X-Men Evolution NEXT


The line forming out in front of the Cubicle stretches down the sidewalk with eager thrill seeking dancers and music lovers of all types. Plenty of frustrated faces as well as intoxicated smiles create the human train waiting to be let in either one at a time or by group. And for a small group of young X-men waiting midway down the line, the prospect of them getting into club they could normally not get into begins to set in feelings of excited anticipation and slight guilt. Speaking in low tone, Amara nudges Bobby and remarks innocently, "I don't know about this Bobby. What if we get caught?"

Sighing out and speaking back in the same low tone, Bobby replies, "Amara would you relax. It's gonna work, trust me."

Tabitha leans in from behind and speaks up with a grin, "Stay cool, girl. We're only here for the show."

Jubilee also leans in whispering, "Just chill, Amara, we're already in line."

Bobby turns and whispers with his own grin, "Seriously, these ID's I made for us are fool proof."

Staring back with her innocent expression, Amara whispers back, "If Allan finds out you used his computer to make these fake ID's for us, he'll probably turn you into an ice slushy."

"That's if he finds out, Amara." Bobby remarks sarcastically, "Besides, Allan is from the future, how do you think he made his legitimate ID's to fit in our world?"

Holding up her fake ID card, Tabitha chuckles out, "It' so wicked how Allan's laptop has all those features to make these. The scan even got my good side."

Bobby glances at his and adds, "Yup, lucky for us he forgot to log out before he left. Man he's got some cool tech."

"That was awesome how you figure out how to use his image programs." Jubilee mentions as she holds up her fake ID, "I almost look like a model in my picture."

Amara looks down at hers and mutters out, "Mine says I'm twenty five years old. The door guy is not going to believe that."

Glancing down at Amara's fake ID, Bobby nervously grins and remarks, "Oops, I guess I goofed. Well, just say that you're a late bloomer." and he smiles at her as the line slowly move ahead.

Already inside, the music blares through the tall ceilings and stylized corridors with people dancing and cheering, while onstage Allison wails her vocals with Allan and his band members bringing up rhythmic rock tunes. A mixture of high notes and guitar rolls makes the waving crowd cheer out louder. Carefully pushing their way through the excited audience, Lance, Kitty , Amanda, and Kurt try to head for the side booth like seating area. They keep glancing up at the stage to get a glimpse of both Allan and Allison performing. Lance smiles back at Kitty as he leads his friends through the worked up crowd and says in a high tone, "They sound awesome!"

Kitty looks back up at the stage and cheers out, "Totally!"

She starts to hop and dance as she follows Lance. Kurt and Amanda follow closely and smile as they watch Kitty jumps to the upbeat rhythm. Amanda notices Kurt getting a bit nervous weaving through the crowd and asks him, "Kurt what's wrong?"

Looking around, Kurt replies, "It's my image inducer, I'm afraid someone might hit it or something."

"Relax," Amanda says in cheerful tone, "you should really turn it off and show them blue you! Honestly, I don't think anyone would notice in here."

Kurt chuckles and asks, "Vhat makes you say that?"

Amanda points at a couple of laid back club folk strutting by wearing nearly all tight shiny leather, multicolor hair and jingling with an unknown number of glistening piercing. Both Amanda and Kurt watch the dramatic entourage walk by and through the crowd, then start laughing as they hug and continue to follow Lance and Kitty to the seating area near the non-alcoholic bar. Since the crowd seems to be focused on the show on stage, some of the round tables had become vacant. They each pull up a chair and seat themselves while looking up at the stage. Allan rolls into a guitar solo while Allison grinds her back against his to the rhythm. Lighting effects sparkle and shine all over the stage illuminating the performance in a near godlike display. Kitty moves to the music while sitting as she asks Kurt, "Is Allison using her powers?"

"I think so." Kurt replies with a grin.

Amanda cheers out raising her hands, "Yeah! That's so cool!"

They continue to watch as Allison sings out her final note bringing her song to a flashy end. The crowd cheers out and whistles while she bows and poses playfully. And of course Allison teases guys in the crowd by blowing kisses at them. Allan steps up to the microphone and teases, "Watch out boys, she's on the hunt!"

