, "Anytime, tough guy."

She trots up the stairs in her flower dress to her room while Allan watches her. Charles smiles at the site of Rogue's new found happiness as the morning seems to complete itself.

Mystique sits by her lap top waiting for any information regarding Sean's surveillance of Allan and the Xavier Institute. She taps her finger on the desk trying to tune out Emma's light humming from the bathroom as she takes her morning bath. Mystique shakes her head and rolls her eyes at the routine Emma has held onto every morning since they teamed up. She continues to tap her finger some more thinking about her next move. With Juggernaut still wounded from his battle with Allan, their next move has to be precise and organized. Then her lap top beeps as she receives a message from Sean. She picks up her cell phone and calling him, "What's new Sean?"

Sean's voice comes through, "Well, I just arrived a few moment ago, and …uh…"

"What, Sean," Mystique demands, "don't waist my time."

Sean continues, "Well, I thought you should see this. They pulled in just as I was."

An image begins to download into Mystique's lap top. She stares at it baffled at first, then her eyes widen as her face becomes furious. She yells out, "WHAT IS THIS, SEAN!"

Sean yells back, "Hey, ow, stop screaming! How am I suppose to know. I just got in!"

Emma walks out of the bathroom wearing a white robe asking, "What's all the yelling about?"

She then catches a glimpse of the image on the lap top and says, "Oh my. Busy little bees aren't they."

Mystique glares at the image of Allan helping a pregnant looking Rogue out the back seat of a luxury sedan in front of the Xavier Institute gates. Sean asks, "What do you want me to do, Mystique?"

She replies with a angered expression, "Nothing, I'll handle this personally."

Emma remarks, "Oh good, I do hate getting involved in other peoples family problems."

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