X-Men Evolution NEXT


Scott lightly grunts out as he works out his right bicep. He grips the barbell firmly and curls his arm executing several repetition trying to exercise his muscles. Constantly feeling the strain against his muscles, Scott tries to focus and ignore the coming fatigue he and the other X-men have been suffering since their encounter with the creature Sauron. He pulls and pumps his arm with determination as a drip of sweat rolls down his face. Suddenly, his arm begins to shake a bit as he lets the weight drop to his bedroom floor. The barbell clangs loudly and bounces a tad bit as it hits the floor. Scott catches his breath and rubs his right bicep in frustration. Just then Jean opens his door asking, "How are you doing Scott?"

Scott looks over at her in silence and sits back on his bed. Jean looks at him, then his at barbell. With her telekinetic ability, she lifts the weight off the floor and moves it off to the side of room. Scott watches the barbell float across the room and says, "I feel like I'm getting weaker."

Jean telekinetically pulls up a chair and seats her self next to Scott. She remarks, "Stop it, Scott. You're expecting too much out of yourself. From what Mr. McCoy says, you and the X-men still have a ways to go before a full recovery."

Scott smiles and replies, "Yeah, well, at least he's letting us walk around now. I'm sure the others were getting as frustrated as I was being stuck in our rooms."

"It was really frustrating for Mr. McCoy trying to keep you guys in bed." Jean adds, "I mean, Kurt would try sneaking to the kitchen, Kitty would accidentally phase through the floor, and Bobby was abusing that stupid bell Amara and Jubilee gave him."

Stretching his arms, Scott asks, "So, how's Rogue doing? I heard she's been having it rough."

Jean sits back with a look of sadness and replies, "Physically, Rogue seems alright, with the exception of her right shoulder being all sore and bruised from her injury. For three days, her consciousness has been trapped in some kind of vision. She won't talk about it, but it must have been so real to her. She's been crying a lot since she woke up, I can't imagine what she went through."

Scott shares Jean's expression and asks, "Any word from Logan yet?"

Shaking her head, Jean replies, "He's been out looking for Allan since this started. He comes back a few times to refuel the X-Jet, but then takes off."

Scott reaches over and takes Jean's hand inquiring, "So, how're you doing? I mean, with your new powers and all?"

Jean smiles at him and says, "They're not really new powers, Scott. Some of my 'new' abilities were just dormant psychic powers I couldn't tap into yet. Everything else seems heightened. My telepathy is sharper, my telekinesis seems a bit stronger and I feel more in control. But I've been so busy around here trying to help out I've had no time to really focus on myself."

Scott chuckles and says, "Well, it is good to have you back. Although, it looks like our positions are now reversed."

Jean giggles and adds, "Guess that means you'll be taking up painting too."

Charles sits behind his desk in his study across from Mystique, who quietly rubs her chin lost in thought. "What will you do now?" Charles asks her.

Mystique looks up at him with a plain expression and replies, "I'm not quite sure how to answer that, Charles. I came here to protect Kurt and Rogue, and ended up causing them more pain. I am definitely not the mother of the year."

Charles sighs out and says, "You were misled, Mystique. Misled by visions to invoke an emotional response."

"Well, it worked," she adds, "and it's made things worse."

"Wolverine is out there right now with your cohorts, Sean and Emma, trying to track down Allan and Irene." Charles mentions, "Have faith in them, Mystique."

She slightly grins and remarks, "So, SHIELD has taken Cain into their custody. And you approve?"

Charles replies, "Under their security protocols, they can guarantee a secure and safe incarceration. They wanted to take you into custody as well, but I convinced them you were influenced by an outside source."

"And what of Magneto and his Acolytes?" Mystique inquires, "They still pose a threat."

Nodding, Charles answers, "Yes indeed. A SHIELD task force assaulted his fortress a few days ago. They suffered moderate losses but no casualties. It seems that Eric used the prototype Tri-Sentinel against them. But in the midst of the confusion that followed during the encounter, he managed to slip away. His Acolytes scattered and were able to elude capture as well. Magneto may still be heading this way, which is why SHIELD is still maintaining it's guard detail here."

Mystique raises her eyebrows and sighs out as she gives Charles a look of concern. She says, "The way Magneto has been going on about this, directly attacking Allan, boldly taking on SHIELD in open combat, it's not him."

Charles adds, "I have been contemplating that myself. Then when you described Irene's condition to me, I've begun to suspect Eric is under the same influence as she."

"What do we do if Magneto does come here, Charles?" Mystique asks.