The guys in the crowd cheer louder as Allison laughs and playfully slaps Allan's arm. With a big grin on his face, Allan signals his drummer to roll into an intro as he and the bassist add their own flare spicing up the stage. The smiling crowd starts to hop once more to the beat of hard rock as Allan wails his lyrics to the captured crowd. Allison picks up with her vocals signing the chorus of the song with the rest of the band. Managing to squeeze themselves out of the cheering crowd, Scott and Jean shuffle to the back laughing and smiling trying to catch their breaths. Scott looks across to the back and spots Kurt, Amanda, Kitty, and Lance smiling back at them. Shaking his head with a grin, Scott heads over to them with Jean in tow. "Wow, I didn't think you guys were actually going to go through with it."

Kitty shrugs her shoulders with a smile and remarks, "Well, Allan said we could use his ID program as long as we keep our ages under 21."

They each show their stamped left hands signifying they can enter but not buy alcohol. Lance mentions, "Scott, chill dude, we're only here to see Allan and Allison play."

Scott smiles ands replies, "No one's upset, Lance."

Kurt glances around then asks, "So vhere's Rogue? I thought she was here already?"

Jean and Scott look at each other grinning, then start giggling as they turn towards the stage and point up over the bouncing crowd. Kurt and Kitty lean forward a bit to look at what Scott and Jean are pointing at and see three distinct large stylized cages hanging from the high ceilings but low enough to tease the crowd below. Kurt and Kitty's eyes widen as they stare into the center cage and see Rogue dancing inside with a wide smile on her face. Kitty jaw almost drops as she watches Rogue grind her hips and shake her butt. Kitty smiles and asks out of surprise, "How… what is she doing up there?"

Jean looks up at Rogue and replies with a smile, "Dancing and having a good time. She's got the best view in the whole place. Besides, that was the safest place for her in this crowded club. If you want, just ask the bouncers, and they will lower the other cages if you want to dance in one."

Amanda giggles out as she watches Rogue dance, "Wow, look at her! That looks like fun! Come on Kurt, let's grab a cage too!"

Kurt's face shows surprise as he asks, "Vhat? Are you serious?"

But before he can protest, Amanda pulls him off his chair and calls out to a bouncer. The large tight t-shirt wearing brawny man lowers the cage to Rogue's left. The other bounces usher part of the crowd away as the cage lowers for Amanda and Kurt. As the stylized door opens, the young couple steps in and is hoisted above the dance floor. Amanda cheers out as she and Kurt start to dance to the hard rock beats. The floor paneling of the cage lights up giving the cage dancers a more dramatic appearance as they work their dance moves above the cheering crowd. Scott and the others laugh at the site of their friends' cage dancing. Seating themselves to rest their feet, Jean and Scott sit back and watch the illuminated stage as the band each roll into each instrumental solo. Ending on a loud note, the show takes an intermission. The in-house dj then kicks up some rhythmic dance beats as background noise. Jean leans in and says, "Excuse me guys, but I have to use the rest room."

She smiles while standing up and heads across the floor toward the restroom area. Scott asks Lance and Kitty, "You two want sodas? I'm getting something to drink."

Kitty and Lance glance at each other and shrug their shoulders. Kitty speaks up, "We'll have what you're having."

Scott stands and replies, "Alright then, three Cokes it is. I'll be right back." as he walks over to the non-alcoholic bar.

Glancing around, both Kitty and Lance watch as Amanda and Kurt are lower to the floor in their cage. The young couple can't seem to stop laughing as they exit the stylized contraption and walk back to their table. Lance chuckles, "Have fun?"

Amanda giggles, "Jean was right, you get a better view from up their."

Kitty asks with grin, "So where's Rogue?"

"She vas in her zone," Kurt says with a surprised expression, "She didn't even notice us in the next cage."

Kitty glances over to Rogue's cage and notices it lowering to the floor. Standing next to the cage as it lowers, Allan watches with a coy grin on his face. Along with the others, Kitty can over hear Allan's voice over the music as he says playfully while grinning at Rogue in the cage, "Well, I guess it's time to let this wild beast out, boys."

He unlatches the door and carefully opens it. Rogue smiles and hops out onto Allan's right shoulder. Her legs playfully dangle in front of Allan as carries her hunched over his shoulder. Looking over towards their tables, Allan walks over to his friends with Rogue giggling over his shoulder. With big smile on his face, he remarks, "Hey, glad you all made it!"

Rogue giggles and smiles as she shuffles hunched over on Allan's shoulder to look back and says, "What's up!"

