X-Men Evolution NEXT


Materializing just outside of a sewage treatment facility through one of Kurt's teleporting jumps, he along with Even and Ray stumble and fall over. Even is quick back onto his feet extending his armored spiked shell. Kurt pants heavily and seems out of breath saying, "I don't… I don't know how long… I can keep this up, guys. I got to catch my breath."

Ray helps Kurt to his feet mentioning, "We have to keep moving, Kurt. It seems the longer we stay in one spot, the faster he finds us."

Evan assists Ray holding Kurt up and asks, "Dude, are you sure that thing is Sabertooth?"

"Positive." Kurt breathes out, "Trust me, I got a good look."

"I don't get it," Evan remarks with a frustrated and confused tone, "that thing looks all mutilated and stuff."

Kurt lightly nods saying, "I know, it almost looks like a hairy Sauron, but crazier."

"Hold on," Ray speaks up, "if its one of those displacer beast things Allan told us about, how do we stop it?"

But just as they are about to contemplate Ray's question, an echoing roar catches their attention. Almost in unison, the three boys immediately look behind them. Evan helps Ray brace Kurt up as they all shuffle towards a nearby trash dumpster pick up area. Taking cover behind one of the many recycling bins the three boys begin to catch their breaths. Evan lightly nods and mentions, "Alright guys listen, if that thing really is Sabertooth possessed by one of those displacer beast, then there's no chance we're gonna lose him. But, if Kurt can teleport us back into the Morlock's sewer, there might be a way to slow him down."

Ray speaks up, "Whoa, hold up Evan. We've been running all night for who knows how long and far. Not to mention Kurt has been portin' us as far as he can with every jump trying to avoid that thing. Now you're asking Kurt to teleport back well beyond his range carrying us at the same time. Look at him, Evan, he's out of juice."

"Look bro," Evan points out, "we don't have many choices here."

Ray breathes out, "Well then, how about getting Kurt to teleport us as close to the Institute as possible? That way, maybe we can reach Allan."

Evan remarks, "Even if we could, Ray, do you really wanna start a fight that big at the Institute? That's puts everyone in danger."

Nodding at Evan comment in agreement, Ray says, "Alright, but just in case, do you have a plan B?"

Sighing out, Evan replies with a slight smile, "Dude, I don't even count my sewer idea as plan A. But that's all I got. What do you say Kurt?"

Biting his lip while sitting up, Kurt fights his fatigue replying, "I say, I'm skipping school tomorrow after tonight. But ja, I like the sewer idea."

Both Ray and Evan help Kurt up, while he takes deep breaths trying to must whatever energy he can. A loud monstrous roar grabs their attention as they look up to see the elongated freakish looking Sabertooth charging towards them like a wild animal. His clawed charging feet shake the ground causing the three boys to stagger a bit. Evan yells out, "Now Kurt!"

Gritting his teeth, Kurt closes his eye tightly. Sabertooth dives at them with his six inch long razor sharp clawed hands barreling down at them. But just before he could slash at them, the three mutant teens vanish in puff of billowing smoke, causing Sabertooth to careen into the nearby warehouse wall. His new dense structure smashes the wall as it collapses over him in a heap of bricks and dust.

Walking briskly to the main hanger bay beneath the Xavier Institute, Sean makes some final adjustments to his borrowed X-man uniform. He catches a glimpse of himself as he passes some of the many reflective paneling of the walls. Smirking at his newly adopted attire, Sean mumbles to himself while shaking his head in embarrassment, "Oh Theresa, if only you can see your daddy now."

