X-Men Evolution NEXT


Hank quickly lumbers to the main computer room deep beneath the Xavier mansion. He is followed closely from behind by Mystique and Charles. As they enter the elaborate room of computer panels and monitors, Ororo turns to them from the main chair and says with concern in her voice, "We have a situation."

She turns back to the monitor and flips on the external speakers. Sean's voice speaks through, "… I repeat, we are being evacuated."

Mystique leans in and asks, "Sean, what's going on?"

Sean replies, "A SHIELD containment unit just showed up and are starting to clear the area. Emma and I have Irene, but we lost contact with Wolverine. He took off into the forest, and I think he may have run into some trouble. Even as we speak, SHIELD operatives are setting up gun emplacements pointing into the direction Wolverine ran to. I guess it's safe to say that Magneto fellow is here as well."

"What's Irene's condition, Sean?" Mystique inquires.

"Paramedics got her stabilized, but they think she has some internal bleeding some where." Sean adds, "Emma is trying to relax her mind. We're being told to leave though, and not to sound corny, but Wolverine has the keys to the jet. I don't know how to fly this thing."

Hank steps up and speaks, "Keep Irene calm until I get there." as he turns to Charles and asks, "With your permission Professor?"

Charles nods and replies, "By all means, Hank"

Mystique darts out, "I'm going with you. You're going to need help."

"That's why we're coming too." Lance's voice speaks up.

All four look to the door and see Lance and the Brotherhood walk in already geared up. Hank objects, "No Lance, I cannot allow any of you to endanger yourselves."

Pietro steps up and mentions, "Hey, the X-Men go on missions like this all the time. What makes us any different?"

Mystique remarks, "They have a point. They are the only ones at this school with remotely enough experience to deal with any opposition. And with the X-Men temporarily side lined, who else do you have? Remember, if Magneto is there, then so are his Acolytes."

Hank looks to Charles, who just grins at him in response to Mystique's comment. Sighing our, Hank finally says, "OK, fine. I'm treating this as a rescue mission, so let's not get out of hand. Am I making myself clear?"

Glancing at his friends, Lance smiles at Hank and replies, "Very clear."

"Then let's mount up troops." Hank says in a heroic tone.

Charles adds, "I will monitor you with Cerebro. Be careful, all of you."

Just as they are about to leave the computer room, the door slides open. Rogue walks through making final adjustments to her uniform. Hank sees her and tries to speak out in protest but is cut off quickly as Rogue demands, "This ain't up for debate. Two people I really care about are out there, Ah'm comin'."

Hank looks at Charles with concern. In a calm tone, Charles simply says, "Very well, Rogue."

"Thanks Professor." Rogue says as she smiles and follows the assembled team to the hanger bay.

Wolverine ducks his head under water quickly as the river current carries through another bundle of burning trees. He holds his breath underwater hoping to get clear of the inferno. He suddenly raises his head out of the water and gasps for air. Several downed and partially burnt trees float along side him. The river is wide and choppy as reaches out to grab hold of one the many logs in the current. As Wolverine flows with the current, he glances around and notices the forest fire burning out of control. He struggles to hang on to the log catching his breath and regaining his bearings after fighting the current. But just as he begins to calm himself, Sabertooth lunges out of the water from the other side of the floating log. Wolverine grits his teeth and ducks Sabertooth's swinging clawed hand. With the last of his exhausted strength, Wolverine counter attacks by swinging his left back fist out at Sabetooth's face while extending his three adamantium claws. The three blades slice through Sabertooth's face like warm butter causing the large man to let go of the log and draw back holding his face. He let's out a hideously painful yell as he splashes back into the flowing river. The ash and soot colored river now has a hint of red due to Sbertooth's bleeding wounds. Wolverine tries to regain his grip on the log, but realizes the current is getting stronger and choppier. He looks down river and notice the density of trees on both sides of the river banks are starting to get sparse. His keen hearing hears a loud rush of water over the flow of the river current. He mumbles to himself, "Waterfall." as he grips the log.

Wolverine takes a deep breath and pushes off the log as hard as he can and starts swimming to shore. He pushes through thick layers of burnt debris floating down the river with him. Wolverine glances down river again and sees a drop off approaching fast. He reaches out trying to grab anything solid to hold onto, but the river keep pushing him away. Suddenly, Sabertooth lunges out of the water again roaring out like a wild animal. He slams into Wolverine from behind, pushing him closer to shore. Taking advantage of the attack, Wolverine grabs onto an exposed tree root with Sabertooth gripping him from behind in a headlock. Gritting his teeth and snarling, Wolverine holds onto the root with his right hand, and tries desperately to loosen Sabertooth's hold, but can't get the leverage against the river current. Wolverine's grip begins to slip as he struggles against both the current and Sabertooth's relentless attack. All of a sudden, a long metal pole darts by Wolverine's head and jabs Sabertooth hard between the eyes. Grunting out in pain, Sabertooth's head jolts back from the strike as he let's Wolverine go. The river current carries him away fast. Wolverine suddenly loses his grip succumbing to the river. Much to his surprise, a large metal hand grabs his right arm and hoists him out of the flowing water. Sabertooth yells out like an animal once more as the current carries him over the waterfall. He plunges nearly a hundred feet into rough murky water down below, and is seemingly swallowed by the billowing mist. His roar echoes and fades into the heavy sounds of crashing water. Wolverine coughs and breathes heavily as he keels over on the river bank. Catching his breath and glances around him only using his eyes, a voice speaks down to him, "You a hard man ta follow, mon ami."

