X-Men Evolution NEXT

New Day

Rogue stares at her bowl of cereal with a smile of pure content. She pokes at the crispy chunks as she ponders the thoughts of her long night. She wanted it to last forever, and considering who she was with, it could have. She remembers how time seemed to have stopped the moment she committed to that single desire. Then the feeling of freedom as she finally drops her inhibitions, passionately giving her intimate embrace with no fear of the repercussions of her mutant power. Rogue smiles as she tilts her head, gazing into the bowl of cereal. She sifts her spoon and lightly giggles as thoughts of her night flood her mind again. She can still feel the sensation of warm hands caressing her body gently, the feeling of soft lips pressed against various sensitive parts of her body, and the pale moon light that painted the surreal moments of passion. Rogue smiles wide and giddy like as she giggles a bit louder staring down into her bowl of cereal. Suddenly Allan's voice gently speaks out to her, "Hey, you alright?"

She quickly glances up and sees Allan across the kitchen table looking at her with a curious grin. Rogue replies with a smile, "Ah'm fine, why do you ask?"

"I don't know," Allan remarks, "you're just all giggly and your breakfast is getting soggy."

Rogue looks down at her bowl and realizes he is right. She scoops up a spoon full from the bowl and slowly inserts the scoop in her mouth while keeping her eyes on Allan. Rogue pulls the spoon out of her mouth slowly and begins to chew with a smile. Allan chuckles as he proceeds to unpeel an orange. The morning sun shines through the kitchen window as they both silently eat their breakfasts. Rogue swallows her bite and asks, "So, what do ya have planned today?"

Allan raises his eyebrows and replies, "I guess I need to get back into the swing of things. I'll probably workout first, then maybe head into town and look for a job."

Smiling at him, Rogue says, "So Ah suppose this means you're stayin'?"

Returning her smile, Allan leans in a little closer on the table and playfully remarks, "Well, it wasn't an easy decision, but someone last night went out of her way to convince me to stay."

Rogue grins as she leans closer as well and plays along, "And uh, how'd this 'someone' manage to do that?"

Their faces get closer as they lean in on the table. They both smile looking into each others eyes. Allan playfully asks her, "You want the long version or short version of what happened?"

Their lips lightly touch as Rogue replies, "Both."

Allan and Rogue press their lips against each and practically inhale one another as they kiss leaning over their breakfast.

Walking through the common area Amara, Tabitha, Kitty and Wanda walk their way towards the kitchen. They are all still dressed in pajamas and night gowns as they walk past some of the boys who are just waking up themselves and waiting by the bathroom door. And much to the girl's disgust, the boys aren't subtle about the need to use the bathroom. Sam knocks on the door loudly stating, "Hey come on, Kurt! We gotta an emergency out here!"

Kurt replies from behind the closed door, "Dude, there's another toilet down the hall!"

Todd replies with his hands on his crotch, "Yo man, that's like, way down there! We ain't gonna make it!"

Ray remarks as leans against the wall, "Man, it must be nice to teleport directly on the toilet like he does."

The girls walk by with grossed out expressions and continue down the hall. "Guys can be so gross sometimes." Amara remarks.

Tabitha smiles at her as walk and chuckles out, "They're not all that bad Amara. They just think with the wrong head most of the time."

Wanda rolls her eyes and tells Tabitha, "Now that's gross Tabby."

Kitty looks around as she follows the other girls and asks out, "Have any of you seen Rogue this morning? She wasn't in her bed when I woke up."

"That girl has been confining herself in her room, Kitty," Wanda mentions, "it's actually nice to hear she is out and about."

"But, where would she, like, go this early in the morning." Kitty wonders.

Tabitha smirks saying, "Who knows. With her mood swings, she could be anywhere."

Just then Elizabeth trots down the hall catching up with them and asks, "Who could be anywhere?"

Amara greets her saying, "Good morning Elizabeth. We were talking about Rogue."

"Really?" Elizabeth asks in baffled tone, "Honestly, all of you should lay off the girl. She's going through enough."

"We're just wondering where she is this morning, Betsy." Tabitha remarks.

"Maybe Elizabeth has the right idea, guys," Amara says, "Maybe we should leave her alone until she's ready hang out again. Besides, she may have just gone out early for a morning walk…" as she walks through swinging door into the kitchen with the other girls following just behind.