He sighs out and chuckles at how he looks. Taking a few liberties with the design, Allison and Elizabeth collaborated on many of the team's uniforms, and Sean was no exception. Although he had expressed he would only be teaching at the institute and had no reason to where a uniform, the two young women still insisted he blend in at least. Now here Sean stands, wearing a stylized rendition of the original X-man uniform. His attire is very streamed line yet functional in every aspect. A retro looking uniform resembling an old fashion aviator's look complete with high collars and a pull over half cowl to hide his identity, Sean has the appearance of a dashing masked bandit. Across his chest, a single 'X' logo like buckle sits off to his left chest fastening the stylized flight jacket tight on his upper torso. The over all color scheme are dark blues that match the other X-men uniforms, accept Sean's has accents of yellows and greens. His padded gloves buckle over the long sleeves of his dark blue jacket adding more color as they share the accenting colors. Yellow and green stripes run down the outside of his tight leather slacks down to the padded golden colored boots that buckle of the legs. Sean continues to look at himself with a nervous expression as he pulls his mask over his face. The half cowl conceals the top portion of his face just over his eyes and the bridge of his nose, leaving the top of his head exposed letting his reddish orange hair to hang out. Despite his dramatic look, the uniform is very comfortable, and he feels the full mobility. Sean sigh out again sarcastically adding, "Happy Halloween."

As he turns away from his reflection heading towards the main hanger bay, Logan speaks up, "How ya doin' Sean?"

Turning to Logan, Sean grins and replies, "How am I doing, Logan? Well, let's just say, at least I'm dressed for the occasion." as he gestures to himself.

Logan nods with slight grin adding, "Nice outfit. I take it Allie and Betsy had field day."

Sean chuckles as he also nods. "They even went so far as to give me one of your colorful codenames." He adds.

"So what'd they call ya?" Logan inquires.

Sean sighs out at first, then reluctantly answers, "Banshee."

Logan nods with an agreeing look saying, "I can see that, considerin' your power. But, uh… aren't banshees usually women."

Sean shakes his head in frustration replying, "Great, as if the outfit wasn't embarrassing enough."

Logan chuckles and decides to change the subject, "So, you and your team ready?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Sean says, "Just a search and rescue op. Maybe a smash and grab, but don't I foresee a problem. This Brotherhood team seems to have it together. But why am I being sent?"

"Despite all they have been through already, they're still kids," Logan remarks, "and still need guidance. You've been in the soup the longest, we need someone who can keep it together out there."

"What about Scott and the X-men?" Sean asks as they walk down the corridor.

Logan nods, "Ordinarily they 'd go and tackle any mission. But right the teams are getting' spread thin. Pete and I are goin' to rescue Gambit, Allan's out of the game until he gets a handle on his… uh… problem. Hank had to head out to New York to pick up Ororo at the airport. So they'll be hours away. That leaves you to lead the Brotherhood and the X-men to stay and watch over the Institute. And with Emma bein' AWOL, we don't have many choices here."

"Well," Sean replies with a playful sarcastic tone, "since you put it that way, why not."

They walk into the X-copter hanger bay and see the members of the Brotherhood boarding the sleek the helicopter. Logan nods while watching them prep for their mission and tells Sean, "Stay on top of them. Don't let them lose their tempers, that group can fly off the handle easily."

Sean looks back at Logan with a grin then shakes his hand just before heading over to the aircraft.

Standing quietly in the Cerebro chamber, Jean stares with a plain expression at the interface helmet. Her troubled mind beckons her to put it back on to reach out with her thoughts once more. Logically, she would do this to help Logan and Piotr pin point Remy's location, but she seems compelled to do this for another reason, a reason that eludes her whenever she thinks about it. Jean has felt her powers take baby steps in growth everyday. Baby steps yes, but exponentially large baby steps. It is a mix of both physical and mental growth. At times, she thinks it's just slight heart burn or some times a head rush. Most of the time she feels a great deal of anticipation and nervousness, like the feeling she use to get on the first days of school. Her telekinetic powers have become so prominent that lifting the X-jet is just as simple as lifting a pencil. No longer a strain, it is all just a matter of thought. But has learned her powers go even deeper. Jean has found she can, at will, manipulate physical matter with her telekinesis at a near molecular level. It was through this discovery she developed pyrokinesis, a new power that seems to be fueled by her emotions. Her senses feel as though they float around her, giving her a somewhat sixth sense of anything nearby. Physically, her body hasn't really changed. Aside from not feeling fatigue as easy as she use to, she doesn't feel much different. But Allan tells her that will change with her full manifestation. But when is the question Jean keeps asking. A sense of frustration burns in her mind, and although she knows she should listen to Allan and remain patient, she can not help but feel held back. Jean closes her eyes taking a deep breath while gripping her right hand in front of her into a tight fist. In a brilliant burst of white and yellow flames, she ignites her hand. She watches her five digits and palm as pyrokenetic flames dance all around it. Jean feels a sense of release when she allows this power to burn freely, and it scares her. "Embrace it." she softly says to herself as she turns her gaze back to the Cerebro interface helmet.