"We will do, what we have to, and hopefully, no more than that." Charles responds.

Mystique nods in silence as Charles asks, "So, have you seen them yet? Kurt and Rogue."

She swallows and replies, "Not yet. I'm not so sure they want to see me. I don't think I'm their favorite person at the moment."

Rogue has been feeling a bit lost since she finally came out of her coma. She stares with a blank expression at the foot of the neighboring bed across from hers in the infirmary in utter silence as she gently rubs her throbbing right shoulder. An ice pack on the backside of her shoulder sits firmly strapped against her trying to keep the swelling down. Rogue's eyes are a bit reddened as she would on occasion break down into tears. But at the moment, she sits and stares in silence. Carol's voice suddenly breaks her silent moment, "Are you going to say something or stare at me all day?"

Rogue shifts her attention up at Carol, who sits up in the bed across from hers and replies, "What?"

"You keep staring at me like that. What's your problem?" Carol darts out.

Rogue remains silent and looks away shifting her eyes down. Carol adds, "Oh fine, ignore me. As if I'm not getting that enough from my superiors."

Quickly glaring up, Rogue stares at Carol and shouts out, "SHUT UP! God, don't ya ever get tired of listenin' to yer own voice!"

Carol starts grinning at her then chuckles out, "Got you to talk."

Rogue slightly smiles as Carol adds, "Look, you and I really don't know each other. But I've seen enough colleagues of mine get the 'shakes' after suffering an injury like yours. Now I don't what else you went through, but you need to snap out of it. I'm only trying to help."

"Sorry," Rogue says, "Ah didn't mean to snap like that."

Carol smiles at her and adds, "Look on the bright side. You'll be back in the action sooner than me. With an injury like mine, SHIELD is more likely to transfer me to a desk job."

Rogue shares her smile and lightly chuckles out, "After gettin' skewered the way Ah did, Ah'd take a desk job any day."

They both share a laugh as Evan slowly walks in asking, "Hey I heard some screaming. What's going on?"

Rogue raises her hand and says, "That was me, sorry."

Carol adds, "We were just bored kiddo."

Evan smiles at them and looks at Rogue inquiring, "How're feeling?"

Shrugging her good shoulder, Rogue replies, "Ah guess Ah'm doin' ok. What about you? Where the rest of the Morlocks?"

"Well, I'm pretty much good to go." Evan remarks, "The other Morlocks decided to head home. They don't feel comfortable being on the surface for too long. I'm sticking around a little longer just in case there's more trouble."

Rogue says as she smiles, "That's the Spike I remember."

Evan smiles as well and sighs out looking at his body that was once covered in a hard exoskeleton. He says, "It's awesome, don't you think? It feels like I never lost control. Your new boyfriend rocks, Rogue."

She smiles and nods silently as Evan notices her depression starting to build up and remarks, "Everything will be fine, Rogue. Logan is out there right now looking for him. I know he'll find him, he's good at that."

"Thanks Evan." Rogue replies softly.

Evan smiles at her as he turns to Carol and winks just before heading out. Carol rolls her eyes and engrosses herself in one of the many magazines in reach.

Hank sits by the main computer tediously watching the large monitor as it shows news reels and current articles. The secondary monitors to his left and right reveal a map pinpointing certain anomalies that may lead to Allan and Irene's whereabouts, as well as tracking any police reports of strange occurrences. Hank slips on a headset and speaks into it, "Wolverine, its Beast. I have another lead, and looks to be fresh."

Wolverine's scruffy voice answers, "Lay it on me, Hank."

"A few campers out near the Appalachian Trail reported seeing what they thought were dancing lights in the sky, then a loud explosion in the forest. Their sighting was corroborated by a group of hikers who also reported hearing screams." Hank replies.

Wolverine asks, "How fresh is this report?"

Hank says, "The report was made twenty minutes ago. I'm sending you the co ordinance. Use extreme caution, Logan. The area is being evacuated, a forest fire has broken out."

"No sweat, we're on it Hank." Wolverine replies.

Sitting back into his chair, Hank removes the headset and rubs his eyes yawning deeply. Ororo steps up behind him and ands him a cup of fresh coffee. Hank smiles and says, "Thank you."

"I can take over, if you need to rest, Hank." Ororo mentions.

Hank smiles up at her as he takes a sip of his coffee and remarks, "I'll be fine, thank you though. How are you feeling, Ororo?"

She pulls up a seat and sits close replying, "I'm still a bit shaky at times, but I'm managing."

