X-Men Evolution NEXT


The corridor to his room is long and plush. Allan can help but awe at the high ceilings and classical light fixtures that hang from above. He looks ahead at the two young teens, Kurt and Kitty, as they lead the way and says, "You people have it seriously made."

Kitty giggles and replies, "You'll get use to it."

Allan glances behind him and smiles as he says, "I don't know, I might have to leave a trail of bread crumbs when ever I leave my room."

They approach a door near the end of the hall. Kitty opens the door gestures Allan in as Kurt teleports in a little further. Allan again is surprised by the size of his situation as he looks around with wide eyes. He marvels at the high ceilings with chandelier like fixtures, a window that almost takes up the whole wall with a door that leads to a balcony. He continues letting his eye drift all over the room as he adds, "I've had apartments much smaller than this."

Kurt asks, "So, you're really going to be teaching here?"

Allan replies, "That's the plan. I also have an art teaching gig downtown a couple hours a day. Not much, but it pays."

Kurt grins a bit and curiously asks, "Did you really give Sabertooth and Gambit a serious beat down?"

"I wouldn't actually call it a beat down, "Allan adds, "But they weren't getting up when we took off."

Kurt's expression widens, "That is so cool, man! You've got to one tough customer.

So what are your power, dude?"

Kitty darts out, "Kurt, like, don't be rude."

Allan quickly replies, "No, it's ok Kitty. That question is going to brought a lot in the next few days." He looks at Kurt with a smile and adds, "It's complicated, Kurt."

"But you are a mutant, right?" Kurt asks.

Allan responds in a curious tone, "To tell you the truth, I really don't know. I know I was born with certain abilities, but then it gets, complicated." He says nodding his head.

Kitty grabs Kurt's arm and starts ushering themselves out, "Well, we'll let you get unpacked. Dinner is at six. And welcome to the Xavier Institute." She says cheerfully.

Allan smiles at both of them as they exit his room then he gazes his eyes all over his room once more in awe muttering to himself, "Very complicated."

Charles sits at his office desk as questions bombard him again. Scott's concerned look becomes more flustered as he remarks, "Professor, we don't anything about this guy to allow him just to show up and teach here. How do you know if he is not manipulating you?"

Logan steps up to Scott putting a hand on his shoulder, "Easy kid, Charles knows what he's doin'. Trust me, I had the same question. And his decision is a good one."

"I agree," Ororo adds, "I think it would be beneficial for the students to have a different perspective on life."

Scott asks, "How different?"

Jeans remarks, "A positive perspective, Scott."

Charles speaks up, "Jeans right, the students need more positive reinforcement. Allan will bring a fresh approach to the school, especially since we are taking on more students in the coming months."

Scott smiles at Jean and says, "Well, I guess if he that good, he can count on us to help out."

Jean and Scott both move up to the window and peer out. Out in the driveway, the younger students are gathered around Allan's jeep and tow trailer. Allan walks out to his vehicle and the students politely back away. He starts talking with them and shaking their hands. Jean asks, "So what is he capable of, Professor? What are his powers?"

Charles replies, "The nature of his abilities are a sensitive matter. So I will allow Allan to reveal those to you when he is ready."

Scott then adds, "Well, one thing for sure, he's strong."

They join Scott looking out the window and see Allan holding his jeep over his head with his left arm and pointing under it with his right hand as he seems to be explaining the mechanics to the curious young students, who seem to be more distracted by his strength as well. Logan says, "Well, he does have good tastes in rides."

Ororo adds, "This should be a very interesting semester."

Allan walks his motorcycle into one of many garages in the mansion. He carefully pulls some of the side paneling off revealing some of the intricate internal components and starts tediously make some adjustments. He then notices something in the corner of his eye and looks. Leaning on the doorway of the garage entrance, Rogue watches him with her arms folded. She says, "So, you're seriously gonna be teachin' here?"

Allan smiles at her while continuing to work on the bike and replies, "Yes I am."

She adds, "And how'd ya manage to pull that off?"

Putting the panel back onto the bike and chuckling at the same time, Allan remarks, "First of all, being honest helped out. Plus the Professor held the shortest job intervue I've ever been on in my life. Being a telepath really does same a lot of time."

"I'd be careful if I were you," Rogue says, "This place ain't a walk in the park."

Allan stands back up approaches her saying with a grin, "I wasn't expecting it to be." as he casually walks by her.

She glances at him with a sarcastic smile and starts to walk off in the opposite direction.

Allan then turns around and says, "Hey Rogue, you were trying to protect me yesterday, weren't you?"

Rogue turns around and says, "Protect you, when?"

Allan replies, "That Gambit guy and his cat, Sabertooth. You were telling me to run."