He spots two pair of feet standing around him. Gritting his teeth once more, Wolverine quickly gets to his feet and lunges out to his left. He grabs the person by his throat and shoves him up against a nearby tree. Wolverine glares at a grinning Gambit, as he extends the claws on his right hand. Gambit simply says, "Dis how you say thank you?"

Wolverine looks off to his right and sees Colossus towering over him with a glare. Releasing Gambit from his grip, Wolverine steps back catching his breath and asks, "Why'd ya fish me outta the river?"

Gambit continues to grin and shrugs his shoulders saying, "Gambit never did much like cats. Made da choice easy."

Wolverine sneers at him as Colossus remarks, "You're welcome, by the way."

Straightening his posture, Wolverine looks at both of them as what ever wounds he sustained heal right before their eyes. Retracting his right claws, he asks them both, "So, what's your deals? You two sidin' with us now?"

Gambit smiles replies, "Well, it was time for a new job. What's your dental plan like?"

Colossus shakes his head at Gambit's remarks and says to Wolverine, "We want to do what's right, for once. How can we help?"

Wolverine stares at both them, shifting his eyes from one to the other. He finally speaks up in a low tone saying, "Follow me." as he starts running back up the river bank with Colossus and Gambit following closely behind him.

Allan rolls clear of the large robot's foot as it tries to stomp him into the ground. He staggers to his feet, but stumbles down a hill into a small valley. The trees in this part of the forest haven't been burnt by the raging inferno, but begin to suffer none the less to the raging battle between Allan and Magneto's new weapon, Onslaught. In a loud amplifies tone, Magneto speaks out to Allan, "Your kind doesn't belong on our world, Allan. Nor do you belong on any world for that matter. You are a true abomination that should be purged from existence."

Taking refuge in the thick brush, Allan leans up against a tree breathing heavily. The Onslaught Sentinel lumbers through the trees glaring at the ground around it trying to target him. Still feeling burned out after his battle with N, Allan ducks behind the large tree trunk as the Onslaught Sentinel's spot light beam passes him by. A deep rumbling, and thundering sound resonates from the distant sky. Allan looks up at the sky s it starts to rain heavily. The falling water washes the dirt and grime off his face as he closes his eyes catching his breath. Magneto's words echo through his mind and despair begins to settle into his heart. Allan mutters to himself, "Abomination." as he looks down at his dirt smudged tattered gloves.

Magneto commands the Onslaught Sentinel from within its' heavily armored upper torso. Connected to his helmet, several interface wires give him absolute control over the large robots motor functions. In each hand, he grips control sticks that have multiple triggers commanding every weapon the Onslaught Sentinel carries. Magneto slowly rolls his head left to right moving the robot's sensor packed head trying to track Allan. With a quick adjustment to his sensor view, Magneto switches his visual from motion tracking, to starlight visual, then to infrared, then finally to heat tracking. The head of the Onslaught Sentinel slowly turns to its' right then stops as it finally tracks Allan's body heat leaning behind a tree. Magneto grins and speaks out again, "It would seem that battle you had with that other creature left you in a weakened state. Now you run in fear."

The Onslaught Sentinel holds out its' right hand opening the palm. The large emitter lens in the palm ignites as it fires a large red beam toward Allan's position. The beam digs deeply into the ground as it plows the ground towards Allan. Although aware of Magneto's attack, Allan makes no attempt to escape and allows the beam to hit him. The ground around him is obliterated as he is crushed into the dirt. Allan it's the ground face first as the heated beam hammers his dense body into the earth. He grits his teeth feeling the searing pain of the sustained attack. Then the Onslaught Sentinel closes its' right palm and lumbers toward him. The rain water steams off of Allan's body s well as the crater caused by the beam. The robot advances to Allan and raise its' right foot over him. Allan looks up and sees the large metal foot bearing down on him. With a loud thumping sound, Allan pushes himself off the ground using his legs and arms, hurling himself at the robots foot. Allan rams the underside of the Onslaught Sentinel's foot sending it jolting back. The force of Allan's charge sends the robot tipping backwards. Loud thrusting boosters on it's back and legs prevent the machine form hitting the ground as it corrects its' posture sliding back onto its' feet. Magneto grunts out against the sudden forceful attack as Allan leaps into the air hold his hands above his head. In a bright flash of red light, Allan radiates a solid beam of red energy above his head. The red light thrusts through the rainy clouds above parting them. Then Allan swings his arms downward bringing the beam down on the Onslaught Sentinel's torso. The red beam stretches far into the sky and horizon as it swings down on the robot. Magneto manages to maneuver the machine off to its' left causing the beam to cleave off the right arm. The hulking armored limb drops to the ground following Allan's red energy attack. Sparks flash out of the arm sockets as exposed wires and pistons are severed and rained on. The robot staggers against the sudden loss of weight but remains on its' feet as Allan land back down to the ground in a crouched position. He breathes out heavily gritting his teeth looking the damaged hardware.