Kitty and Kurt are a bit by surprise at Rogue's gleeful attitude, but smile and chuckle back. Lance stands up and shakes Allan's hand saying, "Awesome show, Allan."

"Thanks bud." Allan replies with grin.

Kurt Also stands shaking Allan's hand and gesture to Amanda saying, "This is my girlfriend, Amanda."

Allan smiles and shakes her hand saying, "Nice to finally meet the girl who snagged our blue daredevil."

Amanda returns his smile then mentions with a curious grin, "You're that motorcycle guy that stood up for them at the Shake Shack a while back."

"Guilty as charged." Allan admits playfully.

Rogue glances back as she hangs over Allan's right shoulder muttering, "Um… Allan?"

Allan quickly glances at Rogue on his shoulder and says boldly yet jokingly, "Oh, if you'll excuse us, I'm taking Rogue to the roof so we can make out."

Squirming a bit in his arms, Rogue yaps out shock, "Allan!"

They all giggle as they watch Allan lightly slap Rogue's butt with his free left hand. Rogue yaps out again, "Hey!"

Allan nods at his four friends and walks around them heading toward the stairs leading to upper levels. But as he struts and carries Rogue over his shoulder, he playfully announces to the crowd ahead, "Make a path people, horny couple comin' through!"

The crowd lightly laughs, then begin to cheer as Allan carries Rogue up the stairs like a conquering hero. A mixture of claps and whistles root Allan and Rogue as they ascend up the stylized stair case. Allan playfully waves his left hand like royalty while Rogue tries to hide her smiling embarrassment by covering her face as she is carried over his shoulder. Kitty, Lance, Kurt, and Amanda share in the laughter with both wide smiles and shocked expressions.

Waiting by the non-alcoholic bar, Scott waits to order his drink. The concert watching crowd all seemed to have migrated to the bars as soon as the show took an intermission, and Scott had been trying to signal the bartender for his attention. He gets an acknowledging nod from the bartender as he waits his turn to order. Then a familiar voice speaks to him, "Scott? Is that you?"

Turning his head to the voice, Scott finds himself standing next to Taryn, who is also waiting her turn to order a drink. "Taryn," Scott answers with a bit of surprise in his voice, "um… hey, how've you been?"

Smiling softly at Scott, she replies, "I'm doing ok, I guess. I didn't know you like to hang out here."

Scott swallows lightly and remarks, "Well, you know, I'm just enjoying the college life."

He then points toward the stage and mentions, "Allison and Allan are also friends of mine from the Institute. I came to watch their show."

"Wow, you know the singers?" Taryn asks excitingly, "That's really cool."

Scott grins and nods trying to get comfortable in this awkward moment as she adds, "So, are you here with anyone?"

"Uh… yeah… actually," Scott almost stutters out, "I'm here with Jean. Some of the others are here too."

Taryn glances around smiling saying, "Where is she? I'd like to talk to her, you know to catch up and all."

"Well, she's around," Scott replies, "she's probably still in the restroom."

Turning to Scott, Taryn smiles and asks, "So, how's life been treating you?" as Scott looks back at her with a bit of nervousness.

Hank secures a bundle of multi-colored cables and double checks all the patchwork he and Forge had been working on. Sitting in the center of the Cerebro room deck, both Emma and Tessa examine the interface helmets they would both have to wear to make the scheme work. Both women sit back to back quietly as Charles also examines his newly constructed interfacing helmet. Forge crawls out from underneath the main console and shuffles by Emma and Tessa. Hank glances back at Charles and asks, "Professor, do you think it was safe for the others to go out tonight?"

Giving it some thought, Charles rests his interface helmet on his lap and says, "Well even if I thought it was unsafe for them, you and I both know the students would devise a way to make their night happen."

Hank smiles while securing the last of the wire bundles and remarks, "Good point."

Charles shares his smile as he adds, "Besides, as Logan puts it so lightly, the students could use some time to, 'cut loose'."

Forge speaks up while dusting his hands off, "I think that should do it, guys. With the new projecting array, you three should be able to focus your telepathic sweeps at multiple brain wave frequencies. I theorize it may get a bit loud in there. Cerebro's new open band width will probably pick up residual thoughts from non-mutants as well. Which is why the Professor is here to help regulate you search."