She adds, "Well, I didn't want you to get hurt."

Taking a step forward, Allan asks, "Did I ever thank you for that?"

Rogue smiles and says, "Um.. no, not really. Why?"

Allan smiles back at her and adds, "I will." as he turns back around walking away.

After dinner, the residence of Xavier mansion slowly wind down all in their own manner. The students lounge out in the rec rooms and living areas watching TV, playing games or just busying themselves with other matters. Kitty, Rogue, Amara, and Jean sit relax on the couches watching an evening program. Rogue says, "Is there anything else on other than stupid reality shows?"

Kitty adds, "I know, those shows are like so lame."

"I don't know," Amara adds, "I think they're kind of fun."

"Oh please, Amara," Rogue remarks, "That is not reality."

Just then, Logan slowly walks in and remarks sarcastically, "Right, reality is so much more better."

The four girls look up at him as he asks, "Any of you seen Allan? I need to talk to him about tomorrow morning's Danger Room session."

Kitty answers, "He didn't stick around too long after dinner. I think he went for walk or something."

Amara shrugs her shoulder saying, "He also didn't eat much."

"Or say much." Rogue adds in a low disappointed tone.

Kitty and Amara giggle as Kitty says, "But that didn't stop you from looking at him."

Rogue just glares at Kitty as Logan says, "Alright, somebody just find him for me."

Jean stands up saying, "I'll get him, I think he's just out front."

She walks out the front door look around for Allan She calls out, "Mr. Paran? Are you out here?"

Jean looks out around the well light drive way, then is drawn to looking up at the clear night sky. The sky is clear of clouds revealing a star blanketed scenery. Sparks fly across the sky as multiple shooting stars dart through the sky. There are so many she can't count them as she gasps out, "Whoa!"

"Meteor shower." A voice says behind her.

Jean quickly turns around to see Allan leaned up against the wall looking up at the sky as well. She remarks as she keeps looking at the sky, "There was nothing on the news about meteor shower tonight."

Allan says, "This is one of those random events. Last second sightings stuff."

She asks, "Well, then, how did you know about it?"

Smiling, Allan replies, "I have, friends, in the space industry. They keep me updated on cool celestial events like these."

"Must be nice to friends in high places." Jean says while gazing at the sky.

Allan chuckles, "I guess you can say that. You were looking for me?"

Jean quickly turns her gaze to him saying, "Oh, uh, Logan wanted to talk to you about the Danger Room session tomorrow morning."

Allan pushes himself off the wall and says, "Thanks." as Jean continues looking at the sky.

He looks back at her just before walking in and says, "You know, if you keep looking, you'll start to hear them."

Jean looks at Allan with a curious smile, "What was that?"

"Something my father told me when I was younger," Allan adds, "He used to say, 'Keep looking at the stars, and eventually you'll begin to hear them. Start following them, and eventually you'll keep going. Keep going, and eventually you'll never want to come back."

Jean looks at Allan a baffled expression, "And what did he mean by that?"

Allan shrugs his shoulders saying, "It's complicated. Let's just say, I should've listened to him. See you inside." as he walks in.

Jean glances back up the sky smiling, then turns and walks back inside.

Early morning, beneath the mansion in the Danger Room, Scott, Bobby, Jean, Kurt, Kitty and Rogue wait around stretching and yawning. Logan waits in the control center above them as Allan walks through the main chamber door. Unlike the others, who are decked out in nearly matching uniforms with an 'X' symbol either on thier shoulders or chest, Allan is sporting a loose tank top and basketball shorts. He glances at everyone in the chamber and says, "Looks like I'm a little under dresses."

Logan speaks up through the external speakers, "Scott, give him one of the spare uniforms."

Allan quickly remarks, "No I'm ok. No need to waist anymore time waiting for me to get dressed up."

Scott says, "These uniforms will give you some protection. It could be dangerous if you go like that."

Allan smiles at Scott and the other saying, "Then it wouldn't be called the Danger Room now, would it?"

Logan just replies, "Your call Allan. Let's start."

Kurt looks up at Logan ad asks, "So, vhat is the session today, King of the Mountain, Team Skirmish?"

Allan says, "Nope, tag. And, you are all 'it'."

They all look at Allan as Logan says, "Allan wants to get familiar with you powers and skill. So we thought up an easy exercise so you can show him what you got."

Rogue smiles at Allan and says, "All of us, against you?"

Allan share her smile and says, "Kind of, as I said it's more like tag. Here are the rules, I can only block, dodge and throw diversions. You guys can throw any and everything at me to score a solid hit."

Kitty asks, "Well, what if you get hurt?"

Allan pats her on the shoulder and says, "Let me worry about that. This is as much as a workout to me as it is to you. So show me what you've got."