Spotting the red beam of light off in the distance, Rogue points out, "Did ya'll see that! It's Allan!"

She then grunts out holding her sore right shoulder as she sits back in her chair. Hank glances over at her from the pilot's seats and says, "Calm down, Rogue, one thing at a time. Don't strain that shoulder of yours."

He maneuvers the X-copter low over the trees towards the clearing where the X-jet is grounded. A few yards away, SHIELD operatives work tediously in the drizzling rain preparing their weapon emplacements for attack. Hank brings the X-copter into a soft vertical landing despite being waved off by SHIELD security operatives. Opening the main hatch, the assembled team of mutants step out quickly and are immediately surrounded by SHIELD agents. Guns pointing and ready, one officer speaks out, "This area has been deemed a 'no fly zone' for the next twenty four hours by orders of the President of the United States. All of you are in direct violation of those orders and risk being shot on sight. Get back in your vehicle and leave the area now!"

The Brotherhood sneers at the SHIELD officer and step up to object. Hank notices their expression and signals them to remain calm. Then a sterner voice speaks up, "Stand down Lieutenant!"

The surrounding soldiers step back quickly as the officer turns around. Colonel Fury approaches and says, "It's alright Lieutenant, they're here to help. Get back to your posts and wait for my signal to attack."

The SHIELD operatives salute him and trot back to their posts. Colonel Fury looks at Hank and adds, "Unless you have another alternative to a uranium tipped artillery bombardment."

"Not at the moment Colonel." Hank replies, "But we are here to help."

Sean's voice calls out, "Mr. McCoy, over here!" as he runs up to him.

Mystique steps up and asks, "How's Irene, Sean?"

"Paramedics did all they could. She needs a hospital." Sean says.

Hank speaks up, "There aren't many hospitals within reach that can deal with mutant related injuries." As he looks at Mystique and adds, "I'll see what I can do. You stay with the Brotherhood, find Wolverine and Allan. Rogue, you stay with me."

When he doesn't get answer from her, Hank turns to look and finds Rogue is nowhere to be found. He calls out again, "Rogue!"

The others turn to look for her but can't find her anywhere near them. Mystique tells Hank, "Just take care of Irene, we'll handle this."

Hank nods and follows Sean through the rain to the X-jet. Colonel Fury looks at Mystique and says, "I've been given strict orders by the President to destroy the Tri-Sentinel. I'm giving your team an hour to go in and get your people out before I hit that thing with everything I got."

Mystique looks at her former pupils and remarks, "You all heard the man, let's move."

Colonel Fury signals one of his operatives to bring them one their many armored Humvees. They commandeer the vehicle as Lance takes the driver's seat saying with a grin, "I've always wanted to drive one of these."

With a loud rev of the engine, the Mystique and the Brotherhood charge into the woods.

Hank quickly dries his furry body off before entering the X-jet to check on Irene's condition. Sean remains outside standing under the jet for shelter from the rain. He watches SHIELD operatives hustle through the rainy terrain as the distant sounds of explosions and thunder reminds him of a grim war movie scene. Sean then sees Emma stepping out of the X-jet slowly. Her eyes seem focused as she joins him under the plane. With a grin he asks her, "What's eating you, Emma?"

She looks back at him with a blank expression and replies, "Something doesn't feel right, Sean."

Sean chuckles and remarks, "Woman, this whole situation don't feel right."

Emma glances around with her eyes and plainly says, "I'm going to have a look around."

"Emma, it's pouring." Sean mentions, "And you're not the type to trudge through the rain."

With that said, Emma casually walks out from under the X-jet and into the pouring rain. Sean watches her with a baffled expression and mutters to himself, "I guess there has to be something wrong for her to walk out in the rain with an eight hundred dollar white cape on."