Here eyes widen as she feels a presence behind her approaching slowly. With a quick thought, Jean puts out the flame on her hand and slightly turns asking, "What's up Scott?"

Slightly snapping back with a grin, Scott replies, "Whoa, that was neat." He adds playfully, "Did you grow eyes on the back of your head?"

Jean just smiles as he approaches and adds, "I was just about to tell you Wolverine and Colossus are about to take off."

Nodding, Jean turns back to facing the Cerebro interface helmet replying, "Alright, I guess I should get set up then."

Scott stares at her from behind with a troubled expression, "Are you sure you want to jack into Cerebro again?"

"I have to coordinate with both of them in order to find Gambit." Jean answers, "It'll be fine, Scott."

Sighing out, Scott nods and tells her, "Well, alright. If you need anything I'll be in the situation room monitoring Banshee and the Brotherhood."

The main door closes after Scott leaves and Jean seats herself holding the interface helmet. She hesitates at first, but still places the helmet on. Thumbing the communication switch, she speaks into the microphone, "Wolverine, Colossus, I'm linking to Cerebro again. Stand by for directions."

Responding on the other end, Wolverine replies, "We're all yours, Jean. Be careful."

Jean closes her eyes, focusing her mind. A sudden pull against her thoughts and the humming of deep generators, Jean's mind links too Cerebro. Her thoughts extend outward, listening and perceiving, trying to locate the tortured mind of Gambit.

Stumbling through the pile of sewage junk and muck, Ray and Evan do their best trying to support Kurt's tired limp body while also keeping up their pace. Ducking through many short tunnels and trudging the stench filled waters, they finally make it back into the main storm drainage sewer the Morlock's had called home. Ray and Evan carefully place Kurt down against the cold brick laced wall. Evan immediately starts rummaging through some of the piled junk, moving and pushing items aside. Finally he finds what he is look for and he smiles. Evan stands back up looking at the walls of the wide sewer with careful eyes. Ray asks out, "So, what now Evan?"

Pointing to a nearby pipe, Evan tells him, "See that pipe? It's wide enough to crawl through. Take Kurt and double time it through there. It will take you to a man hole to the surface just outside the industrial district. It should only take you about ten minutes to reach, depending on how fast you two move."

"Wait a minute," Ray remarks, "that's your plan! Me and Kurt make break for it while you stay behind! No way!"

Evan points his hands towards the walls of the sewer and begins launching several sharp boney spikes at various areas. Echoing impacts are heard followed by a build up of hissing sounds. The more spikes Evan releases, the louder the hissing sounds get. Ray's confused expression turns into nervousness as Evan tells him, "It's all got right now, bro."

Both their attentions are caught by a deep growling roar echoing from a nearby tunnel. Evan looks t Ray and Kurt saying, "I'll hold off as long as I can so you two can get out. Now go."

Ray runs over to Kurt and quickly helps him up while Evan continues launching spikes off into the walls. Carrying Kurt over his shoulders and lumbers over to the escaping pipe, then looks back at Evan asking in earnest, "What about you , man?"

Breathing out, Evan replies, "I'll think of something, dude. I'm making this up as I go."