Both Emma and Tessa nod at Forge's words as they adjust their interface helmet fittings. Noting Hank's concerns, Emma speaks up, "You are right to have concerns, Hank. Seth is still out there. And he is a prominent threat to us all. But consider the fact that every cosmic entity Allan didn't destroy is now gunning for him, Seth would be a fool to act up now. Which gives us time to prepare and counter anything he should later throw at us. And as much as I would enjoy going off to see Allan and Allison's performance, I have a personal vendetta against Seth that I intend to see through."

Tessa adds in a calm tone while staring at her interface helmet, "As do I."

Hank glances at the two women with a concerned expression. He raises his eyebrows then looks over to Charles. Sharing his expression, Charles turns his attention to Forge and nods. Forge clears his throat and says, "Ok, then, let's warm this baby up and run a diagnostic before we proceed." as he starts sifting through the array of switches and buttons.

The rhythmic bass pounding can still be heard as Allan and Rogue relax alone on the roof of the Cubicle. They find the highest vantage point and sit back to back with faces looking up into the night sky. With her legs folded close to her and her left hand resting on her knees, Rogue points up with her right hand and remarks, "Ok, how 'bout that one." as she gestures to a star above in the sky.

Allan follows her hand and asks, "Which one?"

"The bright star with the hint of blue in it." Rogue replies.

Looking again, Allan slightly nods and says, "Oh, yeah, I've been there."

"Are you serious!" Rogue asks out, "Dang, every star Ah've pointed to you've been to. Are ya sure you haven't been to every star out there?"

Chuckling lightly, Allan answers with a grin, "I'm pretty sure, babe. The universe is a very big place. There are multiple universes, universes within universes, universes that exist in reflecting dimensions, and universes that exist parallel to each other. And they all vary in sizes, colors, and shapes."

Rogue leans her head back on Allan left shoulder saying with grin, "You gotta weird job."

Allan smiles and sighs out, "That, I will agree."

"It must be nice havin' all that as your stage." Rogue remarks while gazing up into the sky.

Sigh out and raising his eyebrows, Allan replies, "Well, I've never thought of it like that. That's kind of cool actually."

Rogue glances back at Allan asking, "Tonight, on stage you were seriously rockin', it looked like you were havin' a rush. What's it like?"

Glancing back at her, Allan grins and shrugs his shoulders saying, "It's like you're in total control of the scene. It's the feeling you get when you know you have the right answer during a test. Imagine that, but feeling it all night. It can be overwhelming sometimes, and a lot of musicians let it go to their heads creating major egos. I do it to see people's faces shine, to play kickin' music, and to be among talented artist. But tonight, seeing you in that cage grinding your body, got my heart pumpin' some real adrenaline. That was a rush."

Rogue blushes and nudges Allan as she giggles. She adds, "You and Allison are great singers."

Allan throws in, "Allison is the singer, I just like to perform."

Sitting back against him in silence, Rogue breathes out trying to get comfortable. Allan glances back at her with wide smile, then quickly stands up asking, "You want to try something new tonight?"

Rogue slowly looks around the wide open roof top and asks with a coy playful grin, "Up here?"

Allan pauses for second with a curious grin of his own saying, "Kinky, but not exactly what I had in mind."

He takes both of her hands and pulls her onto her feet. Rogue expression is both curious and hopeful at the same time as Allan explains, "I need for you to relax and open you mind. Drop any doubt lingering in your thoughts about what you cannot do and allow your mind to venture out."

Allan reaches up and with both of his hands and gently holds Rogue's fair skinned face. The warmth of his hands is comforting to her as she closes her eyes. His voice seems to echo softly into her ears saying, "Open your mind and let yourself go."

The sudden yet soft pressing of his lips against hers causes Rogue to shudder a bit, but she remains calm as his warmth seems to embrace her being. Rogue lets out a soft moan as she kisses Allan and reaches out around his waist embracing him back. She feels a gentle breeze blow by them just as a tingling sensation washes through her mind and down her back.

With the drum and base beats blaring in the background, the patrons of the Cubicle either congregate with their crowd or enjoy the music on the dance floor. Joining the dancing crowd in their youthful manner, Bobby and Jubilee hop into the bouncing masses. Their smiles and cheers reflect the mood from the music. Across the dance floor, waiting in another crowd, Tabitha and Amara inch their way towards the alcohol bar. Amara looks a bit nervous as she mutters to Tabitha, "I don't know about this, Tabitha. I still can't believe I got in."