Rogue double times her run as she moves through the smoldering forest. The landscape is blackened, and riddles with dead trees. The heavy rain turns the ashy ground into mud making it even harder for her to keep up her pace. Her uniform becomes soaked as the rain beats down on her. Rogue holds her sore shoulder, rubbing it while maintaining her advance. She is not quite sure where she is heading, but for some reason or another, she is confident she is heading in the right direction. Whether it's instinctive or intuitive, Rogue continues on her path. Despite the miserable weather coming down on her, she ignores all the obstacles as she succumbs to the desperation in her heart. She hops over downed trees and pushes through the rain as she comes to the river bank. The sound of a titanic struggle echoes from the distance. With the rain pouring down, the river current has gotten stronger pushing more ash and debris down stream. Splashing currents overwhelm her ears only to be overwhelmed by the sounds battle off in the distance. Rogue brushes her wet hair from her face and slowly walk down the now raging river. She looks for a way to cross but realizes the current is too strong no matter where she crosses. She feels the sense of desperation again and almost step into the over flowing river. Then Wolverine's voice yells out, "STOP!"

Rogue looks to her right and sees him running towards her with Gambit and Colossus following. She steps back into a defensive stance as Wolverine adds, "Relax, kid, they're with me."

Rogue glances at them with a confused expression. Gambit winks at her as Colossus nods. Wolverine asks her angrily, "What the hell are ya doin' here?"

Wiping the dripping rain from her face, Rogue replies, "Ah have to find Allan."

"Not a good idea, chere," Gambit remarks.

Rogue glares at him answering, "Nobody ask ya, swamp rat." as she cradles her sore shoulder.

Wolverine speaks up as he lightly places his hand on her shoulder, "Take it easy, Rogue. Looks to me the only thing you 'have' to do is get back to the institute before you make your injuries worse."

Slapping his hand off, Rogue darts out, "If you're not gonna help me, then get outta my way! Ah'll find him myself!"

"Whoa, what's this about, kid?" Wolverine inquires.

Rogue looks away and they stand out in the pouring rain in silencc. Wolverine can see her expression become saddened as she looks back up at him saying, "If Ah don't find him, Logan, he's not comin' back."

She steps away from them and faces the river rubbing her shoulder gently. Wolverine watches her as the rain drips off them and sighs out closing his eyes. With a steady tone in his voice, Wolverine says, "Colossus, we're gonna need a bridge to get across this river."

The large Russian replies, "I'm on it." as he transmute into his metal form and starts toppling nearby trees still standing.

Rogue looks back at Wolverine and smiles as he returns her smile with a friendly smirk.

Pyro stands on the side on the river bank, unsure of what to do as the rain pours down on him. He glances around with dumb blank expression on his face. The sounds of distant battle echo over the tree line. Pyro tries to make out what direction the sounds are coming from, but can't get his bearings. Shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders, he mutters out, "Great, now what."

At that moment, Pyro hears a loud engine rev as he turns to look. Much to his surprise, he sees a military armored Humvee leaping over the raging river. The wheels spin freely as the bulky vehicle arches over the fast flowing currents. Amidst the loud engine roar of the vehicle, Pyro can also hear voices screaming in terror as the large four wheeler touches down hard on his side of the river bank. The heavy treaded tires plow deeply into the muddy embankment as it slides to a stop a few yards ahead of him.

Popping the back hatch out, Blob climbs out complaining, "Dude! That really hurt!"

Exiting the vehicle from the four other armored doors, the Brotherhood and Mystique slowly step down to the muddy soil. Avalanche steps out of the driver's side with a confident smile as he chuckles out, "I told you guys this baby could make the jump!" as he playfully slaps the vehicle's front hood.

Quicksilver walks around the front and jabs Avalanche's shoulder asking, "You know how insane that was!"

Wanda steps around rubbing her neck adding, "Really uncool, Lance."

Toad hops out of the gun port on top of the vehicle and chuckles out, "Yo, what're you guys talkin' about? We made it! That was awesome!"

Mystique stretches her back and speaks out, "Alright, knock it off, all of you! We have less than hour, let's keep moving."

Pyro stands squared off to them and remarks out loud, "Well you're just in time for the barbeque boys and girls!" as he laughs and points his flame throwers at them.

The Brotherhood are caught off guard as they turn and look. Pyro grins and mutters to himself, "Finally, some action."

He triggers the flame throwers and laughs hideously. The Brotherhood flinch at first, but then stand baffled as nothing happens. Pyro looks at his flame throwers and triggers them again. A slight sputter and then a little smoke float out of the barrels. He slowly glances up at them with an innocent smile and says, "Oh boy, I… uh… I guess we were rained out."

Wanda glares at Pyro as she trudges through the muddy bank towards him. She slaps down his arms and decks him square across his left cheek with a right hook rather hard. Pyro topples back unconscious into the mud like a sack of potatoes. She mutters out as she looks down at him, "Punk."

Mystique and the other Brotherhood flinched as they watch her clock Pyro in a loud smack. She turns and looks at them with the same glare. Quicksilver asks, "You… ok Wanda?"

Taking a deep breath, she replies, "Our father has gone insane, Lance almost gave me a heart attack pulling a 'Dukes of Hazard' over a raging river, I'm up to my ankles in mud, and I'm standing out in the rain soaking wet! Do you think I'm ok!"

The boys quickly climb back into the armored vehicle as Mystique smiles at her saying, "Then let's get this day over with, and find the others."