Ray reluctantly climbs into the pipe dragging Kurt's limp body in after him and begins to quickly shuffle up the cramped tunnel. Evan turns toward the growling coming from the tunnel and takes a deep breath while incasing his body in thick spiked boney armor. He holds out his right arms and extends a long harpoon like spike and steps back into a defensive stance.

Fastening the padded chest armor to her uniform, Rogue stands up off the bed and looks over at Allan. She watches as he stands off away from the make shift living area he set up the Danger Room. His posture is very up right with his eyes closed in a relaxed manner. With his feet together, Allan holds his hands apart vertically in front of him. His hands remain steady as a single ball of white light hovers in between his palms. He suddenly opens his eyes into an expression of confusion. Allan drops his hands to his sides and steps back into a more casual posture sighing out.

"What's botherin' ya, Allan?" Rogue asks.

Shaking his head with further confusion on his face, Allan replies, "Tell to you the truth, I don't know. I'm trying to follow up on what Jean told me earlier, about seeing other cosmic beings."

Rogue shrugs her shoulders saying, "What's the big deal? Ah heard ya mention they were just here to witness her manifestation." then adds sarcastically, "As if she needed more attention."

Allan chuckles at Rogue's comment and mentions, "It's true, manifestations like hers always attracts others nearby. My problem at the moment is that I can't seem to sense their presences."

Rogue slightly grins at him with a bit of confusion herself. Allan nods and continues, "Um, how can I put this? Have you seen that old vintage classic movie, Highlander?"

Breathing out a slight laugh, Rogue answers, "Sure Ah have, but Ah wouldn't actually call it a vintage classic. It ain't that old."

"Well, where I'm from it is." Allan adds, "And right now, back home, old vintage classic stuff is 'in'."

Rogue shakes her head with a smile saying, "You were sayin' somethin' 'bout the movie Highlander?"

"Right, um," Allan thinks for a moment then replies, "I guess in the movie, the immortals had this uncanny ability to feel other immortals near by. It's almost the same way with cosmic super guys, except without the music."

"Ya know how dumb sounds, Allan?" Rogue chuckles out, "So you've gotta sixth sense for cosmic thingies."

Allan grins saying, "More like a 'tenth' sense, but yah, with a little concentration and we cosmic folk can feel each other out. But if what Jean said is true, I can't feel anything from these people. That's got me a little nervous."

"Why, "Rogue inquires, "what's that mean?"

"Well it can mean a lot of things," Allan mentions, "but two stick out the most in my mind. One, Jean maybe hallucinating, at which case her manifestation is just around the corner and it's messing with her head. Or two, these other cosmic guys are actually here. If that's the case, they all found a way to hide themselves from me and we might have a bigger problem."

With that said, they both fall silent. Clearing her throat, Rogue mentions, "Look, um… Ah'll be back in a few. Scott's wants to meet with the rest of the X-men in the situation room for a quick debriefing about what's goin' on. Ah'll keep what you said in mind, but Ah don't wanna freak anybody out."

Allan nods as Rogue steps up to him kissing him lightly on the lips, then quickly heads out the main door. Sighing out a deep breath, Allan returns to his concentration closing his eyes. But instead of expanding his mind in search for possible cosmic entities, he whispers out, "Judgement."

Appearing out of thin air all around him in the Danger Room chamber, the First Beings materialize each in their own fashion. They each stand before Allan in their statuesque postures as they speak in one voice, "You summoned us, our Vanguard."

Slowly opening his eyes to look upon them, Allan gives them a stern expression as he remarks, "I sense deception. Why are the others hiding from me? What the hell is goin' on?"

"The events set in motion, are just beginning to unfold." They speak out.

Shaking his head in frustrated manner, Allan expression turns annoyed telling them, "Look, spare me the Shakespearian routine, and tell me what's the deal here. Are they after me, or is Jean in danger?"

Replying one echoing voice, "Our Vanguard seeks answers, when you should be seeking truths. Existence is random. And as such, so is the birth of the source. Try as you may, it will choose it's own destiny, as do all children of the stars. Maintain vigilance, our Vanguard, the deception you sense may lay deeper than you may imagine, for all is not revealed to us as well."