Amara suddenly stops dead in her track staring in front of her with wide eyes and continues her comment, "… then end up making out with Allan on the kitchen table." then quickly covers her mouth with both hands as she gasps.

Amara's sudden stop causes Elizabeth to bump into her from behind causing a chain reaction as Tabitha and Wanda also bump up behind them. All four girls just stare at the site in front of them in silence. Kitty speaks from behind all of them saying, "Geez, you guys can be such klutzes!" as she phases through all four girls to the front.

Kitty's eyes look ahead as she steps through her stunned friends and halts with a blank stare. Then her eyes widen as she realizes Allan and Rogue looking up right back at her. The sight of seeing her two friends locked in an intimate position lying on top of the kitchen table leaves Kitty speechless. A quick glance of the situation ascertains the entire moment in seconds. Rogue's legs wrapped around a topless Allan's waist as he lays on top of her with his face caressing her neck. Her arms holding him to her chest tightly as Allan's hands seem to be working their way up her black lace teddy slightly lifting it up her lower torso revealing a matching black lace thong underneath. It is as though Allan and Rogue are posing for the now wide awake girls who have just taken them by surprise. The expressions on all their faces are of shock and awe as they watch Allan slowly peels himself off of Rogue. He stands up right with an embarrassing grin on his face while Rogue props herself up on the table straightening her black lace top. She slides off the table keeping her lips shut tightly, her eyes shift over at Allan hoping he could come up with an explanation. Allan just shrugs his shoulders at her with a tight lipped smile.

Kitty clears her throat with grin as she speaks up asking, "Um… so, like, what's for breakfast?"

Allan quickly slips his t-shirt back on and stutters out, "I… uh, I'll make something."

He shuffles over to the refrigerator and begins to sift through whatever he can find. Rogue quickly adds as she glances at her friends, "Ah'll help."

Kitty and the other girls seat themselves at the table while watching Rogue joins Allan by the fridge. They all glance at each other with tight lipped smiles as they hear light giggling and whispering from the couple. Wanda finds the remote for the kitchen television and turns it on, increasing the volume. The kitchen comes alive with the sounds of shuffling utensils as Allan and Rogue start to cook up breakfast. It is very apparent that Allan and Rogue are embarrassed and the girls begin to whisper amongst themselves. "OH, MY, GOD. Did you all see that?" Tabitha whispers to them with wide eyes.

Elizabeth rubs her temples and quietly replies, "Bloody hell, I saw what they were thinking. Trust me, I didn't need to see it."

Wanda glances over at Rogue and Allan. She watches them carefully keep their backs to them out of embarrassment. The sound of their light laughter and mumbling is overshadowed by the gibbering TV and sizzling morning cooking. Wanda then turns to her friends and says, "I think we embarrassed them, guys."

Kitty whispers back, "Embarrassed them? Well, this explains why Rogue wasn't in her bed this morning."

Tabitha grins and whispers, "That is so hot. Rogue cooler than I thought! Do you think they got it on?"

Amara innocently asks, "Got what on?" then her eyes widen as she suddenly gasps out, "Uh…EEww!"

The other girls lightly shush her as they glance over at the couple. Elizabeth quickly stands up and says in a low tone to the girls, "Ahem, it's really none of our business, girls. And, the way it looks, it was consenting and bound to happen. Now if you will all excuse me, the dirty thoughts in this room are becoming a bit overwhelming."

She walks over to the fridge and pulls out the pitch of orange juice and pours herself a glass. Elizabeth takes a quick sip, then nearly spits it back out as she looks at Allan and Rogue saying, "You two, really! Can't you two stop thinking just for a few minutes! Honestly, I just lost my appetite."

Allan and Rogue both watch as Elizabeth storms out of the kitchen rubbing her temple while shaking her head. Giving her a troubled yet smiling expression, Allan remarks, "Sorry about that Liz."

Rogue quickly adds, "Um… yeah, sorry."

The two share a quiet giggle as they turn their backs to the girls again, busying themselves with cooking breakfast on the stove. The remaining girls look at each other with wide eyed expressions as they continue to whisper. Wanda mentions, "You know, this isn't cool of us. I mean, so what, they slept together. Something like that was bound to happen."

Kitty remarks, "You're right Wanda. Let's all just act normal."

Tabitha snickers, then speaks out to Rogue and Allan, "Yo, you two cookin' over there or what?"

