X-Men Evolution NEXT

Prelude to Chaos

Ordinarily, Scott would be appalled to long phone calls. It's never been his style to hog the phone line the way Kitty and Bobby do at times. But in this case, he makes a exception, especially when it comes to Jean. It's the first call he received from her since she went on vacation with her family, so naturally he jumps at the opportunity to hear her voice. Scott lies back on his bed holding the cordless phone receiver close to his ear as he playfully says, "And here I thought you'd forgotten about us."

Jean playfully and sarcastically replies on the other line, "Well I tried at the very least." as she giggles.

Scott chuckles as Jean continues, "I do miss being their, being around everyone. When I heard about what happened to you guys against that Sauron person, I told the Professor I was coming back. I cutting my vacation short to come back and help out."

Adjusting his posture in bed, Scott replies, "You don't have to ruin your vacation on our account. Things are being taken care of around here. We're cool."

"I still want to be there for all of you." Jean remarks, "How is everyone by the way?"

Scott grins and mentions, "Good spirits actually. With the exception of Rogue, the X-men are pretty much bed ridden for a day or two. Even after that, it's a long road to recovery I'm told. The other students are doing ok, I guess. Allan and Mr. McCoy are like a tag team of teachers. Right now I think Allan is holding a special self defense demo outside on the grass. I want to check it out, but I'm stuck in my room."

"You stay put, Scott Summers." Jean says, "Just cool that over achieving attitude of yours before you hurt yourself. I can feel your pain from over here, so you better stay in bed."

Scott expressions becomes bewildered as he asks, "You can feel my pain? Are you serious or being figurative?"

Jean giggles as Scott feels a tingling sensation travel through his mind. Then, appearing before eyes, sitting back at the foot of his bed, a somewhat hazy image of Jean materializes. He quickly sits up as the image comes into full focus. Jean looks back at him dressed in a cute blue two piece bikini. Scott gasps as she says in an echoing tone, "Relax, Scott, I'm not really here. I'm projecting this through your mind, so only you can see me."

He reaches out to her with his hand and notices his hand passing through her as he tries to touch her shoulder. Jean giggles as she says, "That kind of tickles."

Scott asks, "You are you doing this? Is this something new?"

She replies, "I think it's called astral projection. The Professor told me all about it once. But I could never do it, until now. I'm projecting an image of what I look like over here, I feel and see myself next to you, but I'm not really there. Isn't this neat?"

Jean feels Scott's confusion as she adds, "It's ok Scott, you can ask me anything."

He sits up smiling and asks, "What's happening to you? Are your powers evolving again?"

Jean tilts her head shrugging her shoulders as she responds, "Kind of, I think. I feel the changes coming slowly. And the more I accept them, the more I feel in control for once. I feel as though I'm finally completing myself. Sounds weird, doesn't it?"

Scott replies, "It kind of makes me feel nervous."

Jean adds, "I know, I can feel it. Don't worry, Scott, Allan said I don't have to be afraid, that I'm coming to terms with this change."

"Wait a minute, change?" Scott mutters out, "You mentioned Allan, are you becoming like him?"

Jean smiles at him and says, "It's going be wonderful Scott, you'll see. I wish I can share with you what I've been feeling all this time. It's like all the pain and head aches I endured, were all worth it. And its growing everyday, I feel it."

Scott smiles slightly as she continues, "I have to go, my parents are calling me. I'll see you very soon."

Jean crawls across Scott's bed lean towards him and kisses him on the lips just before her image fades away in sparkling manner. Scott watches with a surprised expression as Jean's apparition leaves his sight. He takes a deep breath and settles down in his bed.

Outside, behind the pool area, the students gather around a open grassy spot where they watch Allan and Rogue stretch, preparing for what looks like a wrestling match. A forty by forty foot square has been marked off showing the area in which they are to square off in. The other students watch with excited smiles as Allan speaks up, "I know this isn't an official class, but I thought this could a bit educational."

Rogue smiles at him and adds, "If ya think bringin' an audience is gonna make me nervous, think again. You might call this educational, but Ah'm here to win."

Allan smiles back at her and replies, "Fair enough." as he turns to the watchful students and asks, "Now I understand Mr. Logan has been teaching you a bit of Kung Fu, Jujitsu and Judo. What I will demonstrate today are some other formal styles, some unorthodox styles, and some styles that do not exist on this world."

