X-Men Evolution NEXT


Standing firm, wearing only a pair of jeans and a green drab t-shirt, Allan faces countless numbers of ominous figures, remaining silent as they each have words with him. They each stare at him like lifeless statues, radiating energy of all sorts. A multitude of unique features they each have, features Allan has grown accustom to seeing. It wasn't always so, especially at the beginning. Beings of such magnitude only existed in his imagination until his power came full circle. Allan curses the day of his full power manifestation. While other beings similar to him sometimes rejoice at the prospect of such a 'rebirth', Allan views his introduction to the cosmos as a big slap in the face. That fateful day was neither glamorous nor dramatic, it was simply spontaneous. The first step of his morning jog sent him hurdling through 120 miles of thick forests and mountainous terrain at an extremely high rate of speed. Allan remembers the sensation of his first unofficial flight destruction plowing through national parks and camp grounds. Even to this day he is amazed no one was killed or hurt by his hurdling indestructible body. He felt as though he was the center of a very large practical joke. Allan always thought it must have looked ridiculous to see his body being flying out of control like an idiot, smashing a gap through the forest, then coming to an abrupt stop as he smacks flat on his back upside down against a rocky cliff side of nearby mountain. He would have been alright with the land, accept for the fact the impact of his body slamming against the mountainside caused massive landslide that came smashing down on his already sore body, burying him up to his neck several tons of solid rock and dirty. It was this day that Allan came face to face with the 'First Beings of Existence'. Allan remembers his remark as he glanced at the many unique figures that surrounded him, 'So much for my relaxing get away.'

So marked a new chapter in his life, and the second coming of the Vanguard.

One by one, The 'First Beings' speak to him, "Physical death was inevitable." "Fate demanded retribution." "It is not our place to judge you for your actions." "The vastness of your powers is near limitless." "But your humanity grants you certain limitations." "You stand at the thresh hold of physical existence and ascension." "You must not foolishly endanger own physical existence." "To do so blindly put all at risk." "Maintain vigilance of the dangers to come." "A single battle has been won." "But the war for this universe has just begun."

Allan stands silently as they each walk past him and slowly vanish into the visually warped surroundings. All but one, a being Allan has come to know well during his time as the Vanguard. A tall figure with a billowing cloak that seems to flow in almost every direction, he towers over Allan at almost eight feet tall. One side of his featureless complexion is covered by a solid and seamless face plate revealing only a single glowing eye. Though he doesn't seem to possess a mouth, his voice resonates all around Allan, "In all the eons that I have existed, you have been my greatest student, Allan. Your resourcefulness and creativity have served you well. Not just during your training, but in all practical aspects in your duties as the Vanguard. Now, more is being asked of you, and you must endure all the sacrifices to come. None of us can hope to understand what emotional traumas have been forced upon you, for we have all existed beyond the limits of the physical for far too long. But know this before you let despair overwhelm your human heart, you have exceeded all our expectations. And if I were to feel pride as a teacher, it would be this day."

The tall being places his large armored clad hand on Alan's shoulder as the air around flash brightly in glow of white angelic light. Allan opens his eyes and finds himself overlooking the coastal cliff side of the Xavier estate. He stands barely a foot from the edge facing the cove. The sounds of splashing waves and seagulls echo around him as he takes a deep breath. The altering perception of reality when ever he speaks to the 'First Beings' always temporarily spins his senses. Allan rubs his face with both hands and steps away from the edge.

It had been nearly three weeks since Irene's funeral. Allan turns to look down at the plot where they laid her to rest. A lone headstone with several groupings of flowers around it overlooking the sparkling coast mark Irene's final resting place. It is the first time Allan had been to her memorial. With his body and strength nearly burned out, he had been bed ridden for days after he regained consciousness, and missed the funeral service. But even then, he sought solitude from the others, barely speaking a word to anyone. Communication with the 'First Beings' had been the first time Allan used his powers since he awoke. Even now, he makes an effort to avoid the others, out of shame. Allan stares at Irene's grave and speaks, "Magneto called me an abomination. Maybe he was right, I don't know. The last thing I ever wanted in my life was to hurt anyone. Now it seems like it's the only thing I'm good at. I hurt the one person you and I care for. How does one even begin to ask forgiveness for something like this? Boy if my dad could see me now. He'd probably say, 'Hoy, Allan, next time duck.'" as he chuckles a bit.