Rogue replies, "Just give us a minute. We're almost done."

"Only a minute?" Tabitha sarcastically chuckles out.

Amara lightly elbows Tabitha's left arm and whispers to her, "Stop it!

Tabitha just giggles as she sits back. Allan walks over to them and places a large platter full of scrambled eggs and sausages remarking, "Here you go, ladies."

They give Allan cute smiles as he places the breakfast before them. Rogue follows up with another platter full of toasted bagels saying, "We made a lot, so save some for the others."

Allan leans back against the kitchen counter and bites into a buttered bagel. Rogue picks up her bowl of soggy cereal and dumps into the sink, then leans back on the opposite counter from Allan. The girls quietly start eating their share of the newly prepared breakfast. Kitty glances over at Rogue and notices her playfully grinning at Allan. She looks at Rogue's fetching little outfit and realizes she is showing more skin than she usually does. Kitty clears her throat a bit and asks, "So, Rogue, you're up early today."

Rogue looks back at her softening her playful grin and replies, "Yup."

Allan chuckles out as he smiles at Rogue. She looks back him and lightly giggles. Kitty looks back at Allan and asks, ""What's so funny, Allan?"

Sighing out, Allan says, "I'll, uh, I'll let you girls discuss that. I have to catch up with Logan in the Danger Room."

He walks over to Rogue and leans as they lightly kiss. Rogue says in a light tone, "Ah'll seeya later."

Allan smiles at her then winks at the other girls as he turns to walk out. Much to the girl's surprise, Rogue quickly reaches down while Allan walks away and pinches his butt. Kitty remarks in a low tone, "Whoa, ok."

Watching Allan walk out the kitchen door, Rogue smiles then looks over to her friends. Kitty swallows the bite she takes from her bagel then asks, "So, what's going on, Rogue?"

"Nothin," Rogue replies in a soft tone, "Allan's decided to stay, that's all."

She grins at them then playfully walks out of the kitchen leaving them with smiling expressions of surprise on their faces.

Walking lightly up the hallway back to her room, Rogue casually passes a handful of the guys walking down for breakfast. They all immediately step aside trying to avoid her bare arms as she walks by saying, "Mornin' boys."

Scott darts out, "Rogue, you can't walk around like that! With your arms and legs exposed, you might cause an accident!"

Alex stares at her with a big smile and adds, "I'll say."

Scott sighs out, "Alex, I meant she might accidentally have skin to skin contact with someone and drain them."

"Well, there's that too." Sam remarks as his eyes glance at Rogue's black lace outfit.

She looks back with a smirking grin and says, "Then Ah guess ya'll better stay outta my way then."

Scott just shakes his head and turns walking down the hall followed Alex and Sam, who keeps glancing back at her as they walk away. Rogue starts to walk to her room but then realizes Remy standing up against the wall smiling at her. He looks her up and down and remarks, "Fetchin' lil' outfit ya got on, Roguey. What be de special occasion, chere?"

Rogue rolls her eyes at him and stares with a sarcastic expression as she replies, "Nothin' you should concern yourself with, gumbo."

"Don' know, de way you lookin' now, might want to." Remy says as her slowly approaches her.

Giving him a mean glare, Rogue darts out, "That's not funny, Remy. Talkin' like that's gonna put ya on a very thin line."

Remy just grins at her and starts walking to the kitchen. Rogue sighs out in frustration and storms to her room.

Charles sits quietly in his study behind his desk while Jean sits across from him. Her expression is somewhat calm as Charles asks, "So, how are your dreams?"

Jean raises her eyebrows and replies, "Actually, pretty normal, I guess."

"Describe them for me, please." Charles remarks.

"I can't really remember the exact details of my dreams," Jean replies, "but I remember the sensation of flying, very fast. Then there one where I'm running as hard as I can, but I'm not gaining any ground. That's a frustrating one." as she lightly smiles.

Charles inquires, "Can you recall anything else?"

Jean looks up closing her eyes as she adds, "Yes, um, the dream where I'm flying. I was flying so fast the sky seemed blurred. It's an exhilarating feeling. But just when I think I'm getting the hang of it, I fall. And it's a long fall, like falling forever. It's not like those regular falling dreams, when you usually wake up before you hit bottom, I keep falling and I can't stop. At first I feel scared, then out of no where, Allan catches me. He's dressed in his uniform, accept it looks different. I can't explain how, but I know it's him. He doesn't say a word, he just carries safely to the ground, then places me into Scott's arms. That's when I wake up."

