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Police squad cars race through the empty streets of downtown Bayville. A blissful evening and quiet early morning are disrupted by reports of the sounds of battles across the city. Fire trucks and ambulances blare their sirens trying to reach every reported scene, only to find an aftermath of damage and no casualties. Accept for one area where police SWAT units have arrested several suspected armored terrorists who have all been disabled in some manner or another. Rescue vehicles respond to calls pertaining to an incident involving the collapsing side of a down town high rise office building. Upon reaching the scene, authorities find the streets and lots nearby riddled with fallen debris from the damaged top floors of the tall building. A gapping hole on the side of the structure can be seen from the ground level as the partly cloudy dark sky flashes like a lightning storm. The breaks in the cloud are lit up painting a surreal overcast over the city. The sounds of distant thunder and rumbling explosions echo over head as the authorities on the ground quarter off the area around the office building. The bright flashes of light above the overcastting clouds brighten the early morning darkness. Deep rumbling follows the flashes of light as law enforcement and rescue workers keep glancing up, while sealing off the area to the sparsely gathered early morning general public. But just as the awoken crowd of onlookers start to believe and accept the drama above the clouds is just a severe weather phenomenon, smoldering debris begins to rain down upon them. They cover their heads and duck doorways or nearby vehicles as the cinderblock sized debris comes crashing to the streets. Several pieces of the smoldering chunks bounce off roof tops and parked vehicles. Others seem to weigh a bit more as they smack hard into the pavement creating pots holes. Rescue workers and law enforcement officers step close to examine the fallen debris. Much to their horrified surprise, they realize the smoldering chucks to be charred remains of some unidentifiable creature. Quite a few of the burnt remains resemble limbs from a possible large creature that appeared as though it had exploded. The workers then look up with fear in their eyes as another flash followed by deep rumbling echoes above the overcast once more.

The atmosphere feels heated and sparks with an abundance of energy. And despite the wide open space above the clouds, Vanguard is feeling very crowded. Surrounding his air born position, a hundred other cosmic beings or entities bear down upon him. A mixture of power fluxes and straight beams dart across the sky as Vanguard deflects and redirects energy away. He tussles hand to hand or hand to claw and even hand to tentacle fending off direct attacks. The mass assault is relentless and Vanguard is equally merciless in his counter attack utilizing every means to defend him. He spins and twists at the same time kicking out with his legs and fists connecting solidly with several blows to multiple targets or at times one single opponent. His attacks strike like lightning and sound like thunder as the air seems to ripple with every blow from his titanic strength. But just like he, they beings he battle are just as resilient. They lash out, striking him with power and strength. Although Vanguard is seemingly invulnerable, he feels pain from their assaults. Heavily outnumbered in every direction, he sustains blow after blow to almost every part of his body. Their strikes thunder just as loud pin balling Vanguard from opponent to opponent. His eyes glow bright red as Vanguard becomes enraged. The red glow flashes brightly through the eyeholes of his blood red helmet as regains his bearings and straightens his tumbling posture. Another hulking being charges him with both glowing fist thrusting ahead. Vanguard glares at the being and yells out ferociously as he thrusts his own right fist forward. The large hulking beings solid fists collide with Vanguard's counter attacking right thrust punch in ear splitting loud crack followed by a bright sparking flash. The result of Vanguard's reverse punch sends the hulking creature tumbling backwards with its' large fists appearing shattered from the collision. Smoke trails from its' body as it also appears to be falling limp. Holding out the same right hand, Vanguard gestures to the falling creature and begins to glows ominously bright red. Then another quick gesture with his right hand causes the falling hulking being to explode releasing a powerful ring like shockwave that overwhelms the other surrounding beings. The shockwave cause most of them to scatters and tumble as well, others suffer after effects of the blast and drop altitude to regain their own bearings. Glaring at all the scattering army of cosmic beings, Vanguard yells out in anger, "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?"

With her body glowing more intensely than before, Vex floats up to Vanguard's level a few yards away and states, "You are formidable indeed, mighty one."

Turning his glare at her, Vanguard demands, "What kind of deal have you made with this Enigma, Vex!"

"A simple arrangement," she replies calmly, "that has lead to this confrontation."

Glancing all around him, Vanguard visually marks every surrounding cosmic beings position. "Your presence, all of you here now, is disrupting the balance of power in this universe."

"The same can be said about you," Vex adds, "however, that will be remedied shortly."