Ororo looks at Hank's worried expression and asks, "How's the search coming along?"

Hank sighs out and sits up answering, "As well as a game of cat and mouse can be, I suppose. I get reports of strange lights in the sky and send them to Logan, he investigates. Ever since Allan made contact with Mystique's friend Irene over the bay area, he seemed to have just vanished, not with out a trace how ever. There have been sightings, of what witnesses believe are UFO's. Those are our only leads I'm afraid."

Ororo nods and adds, "Charles has been unable to track them using Cerebro too."

"Hopefully, Wolverine and those other two will turn something up soon," Hank mentions, "SHIELD officials are demanding an explanation , especially since one of their own is lying in our infirmary."

Noticing Hanks saddening expression, Ororo asks him, "There is something else bothering you, Hank. What's wrong?"

Hank nods lightly and sighs out, "I am worried about Rogue. She has barely said a word since she came out of her coma. The Professor told me about the vision her mind was trapped in. It sounded very ideal, a glimpse of a possible promising future. But I feel that there was more to that vision than we think. And it has been torturing Rogue since she awoke."

"Have you asked her talk about it?" Ororo inquires.

Hank replies, "In truth, I'm afraid to approach her about it. From what the Professor had told me, her current emotional state is unstable. She's been crying a lot since her awakening."

Ororo places her hand on Hank's broad shoulder and says, "Perhaps she just needs time before she opens up."

Banking the X-Jet into a wide turn, Wolverine peers out the window as he passes over the growing forest fire down below. The sun is slowly setting over the horizon leaving the glow of flames to illuminate the area. Sitting in the co-pilot's chair, Sean remarks in a cynical tone, "This day keeps getting better and better."

Wolverine glances at him and says, "If ya ain't got nothin' good to say, than don't say it."

Emma speaks up, "Down boys. It's bad enough trying not to be air sick at the same time trying not to listen to your bloody bickering."

Sean just shakes his head and turns looking out his window. Wolverine mentions, "I need to get to the ground and have look at the area."

"How do you expect to do that with firefighters and local police all over the place?" Sean asks.

Wolverine looks back at Emma and says, "Time to make yerself useful, blondie."

Emma looks at him with a baffled expression and says, "I beg your pardon?"

Bringing the X-Jet into hover, Wolverine slowly lands the sleek aircraft in the clearing near the fire fighting support vehicles. All three walk casually down the hatch and approach the police and firefighter officials. At first they police and firefighters seemed a bit shock at the sight of the X-Jet landing, then suddenly become relaxed as Sean speaks up, "I'm agent Cassidy," then gestures to Emma saying, "this is agent Frost. We're with the U.S. Fish, Game, and Wildlife Division."

Emma slightly grins as she concentrates her thoughts altering the police and firefighter's perception, masking her and Sean's appearance for two conservative looking government officials. The police sergeant blinks his eyes looking at them in confusion. Sean glares at him and asks, "Something wrong officer?"

The police sergeant quickly replies, "Um... no sir."

"Good," Sean adds with a voice of authority, "we're here to assess the damage."

He police sergeant and fire fighter officials lead Sean over to their main vehicles as Emma quickly turns looking back at the X-Jet and signals Wolverine with a thumbs up. With the added confusion, Wolverine hops out of the jet and darts into the half burned and charred forest. Looking off into the distance, he can see fires raging. Despite all the ash and smoke that riddle the large area, Wolverines nose picks up familiar scent not too far, the smell of fresh blood. With a slight growl, he takes off into a full run toward morbid scent. Dried and burnt debris crackle and snap beneath his feet as he hustles through the desolate scenery. He runs for a few minutes dodging down burnt trees and stumps then comes to a halt as he approaches a strange opening in the dead woods. Wolverine slowly prowls the area carefully, sniffing and glaring around. Then his nose catches the scent of blood again, but stronger. He walks closer into the opening, then spots someone's arm slumped over a burned out log. He rushes there leaping over other debris in his way. He slowly removes charred braches and pieces of dried wood off the person and realizes it's a woman. Her naked body lies slumped on the ground covered in ash and soot. Wolverine braces her up in his arms checking to see if she is still breathing. Cut, lacerations and bruises show him she was either in a fight or a major accident. The woman startles him as she gasps out opening her eyes wide. He notices her eyes looked glazed over and asks her, "You alright?"

She coughs and replies, "Please…help him… help her…"

"Easy there ma'am," Wolverine adds, "I take it you're Irene."