Giggling, Tabitha replies, "I know, that bouncer has gotta IQ of a brick. He actually believed Bobby's late blooming bit about you."

Amara nervously glances around and asks in low tone, "But, do you think I should really try and buy a beer?"

"Why not?" Tabitha remarks, "I wanna see what else we can get away with. Besides, you're the only one who got stamped on the right hand."

Looking down at her right hand, Amara nervously grins and looks at Tabitha with fake confidence. Before they knew it, both girls are the bar facing the curiously expressed bartender. Tabitha turns on her flirting grin as Amara smiles innocently. Wiping down the bar tediously with a white cloth, the bartender glances at them with a somewhat bothered look. Standing six feet and five inches tall, the brawny man asks them, "What can I do ya for?"

Tabitha holds her smile and gently nudges Amara to speak. Clearing her throat with an innocent smile, Amara speaks up, "Um, I'd like a beer?"

The bartender wipes down the counter than tosses the white rag into waste basket nearby. Turning his curious expression back to Amara, he asks, "Ok, what kind?"

His question almost stuns Amara, who is already nervous to begin with. Gesturing to the counter behind him, the bartender lists out, "Heineken, Ice House, Bud, Amstel, Corona… take your pick sweetheart."

Tabitha gently nudges her again making Amara speak up, "Oh… um, the first one."

Giving her grinning smirk, the bartender flips up a clean glass and carefully fills it with the tap spray. Both Amara and Tabitha watch as the glass is filled with cold golden beer with a bit foam at the top. The bartender places the cold glass on a bar coaster and slides to Amara. He appears hesitant at first, but then he notices her stamped right hand. With a short transaction, he hands Amara her change and turns away raising his eyebrows while slightly shaking his head. Tabitha and Amara step away from the bar and huddle together as they move through the crowd. "Whoa, I can't believe you just gotta beer." Tabitha remarks in an excited low tone.

Amara nods with a wide eyed expression and replies nervously, "I know, right? I didn't think it would be that easy. So, now what?"

Whispering with a smile, Tabitha says, "Try it."

Looking back at Tabitha with shocked expression, Amara whispers back, "Are you crazy, Tabitha? I can't drink a beer."

All of a sudden, Amara feels a quick tapping on her right shoulder. She quickly turns to look and sees a tall slender sandy blonde guy smiling down at her. Holding his own bottle of beer, he grins at her with somewhat blood shot eyes and says, "I noticed you walking in earlier. Mind if I by you drink?"

Amara takes a quick glance at Tabitha with nervous eyes. Trying to hold back a giggle, Tabitha slightly looks away with a tight lipped grin. Amara looks back at the guy and replies, "Well, I already have a drink."

"Whoa," the guy says with a slanted smile, "you're right. My bad."

Both girls notice his slight wobble and stagger as he smiles at them. Obviously intoxicated beyond his own physical threshold, the guy does his momentary best to remain steady. Amara politely says, "Um, thanks for the offer. See you around." as she smiles and starts to walk away.

The guy quickly shuffles around in front of both Amara and Tabitha chuckling out, "W… wait a minute, let's talk. I'll buy you another beer."

Amara politely declines, "No thanks, I'm fine with this one. Besides, I'm here with someone."

They guy slightly staggers back with a sarcastic smirk asking, "With who, the blondie here?" as he gestures to Tabitha.

He then asks in a sarcastic tone, "You two aren't lesbos are you?"

Tabitha's eyes widen in anger after hearing his words and steps up to the guy with an angered expression raising her voice, "Take a hint, twerp, take a hike!"

Just as the drunk guy is about to speak stepping up to Tabitha, a woman's hand quickly reaches up grabbing his lower lip and twisting it rather hard. Tabitha steps back next to Amara and notice Allison gripping the wining guy's lip. The sudden pain brings him to his knees as he wines out dropping his beer to the floor. With her free hand, Allison whistles and signals the nearby bouncers, "We gotta live one here, fellas!"

The bouncers pick the whimpering drunk man up and drag him out of the club. Allison turns to both Amara and Tabitha with a sarcastic grin. Tabitha just smiles in return as Amara sighs out in relief that an ugly situation had just been quelled. Absent mindedly, Amara raises her cold glass and sips her drink to quench her thirst. Her eyes suddenly widen as she realizes the sharp bitter taste of her beverage and she spray spits back out. The spraying mist of her almost regurgitated alcoholic drink sprinkles all over Allison. With her mouth open in surprising disgust, Allison just stares in disbelief as she looks down at her shiny halter top and tight leather pants that is now shimmering from Amara's reaction to her drink. Tabitha gasps and covers her mouth seeing what happened. Amara's eyes widen while she wipes her mouth and remarks, "That tasted gross."