Allan sighs out and continues, "I never knew my mother. She died giving birth to me. Not a good way to start off your life, being responsible for your own mother's death. Dad keeps telling me it wasn't my fault. She gave it her all to bring me into the universe, and here I am now. Dad always called her tough cookie. I guess she had to be if she had to carry my lazy butt around for nine months."

Clearing his throat and taking another deep breath, Allan adds, "Anyways, I, uh, I came here to get some air and pay my respects. I've never been really good at this stuff. Honestly, you'd think I'd be used to dealing with… death. Being who and what I am, it sort of comes with the job. It never gets easier, especially now. I'll make this solemn promise to you. I will take care of Rogue, with all my heart. She will never be alone."

The halls of the Xavier Institute slowly begin to bustle with sounds of normalcy. Charles wanders the halls watching his young students move about the large house. They seem to be adapting well to the new schedules that were worked out so that classes could resume. And though not all agreed to the arrangement, Charles decided to allow Mystique's cohorts, Emma and Sean to remain at the institute until they can figure out their next move. Even his decision to allow Eric to stay until his wounds heal was met with verbal disagreements. Charles's decisions seem to have been accepted, and life goes on throughout the estate, despite the recent loss. Now his only concerns are the evolving powers of one of his prized students and the broken heart of another. Approaching Rogue door, Charles slows his wheel chair and contemplates knocking. He can still feel her strained emotional thoughts echoing through his mind. Ordinarily, he would not allow his mind to probe his students without their permission. But Rogue has isolated herself in her room, only to come out eat or use the bathroom. Kitty has tried to convince her to at least come out for some fresh air, but Rogue just engrosses herself in one of the many books in her room ignoring the plea. Charles decides to finally intervene as he knocks on her door. "Rogue, may I enter?" he asks out.

The door opens with Rogue slightly tilting out. She smiles and replies, "Sure Professor."

She opens the door and leaves it open as Charles slowly rolls in behind her. Rogue climbs back on her bed and sits Indian style pulling a book onto her lap. Looking at with concern, Charles asks, "Would you like to join the other X-men outside, Rogue? Logan is leading them in some calisthenics to help rebuild their strength. It is a beautiful day."

Rogue shrugs her shoulders and says, "Ah think Ah'll pass, Professor. Ah'm just not up for anything like that right now."

"If I may, Rogue," Charles remarks, "it is not healthy for you to coop yourself up in your room like this. Everyone is worried for you."

Nodding her head, Rogue replies, "Ah'm fine, Professor. Ah just hadn't much alone time for myself since Ah joined the X-men. The timin' just seemed appropriate, you know?"

Charles smiles at her and says, "You must have picked some residual personality thoughts from Allan when your minds were connected. Those were almost the same exact words he used when I suggested he do the same."

"Well, Ah guess that explains why he's not talkin' to me much." Rogue mentions.

"Rogue," Charles speaks up, "Allan feels extremely guilty for what happened. He blames himself and has been talking about leaving the Institute indefinitely."

Hearing those words, Rogue looks back at Charles with a concerned expression as he adds, "I just thought you should know."

Rogue clutches her book in her lap as Charles turns to leave. He then glances back at her just as he reaches the doorway and says, "One last thing, Rogue. Irene made a sacrifice for you, do not let that be in vain. She would not have wanted you to let the world pass you by. In Allan's case however, you are allowing a whole universe to slip through your fingers."