"I guess that's your way of saying, 'you don't know'," Allan sighs out while glancing down.

Evan ducks under another elongated clawed attack from Sabertooth. The attack slashes into brick wall leaving deep gashes in the cement blocked surface. Raw sewage leaks from the damage as Evan rolls to safety. But instead of taking advantage of trying to escape, he turns back towards Sabertooth and readies himself for another attack. The hulking mutilated form of Sabertooth slowly turns around glaring at the young mutant. His demonic features are accompanied by heavy growling like breathing as he squares off roaring at the top of his lungs. Evan slightly flinches at the hideous mix of deep roaring with hissing and gurgling screeches. Despite his new mutilated form, Sabertooth's face can still be recognized. Though his mouth now hangs some what with long fangs protruding down wards along with drool or bile dripping to the ground. His eye look sunken in and smaller. Underneath the new growth of long hair, Even can see what he thinks are other eye sockets, on various parts of Sabertooth's head. The brawny man had always been larger than normal men, but he would tower even over Juggernaut if not for the elongated hunch, giving Sabertooth a more menacing appearance. Evan stands his ground, encased in his thick boney spike armor. He is determined not to let his friends down, even though he himself is starting to winded. Sabertooths' voice gurgles and hissas it seems to reverberate, "Yyyyyourr prrretty tricky, kid. But yyyour allll out of trrricks now. Gonna be ffffun chowin' down onnnn yourrr brains."

Evan drops back into a deep defensive stance and replies with a slight grin, "I told you before, you gotta to be sharp if gonna mess with the Spike. So how 'bout one last trick? Like the one Allan taught me about how much displacer beasts hate fire."

In a quick jolt, Evan launches a single flame ignited spike past Sabertooth's hulking body and into the pile of junk he rummaged through earlier. With precise aim, the flaming spike jabs into a hidden natural gas valve, puncturing the pipe. The flame of the spike ignites the pressurized gas and it explodes outward enveloping Sabertooth in a large ball of fire. A chain reaction begins as the puncture gas lines Evan had exposed with his spikes throughout the sewer chamber also ignite almost immediately engulfing the open storm drain in an ocean of fire. Evan quickly balls up as he dives into the main center reservoir just before the flames could engulf him. Staying beneath the flowing murky water, Evan avoids being burned letting the current carry him away. But even under water, he can still hear the painful yells and roars from Sabertooth as he is seemingly cooked by the inferno.

Climbing out of manhole access, Ray tries his best to quickly pull Kurt's exhausted limp body out of the opening. An echoing roar reverberates from within the tunnels followed by a rumbling sound that seems to be getting closer. Ray musters his strength and gets a better grip on Kurt pulling him clear of the manhole access just before gust of gaseous flames bursts out of the opening in a bright flash. Ray and Kurt stumble to the ground covering their heads as neighboring sewer covers are blown off in the same manner the shot out of the opening they just climbed out of. Manhole covers up and down empty street blow off violently from the road with flames in a loud air blowing explosion. Ray and Kurt carefully look up and around both muttering out, "Whoa."

The sound of clanging sewer tops are heard all around them as they slowly get to their feet. Their faces show a look of grave concern for their friend they had left behind in the sewer. Kurt stands stunned at the possibility his friend may be dead. But before either of them could comprehend the out come of things, a gust of wind catches their attention and they both quickly look above them. Maneuvering in the darkness of the night sky, the X-copter swings around over there heads. With it's blinking strobe signal lights it slowly descends to the street just a few yards away from Kurt and Ray. Light dust and debris gets kicked up from the whipping blades of the aircraft as both boys cover thier faces to protect their eyes. Quickly disembarking out of the main ramp of the hightech helocopter, Banshee and the Brotherhood immediately spread out and head toward them. Banshee speaks up first remarking, "We saw the what looked like explosions. Is everything alright? Where's Evan?"