Allison looks up at both of them and simply says in low tone, "You two are so busted." and signals both of them to follow her with her finger.

Walking her way back around the vast dance floor, Jean smiles at the sight of a joyful crowd enjoying the dance rhythms. As she makes her way through the groups of smiles and chatter, she catches a glimpse of two familiar young faces in the dancing crowd. She stops to focus on the dancing couple and realizes it is Bobby and Jubilee. The young smiling couple hops in and out of the musically entranced crowd, oblivious that Jean is watching them with irritation. So deeply in their fun mood, they fail to notice Jean approaching, her face turning sour by the second. Using her newly enhanced telepathic ability, Jean sends out a subliminal message to the immediate dancing crowd in front of her. The crowd, unbeknownst them, subconsciously moves out of her way as she walks up to Bobby and Jubilee. Still in their dancing groove, they both gasp out as Jean speaks up, "AHEM!"

The two young mutants quickly turn around and stare at Jean with innocent surprise. Jean adds, "I don't even want to know how you two got in here. But you both are coming with me."

Another focus of her mind sends a message to both Bobby and Jubilee subconscious, and they find themselves somewhat slaved to Jean's will as they follow her to the tables. With nervous expressions, they comply, following Jean to where Kitty, Lance, Kurt and Amanda are seated. As they walk up to the table, Bobby points at Kurt and Kitty saying, "Hey, how'd you two get in here? Wait a minute, you used Allan's program too, didn't you?"

The four seated teens glance at each other then look back at bobby. Kitty mentions, "We had Allan's permission, Bobby. You guys obviously didn't."

But before another word can be uttered, Allison speaks up, "Oh great, I should've known."

Jean and the others turn to see her ushering Tabitha and Amara to the table as well. Everyone's expression is a bit shocked to see Amara holding a glass still full of cold beer. Jean carefully takes the cold glass telling her, "I am very surprised at you, Amara. I didn't think you were like this." as she places the glass down on the table.

Amara looks at her friends sitting around the table and tries to explain, "I'm not, I swear! I just…"

Tabitha speaks up, "It's my fault, I made her buy it."

"Hold it, you two," Allison interrupts while stepping up and taking Amara's right hand.

She points to the stamped club logo on Amara's back hand and adds while nodding, "Unbelievable, we're so screwed."

Jean sighs out rubbing her temples and says, "Alright, let's stay cool. You four give me those ID's."

Bobby, Jubilee, Amara, and Tabitha slowly reach in their pockets and pull out their fake ID's and hand them to Jean reluctantly. Looking at the info stated on each card, Jean nearly giggles at Amara's. She looks at the young brunette with a sarcastic grin. Amara nods knowing why Jean is staring at her in that manner and says, "I know, I know. Bobby goofed it."

"Goofed what?" Allan's voice suddenly asks out.

All heads around the table look up and see Allan and Rogue standing hand in hand with plain expression on their faces. Allan's eyes shift over to Bobby, Amara, Tabitha and Jubilee. Jean holds up the fake ID's with a sarcastic smirk. Using her telekinesis, she floats the four cards into Allan's free hand. Allan doesn't even look at the cards as he closes his eyes saying, "This will teach me to start locking my door whenever I leave."

Bobby quickly speaks up, "We just wanted to see your show. Just like Kurt and the others."

Nodding as though agreeing, Allan points at the cold condensation dripping glass off beer and asks, "So, who bought that?"

The group falls silent at first, then Amara nervously raises her hand. Tabitha quickly raises her hand as well with nervous grin. Allan shakes his head with a grinning yet disappointed expression. He glances over to Rogue, who just grins rolling her eyes. Allan then nods and states, "Ok, fine, stay for the show, but that's it. No beer, no encore, final set, go home. Got me?"

The four young teens nod in agreement. Allan sighs out as he turns to the group sitting around the table, "I guess that has to go for the rest of you too."

A mixture of frustrated sounds groans out as Kitty, Lance, Kurt, and Amanda glare over at Bobby. Allan pats Jean on her shoulder and asks, "Can you make sure they get home with no probs?"