Scott steps up and says, "I guess we should all tell you our codenames. I'm Cyclops."

Kurt gestures to himself, "Nightcrawler."

Bobby turns his body into ice as he says, "Check this, I'm Iceman. Cool huh?"

Kitty waves saying, "They call me Shadowcat. I dunno why."

Jean shrugs her shoulders and remarks, "I never came up with one."

Allan replies, "I guess all the cool names were taken."

He looks at Rogue and says, "And you are just Rogue, right? The one name wonder."

Rogue gives him a sarcastic smile and asks, "You gotta problem with that?"

"Like I said before, "Allan adds, "It's your name."

Scott asks, "So, what do we call you?"

Allan replies, "I'll think of one later. So, you're a team, right? What's the team name?"

Scott respond proudly, "The X-Men."

Allan smiles at them saying, "That has a nice ring to it. One more thing, there is a time limit, five minutes. Alright, X-men, tag, you're 'it'. Mr. Logan, hit it!"

The Danger Room suddenly comes alive as the environment holo-graphically changes to a jungle setting. Thick trees and vast vines appear and surround the X-Men as Allan leaps into the thick brush swinging himself unto branches and vines like Tarzan. Scott points and spurts out, "Alright spread out, groups of two, Nightcrawler and Rogue, Iceman and Shadowcat, me and Jean. Let's move."

They move in groups and rush into the brush after Allan. Logan watches from above and smiles trying not to laugh as Allan turns around and starts to double back. Allan swings off of large branch over Cyclops's head who quickly says, "I spotted the target. X-Men follow my signal." As he and Jean turn and start their chase. Jean concentrates and tries to catch him with telekinesis. With a single thought, she manages to stop Allan in mid air just before he can touch the ground. Scott says, "Way to go Jean, I got a clear shot."

as Scott focuses his optic blast through his visor in a straight beam of red light at Allan.

Allan quickly glances back and with Jean still holding up in mid air, he lays out flat in the air and dodges Cyclops's beam. The beam barely misses him as it passes over his stomach

and hits a row of trees behind him. The trees fall and crash in different directs as Allan hears voices in that direction saying, "Hey look out!" "That almost nailed us." "Incoming!"

Allan balls up as Jean tells Cyclops, "I can't hold him Scott! He's getting stronger!"

Just as Cyclops is about to get off another shot, Allan then spreads out with his arms and legs breaking Jean telekinetic hold. Jean almost passes out as Scott turns to grab her.

Allan leaps into the brush, as Cyclops says, "I lost him guys, he's heading your direction."

Iceman yells out, "There he is, I got him!" as he shoots shards of icicles at Allan.

With acrobatic ease, Allan somersaults, cartwheels and flips through the cold onslaught. Shadowcat sprints through the forest trying to keep pace with Allan as she phases through the brush. She dive out towards him through a thick tree hoping to grab him in her dive. As she passes through the tree, much to her surprise, she ends up face first in a deep pit of mud. She rolls and sits up fast clearing the muck off her face as she looks up. Allan managed to leap up unto a branch just before her nose dive. He smiles at her as leaps off dodging another icy assault from Iceman. Allan leaps into the air spinning and twisting as Iceman tries to nail him with thick chunks of hail. Ice man says, "Too bad you can't fight back, this is almost too easy."

Allan replies, "I can't hit you directly, but I can do this." As he lands effortlessly.

Then, in one motion, Allan puts his hands together and slams them into the ground causing a shock wave that trips Iceman into the same mud pit with Shadowcat. His icy body freezes the mud as he lands on her clumsy like. She glares at him, "Too easy huh?"

Iceman smiles at her and says, "Well, I almost had him."

Cyclops and Jean run over to them, "You guys alright?" Cyclops asks.

Kitty phases out of the frozen mud and says, "Yeah, sure. Who is that guy?"

Cyclops responds, "Don't know, clocks still running, let's move!"

Allan sprints into the brush at what seems like superhuman speed. Iceman remarks, "Whoa! Look how fast he is!"

Cyclops tries aiming his visor at Allan but says out in frustration, "He's not the fastest, but he's maneuvering through the brush so quickly, I can't get a beat on him. Nightcrawler, Rogue, Allan is heading in your direction. Cut him off and slow him down until we get there."