Ray coughs a bit then replies, "We're not sure. We think Evan was setting up a trap for Sabertooth."

Toad darts out, "Sabertooth! Yo, accordin' to Gambit, that chump should be pushin' up daisies."

"That was never confirmed, Toad." Quicksilver mentions, "Besides, if he heals as fast as Wolverine, there's really no telling."

Avalanche cracks his knuckles with a stern expression saying, "In any case, I say we go down there and bury the jerk."

Banshee steps up saying, "That's a negative, laddie. You lot get Kurt and Ray back to the chopper and secure this area. It won't be long before the police get here. I'll be goin' down to extract Evan. The last thing we need right now is three blocks off street caving in. If I'm not back in fifteen minutes, just toggle the auto pilot and the chopper should take you all back to the institute safely."

Before Avalanche can argue, Banshee darts off quickly and climbs down the sewer opening. Scarlet Witch folds her arms in frustration sighing out, "So much for team work."

Quicksilver nods in agreement with his sister's comment while helping Ray carry Kurt to the X-copter.

Unsure of whether she is a prisoner or a pawn, Emma returns to the plush large bed room suite the Hellfire Society had prepared for her. She keeps silent as she passes several details of guards that patrol the building, at the same time trying to fight the urge to call out to the other X-men for help. Emma had been concerned her mind was now compromised by Seth. Shutting her bedroom door, Emma carefully locks the door and begins dressing down out of her evening gown. Her dinner with Seth was both illuminating and disturbing. The whole time they were eating, Seth kept his mental guard down purposely, giving Emma an opportunity to probe his mind to what ever ends. Although he didn't say a word about it, Emma knew that is what he wanted her to do, and despite all the temptation to try, she kept herself from delving into his mind. Her decision was more out of fear than personal restraint. Seth left his mind an open book to her, hoping she would live up to her name. But Emma had felt so much animosity and darkness from him, she fought against her nature and kept her thoughts closed off from his, or so she thought. Emma carefully hangs her elaborate even dress and puts on a white silk nightgown. She begins brushing her near platinum blonde hair as she sits in front of the vanity mirror in the room. As she prepares to remove her makeup, she feels a bit of chill in the room, as though someone had simply removed the warmth from the air. Emma slowly stands adjust her sensuous gown. She glares around her room slowly, focusing her mind outward. Emma suddenly feels a push against her thoughts and she steps back in defensively. Partially appearing leaned up against the far wall of her room, Seth playfully glares back at her. Emma expression grows cold as she remarks, "I suppose voyeurism is one of you many talents."

His appearance is somewhat translucent if not a bit invisible as he looks Emma up and down in the nightgown. He replies, "You can drop the ice queen routine, Emma. You and I both know you get flattered when men drool over you when you walk by them. You use your sexuality as a weapon, women like you are dime a dozen."

"Then how about you pester those other women, instead of me." Emma coldly states.

Seth chuckles at Emma comment and adds, "As I said before, Emma. You really intrigue me. You know there was a time, when I use to know what was truly good and truly evil. I remember when I actually use to care for the innocent , save the despair, and pity the pathetic. As the years went by, I realized there is no good or evil. There are true saints without guilt. And given the opportunity, your closest friends would sooner stab you in the back then simply share."

Emma breathes out as she slowly back away, "Are you making a point?"

"My point, Emma," Seth says as he casually walks on the other side of the bed from Emma, "you balance those things nearly perfectly with in you. I felt your thoughts when you looked upon Remy's sad condition. You pitied him, and you also felt he deserved it. You respect Tessa, but you're also disgusted how fast she rose in the Society. And you're late dear sister's murder. No love loss there as well, in fact, you're thankful she can no longer access your family's fortune. Rightly so, she was an irresponsible bitch."

"That does not justify her murder." Emma darts out.

Seth chuckles some more, "But you certainly weren't broken up about it."

Emma's tone gets frustrated as she inquires, "What is it you want from me?"