Jean smirks at Bobby and the other three replying, "Sure."

Allison looks at her watch and speaks up, "Yo, speaking of final sets, Allan, we gotta hit the stage."

Nodding at her Allan takes Rogue's hand with a smile and playfully says, "Showtime, babe."

Rogue asks in surprise, "Are ya serious Allan? Ah can't…"

Allan winks at her holding her hand and leads her away towards the stage. Kitty watches with curiosity and asks, "What are they up to?"

Allison preps her hair and checks her makeup replying, "Who knows. Probably something kinky, knowing them. God I miss that. Aw well, later guys!" as she quickly turns and trots toward the stage as well.

Jean looks at Bobby and his entourage saying, "Have a seat." as she slightly gestures with her finger and telekinetically pulls up chairs under them.

With an annoyed expression, she adds, "Enjoy the show."

Jean then starts to look around the seating area asking, "Where's Scott?"

Lance glances around and mentions, "He went to grab us a couple of Cokes. I guess the line was long or something."

Looking over towards the non Alcoholic bar, Jean tries to peer through the crowd. Much to her surprise, she spots Scott talking with Taryn by the bar. She mutters in a low tone to herself, "Yeah, or something."

Scott smiles light heartedly as he listens to Taryn's recent moving experience. He is a bit taken on how she seems comfortable around him again even though she knows he is a mutant. But he never brings it up, it was just nice to him to be spoken to like a regular person. With a relaxed smile on her face, Taryn changes the subject, "Have you ever thought about getting different style sunglasses?"

Scott raises his eyebrows and replies, "Well, you do know why I wear these, right?"

"Well, duh," Taryn playfully answers with a grin, "I just thought you might want to try on different styles. What are you doing tomorrow? We could hit the mall and pick a new pair."

Jean quickly and politely interrupts, "He'll be busy tomorrow I'm afraid, Taryn."

Looking a bit surprised, Taryn suddenly smiles wide and spurts out, "Oh, hi Jean! Oh wow you look great!" as she gestures to Jean's fetching all natural look.

Jean smiles with near fake politeness and replies, "Why thank you. Um… Scott, Allan and Allison are about to hit the stage again, and the others are waiting for their drinks."

"Whoops," Scott says out friendly like, "well I got to go, Taryn. It was great talking with you."

Taryn smiles and remarks, "Maybe we can do this again. All three of us could hang out sometime."

"That sounds like fun." Jean says with a bit of fake politeness, "We'll see you around, Taryn." as she holds on to Scott's right arm ushering him away through the gathering show crowd.

Scott chuckles then slightly yipes in pain, "OW, Jean you're hurting my arm."

Innocently smiling at him, Jean returns, "I'm so sorry, Scott. I'm still getting use to my new strength it seems."

Scott smiles nervously as he and Jean join the other X-men watching the stage come to life with music and lights.

The crowd cheers out as Allan rolls onto the stage strumming his guitar for the intro of his band's musical set. Heart pounding drums followed by a deep bass rift fill in as the crowd begins to hop and dance in a partying mass. Allan steps up to the microphone, but instead of singing, he speaks out, "Bear with me peeps, I have something new for ya." as he gestures Rogue standing off stage to join him.

Rogue nervously and reluctantly walks onto the stage as Allan continues, "I have someone here I wanna show off."

The bass and drums continue their rhythm as Rogue steps up next to Allan. He reaches around her holding her waist and adds, "This my girl, Rogue. She's taking lead for the next two sets." as the crowd whistles and cheer out.

A few catcalls are heard that makes Rogue blush a bit while Allan adjusts the microphone stand to her height. Scott and the others watch with excited and stunned expressions as the music kicks up higher. Kitty speaks out loudly over the music, "I didn't know Rogue could sing."

Kurt replies at the same tone, "Niether did I."

On stage the music builds up. Allison takes up back up vocal position and gives a thumbs up to Rogue. Smiling back nervously at the band then at the crowd, Rogue clears her throat. Allan focuses his mind telepathically to her saying, 'Just relax, babe. Take a deep breath and feel the music.'

Slightly glancing at Allan, Rogue focuses her thoughts back to him, 'Are ya sure about this? Ah'm about to faint.'

Allan glances at her as he rolls into a guitar solo, 'Trust me, it will feel like second nature, you'll do fine.'