Allan swings up to a branch and stops to tie his loose sneakers. As he adjust the laces of his shoes, he hears a faint 'poof' sound, then he catches the slight scent of incense like smoke. With lightning fast reflexes, Allan swings his right fist out to his side, smashing into the tree and snapping it in half. Above him, Nightcrawler and Rogue both fall out as branches and leaves shower all around Allan. Rogue falls into some thick brush behind him grunting when she hits the ground as Nightcrawler disappears teleporting out of his sight. Allan drops to the ground from the branch and starts to run again. Hears another 'poof' sound and stops to look behind him. Then another 'poof', but this one was much closer. Allan quickly dives to the ground, and in one motion, tucks and rolls at the same time balling up handfuls of loose dirty. As he rolls back to his feet, Allan throws the dirt around him at head level. He hears a someone cry out, "AH HEY! OW…I can't see!"

Nightcrawler stumbles back covering his face and rubbing his eyes. Allan says with a smile, "You're a tricky one."

Than Allan snaps back as Rogue yells out and barely misses with her drop kick. She turns around fast into fighting stance looking at Allan. Nightcrwater stumbles and falls back unto his butt still rubbing his eyes. Rogue says to Allan, "Just you and me now. And I'm gonna throw everything Ah got at ya." as she removes her gloves from both hands.

Allan grins at her and says, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Rogue lunges at him with her left fist. Allan side steps her attack as she follows up a reverse spinning right kick. Keeping the motion of his side stepping maneuver, Allan back hand springs avoiding her swinging foot. Rogue recovers quickly and lunges at Allan again with both ungloved hands reaching out in front of her. Allan steps back and grabs her by her fore arms. Rogue's fingertips just inches away from Allan's tanned complexion, she mutters out, "Just one touch, and this fight is over."

Allan spread her arms out to her side keeping her hands away, but bring her closer. He grins at her and says, "That's if you can touch me."

Rogue struggles, but can't break Allan grip on her forearms. Allan remarks, "Times almost up." as he smiles.

With her arms out to her sides and his face just in reach, Rogue suddenly darts forward with her head and kisses Allan right on the lips. The jungle almost falls silent as she closes her eyes and locks lips with him. He reciprocates, and they kiss for what seems like forever in her mind. Rogue anticipates a surge of energy to course through her body, but instead feels a sensation she nearly succumbs to. She pulls away from their kiss in shock, still unable to pull away completely from Allan hold on her forearms. She looks at him with a wide eyed expression as Allan remarks, "Wow, now that, I wasn't expecting."

Suddenly, much to Allan's surprise, he sees Shadowcat phasing through him from behind. She grabs Rogue and phases her through his grip and they dive to the ground together. Nightcrawler grabs both of them and they teleport out of Allan's sight. Then he hears someone yell out, "Now!"

In a violent burst, a beam of red light slams into Allan's abdomen knocking him back. He braces against the blast and slides back on his feet as the beam pushes him away pretty much obliterating his tank top. Then with out losing a beat a large boulder crash onto him and shatters over his body like and brittle cookie. The boulder took him by surprise as fails to notice the two jungle trees on a collision course coming from is left and right. The trees hit hard splintering over his seemingly indestructible body violently.

Then just before Allan can get his bearing, he feels a cold sensation around his lower body and finds himself incased up to his chest in a tall column of ice. The loud speaker crackles to life as Logan, spurts out, "Time."

The Danger Room slowly deactivates as the holographic images of the jungle fades away. Panels and wires fold back into the grid walls and the room shuts down. Logan speaks out again, "So, what'd ya think Allan?"

Still trapped in the column of ice up to his chest with his arms free, Allan holds two thumbs up with a big smile and says, "Absolutely awesome, guys! Mr. Logan, you trained these hotshots well. That completely rocked!" as Logan smiles and waves.

Allan kicks his legs and shatters the ice under him. He land on his feet as Cyclops steps up to him and says, "We only won because you didn't fight back. I doubt we could've beat if you did."

Allan replies, "The rules, it's not about winning, it's what you learn. Do you know how hard it is not to fight back? Control is the key to everything in any conflict. Your team is pretty efficient, your tactics pretty good." he looks over at Rogue ands says, "Nice distraction by the way." and winks at her.

Kitty notice Rogue looking away blushing as Allan walks by her. Allan looks up at the control center and says, "Reset the room, Mr. Logan. We're gonna go again, and this time I'll be 'it'. After I change my shirt that is." as walks off laughing.

The rest of the X-Men stretch and rub out any bruises they might have gotten in the scuffle. Kitty looks over at Rogue who seems a bit concerned and asks, "Rogue are you alright?"

Rogue quickly replies, "Ah'm fine. Just thinkin'."

Kitty inquires, "So what did you do to distract him. It almost looked like you were kissing him." as she giggles.

"Ah was." Rogue says in a low tone.

Kitty looks at with wide eyes and gasps out, "Really!"

"Yeah," Rogue adds with a blank expression, "Ah was kissin' him, trying to absorb his powers. He was kissin' me, we were kissin', Ah can touch him."

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