Grinning at her deviously, Seth replies, "My mind has been a open book all night, do you really want an answer for that?"

Her eyes widen as suggestive thoughts flood her mind. Emma steps back grabbing her head with both hands and demands, "Get out!"

Seth just grins and says, "That's not what you really want."

Emma yells out again after regaining her bearings, "I said leave!"

Seth starts to approach her, his translucent appearance seems to walk through her bed as though phasing through the material. His grin only infuriates Emma, but grins back sarcastically saying, "You're not really here. You are just projecting you thoughts and image to me. You are elsewhere, dealing with the on coming threat of the X-men. Your mind is an open book, Seth. Playing mind games, now who is the pathetic one?"

Just as Emma turns her back to Seth's image arrogantly ignoring him, she is suddenly stopped at the sensation of warm solid hands firmly holding her smooth shoulders. She glances slightly at her right should to see Seth's right hands gently caressing down her bare arm. She can feel the texture and contours of his palm and fingers as it slide gently to her silk covered sides. The gown even presses up against her skin as though his hand are really there. Emma's eyes widen as realizes Seth is really touching her. He leans in closer to her right ear and says softly, "Reality is only a matter of perspective."

She then feels his hands on her waist get firmer as he pulls her closer to him. His strength is astounding as she tries to struggle. Emma pushes away from Seth demanding, "I'm warning you, Seth, leave my room!"

"Or what, Emma." Seth remarks, "You should be use to playing these kind of mind games. Women like you thrive on this kind of power. You should consider this learning experience." as he grabs Emma by her shoulders, keeping her from struggling, then forcing her onto her back flat on her king size bed.

Emma grunts out as she bounces helplessly against her sheets saying, "No!"

Seth grabs her left ankle just as she tries to shuffle away. He pulls her to him and starts to climb on top Emma. She struggles against his hold but to no avail as he lays on her and begins to forcibly kiss her burying his face on the side of her neck. Holding her by her wrists against the bed, Seth slides his lips onto hers. Emma grunts and whines as she struggles under him. She manages to turn her face away from him while he continues his predatory assault. Emma manages to slip her right hand from his grip as he pushes himself up to re-adjust his posture. With every bit of her strength, Emma swings a right hooking punch to his left cheek. The strike lands solid but does not have the affect she was hoping. Seth's cosmically enhanced dense structure stands up to her meager attack as it sprains her wrist. Emma yells out in pain as Seth grins down at her remarking, "Fighting your true nature does not become you, Emma. Deep down, I can feel this is exactly what you want."

Pushing against his face, Emma grunts out, "Bastard! You digust me! You know nothing about me!"

"I know enough to see and feel your desire for this. Or is it, you desired this from Allan? You wanted him the moment you set eyes on him." Seth remarks with a smirking grin.

Emma grunts as she struggles and says with an angered voice, "You, are not Allan! The fact that he doesn't know you exist tells me you are barely a fragment of his shadow."

Seth's expression angers at the shock of Emma's comment and sits up quickly over her. He raises his right hand high readying to back slap her. Emma flinches in fear of his strike, but it never comes. She opens her eyes to see Seth with his hand in a ready position to strike her. His face seems a mixture of hurting and anger. Emma's heart beats heavily, then sense of relief comes over her as an electronic voice speaks out, "My lord, that Wolverine person and the large Russian are here."

Seth seems to look over his shoulder, then slowly turns his angered eyes to Emma telling her, "Duty calls. Good thing too. It be ashamed to bruise that pretty face of yours."

Then right before her eyes, Seth slowly fades away. She feels his weight and warmth give way as he seems to dissapate into thin air. Emma slowly sits up on her bed taking deep breaths as she coils her legs hugging them close to her chest. She fights back the tears and the urge to cry. It was the first time in her life she had ever felt truly, helpless. But instead of crying, she turns her emotional scar into anger, and her cold icy glare returns. Emma quickly hops off her bed and struts into her closet with a determined expression.

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