"And how do you feel when you wake up?" Charles asks.

Jean sighs out, "I feel fine. I mean, it's much less dramatic then when I was getting those headaches every morning."

Charles smiles and nods his head at her comment. Jean expression becomes a bit nervous as she asks, "Professor, do you think I'm really going to be like Allan?"

"I wish I could say, Jean." Charles replies, "The only person who may be able to answer that is Allan."

Jean rubs her upper arms and says, "I'll be honest, Professor. The thought kind of makes me nervous. Being that powerful, it's like, anything is possible."

Charles smiles and chuckles as he tells her, "Indeed. But remain patient, when Allan feels you are ready, you will get all your answers. However, your mind seems to be adapting to this gradual change comfortably. And your paintings are reflecting that change as well."

Jean smiles and says, "It helps to have an outlet. I'm starting to dabble a little in sculpting too. I think some of the students may also have an interest in fine arts as well, Professor."

"This would present a great opportunity to bring Allan back into the fold." Charles remarks, "He has been a bit lost since he quit his job at the Community Hall."

Slamming his hand down on the main kill switch, Logan shuts down the Danger Room. He looks out the glass down into the chamber and calls out, "Allan! You alright down there kid!"

Below smoke fills the large room. Clouds of white gray smoke begin to clear revealing several damaged drones and shards of metal debris all over the floor. As the smoke clears, Logan spots Allan sitting on the floor shaking his head in a frustrated manner. Wearing his shiny unique blood red and black uniform, Allan sighs out and stands back up slowly. He slides off his seamless red helmet and looks up at Logan in the command center and replies, "I'm good Logan. Let's reset and try it again."

Logan speaks out on the external amplifiers, "I think we should call it a day, Allan. We've been at it for an hour already, don't push yourself."

"I'm the Vanguard, Logan." Allan says in a plain tone, "I have to be on top of my game. A little push to get me back on the bike can't hurt."

Logan speaks out again, "Yeah, well, you almost burned out in that fight against that 'N' guy pushin' like that."

Allan sighs out again looking up at him from the chamber floor, "I lost my cool, and I made a mistake."

"You're about to make another one, kid." Logan adds, "When I say we call it a day, we call it a day. You hearin' me down there?"

The main chamber door opens as Rogue walks in. She approaches Allan saying, "No point arguin' with 'em, Allan. He usually knows best."

Allan turns to look at her bracing his helmet under his right arm. Rogue sports a low cut tight purple long sleeve top with a pair of black boot cut jeans. Her footsteps echo from her matching slippers as she casually walks in. Allan smiles at her and replies, "You're right. You're both right." he says as he looks up, "Sorry Logan."

Speaking back to him from the command center, Logan remarks, "No sweat, Allan. We'll pick this up tomorrow. Rogue, where're your gloves?"

Looking at her bare hands, then looking up with a smile, Rogue replies, "Oh, Ah don't need them right now."

"Yeah, well all the same, before you head anywhere, put them on." Logan states.

Rogue gives Logan a thumbs up in response to his request, then turns her attention to Allan. While Logan secures the command room systems, Allan looks at Rogue up and down, "You're looking hot, as usual." he remarks.

Playfully posing, Rogue smiles and asks, "Ya think so?"

Allan removes his padded gloves and wraps his right arm around her waist saying, "Oh yeah." as he smiles and gently kisses her.

After following him into the locker room, Rogue watches Allan clean up and dress himself. She leans up against one of the many lockers with her arms folded. Rogue smiles as she watches Allan bend over only in his black underwear and pulls up his jeans. Tilting her head, Rogue stares at Allan rear end checking out his toned physique. Allan glances back at her with a smirk and asks, "Enjoying the show?"

Rogue steps closer to him as Allan turns to face her. She whispers to him, "I really enjoyed it last night."

She gently places her hand on his chest and slowly slides them to his sides. Rogue pushes closer as they lock lips kissing passionately. Allan takes her in his arms as they intimately embrace in the locker room. With his hands now occupied hugging Rogue, Allan's jeans drop down to his ankles. Trying to adjust his posture while kissing Rogue, Allan's jeans cause him to stumble and he falls back to the floor pulling Rogue down with him. She lands on top with a smile as she giggles. Rogue playfully remarks, "Oh look, you fell."