Charles gives Rogue a look of hope, then turns heading out of her room. Rogue takes a deep breath while closing her eyes. She slides off her bed side and walks up to the window to watch Logan instruct the other X-men in muscle strengthening exercises out on the grassy area. They each struggle against their muscle fatigue as they follow Logan's stretching routine. Occasionally they would each fall due to a buckling limp or an off balanced stance. The sight of them stumbling over and giggling at each other brings a slight smile to Rogue's face. Evan stands off to the side and assists any them when they need help to get back up. She thinks to herself, how nice it is to see the whole team back together again. Hank walks by to check on their progress then moves on busying himself with something on his clipboard. Out by the drive way, she also sees Remy and Piotr walking around the grounds. Remy notices her in the window and playfully waves at her. She smiles and rolls her eyes as she looks in another direction. Life is slowly starting to get back to normal it seems, and finds her eyes looking out and around for one particular person, who has managed to avoid direct conversation with everyone aside from the Professor. Rogue quickly turns from the window and begins to change out of her pajamas.

Allan holds a CD out in front of him with a determined stare. With a subtle spark of red energy, the CD begins to glow and spin suspended in the air. Allan steps away and holds out his hands gesturing to the trees around him. Trees also begin to slightly glow with the same red energy. A humming sound resonates from the glowing foliage as the sound of ambient music echoes around him. Near angelic mixtures of digital ambient beats reverberate from the energized trees as music seems to surround the immediate area. Allan steps into center of the comfortable clearing he had found in the neighboring forest by the Xavier Institute and seats himself down on a soft grassy patch. Next to him are several types of sketching pencils, pens and other utensils. He pulls a large drawing pad into his lap and begins to engross himself in a new imagery project. Allan's hand dances over the large drawing pad as he pushes and pulls the sketch pencil across the paper forming curved lines and strokes. It is a form of meditation for him and a test of control. With his power over all energy, he regulates the ambient music that resonates around him like his own personal orchestra. As he draws, he must be ever vigilant of his strength. With his body super charged with all forms of cosmic energy, Allan could easily crush the fragile sketch pencil to near atoms. A real challenge he thinks to himself. Especially for an artist determined to get vision across on paper. Without thinking, Allan left drawing hand begins sketching at a blurring speed. In a manner of minutes, what started out as a large image of sketchy lines and curves, turns into a fully detailed profile of a person. Allan holds up the tip of his sketch pencil and sharpens the tip using his power over energy to get a precise perfect point. He begins to touch the image and begins to smile at his work as he leans back on the grassy patch he sits on. Sighing out, Allan seems satisfied with his piece, but he feels it came too easily for him. He remembers his days as a young art school grad. The education system is somewhat different if not a bit advanced compared to this world. For him, graduating college at age eighteen is pretty common. And if one can afford it, a Masters degree can be reached within less than a year. A lot of hard work went in to his degrees, and he remembers the pain he use to feel in his left hand after hours of inspired sketching. The feeling of indented pain on his fingers from the pencils and pens he constantly used. He remembers the resistance and friction the utensils had when drawn onto the substrate. Even as his hand would hurt, he would soldier on and complete each drawing. Then he would celebrate and marvel at his newest creation, a testimony that he could conquer his human limitation and produce pure art. But now, Allan no longer has that limitation, no longer has that challenge, and he misses every tiring sensation from them.

The ambient music saturates Allan's immediate surroundings with echoing digital beats as he relaxes and gazes at his newest drawing with a somewhat blank expression. His attention is caught as he looks up to see Allison trudging through the brush towards him. He stands up brushing off the grass that has clung to him and greets her, "What's up Allie?"

Allison walks into the forest clearing and glances around at the glowing trees remarking, "Neat trick, using the trees as speakers. You'd save yourself a bundle of cash if you played gigs in the woods."

Allan replies, "Well, trees are a natural sound barrier. My dad lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I use to do this a lot when I would visit him."

Walking up to the grassy patch, Allison smiles at Allan and says, "It's really good to see you up and about. I've never seen you sick or hurt before. And to see you, on your... your death bed, it kind freaked me out."

