X-Men Evolution NEXT

With the Flow

The day couldn't be anymore clear unless it was painted. Not a cloud in sight, with the exception of one that hovers over one of the Xavier estate's large gardens. Ororo stands with her right gesturing to the cloud as it rains on the delicate flowers. She stands with the assistance of cane, still recovering from the ordeal she and Logan underwent a few nights ago. Finally out of bed, she slowly walks the grounds checking on the plants condition since her absence. Logan walks with her incase she may need help, and the fact he was also told not to exert himself. They watch the student bustle about in the sun light as they slowly hobble across the property. Logan' healing ability is allowing him to recover faster than her, but not as fast as he'd like. He still walks as though his legs and back are stiff. He and Ororo constantly make fun each other's condition to keep their spirits up.

Then they see Hank helping Charles into his Rolls Royce. Hank looks up at them then waves as he steps into the driver's side. Logan groans out, "I should be goin' with em'."

Ororo looks at Logan with a smile. She leans on her cane as she adjusts her stance and says, "Charles is just going to talk to boy, what's his name, Allan."

Logan nods his head, "And what if somethin' goes down. I should be there."

Putting her right hand on her waist, Ororo says sternly, "Look at you, look at us, we can barely walk. I tried flying, but the strain to keep me off the ground tires me out too fast. And your healing ability was just enough to get you back on your feet. Tell me, how much good would we be in any conflict?"

Logan backs off saying, "Whoa, take it easy there Ororo. That cloud of yours started getting' darker. I didn't mean to upset ya."

Ororo takes a deep breathe, "No, I'm sorry Logan. I feel just as helpless as you"

They watch as Hank and the professor drive out the gates. Ororo asks, "Do you think this Allan and the person who saved us the other night have anything to do with each other?"

Logan replies, "Don't know, either way, we should say thank you to both of them."

The drive into town is quite relaxing and very efficient, especially when Hank is at the wheel. Taking logical short cuts, strategically avoiding the heavier traffic zones, and of course, playing classical Mozart along the way. They arrive at an office district according to the Professor's directions. Hank gets out, opens the door and pulls up a wheel chair for Charles. He slowly settle into the chair and looks up at one of the taller buildings. He reads the large logo sign, "Bayside Financial, this is the place."

Hank assists Charles in the wheel chair towards the neighboring building. Hank looks at the sign that reads, Intown Community Hall, and smiles. People passing them do double takes as they look at Hank. Though he is wearing a nice suit and tie, he lacks shoes and his beastly appearance seems a bit comical as his muscles nearly bulge out. Yet, Hank ignores their stares as he enters a haven for young learning. Inside the community hall,

Children of all ages scamper about surrounding volunteer teachers. The noise level of the children learning is welcoming to both Charles and Hank. Though some of the children spot Hank and point, their young minds seem more curious then afraid. A digital schedule

board shows what activities are taking place. Charles gestures to the board, "There Hank, Art Camp, fifteenth floor."

Drawing on the board in dry erasing marker is very challenging, but Allan finds it very liberating and absolutely fun. Behind him in the wide classroom, children whose ages range from eight to twelve watch as he dazzles them with his six color maker drawing. He quickly stands back and says, "Whalla!"

The children clap and cheer as he gesture to his detailed marker drawing of a surfer maneuvering through large tunneling wave. He takes a bow with a large smile on his face. He tells them, "Now that is what's called 'words in action'. My words were 'on vacation'. And this," he gesture to the board, "is what I do on my vacations."

The kids giggle as a woman walk in the room saying, "Mr. Paran, you have a visitor."

Allan looks over to the door and sees older white haired man staring at him. Allan continues with the class, "Alright little dudes, I have a bucket here full of words. Take one and put it into action. Skies the limit, use anything to make it happen. But more importantly, use your imagination. And nothing nasty, that means you Timmy." As all the kids laugh.

Allan walks up to the woman in the room and asks "Do you think you can cover for me? I may be while." as he glances over at white haired man.

She replies, "No problem."

The elevator up would have been full passengers, if they weren't afraid of Hank's startling appearance. But this allows Charles and Hank ride straight to the fifteenth floor with out stopping. Hank hums the with the tunes coming from the elevator speakers, then notices Charles concerning gaze. He asks, "Professor, you've been awfully quiet this morning. Is there any thing wrong?"

Charles replies, "I have been troubled by the visions I saw last night. It was almost confusing, as though I was reading two minds at the same time. I feel as though that this Allan is suppressing something. And when I ever I got close to what that was, I felt a great deal of sadness. In my heart, I know we must help this young man. I just don't know how yet. I believe I have been guided up to this point."

Hank inquires, "What makes you believe that?"

Charles adds, "The dreams I have had for weeks, have suddenly stopped the moment I decided to investigate this. The answers a no longer in my mind, or my dreams, they are here." he says the elevator reaches the fifteenth floor.

The elevator opens and they pass through into a colorful hallway. As they make their way through they catch glimpses of hobby classes in session. This sight brings a smile to Hank's face. They turn a corner in the hall and halt to a dead stop as they see Allan being held up by a large metal man with his hand wrapped around his throat. Behind the metal man, an older white haired man glares at Allan as he lectures him. Charles notices that Allan is smiling despite being held up by his throat, and doesn't struggle. Charles spurts out, "Eric, that's enough!"

Both men turn to look at Charles and Hank. The older white haired man says, "As you wish Charles, we were just making the young man feel welcome." Then looks at the large metal man and says, "Release him Colosus."