Drawing back, getting ready to defend himself once more, Vanguard remarks, "I don't know what you hope to gain from this, Vex. But if we keep this up, we'll end up destroying this world."

"A consequence you will have to live or die with." Vex says in a stern tone.

The office building rattles under the thundering drama above. The structure shakes violently while Emma and Tessa stumble down the emergency stair well. Wall crack all around as dust and debris sprinkle from the remaining floors above them. The building shakes again almost causing both women to lose their footing. They slip but manage to keep their balance by gripping the railing. Tessa catches her breath and remarks, "I don't recall this being part of our escape plan, Emma."

Looking back at Tessa with a plain expression, Emma replies, "That plan was scrapped upon Seth's order to execute Gambit. We have to improvise now, in order to survive."

They begin to descend down the stair well again, picking up the pace. "And what of Seth, Emma? No doubt he will want retribution for our treachery." Tessa says as she follows Emma down.

Suddenly, Wolverine's voice speak up from a flight of stairs below, "I don't think you two need to worry about that Seth guy. Sounds like he's got his hands full right now upstairs."

Emma and Tessa quickly shuffle down to him. Along with him are Colossus and Banshee who look out an access window. "Wolverine, Seth is not after Allan. He never was." Emma says.

Tessa steps up and adds with a bit of bitterness, "This is true. It seemed Seth had an ulterior motive. He deceived us all, you, the Hellfire Society, even me."

Wolverine huffs out in frustration and asks, "And what 'bout this little club of yours? Where are the rest of them?"

Clearing her throat, Tessa mentions, "The building has been compromised, they each had their own escape plan. Most likely, they have already fled."

Banshee asks out, "What about you, lass? What's your escape plan?"

"It was with Seth," Tessa sneers, "before his sudden change of heart."

"Wait a minute!" Wolverine speaks out, "So what did Seth want with Allan?"

Emma lightly brushes her hair from the face and answers, "He wanted Allan out of the way. He bartered several deals with other beings of equal power, and possibly deceived them as well."

Wolverine shakes his head asking, "Out of the way for what? Who's Seth after?"

"He wants Jean, Wolverine." Emma replies as she looks at him with concern, "Allan told us to get back to the Institute for that reason."

"Damn it." Wolverine says under his breath. He adds, "Lady, even if we do survive this crumbling dump, there're cops all over the place out there. We won't be able to get twenty yards without bein' caught."

Just then, a pile of firemen gear is tossed in front of them on the floor. A muffled voice speaks up, "Den I suggest y'all put these on 'n' follow me out de front door."

They turn to look and see a man standing in the exit access wearing firemen gear covering him head to toe. Wolverine quickly extends his claws and takes a defensive posture demanding, "Who the hell're you, bub!"

The fireman quickly slips off his face covering respirator mask and helmet revealing his face. The gathered X-men and Tessa almost gasp at the sight of Gambit standing before them with a grin saying, "What? Didn't ya always want to be a fireman when you was kids?"

Banshee smiles and chuckles out, "You're alive, laddie?"

Gambit quickly bows like a performer and answers, "Well, ya can't keep a good thief down. But if we stick 'round 'ere, dat might change." as the building shakes again.

They quickly begin to sift through the gear Gambit had brought up and start putting on the firemen uniforms over there outfits.

The confusion on the ground floor continues as police and rescue personnel try to keep the area relatively safe. Bustling utility and rescue workers dart about the lot doing what they can to secure the fall out. In the midst of the confusion, six fully geared firemen briskly exit the building through the front door along with other rescue personnel. A fire marshal speaks through a bullhorn, "Attention, evacuate the area the building can collapse at any moment. I repeat, evacuate the area."

Police vehicles begin backing away followed by utility and rescue vehicles. The six firemen quickly trot away as well and manage to slip into a nearby alley way unnoticed. Just as they turn the corner, the lead fireman removes his helmet and respirator revealing hi to be Wolverine. The rest of the team along with Tessa removed their deceiving head gear as he states, "Me and Colossus parked the X-van a couple blocks from here. So we're in the clear."

They follow both Wolverine and Colossus down the alley as they lead them away from the dramatic crumbling scene.