They climb back into the Hummer and plow their way up the bank into the wooded area.

Emma casually walks about the military quartered off area. She looks with focused eyes at every individual she passes. The male SHIELD can't help but stop and stare at the sight of a beautiful platinum blonde young woman dressed in white getting soaked by the ensuing rain. Despite being drenched, Emma's blonde hair hangs elegantly as she passes by them. Her complexion glistens as water drops run down her fair cheeks. She can hear the many dirty thoughts coming from the men and some mean thoughts coming from the women. But one set of thought patterns are somewhat eluding hers, as if trying to hide. She allows her mind to drift towards the telepathic anomaly. Emma approaches the area where SHIELD had landed several of the helicopter gun ships. She notices several soldiers saluting a smaller gentleman not in uniform. She quickens her pace to catch up with the man, who seems to be eyeing the aircraft. With a more focused effort, Emma reaches out with her thoughts trying to probe his mind. The man stops and stands still as Emma grins and says, "Hello, Jason Wyngarde."

The man slowly turns around. Wearing a long trench coat with his hands tucked into his pockets. His black scruffy hair lies flat on his head wet from the rain. Emma adds, "I believe you are calling yourself, Master Mind these days."

He replies with a surprised expression, "Emma, what are you doing here?"

She continues to grin and answers, "Apparently, doing the same as you. Running from the Hellfire Society as well are you?"

Master Mind glares at her and says, "Don't get in my way woman."

"How rude, Jason." Emma remarks, "Then I forget, you never were a true gentleman."

"You can't challenge my power." he darts out as he focuses his thoughts at her.

Emma raises her psychic defenses as she focuses her mind against his. They glare at each other in silence as the rain pours. Their minds clash in an invisible battle as they each lightly grunt out. Emma grips her fist fists and pushes her mind harder at Master Mind. Stepping back, Master Mind struggles against Emma's telepathic assault. He begins to feel the sensation of pin and needles wash over his mind. Suddenly, Sean steps out from behind him and clocks Master Mind on the back of his head with a rifle butt. Master Mind's eyes roll back as he drops to his face into the wet soil. Emma then glares at Sean saying out loud, "How dare you interfere! I had him at my mercy!"

Sean picks up Master Mind's unconscious body off the wet ground and says, "Yeah, maybe, how about you tell that to them.' as he gesture behind her.

Emma quickly turns around and finds herself looking down the barrels of eight pistols, each pointed at her head. The SHIELD operatives holding the guns at her slowly blink their eyes and pull their guns away from her as they all look at each other with confused expressions. They holster their weapons and nod at Emma in a silent apology. Emma's expression is blank with her eyes very wide. Sean walks up to her carrying Master Mind by his belt and tells her, "His mind trick didn't work on me, thanks to your telepathic masking. You're welcome."

Sean walks by her carrying Master Mind to a group of SHIELD agents. Emma wipes the rain from her face and clears her throat replying, "Yes, well, I was getting to that. Thank you."

Looking back at her, Sean chuckles and smiles as Emma joins him securing their new prisoner.

Rogue follows Wolverine's lead with Gambit and Colossus. Off in the distance, titanic sounds of battle echo through the area. Every thundering clap from the battle males Rogue somewhat flinch as her expression gets more desperate. Gambit glances at her and asks, "You weren't expectin' a picnic were you, chere?"

Rogue keeps her eyes straight ahead following Wolverine. Her silence brings a smile to Gambit as he adds, "So, what's dis Allan to you anyway. Dis a serious thing or what?"

Rogue let's her mind drift as Gambit's questions echoes in her mind. She thinks back to the conversation she and Kitty had just before she left on this mission. She never dwelled on the word 'serious' until her coma. After telling Kitty all the details of that other life she either dreamed or foresaw, Kitty asked the same question, "So, are these feelings between you and Allan serious?"

Sitting out in one of the many private gardens of the Xavier estate, Rogue takes a deep breath and replies to her, "Ah think so, Ah mean Ah'm not sure. That… vision, everythin' about it, the scents, feelings, felt all real. It's not like the other memories Ah've absorbed before, these were mine. My life, a future life or somethin' like that. God Ah'm so confused right now."

Rogue buries her face in her hands as she leans forward. Kitty's expression saddens as she lightly bites her lower lip then asks, "How do you feel about him, Rogue?"

Staring up at Kitty's youthful face, Rogue smiles in silence. Kitty Shares her smile and nods saying, "I'm no expert when it comes to these things, but you better like, tell him before its too late."

Rogue's thoughts gradually drift back to her current predicament, following Wolverine through a rainy forest with Gambit's voice repeating his question, "Well, tell Gambit, is it serious or not?" he asks with a smile.

She blink her eyes as rain drops fall on her face and replies, "Keep your nose outta my business, Remy."