"I wasn't trying to freak anybody out," Allan replies, "I was trying to save a life, and I failed. Sucks to be me."

Allison grins at him at first, then her expression slowly softens a she stares at him in silence. Allan grins back at her and is just about to say something sarcastic to her when he notices her eyes beginning to glisten. Her facial expression almost becomes pouty as she takes a deep breath. Allan speaks up, "Um... Allison, I think..."

Just then, Allison darts out, "Aw the hell with it!" as she quickly steps up and embraces him lovingly, locking her lips onto his. She wraps her arms around Allan's head as she kisses him passionately. Allan reciprocates at first, mostly out of surprise. The familiar sensation of her lips pressed against his nearly overwhelms his senses as she also darts her tongue into his mouth. Her tight embrace, the warmth of her body, and the scent of her tanned skin floods his mind with intimate memories. Allan catches himself about to share her embrace and instead, places his hands on waist. With a slight push, Allan carefully forces her away. Allison's lips slowly part from Allan's and he whispers out, "Allison, no."

She takes a deep breathe as she says, "I know, I'm sorry. I... I just had to get that out of my system."

Allan falls silent and looks at her. Allison looks back at him saying, "I've been wanting to do that the moment I saw you again."

Looking down, Allan says, "Look Allison, I'm..."

"I know Allan," Allison says cutting him off, "You and Rogue, I know. I can't help the way I feel, Allan. I thought I could get over you and move on. But that is so easier said than done. And just imagining you with someone else, it makes me crazy."

Allan smile at her reaches up with his left hand caressing her soft cheek. Allison turns her face into the palm of his hand as she lightly grabs hold and kisses it. Allan chuckles out, "Do you know what I did, after I saw that guy walk out of your apartment that morning?"

Allison slightly looks away out of embarrassment as Allan continues with a smile, "I went and made three hundred bucks out at the junkyard helping the wreckers crush cars with my bare hands. Not an unhealthy way to vent anger, but then again, people like us can't afford to go crazy."

Allan adds as Allison looks up at him with a saddened expression, "Look, it wasn't easy getting over you, and it sure as hell didn't happen over night either. I still care for you, more than you'll ever know. But I had to face the fact we were gradually drifting apart. You were going places I couldn't nor wanted to follow, and I didn't want to hold you back. It's really easy to be greedy when it comes to you. But the world needs to hear your voice, not just me."

Allison grins at him saying, "You know, its' talk like that, that got me hooked in the first place."

Allan shares her grin and remarks, "It's just who I am."

Glancing down at his drawing pad, Allison sighs out as she reaches down and picks it up. She looks at the detail of image he had drawn and says, "So, you and Rogue, huh? Definitely not just a summer fling I see." as she turns the pad around showing Allan is own work.

The image is a large portrait of Rogue looking off to the side standing by the bay. The detail of the background is intricate, but pales in comparison to the details worked into Rogue's image. Every contour and emotion was capture from memory when she and Allan shared a quiet moment on the pier. Allan even captured the slight breeze that gently blew through her hair and dress adding a bit of drama to the whole sketch. Allan smiles and chuckles saying, "She is fun to draw. Lots of accessories."

"Well, " Allison says as she smiles placing the drawing pad down, "she is a lucky girl. Are you gonna tell her how you feel or what?"

"I don't know if I should," Allan replies, "I haven't exactly been good for her health lately."

"Guys are like candy, Allan," Allison remarks, "You all taste sweet and come in different shapes. But too much can rot your teeth. The same can be said for girls I suppose. My point is, Rogue knows the dangers. Let her decide before you leave a note on her door too."

Nodding at her, Allan sighs out as Allison continues, "You know, I never pegged you to fall for the southern gal thing."

Allan smiles and shrugs his shoulders. Allison grins as she backs up saying, "May be I should switch to country music."

"Not your style Allie." Allan replies with a laugh.

Allison smiles and turns strutting away as she adds, "Can't blame a girl for trying. See ya around stud. Oh, and watch your rear, I doubt Rogue and I are the only chicks around here you've impressed."