More drama unfolds back at the Xavier Institute as Cyclops's attempt to negotiate with their new visitors fails in a blaze of brilliant explosions. The X-men scatter and fall back, trying to slow the casual advance of both Fire Lord and Gabriel the Air Walker with any means they can. Both cosmic beings seem annoyed by the resistance they have come across as they slow there advance. In a bright burning manner, Fire Lord takes to the air as Gabriel holds out both of his robotic arms out and emits an unknown energy beam hurdling at the scattering X-men. The beam forces them to dive for cover as it rips into the ground burning and cracking a trench on the front lawn. Rogue rolls onto her feet from her dive and stare at Gabriel for a quick moment. She calls out, "Kitty! That guy looks like a robot! Try phasin' through him and disrupt his circuits!"

Kitty replies back as she ducks for cover, "I can't get close enough!"

Iceman dives next to her and says, "Work your way around him. I'll get his attention."

He then stands up quickly icing up his body and calls out to Gabriel, "Hey Robocop! Why don't ya cool your batteries off!"

A stream of shiny ice launches from Iceman's left hand and collides onto Gabriel. A thick sheet of ice foams over his armor plated body freezing his advance. Iceman quickly breaks cover to shift to another spot and aims his hands for another icy attack. With a slight gesture of his arms, Gabriel shatters his icy shell into small particles. He aims his left mechanical hand at Iceman and starts powering up. Just then he spasms slightly, then he grunts out as small electrical sparks begin dance over his metal hull. Like a ghost, Kitty slowly phases through his metal body. She seems to struggle as she does, but still manages to pass through him. Iceman cheers out, "Yeah, we got'em!"

Gabriel appears to be stunned, but then he reaches down and grabs Kitty by the throat and pulls her all the way through and out in front of him. The electrical sparks cease as he holds her up firmly and says, "Valiant and commendable effort, young mortal. However your indigenous powers are no match for one whose body is designed to house the primal forces of a star."

Fire Lord arches over the battle and closes in on Cyclops's and Jean's position. Unleashing his concussive red optic blast, Cyclops strikes Fire Lord dead on. The solid energy blast slows Fire Lord a bit, but he still advances. Gritting his teeth with determination, Cyclops stands his ground sustaining his optic barrage against the brightly glowing being. Remaining in the air, Fire Lord twirls his fiery staff over his head thus increasing the intensity of the flames that burn on either end of the unique weapon. In one fluent motion, he brings the flaming weapon down point one end toward the young mutant couple and release bright stream of dancing fire. The sudden heat and brightness of the attack catches Cyclops off guard as he flinches and ducks. Jean quickly reacts and erects a protective telekinetic dome covering both her and Cyclops from the Fire Lord's assault. The stream of flames smacks the shielding dome in splashing manner. Realizing he saved from Fire Lord's attack, Cyclops glances back at Jean and smiles at her. She returns his smile while maintaining her protective telekinetic dome. Fire Lord unleashes another heated stream of flames upon them. Jean grunts out feeling the immense force of Fire Lord's attack against her shield. Twirling his intense weapon again for another attack, Fire Lord is suddenly assaulted from both his right and left sides by another red beam and a sparkling colorful stream of solid light. He shakes off the surprise attacks and glances at his flanks to spot attackers. Cyclops also looks and see Havok off to his right and Dazzler to the left, both standing ready to deliver another barrage. Taking advantage of the Fire Lord's momentary pause, Cyclops orders out to Havok and Dazzler, "Don't let up!" as he strikes out at Fire Lord with his optic blast.

Havok follows his older brother's lead unleashing his own destructive blast from his hands while Dazzler circles around bombarding Fire Lord with her flashy display of dancing solid light. Now being attacked from three sides, Fire Lord braces against the assault while remaining air born.

Kitty tries to phase free of Gabriel's firm robotic grip, but finds she is unable to. When ever she makes the attempt, she feels some kind of electrical field coursing through the large mechanical being's metal skin like plating. She kicks and struggles, but Gabriel holds her standing like a statue. Iceman focuses his attack around Gabriel's sturdy legs encasing them in a solid block of ice. Gabriel simply kicks his legs slightly, again shattering the icy block around him. Iceman huffs out in frustration, "What's it take to slow this guy down!"