Gambit grins raising his eyebrows as he, Rogue and Colossus follow Wolverine up a wooded hill. They approach a somewhat clearing near the top and find themselves looking down into a valley. Signs of battle ravage the wet rainy ground ahead of them as the sounds of thundering clashes become more apparent. Wolverine darts off to his left following the sounds as the other three are quick on his heels. They suddenly stop overlooking a disastrous clearing down another part of the valley. Open grounds of fallen trees riddle the rainy valley floor along with large dug out craters of missed cannon blasts. Standing tall in a billowing cloud of mist and smoke, they see the hulking figure of the sixty foot tall Sentinel. It's right arm apparently cleaved off, but still functional as the arm floats about and around the main body. Gambit points down the hill and says, "Look, dere he is!"

Running down the hill side charging towards the large machine, Allan maneuvers through the debris field of fallen trees and leap off the ground in a loud thud. He hurls his body at the Sentinel's mid torso and rams it with his shoulder. The blow staggers the large humanoid machine sending it slide backwards into a group of thick trees. Allan leaves a deep indention in the armor as he proceeds to hammer his fists at the robot's battered hull. The floating severed arm swings its' clawed fist at Allan swatting him out of the sky, sending him slamming face first onto the wet ground. With its' right arm continuing to float around it, the Sentinel staggers to stay on its' feet appearing to be dazed by Allan's relentless attack. Wolverine says out loud, "Alright let's move! Gambit, Colossus, give me some cover. And I mean like some heavy artillery cover fire. Rogue and I will grab Allan and get clear!"

They split into groups of two preparing their next moves. Colossus uproots a couple of trees and tells Gambit, "Charge these up." as he grins at him.

Gambit also grin as he touch the tree trunk in Colossus's hand. With his mutant ability to kinetically charge any inanimate object, Gambit ignites the tree in glowing energy. Colossus grunts out as he hurls the glowing tree toward the Sentinel like javelin. The tree slams into the upper torso of the armored giant and explodes causing it to stagger oof to its' left. Wolverine and Rogue maneuver their way to Allan as Colossus and Gambit continue to bombard the robot from afar with explosive trees. Allan struggles to pick himself up, trying to push up with his arms, but gives into his exhaustion collapsing to the muddy ground. Wolverine shuffles to him with Rogue as they both grab his arms and pull him out of the ground. Allan raises his head glancing at them and mutters out, "Nno… leave… me here… run…"

Wolverine grunts out, "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that kid. We don't leave anyone behind."

Rogue looks at Allan with grave concern asking, "What's wrong with him, Wolverine?"

"He burned himself out in a previous fight, then Magneto showed up." He replies.

They carry him under each arm to secluded spot away from the battle and lay him down behind some rock. Allan struggles to sit but is pushed back down by Wolverine telling them, "You two stay here and keep you heads down." as he sprints back into the fight.

Allan pushes himself up then suddenly stumbles over into Rogue's arms. She staggers as she tries to support his weight grunting out, "Dang it Allan! Quit bein' stubborn and just lay still!"

Rogue flinches as her sore right shoulder throbs with pain. Allan sees her painful reaction and quickly places his hand on her right shoulder. She feels a warm sensation radiate over the sore area as Allan's hand glows brightly. She quickly opens her eyes then slaps his hand off her shoulder saying, "No Allan, you have to conserve your energy. Don't worry about me."

Allan replies sounding out of breath, "Just... who I am." as he sits up on his knees.

Rogue sits with him and smiles holding his unshaved face saying in a soft tone. "AH know, babe. That's why Ah love you."

Looking into her eyes, Allan smiles as she embraces him passionately kissing him deeply. Allan reciprocates her affection holding her tightly.

Colossus and Gambit scramble if different directions avoiding the wide red laser blast form the Sentinel's left hand. Gambit tucks and rolls grabbing rocks and sticks charging them up then hurling them at the robots battered hull. The tiny explosions distract Magneto's attention long enough for Wolverine to leap onto the head casing of the large machine and begin slashing into the thick armor. Colossus leaps on the head with him and helps him tear shards of metal from the head casing. Suddenly, both men are lifted into the air like stiff dolls as Magneto's voice speaks out, "Master of Magnetism you fools! Your own bodies betray you!"

Wolverine and Colossus struggle against the invisible magnetic force that suspends them into the air, but to no end as they float helplessly. Gambit charges anything he gets his hands on and bombards the Sentinel. The machine stands firm and looks down at him as Magneto speaks out, "Your betrayal will not go unpunished, Gambit. You'll not know death until you've felt enough pain."

The Sentinel suddenly opens two hatches over its' shoulder revealing multiple missiles. With out a warning, it launches ten lethal warheads at Gambit. The missiles streak towards his position as he ducks for cover. With an erratic jolt, the missiles suddenly veer off course and fly over his head hitting the ground further away. Explosions and debris scatter around him as Gambit looks up and realizes he's alive. Looking up at the other side of the valley, he sees Wanda holding out her hands standing on top of a armored military vehicle. Avalanche, Blob and Quick Silver charge down the hill into battle as the Sentinel turns to face them. Toad pops out on the top gun port and mans the top mounted machinegun. With a loud rattling sound, Toad riddles the Sentinel with hail storm of bullets giving his friend enough cover to get in close. He smiles with satisfaction as he says, "Now this what I'm talkin' 'bout, yo!"