He looks around at the students gathered and continues, "Some of you I'm familiar with, some of you I'm meeting for the first time today. So I would like to use today as a chance to get to know you all. And to let you watch me mop the floor with Rogue here." as he grins over at her.

Rogue returns Allan's grin playfully and replies, "Now it's on tough guy." as she steps back into a fighting stance.

Tilting his head while looking at her, Allan nods and says, "Nice text book Kung Fu cat stance, Rogue."

Then with a sarcastic grin, Allan adds, "It almost looks like you know what you're doing."

Rogue slowly nods her head smiling at his comment as she shuffles in quickly delivering a low kick towards Allan's left thigh. Allan also shuffles, away from Rogue's advance as he avoids the kick. Following up from her left low kick, Rogue jabs at Allan's face with her left hand. Slapping her left hand away with his own left, Allan is surprised by Rogue's sudden change of tactics as she drops and spins her left foot sweeping out her right leg. Her sudden maneuver catches Allan off guard as she connects with her right legs behind his right knee forcing it to buckle from the attack. Allan's right leg is kicked out from under him as he flops onto his back. Rogue quickly recovers and shuffles up to him smiling as she holds off her second assault. Allan looks up at her as she playfully remarks, "Ah'm pretty sure Ah know what Ah'm doin'."

Allan grins at her, then with a sudden jerk of his body, he kicks his legs out and begins to spin like a break dancer. His legs twirl outward like a windmill catching Rogue behind her ankles as they swing low at first. Her feet swept out from under her as she lands back on her butt. In a circular fluent motion, Allan spins with his legs still out stretched onto his hands. He twirls inverted like a helicopter blade on his hands, then springs into a back flip landing on his feet keeping a rhythmic step as he moves side to side. Rogue watches Allan as he steps wide into a somewhat dance. He grins at her while stepping and asks, "You familiar with Capoeira?"

Rogue smirks and slowly gets to her feet replying, "Should Ah?"

Allan remarks, "It's a great work out. Teaches excellent body control and discipline."

The gathered students watch with excited expressions as some of lightly giggle at the sight of Rogue flopping on her butt. Rogue steps back into a defensive stance staring at Allan as he continues his rhythmic Capoeira jinga and says, "You tryin' to say somethin', Allan?"

He grins as he cartwheels off to his right then springs into another back flip landing into his jinga then replies, "Well, with a body like yours, you might want to consider some extra control and discipline."

Rogue sneers at him and darts out, "Ah'll show ya discipline, smart ass!" as she charges in swinging her legs at Allan in a barrage of crescent and roundhouse kicks.

Allan ducks and weaves through her assault as he continues in a rhythmic jinga dancing in and out of Rogue's determined attack. Rogue follows up her kicks with circular hand strikes to Allan's head and torso. Allan tilts and whips his head around her attacks keeping his rhythm, much to her frustration. The students watch in awe as Allan and Rogue trade moves in a show of skill and acrobatics. Young Jamie cheers out, "This is awesome! I'm gonna learn to do that."

Ray remarks, "You can't even dance, Jamie."

Rogue grunts out as she delivers a fast hooking heel kick towards Allan's head. Following the motion of her attack, Allan drops his head at the same speed of her foot, letting it barely miss his face by a fraction on an inch. Then continues the circular motion bringing his right foot around in a similar hooking kick towards Rogue's face. She is caught off balance unable to react in time to Allan's counter attack as she gasps. Allan stops his foot an inch from Rogue's nose. She stares at his foot and catches her breath while Allan holds his leg up saying, "You're good, babe. But there is one thing you have to remember, one thing all of you should remember. Learning one style of martial arts is like learning one particular way of drawing. One way is not any better the other, so long as you know how to apply it when necessary."

Allan slowly drops his legs while Rogue watches with a grinning smirk. "Now yer just showin' off." she remarks.

The other students smile and lightly clap as both Allan and Rogue step back straightening their work out attire. Allan smiles at Rogue asking, "So, that's all you got?"

"Oh that does it." Rogue remarks returning his smile, "Ah'm gonna wipe that grin right off your face." As she drops back into another fighting stance.

Allan grins again taking a small step back into a defensive posture and signals her over with his hand.