But just as Iceman asks that question, the ground beneath Gabriel's feet cracks and caves in. He falls knee deep into a large pot hole. The ground around his mechanical legs comes alive as it closes in holding him tight. His head is struck hard by a flash of electrical energy forcing him to release Kitty from his grip. She drops to the ground as Rogue quickly runs up and picks her up. Gabriel seems a bit off balance as Rogue and Kitty stagger away. They look past Gabriel and see Hank and Ororo leading the Brotherhood in from the front gate. Avalanche gestures his hands to the ground that holds Gabriel and manipulates the turf to drag the mechanical man deeper into the ground almost up to his chest. Hank leaps over to Rogue and Kitty and guides them to safety. Gabriel begins to dig his way out of Avalanche's earth grip and speaks out to them, "Your selfless acts of heroism are admirable, indeed. However, our cause is just, you cannot hope for victory here."

Avalanche concentrates to maintain his hold on Gabriel, but the mechanical cosmic being seems to ignore the hindrance of the ground gripping him and slowly climbs out. As the robotic being stands back onto his feet he speaks out, "You leave me no choice but to increase my combat efficiency to ninety percent."

The sounds of powering up generators are heard as Gabriel's armor plating starts bulking outward, somewhat increasing his size and mass. Pressure steam blows out from the sectioning plating of his body making him look even more menacing then before. The generator wine gets louder and louder as Gabriel remains still. Ororo orders out, "Hit it with everything you've got!" as she calls down a massive bolt of lightning.

The near blinding light smashes against the now hulking cosmic machine. Iceman launches several icy projectiles that smash or ricochet off of Gabriel's armored plating. Ray steps up and unleashes his bio electrical blast adding to the extreme bombardment.

Deep beneath the Institute, Forge monitors the action through various screens. A few of the younger students stand nearby watching the drama unfold. Jubilee speaks up, "Guys, we should be up there helping them!"

"But, Scott said for us to stay down here." Amara mentions.

Forge nods while examining his screens and adds, "And I'd have to agree with Scott too. What ever these two guys are, they're heavy duty."

Just then, Hank quickly lumbers in followed by Kitty and Rogue. "Forge, any info on those two beings up there?" Hank asks.

Forge breathes out with nervousness and says "Scans show their power levels off the charts. They seem invulnerable to any attack. And they announced they're after Jean."

Hank stares at the screens with scanning eyes and asks, "And where is Allan? Ororo and I saw his sign in the sky."

Rogue speaks up, "Ah think… well he said somethin' 'bout , bein' called out. I guess it was cosmic stuff."

Nodding his head, Forge pulls up the scan schematic of Bayville and mentions, "I am reading a major spike of energy coming from town. It's so vast I can't isolate a precise location."

The ground slightly shakes and rumbles as they all glance around them. Hank glances around and says, "It is conceivable Allan may be engaged in combat with other cosmic creatures. In any case, we're on our own with the two up stairs."

The skies crackle loudly above the city with flashes of multi-colored lights. The dramatic scene seems to extend for one horizon to the other. It almost appears biblical as the air thunders loudly, shortly after, smoldering debris would rain down through the over casting clouds. And although the sun has yet to rise, Bayville is lit up by the unfolding drama above the clouds. Drama in the form of a desperate battle for supremacy. And the battle grows desperate by the second. Cutting a swath through the gathered army of cosmic warriors, Vanguard utilizes his fighting skills along with his mastery over all energies to create two katana like blades. In a near whirlwind pattern, he slice and slashes at opponents, blocking and parrying against their own unique weapons. Every swing of his blades are intended as killing stroke as cuts a few of them in two. With a final upward slice, Vanguard delivers a final blow to one being, slicing it in an upward angle. He yells out as his red glowing blade from his left hand sparks through the dying entity. It's body dangles from the sky and flashes brightly as it disintegrates in mid air. Vanguard slowly turns to face the remaining cosmic beings still intent on his demise. His uniform is torn and battered along with his blood red helmet, which appears to be dent and cracked in multiple spots. He breathes heavily and deeply, mostly out of anger. For the battle was not only fought physically, but mentally as well. Throughout the battle, his mind was under assault by the same creatures he had been fighting and slaying. And every time he would destroy one, he felt their pain that he had inflicted and their few moment of fear before they finally died. A mixture of sweat and tears drip out from under his cracked face mask as he speaks out, "Call off this fight, Vex! There's been enough killing today!"

Vex, as well as the other remaining beings look just as battle worn as Vanguard does, some much worse off. "This battle only ends at your death." Vex remarks.

Dematerializing his glowing katana blades, Vanguard huffs out with frustration and speaks out, "Damn it Vex! There is not point to this fight!"