Allan watches Allison trudge back into the woods heading back towards the estate. Thinking about her last statement, Allan smirks and sarcastically mutters to himself, "Great."

Stepping out into the sunny weather, Rogue trots down the front steps turning her head left to right looking around. She brushes her white stripe bangs from her face as she glances around while making her way around to the side where she saw Logan working with other X-Men. Rogue walks around the corner and sees her friends sitting on the flat grassy lawn stretching their legs. They all look up with smile greeting her verbally each in their own manner. Logan speaks up, "Concentrate on your stretchin' people. I don't want any pulled muscles around here."

He walks to Rogue and remarks, "Decided to rejoin the land of the livin', kid?"

Rogue smiles as Logan adds, "If yer lookin' for Allan, he's mopin' around. He ain't been much for talkin' though."

"Ah know." Rogue replies softly as she rubs her sore right shoulder.

Logan notices her pain and ushers her away from the others. In a low tone, Logan says to her, "Look… um, I ain't no expert when it comes to dealin' with the coupling stuff. What ever you got goin' on with Allan, you need to work it out. It ain't doin' you no good mopin' around too."

Rogue glances at Logan with a concerned look saying in an innocent tone, "Ah... Ah don't know what to do, Logan."

Looking back at the other X-Men, making sure they are stretching Logan speaks out, "Take five team."

Both Logan and Rogue walk out towards the driveway while the others glance over at them. Bobby lies back on the grass rubbing his face asking, "What's their deal?"

Kitty replies, "Rogue is still coping, Bobby."

"She's dealing with a lot, guys." Scott adds, "Getting over her foster mother's death is going to take some time."

"And the fact that Allan might be leaving the Institute." Kitty speaks up, "It's probably not sitting well with her either."

Scott nods at Kitty comment as Kurt remains silent looking away with a hint of anger on his face. Then in a blink of an eye, he teleports out of their sight. Kitty sits up quickly asking, "Hey where's Kurt going?"

Appearing and disappearing on different areas of the estate, Kurt teleports while looking around intently. And with every teleporting jump, he goes further out. He gradually picks the pace of his search as takes quick teleporting jumps to cover more ground. But with every jump he becomes more out of breath to the point where it seems he had been sprinting nonstop. Kurt breathes heavily as rematerializes in the woods just outside of the Xavier Institute. That last teleport took a lot out of him as he leans up against a tree panting to catch his breath. Suddenly, a voice behind him catches him off guard, "I recall Mr. McCoy telling you specifically not to use your powers, Kurt."

Kurt turns around quickly and sees Allan stand a few feet from him carrying his drawing pad and backpack. Allan adds, "And by the looks of it, you don't the energy to teleport back, do you?"

Taking a deep breath, Kurt replies, "I vas trying to find you."

"Man, if Logan or Hank see you out here you're going to be in a world of hurt." Allan remarks, "Come on, let's get you home."

Allan walks along side an exhausted Kurt through the woods, helping him traverse through the brush. "Alright, Kurt," Allan speaks up, "you obviously were willing to risk being grounded just to find me. What's on your mind?"

Hesitating at first to respond, Kurt finally asks, "Vell, are you really going to leave the school?"

Allan looks down while hiking through the trees and replies, "I'm thinking about it."

"Vhy are you thinking about it?" Kurt continues, "Nobody is blaming you for anything."

Smiling at Kurt while they trudge on, Allan says, "I'm not exactly a safe guy to be around, Kurt."

"Vhat about, Rogue?" Kurt inquires, "You just going to leave her?"

Allan glances over at Kurt, who returns his stare with a saddened expression. Sighing out, Allan thinks about Kurt's question as they continue hiking back through the woods.

After a few minutes of effortless hiking, Kurt and Allan reach the Xavier estate through a backwoods trail. They both casually walk through the property towards the house and reach the grassy clearing a few yards away from the rest of the X-Men. Allan smiles at Kurt and says, "I won't tell anyone you teleported off the property, cool?"