Irene reaches running her hands over Wolverine's face and mutters out, "It's… too late for me… you… you must help him…"

Wolverine gives her a baffled expression as he asks, "Him who, Allan? Where is he?"

Tears begin to run down Irene's face as she gasps for air again saying, "The other is baiting him… fueling his anger… you must stop him before it's too late…"

"Too late for what, hey." Wolverine asks just as she passes out.

Suddenly, he hears the sharp sounds of shocking strikes echoing in the distance. He picks up Irene and looks to the sounds and sees flashes of light just below the tree line about two thousand yards from his position. Wolverine looks down at Irene and decides to head back to the jet before investigating the lights. He trudges through the burnt field of dead trees with Irene lying limp in his arms. He gets to the clearing where the X-Jet and the fire officials are and calls out to them, "Hey, I gotta live one over here!"

Police and firefighters rush over to him as Wolverine lays Irene on the closest stretcher. They stop to look at him in his X-Men uniform and ask, "Wait a minute, who the hell are you?"

Suddenly Emma speaks up saying, "We asked him to come along. Mr. Logan here is with FEMA."

With a quick altering thought, Emma changes the police and firefighter's perception of him as they blink and see Wolverine dressed in a pair of blues jeans and a FEMA jacket.

He speaks out, "Get Irene to an ambulance and checked up, fast."

Firefighters move Irene to the closest ambulance nearby. Wolverine adds, "I'm headin' back into woods."

Sean asks, "What's up, you find something?"

Wolverine replies in a low tone, "Maybe, just keep things under wraps here."

Just before Sean can object to his orders, Wolverine quickly turns and sprints back towards the charred forest.

Looking into the bathroom mirror, Rogue almost feels as though she doesn't recognize herself. She runs her fingers through her hair then pulls it back in an attempt to tie into a ponytail. But the short length of her hairstyle prevents her from doing so. She then lightly grunts out as she feels the muscle pain in her right shoulder area. Despite her pain, she is in perfect physical shape, yet her emotions feel dry. Although she was told she was in a coma for only three days, deep down she feels she lived a lifetime as someone else. Rogue has become somewhat use to absorbing memories and would occasionally have dreams or brief flash backs of memories not her own. But these thoughts and memories were hers. Every sensation, aspiration, and desire, she remembers like she was still living that other life. She tries to force those thoughts away, trying to pass the feeling off as though she just moved from another place after being in one place for so long. But Rogue is overwhelmed by the sadness of the fact she did not want to be moved from that particular place, and now she feels lost. Her blank expression in the mirror reflects her mood as she is unsure where to go from here. Rogue gently massages her right shoulder looking down trying to ignore her reflection in the mirror. With the door slightly opened behind her, Kitty slowly peeks her head asking, "Rogue, you in here?"

Taking a quick deep breath, Rogue replies, "Yup, what's up Kitty." as she tries to sound up beat.

"Just came down to see how you were doing." Kitty remarks.

Rogue slightly smiles and says, "My shoulder still kinda hurts. Other than that, Ah'm fine, Ah guess."

Kitty looks at her right shoulder and mentions, "Wow, after like, what we heard about your wound, I'm surprised that you're even alive, thankful too."

Following Rogue from the restroom back into the infirmary, Kitty carefully watches her as she sets herself at the foot her bed silently. Rogue looks up at Kitty and asks, "So how're you feelin'?"

Kitty shrugs her shoulder and replies, "Good as can be. I get tired a lot faster than usual. Pretty much spend most of my time surfing the internet."

"Ah thought you'd be with Lance." Rogue says.

Kitty blushes and replies, "He and the Brotherhood are working out in the Danger Room. Besides, Evan said you could use some cheering up, or at least, someone to talk to."

Rogue sighs out, then bites her lower lip. Kitty notices her expression sadden a bit and glances over Carol, who tries to ignore them by reading her magazine. Kitty leans in closer to Rogue and asks, "You want to talk somewhere a little more private?"

Rogue nods in silence as they both stand up and quietly leave the infirmary.

The ground shakes slightly beneath their feet. Sean and Emma look at each other with concern, then over at the burnt out forest where Wolverine had ran into. Emma maintains her telepathic masking, disguising both of them as government wildlife officials. One of the firefighters comes trudging out of the ash filled and smoldering forest and approaches them demanding, "What the hell is going on? It feels like a volcano just erupted or something."

Sean glances at Emma then glances back at the ambulance where Irene is being treated for her injuries, then says, "We're just as in the dark as you."