Avalanche focuses a shockwave beneath the Sentinel's Large metal feet caving in the ground. The large humanoid machine sinks into the muddy earth up to its' knees. Blob charges towards it yelling out as he throws his whole weight against the chest area of the robot. The sudden attack forces the Sentinel's knees to buckle and lean back as it is pushed down. Wolverine and Colossus drop out of the sky as Magneto loses concentration. Reverting to his human flesh form, Colossus picks up Wolverine and shuffle them to the side. Mystique runs down to them asking, "Did you run into Rogue? Where's Allan?"

Wolverine points and says, "They're tucked away in the woods."

Mystique runs off in the direction Wolverine pointed to as the battle continues. The Sentinel stands back up shrugging off the surrounding attacks. It's armor damaged by massive bombardments, yet it still manages to function. Magneto's voice speaks out to them, "You side yourself with the abomination, then you all will suffer his fate as well!"

Quick Silver speeds up to Wanda and remarks, "Is it me, or does that not sound like father?"

She replies, "You're right, Pietro. He sounds nuts."

Toad pops out of the Gun port again saying, "Then let's crack that nut open." As he pull out a shoulder mounted missile launcher. He smile at Wanda and Quick Silver chuckling out, "Check it out, a TOW missile."

Toad squeezes the trigger and launches the missile toward the Sentinel. The force of the launch knocks Toad off the top of the Humvee sending the missile waving wildly into the air. It spins and spirals it's way then slams into the Sentinel's exposed right shoulder missile racks. The impact detonates the remaining three missiles inside in a loud explosion tearing though a good portion of the upper torso. The Sentinel staggers off to it's left as the blast knocks it to the ground. Inside the armored cockpit of the machine, Magneto grunts out loudly being jolted violently as his machine collapses. Quicksilver looks around at Toad, who lays unconscious from his fall, and says, "Nice shot."

Wolverine yells out, "Everybody! Gut the sucker!"

Following his lead, Gambit, Colossus and the Brotherhood throw everything they have at the machine, bombarding it from every of metal chip off the thick armored hide of the Onslaught Sentinel as the assault escalates. Depsite thier efforts, the machine still manages to slowly stand up. The shards of metal liftoff the ground and begin to spin around the heavily battered machine. Magneto forms a hurricane of sharp metal spiraling around the Sentinel forcing the gathered force of mutant to dive for cover in all directions. Quick Silver manages to dive behind Blob, who stands his ground against the hail storm of sharp metal. Although he is pretty dense, the sharp fragments manage to lightly cut and scratch him. A lond spike like metal shard find it's target piercing Avalanche's right leg. He yells out in pain and drops to the ground holding his leg. Wolverine dives for cover but his nailed in his back by numerous dart size metal shards. The fragments stab him deeply pushing him to the ground. Colossus steps in front of Wanda trying to block the storm of metal raining down on them. He manages to block majority of the fast flying sharp metal with his own metal body, but a few slip by slicing by Wanda's legs and arms. She yipes out as she is forced to the ground as well. Without losing beat, Magneto raises the Onslaught Sentinel's left palm and fires the laser at Colossus. The solid beam of heated light slams into the metal Russians dense body like a freight train. Colossus grunts out loudly as his body is flung back over Wanda and into the nearby trees behind him. His hard metal body snaps and crushes trees as he crashes through to the ground nearly a hundred feet away from the battle. Gambit manages to follow Quick Silver's lead taking cover behind Blob and remarks, "Well, Gambit hopes, someone here gotta plan B."

Mystique makes her way to where she was told Rogue and Allan were. She takes quick glance around looking for them, then finally comes up to a small indention behind some half buried boulders. There she sees Rogue and Allan locked in an intimate embrace. She speaks out, "So I guess this means you two are alright."

The sudden sound of Mystique's deep voice surprises Rogue as she let's Allan out of her embrace. Rogue stands up and helps Allan to his feet. Allan asks, "How're we doing out there?"

Mystique glances back at the fight and replies, "It doesn't look good, Magneto just got his second wind. It's only a matter time before he comes after you again."

Allan stands on his own and straightens his posture saying, "Then I guess it's time I finish this once and for all."

Rogue expression grows concerned as she pleads to Allan, "Allan you can't, you're exhausted. You look like you haven't rested in days."

"I've only been showing him me," Allan remarks, "It's time I showed him what the Vanguard really is."

Allan starts walkinghis way back into the fight as Mystique and Rogue follow.