"Correction," she replies, "your death frees the rest of us from the burden of fear. An emotion we had long forgotten since our manifestations, now rekindled by the arrival of you, our own angel of death. No more will you cast your mortal shadow over us."

Vanguard watches as Vex and the other beings begin to glow brightly. Their eyes shine while glaring down at him. The air vibrates with the build up of power in deep rumbling sound. Vanguard removes his helmet and lets it drop from is hands through the clouds below. His jet black hair is drenched from sweat that runs down his face as he stares up at the inevitable. With a saddened expression on his face, Allan looks down at his hands. His stylized blood red gloves are stained with the blood of those he had slain, are also severely tattered and torn from the battle. In the distance from the ground below, he can hear the sounds of sirens and horns from rescue vehicles. Allan wonders how much damage they had rained down upon them during the course of the battle. Taking a deep breath, Allan looks back up at Vex and the other cosmic beings, then whispers to them, "I'm sorry you all feel that way."

He floats before them waiting for their attack. The clouds seem to part as the energy build up increases. Vex ignites her body in bright flash along with the other beings until they all become one large star bright flash. Allan holds out his hands to his sides while raising his face up closing his eyes. His body also begins to glow as the ball of light darts toward him at blinding speeds. So bright is the orb of energy, it envelopes Allan instantly. Parting the over casting clouds, the orb arches over the city, ripping the tops of tall buildings off as it passing overhead. The brightness of the orb lights up the city as though it mid day, moving shadows rapidly through the streets before crashing a few miles beyond the city limits. An explosion of mighty proportions shakes the entire city Bayville shattering glass windows and toppling telephone poles. A large dome like flash erupts from the explosion adding to the dramatic scene deeply digging into the foothills.

A ferocious shockwave rumbles the Xavier Institute, surprising everyone caught up in the spectacular drama that takes place. No one is spared the momentary disorientation as they all stagger and stumble. Including Gabriel, who ceases his attack to look back toward the far horizon. Despite his cold mechanical expression, he stares at the cataclysmic sight in the distance. He calls out, "Fire Lord, look yonder my friend!"

Drawing back from his attack, Fire Lord turns to look as well. A grave concerning expression washes over his fiery glowing complexion. The X-men and Brotherhood also pause for a moment staring at the distant bursting dome of light. Gradually the dome of light dissipates, and air of confusion settles among the young mutants. Still in mid flight, Fire Lord speaks out to Gabriel, "We are out of time! We must complete the mission!"

Taking a solid wide stance, Gabriel begins powering up once more as Fire Lord gains altitude twirling his fiery staff over his head. The X-men and Brotherhood position themselves for another offensive from the two powerful beings. In echoing thumping sound, an air warping pulse wave ripples from Gabriel's metal body. The wave pulses out toward the defending mutants knocking all of them to the ground. It is as though they were each struck by a concentrated wave of gravity. It also strikes down nearby trees and nearby yard fixtures. Twirling his staff, Fire Lord dives back down toward Jean's position and cries out, "Forgive me star child! What I am about to do, I do for all!"

With those words echoing down to her, Fire Lord throws his fiery staff down at her. Staggered by Gabriel's gravity pulse, Jean looks up and can only watch as the cosmic weapon bears down on her. Laying on the ground as well, Cyclops cries out to her, "NO… JEAN!"

But the fiery weapon strikes true in a violent explosion sending dirt and debris in every direction. Cyclops covers his head as the force of the explosion causes him to roll a few feet away. Fire and smoke riddle the area, followed by a disturbing silence. Walking through the smoking debris, Fire Lord gazes upon the flaming crater where Jean once lay.

Gabriel approaches from the other side and states on saddened tone, "Our duty is done. This world is now safe."

Still lying on the ground, the X-men and Brotherhood stare at the sight, stunned at the outcome. Cyclops musters his strength and tries to crawl to where Jean was laying, but find the heat from the flames too intense. His shock leaves him speechless, trying to understand what just happened. Gabriel and Fire Lord glance around at the aftermath of their battle. Kneeling down, Fire Lord reaches into the fiery crater for his staff. Just as he grips his unique weapon, the flames from the crater start to burn with more intensity. Much to his surprise, the fire seems to turn against him as it flashes out at him knocking away and onto the ground. Gabriel steps back astounded by the intense heat, and watches as a glowing female figure slowly climbs out of the burning crater. Her eyes seem closed as fire dance about her slender body. Suddenly, she opens her eyes revealing glowing glare. Just as her eyes open, a halo like wave of fire surrounds her in the form of an ominous bird. Gabriel mutters out, "This… is inconceivable."