The firefighter walks to one of the many service trucks and sits back along with the rest of his other fellow firefighters catching his breath. Sean surveys the area with stern eyes as Emma telepathically speaks to him, 'Mystique said to follow that guy's lead, Sean. Whoever this Wolverine person is, he knows what he's doing.'

Sean focuses his thoughts and replies, 'Still don't mean I have to like it.'

With a deep grunting growl, Wolverine dives into a roll dodging burning tree as it collapses. Rolling to his feet, Wolverine continues his motion and keeps running through the ashes and fire. He looks into the distance and sees rescue helicopters and airplanes passing over burning forest fires dumping water and other fire dowsing mixtures to halt the advancing inferno. His attention is caught again by the sounds of repeated impacts echoing from the dark charred forest. An occasional flash of light behind the tree line would partially illuminate the dead trees from behind. Wolverine starts to pick the pace into a full sprint as he approaches. His sharp sensing nose catches the smell of running water. His ears begin to hear the currents of a river nearby as the sounds of a battle become more coherent. Wolverine darts through the woods quickly then comes to opening by the bank of a river. The trees on both sides of the river bank suffered burning damage and lie dead. The river water washes ash and dead logs down its currents. Suddenly a bright explosion bursts out of the river splashing water high into the air. The force of the explosion knocks Wolverine off his feet as water splashes against him. He quickly gets his bearings back and hops back onto his feet. The river water slowly regains it's current from the violent occurrence and continues to flow freely. Wolverine can see a crater formed by the explosion slowly fill up with river water and joins the rest of the flow. The he notices someone slowly pulling themselves out of the water filling crater. Wolverine runs down to the river bank and realizes it's Allan. His uniform is ripped and severly tattered. His blood red helmet appears cracked as Allan slowly looks up. Wolverine sees the face mask part of Allan's helmet is shattered at the bottom partially exposing Allan's blood dripping mouth. Bending down to help him, Wolverine grabs Allan's left arm and drags him away from the river bank. Allan stumbles and falls to his knees causing Wolverine to let go. Allan coughs and spits out some blood as he grunts out, "What're you doing here?"

"I'm here to help out, kid." Wolverine replies.

Allan staggers to his feet as Wolverine helps and supports him. Breathing hard, Allan looks at him and remarks, "You have to leave…this fight…not over."

Wolverine suddenly hears a loud splash behind him by the river and turns to look. Walking out onto the river bank, he sees an ominous figure standing squared off. A somewhat tall slender looking male figure, donning what appears to be some form sparsely covering armor with a torn and tattered billowing cloak. The figure also shows signs of battle scoring as the armor seems dented and damaged. In a echoing voice that resonates around them, the figure speaks out, "This battle is futile, Allan the Vanguard. You may have the power to destroy me, but lack the knowledge to do so. Never the less, it has served its purpose. The titanic forces you unleashed in your attempt to destroy me, will attract others."

Allan glares at the figure through his heavily cracked helmet and replies, "I told you, don't start anything, that I would handle it!"

The figure adds, "And I had urged you to act, or I shall. And so I have. The source is no longer safe. Destroy it, or allow it to destroy this world. It matters not to me, for you know as well as I, their own petty differences will destroy them eventually. Such a world is unworthy of a pure source."

Wolverine glances at Allan, watching him breath heavily. Allan stands firm clearing his throat, then adds, "I still have hope." as he stares at the figure.

The figure falls silent as he stares at both Wolverine and Allan folding his arms. He then speaks up, "I sense your courage, Allan the Vanguard. I also sense your fears, you balance them well for a physical being. Perhaps I underestimated you. But now, forces have been set in motion that I cannot stop. I will cause no more interference on your quest to restore the balance to chaos and order. And an epic quest it shall be for you, Allan the Vanguard. The battle for this universe has just begun."

In flash of bright light, the figure repairs the damage to his attire, then streaks into the smoky night sky in a sharp arching light parting the smoke and clouds as it fade's into the sky. Allan and Wolverine watch with their heads looking up. "What does all that crap mean, Allan? What just happened? Who was that guy?" Wolverine asks.

Allan takes a deep breath and replies out loud , "That…was IIEN, the Negotiator. I... call him N for short. As in... Nitwit, Nagging Ninny, aNNoying bastard!" as he starts coughing.

"Easy, kid," Wolverine says, "I can tell you're upset, but it's over, relax."

Dropping to one knee, Allan catches his breath, and lightly coughs again. He removes his heavily cracked helmet and looks up at Wolverine saying, "N is a shape shifter, but to the extreme level, well beyond reason."