Allan smiles at her as they embrace deeply again in a passionate kiss. Rogue lightly moans felling his hands slide down her back then over her butt gently. Allan slides his hands under her purple top caressing her sides. Rogue shudders in his arms and smiles. But as they are getting heated in the moment, voices echo from the other side of the locker room. "Dude, I've seen this room already. Where's the X-jet?" one voice says.

Another voice replies, "I think its one level lower."

Before Rogue and Allan can react, Alex, Ray and Sam turn the corner towards them and stop with blank expressions on their faces. The three boys hesitate at first and finally realize what they are staring at as Alex remarks, "Whoa… uh wrong turn and bad timing. Our bad."

Alex turns to Sam and Ray with a surprised grin on his face. Allan and Rogue sit up with embarrassed smiles. They watch as the three boys turn to leave the locker room. Sam turns and mentions, "Oh Allan, Mr. McCoy needs to talk to you about class schedules coming this fall. Um… but no rush though. Later." as he turns with an embarrassed expression on his face as well.

Straddling his lap facing him, Rogue rests her arms on Allan's shoulders and sighs out. They look at each other for a few seconds and start laughing. Rogue states, "Dang, we can't any privacy around here."

Allan smile and chuckles, "We just need to plan our make out sessions a little better."

Emma sit in front of her vanity mirror in her room touching up her white make up around eyes. She occasionally stops at the sound of rushing feet running by her door. Emma sighs out knowing it just one of the many young students. As she brushes her platinum blonde hair, Emma ponders her future. The Professor called this school a place for new beginnings. She had always wondered how things would have turned out if she had made different choices. Emma had always sought to be respected, make her mark on this world. Though she had managed to keep her nose clean, the life she led before getting involved with the Xavier Institute was still shady. Under handed deals, one sided negotiations, and blackmail after blackmail finally caught up with her. She found herself in a power struggle that later turned her into a fugitive. Now, Emma feels she has a chance to do things right. Not to right her wrong mistakes, but to never make those wrong mistakes again. She smiles at herself and slowly stands up to walk over to the window. She had found looking into one of Ororo's many gardens relaxes her. As she steps up to her window, Emma's quiet moment is interrupted by the ring tone of her cell phone. She sighs out and picks up her device to see who is calling. The identification only shows a phone number that seems familiar. She presses the receive button and speaks into her phone, "Hello?"

The voice on the other end pauses before speaking in a stern deep male voice, "Hello, Emma."

Her eyes widen as she replies in a calm tone, "How did you get this number?"

The man tells her, "You forget how resourceful we are, my dear. But it also seems you are quite resourceful as well. Interesting how you managed to get the murder charges against you dropped. Influential allies you have made, and powerful if I may add."

Emma's expression slowly becomes angered as she asks, "What else do you want from me?"

"The Society misses you, Emma," he replies, "your resourcefulness made us reconsider your termination. We wish for you to resume your roll as our White Queen."

Looking out her window into Ororo's garden, Emma takes a deep breath while closing her eyes then asks, "At what cost? There is always a catch, my dear Sebastian. What is it you want?"

The man chuckles and replies, "It is not what I want, Emma. It's what the society needs. What we need, is power."

"And how, pray tell, do you plan to achieve that power?" Emma inquires, "And what makes you think for an instant I will help you in any way?"

Laughing again, the man tells her, "My dear, you already have. We were fortunate when you allied yourself with the shape changer, even more fortunate when you came face to face with the power itself. Now you are living under the same roof with it. The Society will thrive for centuries with your discovery."

Emma's eyes widen once more listening to him as she looks further out her window towards the open grounds. Walking through the gardens, Rogue and Allan casually make their way to the garage. Emma watches as they embrace and playfully chase each other through the greenery. She grits her teeth and speaks, "You are talking about Allan."

The man simply says, "Bring him to me."

Emma sternly says, "Always the fool, Sebastian. You are meddling with powers that go beyond all knowledge."

"Powers that will soon belong to the Hellfire Society, my dear." He adds, "From what we have ascertained, despite all his power, he is still human. And prone to many human weaknesses."

"Listen to me Sebastian…" Emma tries to warn him but is cut off.

"Welcome back, my queen." he tells her before hanging up.

Emma expression grows concerned as she sees Allan and Rogue speed off on his sleek street bike.

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