Kurt grins and nods saying, "Thanks. But, you haven't answered my question, Allan. You're not going to leave Rogue are you?"

Allan sighs out again, trying to give his answer more thought. He then looks up towards the driveway where he sees Rogue talking with Logan in private. Allan glances back at Kurt and says, "Let's just say, I really don't want to."

Nodding his head, Kurt turns and walks back to his friends with a slight look of depression. Allan then looks over at Rogue and sees her looking back at him. She stares at him with concerned eyes as Allan looks away taking a deep breath, then turns walking towards the house. Rogue looks down with a slight expression of sadness. Logan watches and remarks, "He's been doin' that a lot. Don't let it bother you."

The day winds down with uneventfully and the residence of the Xavier mansion prepare for dinner. Bustling about the buffet like set up, each student fill their plates with what they fancy. An ensemble of all kinds of foods ranging from chicken to roast beef fill the dinning room with a rich aroma and each student satisfy their appetites to their hearts content. The Professor congregates with the adult figures which include Ororo, Logan and Hank, as well as Mystique, Emma and Sean. Peitro and Wanda take a tray of food to their father, while the students sit with their respective groups. All are present to eat except for Allan, who only made a brief appearance to ask the Professor whispering question. After leaving the dinning room without saying a word, some of the younger students begin trading rumors among themselves about Allan's behavior. Questions and speculations whisper across tables hoping that their voices are not in ear shot of Rogue. Even as dinner time starts to wind down as well, Rogue notices the quick glances they try not to give her and their whisper voice they hope she couldn't hear. She looks back at her table mates, Kitty, Kurt and Evan and says, "Ah'm skippin' desert guys. Ah'm gonna go read a book or somethin'."

She gets up and struts out of the dining room ignoring the nervous secretive stares she feels coming from the younger crowd. As she turns the corner she hears Kitty yell out to the younger students, "You guys, like, grow up!"

Rogue make b-line straight to her room and grabs the novel Wanda let her borrow, 'The Eaters of the Dead', and steps out into the hall looking for a quiet place for to read. She knows the halls and rec rooms will be packed and she'll find no peace from the whispers and stares. So she walks to the main elevator and decides she would find solitude somewhere in the lower chambers beneath the mansion. She takes the elevator to the command center above the Danger Room. An area usually quiet when no one is there. Accept this time when the elevator door slides open, she is greeted with the sound of rhythmic guitar rifts. She slowly steps into the dark command room and look around. The room seems shut down with the exception of a few panels still functioning. The lights from the panels barely light the room enough just for her to see where she is going. The guitar playing echoes from below in the Danger Room chamber. Rogue looks down into the chamber being careful not to be seen and sees Allan playing heavy notes on his stylized guitar. A single wireless amp connect to the Danger Room systems turning the entire room into one large speaker. Allan dons a blind fold as she plays a solo rift letting his fingers roll over his instrument fluently. Rogue watches Allan walk about the chamber below echoing guitar tunes alone and blind folded. Her heart almost skips a beat listening to his progressive sound blare angelically. Rogue clutches her book closely to her chest, following Allan with her eyes across the Danger Room floor. Allison's voice speaks up behind her, "Amazing, isn't he?"

Rogue quickly turns around and sees Allison sitting on the far console hugging her knees. With a smile, Allison says, "Sorry to startle you."

"What're you doin' here Allison?" Rogue asks softly.

Allison leans back tilting her head upward closing her eyes and replies, "Listening to music. I love listening to him play his guitar."

Rogue turns to look out into the chamber hearing Allan hit a high note. Allison mentions, "Don't worry, he doesn't know we're up here. He does this to clear his thoughts. The Danger Room gets great acoustics, I can't blame him for jammin' down there. He sounds so awesome."

Rogue looks back at Allison and asks, "Is that only reason why you're down here?"