She quickly turns her gaze toward the mechanical cosmic and somewhat sneers at him. With slight gesture of her left hand, Gabriel suddenly finds his remarkable alloy plating bursting into flames. He staggers back against the fiery attack, realizing the metal on his body is actually transmuting into flammable material. The flames become intense and spread all over him in an instant. Then with another gesture of her hand, Gabriel explodes into countless pieces of flaming debris. The explosion is vast and violent sending shards of burning metal hurdling at the scattered X-men and Brotherhood. Some of them suffer cuts and burns from the debris as they duck for cover. She then turns her eyes to Fire Lord, who stares back at her with a baffled if not frightened expression. She immediately dives at him, the fiery bird screech out at the same time, and grips his throat with both hands. Her glare turns angered as she tightens her grip trying to choke the life out of him mercilessly. Fire Lord struggles but finds his energies spent. She begins to slowly turn his head, in attempt to break his neck, but another hand grips her right wrist, and slowly pulls it off Fire Lord's throat. She quickly looks to her right and sees Allan glaring back at her. He tells her in a low tone, "That's… enough, Jean."

Her angered expression slightly softens as she struggles. Allan's grip is firm, but he also struggles against her strength as he adds, "Let him go, ease down."

Jean slowly glances back at Fire Lord as her angered expression takes form again. Allan quickly reaches around with his left hand and slowly turns her face to her left and says, "Look."

Her eyes widen as she sees Cyclops limping up to them. His legs suffering several minor cuts from Gabriel's final explosion. Allan tells her as he struggles against her astounding strength, "You kill Fire Lord, the fall out will kill Scott and the others too. Do you want that?"

Jean's glowing eyes fade back to normal as she mutters out, "Ss…Sc… Scott?"

She gasps out loudly releasing her grip on Fire Lord's neck dropping him back to the ground. Allan gently pulls Jean back, saying, "Easy, easy… it's going to be alright." As he picks up off her feet and quickly places her in Scott's arms.

Allan tells him, "Take her inside."

Without a word, Scott briskly carries Jean toward the front door to the house. Maneuvering through the damaged lot, the X-van slowly pulls in. Wolverine quickly jumps out and asks, "What happened?"

Scott quickly carries Jean up the stair entrance and replies to him, "Everything is fine, Logan, just fine." as he takes her through the front door.

Piotr, Remy,and Sean exit the van with first aid kits and begin assisting some of the injured X-men and Brotherhood members. Emma and Tessa follow Logan as he approaches Allan, who stands looking down at a beaten Fire Lord. "What're your intentions now, Fire Lord?" he asks in a stern tone.

Bowing his head slightly, Fire Lord sits up and replies, "You… had spared my life. It is yours to do with as you wish."

Allan slightly rolls his eyes at Fire Lord's comment and states, "Then sit there and keep your mouth shut until I can figure something out for you."

Just then both Kitty and Rogue rush out the front door. Kitty heads straight toward Lance and the Brotherhood carrying another first aid kit while Rogue runs out to Allan. She stops short as she catches a glimpse of his appearance. Although his body is seemingly unharmed, Allan's stylized uniform is tattered beyond recognition. Part of his top is ripped off leaving only a sliver of a piece hanging from his right shoulder. His slacks nearly dangle from his hips only to be barely held together by his heavily worn out boots. His body does show signs of bruising and possible scars from his battle as slight hint of smoke can be seen coming off various parts of his upper torso. Allan appears to be a bit winded as Rogue steps up to him and asks with a grin, "Um... are you alright?"

Allan turns to her with his partially dirt smudged smile and breathes out, "I'm ok. It was, just one hell of a long night."

Despite all the dirt and grime on him, Rogue steps up and embraces Allan lovingly pressing her face against his chest. He reciprocates her embrace closing his eyes and inhaling her scent. Rogue glances off to the horizon and says, "It's a new day."

Allan looks to the horizon and sees the sun rise. The warmth of the morning sun shines on the Xavier Institute painting the scene in a orange like light. Allan holds Rogue gently in his arms as he whispers out with a concerned expression, "Yup, now the fun really begins."

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