Emma's sleek white sports car speeds up to the warehouse entrance at a frantic speed than come to a screeching halt. Sean steps out of the driver's side as Mystique steps out of the passenger side followed by Emma. "Was it necessary to go that fast, Sean?" Emma asks, "The engine has barely been broken in and I do plan on keeping this one."

Sean glances at her plainly then turns to the warehouse. Mystique looks up at the large warehouse door and says, "Sean, you did say it can only be open from the inside."

He nods and replies, "Majority of these doors are rusted shut. I had Cain close it behind me when I left him here."

"Then if Irene is here, how would she get in?" Mystique inquires.

All three glance around the front slowly. Sean knocks on the door and speaks through a small hole in the door, "Cain, it's me, Sean. You in there?"

Sean's voice echoes into the warehouse halls. Mystique hears his reverberating call come out the side of the building and follows the sound. She notices a large gaping hole on the side of the warehouse. The large metal paneling appeared to be bent outward as though something or someone had burst out from the inside. She mutters out, "He loose."

Sean quickly steps around her to look at the hole and sarcastically remarks, "Well this is just great! Why'd the hell would she do this?"

Mystique looks over at Emma asking, "Do you sense anything?"

Emma tilts and lightly shakes her head saying, "I'm not sure, I think I do, but …"

Suddenly, Emma looks up wit a stunned wide eyed expression and steps back slightly. Both Sean and Mystique turn to look as well to see a glowing apparition floating out of the gaping hole. The figure glows very brightly as it floats just above them they have to squint their ways tightly and turn away. A voice echoes all around them speaking out, "My hand has been forced. Your petty squabbles have endangered my mission, now sacrifices must be made to ensure victory."

The bright glow dissipates to reveal Irene standing before them. Mystique steps up demanding, "What are you talking about Irene? What have you done!"

With her glazed over eyes staring off away from them, Irene responds in an echoing tone, "These matters no longer concern you."

"The hell it doesn't." Mystique responds.

Emma interrupts quickly saying, "Mystique wait, something is wrong."

Sean adds, "Of course something's wrong! Irene couldn't do these things before. Now she's talkin' crazy!"

"That's not what I mean, Sean." Emma replies, "This isn't the first time I sensed this from Irene."

Glaring at Irene, Mystique blares out, "What, Emma?"

Emma holds her on to her head gripping her blonde hair as she struggles to reply, "I'm…not sure. Her thought patterns seem to be constantly changing to elude my probe."

"Someone has been manipulating her." Mystique sneers out.

She reaches out to grab Irene's right arm but is suddenly forced back violently. Mystique's hand doesn't even touch Irene's arm as she is shocked by an invisible field that apparently surrounds Irene. The shock knocks Mystique away onto her back sliding on the loose gravel. Sean watches as Mystique grunts out in pain coming to a sliding halt on the gravel behind them. Then he turns to look Irene stepping back into a combat posture. But just before he could react, Irene quickly steps to him and touches his neck. Sean's eyes widen as he steps back holding his throat. He begins to gag heavily and drops to his knees gasping for air. Emma rushes to Sean trying to help him, then looks up at Irene asking, "Why are you doing this?"

Stepping back slowly, Irene replies, "Extremities must be taken to ensure the safety of the whole. By releasing chaos, I have restored order. You will do nothing, you can do nothing."

Irene's voice echoes all around them as her body fades and disappears from their sight. Sean pushes off Emma and rolls over gagging. He suddenly coughs out a small chunk of ice and starts taking deep breaths. He mutters out, "She solidified the saliva in my throat before I could act. How is Irene capable of all these things? I thought her only mutant power was precognition."

Emma helps him to his feet as she remarks, "I do not believe we are dealing with Irene anymore."

"I agree." Mystique adds as she stands back up and approaches, "I should've noticed something sooner. The change in her behavior, the vagueness of her visions, I was blinded by my own emotions."

"And whoever is pulling her strings, got her to pull yours." Sean says. "Now what, do you think her visions are still valid?"

Mystique walks over to Emma's car replying, "I don't know. But we don't need to see the future to know this is going from bad to worse."

"So what is our plan, Mystique?" Emma inquires.

"Well, Juggernaut is on the move." Mystique mentions, "More in likely, he will be heading to Xavier's. We have to warn them."