Wolverine kneels down to Allan's level and asks, "How extreme are we talkin'?"

Allan spits out a wad of saliva down to the ash and replies, "Anything from moons to simple ideal thoughts inside somebody's head. He's a pain in the ass to fight, even more of a pain to get rid of. I should've offed him a long time ago."

"Is he comin' back?" Wolverine inquires.

Breathing out, Allan replies, "No, we both made our points. If anything, he'll stick around just to see the outcome of things."

Allan breathes out heavily again, sitting back out of exhaustion. Wolverine grabs his shoulder and braces Allan up asking, "Whoa, Allan, you alright?"

Pausing for a moment, Allan smiles up at Wolverine with tired eyes and says, "Fighting someone that powerful... always burns me out. Just...uh...give me...give me...a minute or two."

Wolverine slowly stands up looking out over the tree line and remarks, "I don't think we got a minute or two, kid."

Allan looks up as Wolverine extends his metal claws out from both hands. Almost in ghostly manne, a large humanoid robot slowly hovers above them as it stealthly passes over the trees. The hulking machine floats above them as it seems to stand in mid air. Wind and dust kick up around Allan and Wolverine from the large bootsters under the robot's metal feet. Ash and debris blow around the two heroes as Wolverine stuggles to pull Allan onto his feet. The robot passes over them and lands a few yards behind thier position. They manage to get a better look at the hulking machine. Two glowing eyes peer out what looks like a large version of Magneto's T shaped visor helmet. It is colored head to toe in red trimmed with a mewtallic purple. Both large hands portrude sharp claws from each finger while two silver orbs seem to orbit the uppertorso. The humanoid machine stands nearly sixty feet tall as Allan looks up and staggers to stay on his feet. He remarks to Wolverine, "Ordinarilly, I'd probably think that was the coolest thing I've ever seen."

Without a word or warning, the maching holds out both hands toward the two and opens them pointing it's palms out. With a bright flash, two nearly solid beams of light fire from the lens like emmiter in the palms and come careening toward both Allan and Wolverine. Grunting out and grtting his teeth, Wolverine dives quickly to his left barely avoiding the bright red beam as it smashes into the ground oblierating the dirt. second beam finds it target as it hit Allan dead on. Allan grunts out as the beam push him back violently slamming into his entire body. His feet drag on the ground while the large laser blast knocks him back into the river. The robot closes it's hands and starts to advance toward Allan's position. Wolverine yells out, "Get on yer feet kid! It's still comin'!"

Allan, already exhausted from his battle with the entity, N, pulls himself slowly out of the muddy river and onto the far embankment. The large hulking robot lumbers toward him with Wolverine trying to catch up. Allan crawls up away from the river bank shaking his head, struggling to get to his feet. Unable to get his bearings Allan fails to notice the machine swinging it's clawed right hand at him. In a loud clanging swipe, the robot swats Allan hard off his feet and into the neighboring trees. Loud sounds of snapping lumber and branches echo as Allan crashes through the forest. Wolverine leaps at the robot's leg and buries his claws into the armor. He yells out as he starts to hack and slash at the armor. Suddenly one of the orbiting spheres slams into him knocking off the robot's leg. Wolverine tumbles and slides then comes to a halt on the river bank. He looks up and sees the two sphere land a couple yards in front of him. As the spheres open, Sabertooth and Pyro jumb out and ready themselves to attack. Wolverine quickly gets to his feet as Sabetooth remarks, "Let's dance, runt!"

Pyro points his flamethrowers and ignites a stream of fire at Wolverine. Without a thought, Wolverine dives into the river, avoiding the the flaming bombardment. Sabertooth grunts out, "You ain't gettin' away that easy, shrimp!" as he follows Wolverine into the river.

Both men are swept into the currents and are carries down river towards the raging forest inferno. Pyro watches as he is denied any of the action, saying, "Now that was lame!"

Allan grunts out again as the robot swings it's large foot kicking him solidly sending again colliding into the forest. His dense body snaps trunks and thick branches as he crashes through the woods. As Allan hits the ground, his body tumbles and rolls then finally comes to a sliding halt against a half buried boulder. Groaning out lightly, Allan slowly rolls to his side as the robot steps up and stand over him looking down. Magneto's voice electronically speaks out from the external amplifiers saying, "Behold, Allan Paran, my power over metal. This machine was designed to kill my people, now it is designed to kill you. You have fought off my Acolytes, now you face my Onslaught!"

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