Wolverine drags himself into a crater taking covers from the spinning cloud of metal shards orbiting the large Onslaught Sentinel. The others fall back for thicker cover ducking behind huddle trees and large embedded boulders cradeling wounds they sustained from the hurricane of metal. ALlan steps up to the large whirlwind of sharp metal glaring at the battered machine in the center on the storm. Rain continues pouring down making the area more miserable. Allan calls out, "You want me Magneto? Here I am!" as he stands firm.

The metal shards raisn down on Allan like locusts. Loud metal clanging and sparks dance around as the metal shards ricochet off of Allan's super dense frame. Allan maintains his stance as he glare at the hulking machine. Magneto speaks out, "Admit defeat at the hands of a superior race, Allan. Without your great abilities, You'd just be another sapien."

Allan replies, "Your no more superior than I am. But if it's true power you want to see, then don't blink."

Rogue and Mystique get to the battle clearing just as Allan body begins to glow brightly and angelic like. His eyes radiate red as his chest flashes out a bright star. Allan charges forward at the robot with his body glowing bright. Then in a sudden blur of distorted light, he flies into the upper torso of the Onslaught Sentinel. Allan streaks seemingly through the machines chest as the blurring light appears to penetrate the the armor, but yet do no damage. Then in a violent show of brute force, Magneto is ripped through the back of the Sentinel's body. A large gapinghole forms through the chest of the humanoid machine as metal chunks and wires pour out from the insides. Under such force, Magneto's arms and legs snap and break causing the white haired man to yell out in extreme pain. The remains of the once prototype Sentinel collapses into a pile of battered junk as Allan throws Magneto to the ground. His body still attached to certain wires and panels that were once the cockpit of the robot, Magneto lays limp looking up at Allan's glowing apparition. His eyes glare down at the broken man with an intense red glow. Trying to move his broken arms coware away, Magneto grunts out loudly in pain. He lies still to avoid his pain, but Allan reaches down and grips Magneto's uniform and hoists him up into the air. The energy raiating from Allan's star bright body nearly blinds and burns him as Allan speaks out in a echoing tone," YOU'VE ALLOWED YOUSELF TO BE MANIPULATED BY YOUR OWN OBSESSIONS AND FEARS. NOW, YOUR OBSESSIONS AND FEARS WILL BE YOUR EXECUTIONER."

Allan eyes flash bright as a halo of red energy envelopes Magneto. His body spasms in Allan's glowing grip. Just then Pietro's voice pleads to Allan, "Allan wait! Please don't kill him!"

Allan lowers Magneto a bit and glances his red glowing eyes at the young speedster mutant. Pietro limps over to them holding up Wanda. Allan looks at both siblings with a cold red glowing glare. Wanda begs, "Please don't kill our father, please."


Wanda adds, "We know he's not perfect, but he's still our father. Please." as tears drip down her cheeks.

Allan slowly dims his body back to his common human form. His eyes fade back to normal as he holds Magneto firmly in his hands. Looking at Magneto with a cold stare he says, "You have this one chance for redemption oldman. So listen closely. All of this is your fault, make no mistake about that. You gave into a power that invaded your mind, preying off of your ambitions, and fears. You felt the struggle in your head but probably passed it off as weakness. I want you to look at your kids. They beg for your life. You decided to let your fears consume you, and it nearly killed them. I feel your conflicting thoughts, that's not weakness. Fight your ambitions, face your fears, and embrace your future." as Allan gestures to Pietro and Wanda.

The struggle in Magneto's mind subsides as the memoreis of his kids flood his thoughts. He begins to cry as Allan gently releases hiim to the ground. Pietro and Wanda limp over to him and hug him. Magneto embraces his two kids despite the pain of his broken arms as he cries. He feels a great weight lifted off his chest as his mind suddenly becomes clear once more. Looking up at Allan, Magneto smiles with tears iun his eyes. Allan steps back sighing out as Wolverine walks up to him. His uniform somewhat shedded on some parts, but all his wounds healed completely. He nods at Allan with smile while the other Brotherhood members slowly come out hiding. They each cradle a wound of some kind, but are all relieved that the battle is over. Rogue runs over to Allan as Mystique picks up her communicator and speaks into it, "Colonel Fury, call off your artillery strike, the Tri-Sentinel has been neutrilized."

Wolverine smirks at Allan and remarks, "That was some speech kid."

Rogue tries to embrace Allan, but he just looks at her with a content smile, then shuts his eyes as he collapses to his knees. She cries out, "Allan!"

But he slumps forward onto his face flopping into the muddy ground. Rogue leans over on him and feels his forehead. Wolverine crouches down to him as well as Rogue looks at him with a panic like concern expression stating, "Logan, he's so cold!"

Remaining calm, Wolverine picks up Allan and hoist him over his shoulders and orders out, "Alright, let's get the injured back to the institute fast."

Wanda asks, "What about our father?"

Wolverine says, "He comes with us too."

"SHIELD won't like that one bit." Mystique remarks.

Wolverine grins and adds, "Trust me, I'm used to that."

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