Rogue yipes out as she loses her balance and flops onto the soft green grass landing flat on her stomach. With his arms tied behind his back, Allan drops on top of her and pins her down remarking, "Someone give me a count!"

Jamie kneels down on the grass quickly and slaps his hand down counting, "One! Two! Three! She's out!"

The onlooking students cheer out laughing as Allan wiggles and sits up on Rogues butt looking at her and grinning. She pushes herself slightly up bracing herself with her elbows and looks back at Allan with a smile asking, "And what kind of fightin' style was that, Allan? Ah mean, ya threw me only usin' your head with your arms tied behind your back."

"That, my dear Rogue, was the Fliumbek technique." Allan replies. "Taught to me by a Feechian master artist."

Jubilee raises her hand and asks, "What's a Feechian?"

"Feechians are a race of upright, elongated limbless beings that originate from the distant world of Feecha. About five hundred thousand dimensional light years away from here. Give or take a few lights years, I'm not sure." Allan says with a smile.

The student chuckle and laugh as Allan asks out, "So, did we learn anything today?" as he looks around at them.

They each smile and nod as Allan adds, "Awesome, because starting tomorrow, I going to teach you all how to apply these moves. Class dismissed."

Slowly, the students disperse in different directions leaving Allan sitting on top of Rogue. She looks back at him saying, "You can let me up now."

Allan tugs his arms and snaps his bindings free and rolls over onto his back next to Rogue. She scoots up onto her side lying next to him mentioning, "Ya know, Ah was thinkin', technically, you are from the future. That means, technically, Ah'm older than you."

Smiling big, Allan remarks, "I guess that means I have a thing for older women." as he looks over at her adding, "and you have a thing for younger guys. Rockin' the cradle much, Rogue?" he says as he chuckles.

She playfully smiles and lightly pushes him. Allan grabs hold of her by the shoulders and rolls her over him then back onto her stomach. Rogue giggles as they roll in the grass. Allan starts to message her shoulder and back saying, "One thing I did notice during our little sparring match, you're very tense." as she rubs her back deeply and adds, "You have to learn to relax when you move."

Rogue moans out as she feels Allan's warm firm hands rub up and down her back. She closes hers eyes muttering out, "Go under my shirt like that."

Allan smiles and slides his hands underneath her tight top and continues messaging her fair skinned back. Allan mentions, "You are very tense back here, babe."

Rogue quickly gets up and turns around embracing Allan replying, "Ah'm tense all over, sweety." as she smiles and kisses him deeply.

They kiss in silence on the soft grass embracing each other passionately. Then Allan opens his eyes and looks over Rogue shoulder. Their lips separate and with a frustrated tone, Allan speaks out, "How long do plan on watching us, Miss SHIELD agent?"

Sitting in Allan's lap, Rogue quickly turns to look behind her to see a slender looking blonde woman walk around a nearby tree. She wears a dark blue military uniform with the SHIELD emblem on her left shoulder. Strapped all around her various guns and utility pouches. She asks, "How'd you know I was there?"

Allan replies, "I'm a partial telepath, and I can smell your lavender body wash."

The blonde woman lightly smiles and blushes as she says, "Sorry I was just passing by, and I saw your martial arts demo. I'm agent Carol Danvers. I'm part of the guard detail assigned to watch the grounds."

Rogue speaks up, "Well then, agent Carol Danvers, why don't ya watch the grounds and not us."

"No need for the attitude, girl." Carol replies, "I was just passing through."

"Then by all means, keep on passin'." Rogue says in a harsh tone as she sits in Allan's lap.

Allan chuckles and remarks, "You agents are suppose to be out of sight as I recall."

Carol adds, "And we're here to make sure you are all safe. You could say thank you."

Just then a rumbling sound is felt and heard. A loud smashing sound echoes from the outer estate property wall as it caves in a cloud of white smoke. Lumbering through the dust and smoke, Juggernaut steps heavily to a dead stop causing the ground to shake. He His head and face are completely covered by his dome like helmet as he looks around. Allan and Rogue both stand up quickly and look over at Carol with sarcastic glares and in sarcastic tones say at the same time, "Thanks!"

Pointing at Allan, Juggernaut says, "I'm back for round two runt!"

Allan sighs out and lightly replies, "Figures."

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