The drummer breaks down into a rolling beat with the rest of the band following. Rogue takes a breath realizing her cue is coming. Suddenly, a comforting flood of memories washes through her mind. An almost spilt second jolt of thoughts of music lessons,vocal exercises, past performances, and more importantly song lyrics comes forth as she starts to sing to the crowd. Her husky voice carries out and mixes with the hard rocking sound of the band. It feels as though she had been singing for years. Even the lyrics rolling off her lips show evidence of experience in performance. And just like Allan had said, it all becomes second nature to her as the music begins to overwhelm her person. As Rogue wails out the poetic lyrics to the enthralled crowd, she realizes the memories that flood her mind are Allan's experiences. She takes the microphone while she sings out his lyrics leans to Allan bobbing with the hard rock beat. Rogue's face still smiles a bit nervously, but soon relaxes as the music takes her. Scott and the others watch in amazement as the crowd hops to the beat cheering her on. Tabitha also cheers out, "That girl can rock!" and she stands up quickly and hops into the dancing crowd.

She is quickly joined by the others on the dance floor. All accept for Scott and Jean who seem to be a bit danced out for the moment. But they watch in enjoyment the smiles of their friend's faces as they twirl and hop along with the cheering crowd. Jean scoots closer to Scott and asks out, "You're not too mad at them are you?"

Shrugging his shoulders with a smile, "Not really, I just don't know what to say if the Professor or Logan find out."

He and Jean share a laugh about this situation. In light of what they have both been through in the past, this was no hassle to them. But as their light hearted moment allows them to forget their troubles, Jean notices Taryn walking her way toward the rest room area. With his attention on his friends on the stage and on the dance floor, Jean tells Scott, "I have to use the restroom again, I'll be right back."

Scott smiles and nods as she stands up. Jean's eyes seem fixed on Taryn as she follows the brunette into the restroom area. A mixture of emotions flow through Jean while she shuffles through the club a few feet behind Taryn. Approaching the restrooms, Taryn notices a long line waiting to get in, and a looks futile. She appears to sigh out and proceeds to walk toward the exit. Jean follows her out to the front of the club and around to the corner parking. Deciding to make her presence obvious, Jean speaks up, "Why so glum Taryn?"

Startled, Taryn quickly turns around with surprised smiling expression, "Oh my God, you scared me Jean!"

Jean returns her smile remarking, "Well, we mutants tend to do that, a lot."

"That's not what I meant." Taryn chuckles back.

Jean shrugs her shoulder in response to Taryn then asks, "Why are you leaving so soon?"

Taryn sighs out then grins replying, "I kind of had a date, but it looks like I was stood up. So was just going to head home."

Taking breath, Jean remarks, "That's a shame. So, what did you want with Scott?"

"Nothing," Taryn answers friendly like, "we were just talking. Look, Jean, I just want to your friends again, like back in high school."

Jean nods slowly then raises her eyebrows and adds, "High school, huh? Like the way you and the others shunned and punished us for something neither of us could help?"

Taryn pleads, "I know that wasn't fair, and it took me a while to figure that out. But I want to start over, I miss being your friend."

Tilting her head a bit, Jean sighs out and says, "Well, I can sense your honesty. And it is very heart felt, so, I'm going to say, maybe. As your friend, I won't probe your mind for any ulterior motives. So as my friend, I'm going to ask you, to stay away from Scott. Do we understand each other?"

Taryn becomes speechless as a slight glare from Jean's eyes seems to pierce her soul. A deep rumbling vibrates all around them slightly shaking the parked cars setting off beeping and siren like car alarms. Backing up slowly, Taryn's eyes fill with fear. She slowly turns away and starts to walk at a brisk pace to her car a few lots away. Jean watches her with a coy grin. She takes another breath as the rumbling stops. Car alarms continue to blare with the booming music still echoing from the club's interior. Brushing her red hair back, Jean turns to head back inside, but then stops short as she catches glimpse of a motorcyclist, on a sleek jet black street bike wearing a matching pitch black leather outfit and helmet, parked across the street. He seems to stare at her through the heavily tinted wind visor of his helmet as he playfully gives her a two finger salute with his right hand. He then appears to be chuckling behind his wind visor as he revs his motorcycle engine loudly. With a quick step and brake release, he burns rubber speeding away down the street. Jean's eyes follow him with a nervous expression as her mixed emotions overwhelm her mind once more. In the background, she hears the crowd inside cheer loudly.

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