He let's Allan go, who slides back down to his feet against the wall. Allan can't seem to wipe the grin of his face as he chuckles out, "My answer is still no."

The two men begin walking away as Eric says, "We'll be in touch Allan."

Allan replies, "Yeah, well just in case, here's my number." as he holds up his middle finger.

The two men enter the elevator and leave as Charles and Hank approach Allan.

Charles asks in earnest, "Are you alright Allan?"

Allan smile at them, "I'm fine. No harm done."

Hank looks at Allan neck and says, "Indeed, not even a scratch on your neck."

"I'm a little tougher than that big guy thinks," Allan adds, "besides, I was more worried about the kids here in the building."

Charles give him a smile and says, "I'm Professor Charles Xavier, and this my friend and colleague Henry McCoy."

Allan points and remarks, "You two are from that fancy boarding school across town. I remember you when I dropped of that girl, Rogue, there the last night."

Both Charles and Hank nod as Allan adds, "I'm really sorry I got her in so late. Under the circumstances, I had little choice. She didn't get in trouble?"

Charles says, "Not at all. In fact you made quite an impression on the other students. And I thank you for protecting Rogue and for standing up for the students the other day."

Allan says with a smile, "Just who I am. So, what can I do for you gentlemen?"

Charles replies, "We need to talk on a serious matter."

Looking at Charles then smiling lightly, Allan says, "I'm all ears."

The afternoon sun shines brightly on the Xavier Institute and the students take advantage of every moment. Some laying out by the pool, others playing sports, some are just sitting under a tree relaxing. One of them being Rogue. She sits with her back up against a nice shady tree with a closed book in her lap. She watches Scott and Jean toss around a Frisbee. Occasionally, she would see Jean rub her head, as though trying to rub out a headache. Scott would run up to her and she would just smile and urge him to keep playing Frisbee. Rogue just sighs out in frustration, "That girl really needs to tone down the perfect girl routine. And Scott is just eatin' it up."

Then a blue face hang upside down in front of her and says, "Hey sis!"

Rogue gasps out, "Dang it Kurt!"

She looks up to see Kurt hanging from his articulate tail upside down. Kurt says, "Sorry about that, but I heard you complaining about my teleporting."

She adds, "But don't mean you can give me a heart attack! What do you want?"

Kurt continues hanging as he asks, "So have you heard rumors?"

Rogue rolls her eyes, "You mean about me and Allan?"

Grinning, Kurt replies, "Vell, there that. And the other rumors about the Institute getting more students."

She says, "There's been some talk. Ever since we were exposed to the public, it was bound to happen. But there aren't enough instructors."

"There's Scott and Jean, they can teach." Kurt says.

Rogue replies, "Big whoop. I'm talkin' about teachers with some serious experience, Kurt. Like Logan and Ororo."

They both look over at Logan and Ororo sitting on a bench by a flower bed. Kurt adds, "Those two are like, out of commission. At least for while."

Just then they spot Hank and the Professor pulling in up the drive way. Logan and Ororo both stand up and hobble their way to them. They share a short conversation then all four quickly move inside. Rogue and Kurt share a baffles expression. "Wonder what's goin' on." Rogue says.

Kurt gives her sly smile as she smiles back. He holds her gloved hand and in a puff of blue smoke they vanish. Outside of Charles's study Rogue and Kurt materialize in a blink of an eye and sneak up to the closed door and starts listening. They hears Logan's voice speaking sternly, "I don't know about this Charles."

Charles responds, "His thoughts are genuine Logan."

Hank adds, "And so is his commitment to the arts and teaching."

Charles continues, "He also asked for my help too. He's arriving shortly, he had to collect some personal things from his rented storage."

Ororo remarks, "Let us hope the students will take well to him."

Rogue and Kurt quietly back off as Rogue adds, "It sounds like they're talkin' about a new instructor."

Kurt says, "Ja, but who are they talking about. Ororo sounded worried."

Then Charles's echoing telepathic voice speaks out, "Students, please report to the main living room for a quick meeting."

In the fairly large living room, all the Xavier students gather and seat themselves all about. Charles wheels himself in followed by Logan, Ororo, and Hank. Charles smiles at them and says, "I would like to take this moment to thank all of you for your dedication to this institute. I know it has been difficult at times, but you have all done yourselves proud. We are going to resume teaching here very soon, even in the wake of some of our instructors recent mishaps. I am all sure you have all heard about some new students coming here as well. Yes, we are admitting new students, and you will meet them soon. I have also taken the liberty of bringing in a new instructor. This person will be taking up the slack where Logan and Ororo have left off. You older students, I will expect support and cooperation. Especially Jean and Scott, who have taken up some light instructor duties already. Logan and Ororo will remain here and serve as councilors until their injuries are healed. Hank as you know is already a instructor here. So I wish for you to give the new instructor the same respect you give Hank."

They start hearing a faint roaring sound coming from out front as Charles remarks, "Ahem, yes, I believe that's him arriving now." He says with a smile.

The student look towards the windows as the sounds of loud hard rock echo outside. They peer out the window with surprised expressions. Outside they see a dark cobalt blue jeep towing a small trailer with an extremely sleek motorcycle strapped down in it.

The driver steps out with the loud guitar blaring music still echoing and stretches his back. He reaches in his jeep cutting off the engine then steps around his vehicle looking up at the front of the mansion. He marvels at the structure pulling his sunglasses off and smiling. Rogue mumble out, "Oh mah Gohd."

As Charles remarks, "Students, I'd like to introduce to you Xavier Intstitute's newest instructor, Mr. Alan Paran."

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