Allison smiles at her and says, "Relax Rogue. Allan and I settled things between us already. I'll be honest, it won't be easy getting over him, but eventually, I'll grow up. I'm actually here to listen to his guitar. His solos are so killer."

Rogue grins at Allison, watching her close her eyes to Allan's rhythmic sounds below. Then she turns her gaze out into the chamber again to watch Allan. Lightly hopping off the console, Allison approaches Rogue and says, "I've seen him in this mood before, and as good as he sounds right now, it's not a good sign. It was like this when he left me."

Turning her eyes back into the chamber below, Rogue sees Allan put more effort into his guitar. Despite the blind over his eyes, she can see his emotions matching the long notes of his solo. Allison adds, "He's gonna leave, Rogue. If you don't do something."

Rogue sighs out, "Allison, Ah…Ah don't… what can Ah do?"

With a bit of frustration on her face, Allison glares at Rogue and replies, "A bit of advice, Rogue, be a little more proactive in your relationship. Because there is no telling when someone like that down there will ever come around again. Yes, I still have a thing for him. And as much as I would love to get him back, I'd rather see him happy, then miserable with me. You want him to stay? Then tell him."

Rogue's eyes widen at Allison's words as the strawberry blonde turns and storms out of the command center. Taking a deep breath, Rogue looks out into chamber again and watches Allan slump to the floor with his back against the grid paneled wall. He removes the blind fold and closes his eyes running his hand through his jet black hair. The command center and Danger Room chamber falls silent as Rogue watches Allan sit in solitude.

Night falls over the estate and a air of calm blankets the sky. One by one, the residence of the Xavier Institute turn in for the night and the house goes silent in the late night. Staring out her window up at the star filled sky, Rogue remains awake. She lies on her side in a near trance as she focuses her eyes on the sparkles in the sky outside her tall window. She hears her roommate Kitty breathe out as she sleeps like a baby across the room. Feeling restless, Rogue sits up and rubs her face. Too many thoughts flood her mind. What if's and what to do's are the main thoughts she can't shake. The moon in the sky is full and shines through her window painting her in a white bluish tone. She feels her heart reaching out as she closes her eyes and tries to remember the last time she saw and felt light like that. Her thoughts race to a memory of her standing looking into the eyes of someone who gazes at her in the same manner. The memory of energy flowing though and around her body as he reached to her. The feeling is overwhelming as Rogue opens her eyes and breathes out heavily sitting up on her bed. She then remembers Allison's comments, and her heart races.

Sitting on the railing of his balcony, Allan stares up at the bright moon, contemplating his decisions of late and for his future. Sleeping to him is a human habit he has gladly accepts. Only this night, he lets his cosmically charged body remain awake as he finalizes he thoughts for the night. The air is starting get cooler as he closes his eyes and breathes in. He looks into his room over at the night stand where his helmet sits repaired after his recent battles with 'N' and Magneto. He glares at the seamless feature of the face plate of his helmet and mutters out in a mean tone, "What're you lookin' at, jerk."

Allan sighs out rubbing his face with both hands. Just then he hears knocking on his bedroom door. He slide off the balcony railing and looks at his watch. He lightly mutters to himself, "Geez, it's 1:33 in the morning."

He walks over to his door with a frustrated look and cracks it open. His eyes widen as looks and opens the door all the way. Standing before him outside his room, Rogue looks at him blankly. Allan whispers out, "Hi."

She answers, "Hi."

Allan notices she is wearing a black lace teddy that follows the contours of her body barely covering her upper thighs. Allan's heart starts beating fast as he swallows and asks, "What's up?"

Rogue lightly bites her lower lip and steps to him quickly. She embraces him passionately and kisses him deeply. Allan wraps his arms around her waist letting his hands glide over her smooth back. Rogue looks him in the eyes as she breathlessly tells him, "Ah don't want you to leave."

She presses her lips against his again as they kiss like there is no tomorrow running her hands down his chest. Rogue pulls off Allan's shirt then reaches back and quietly closes his door.

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