Madame X


"I hate you!" I seethed and Salvano stepped closer while smirking "And I hate you more Madame" He repeated before pulling me into a forced kiss Contains: Strong Language | Force Madame X is one of a kind not to mention a beautiful agent. Forced to travel around the world by the wealthiest, Handsome and ruthless President in the world who wants her and he is, Evgeni Salvano. Changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places. A housekeeper. A prisoner. A student. A child. A saint. An escort. A prey Hunted down to be claimed forever by a powerful man who wants her for pleasure... She will have to fight, cry, resist and most importantly... Suffer. I am Madame X.

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One - A Start

Year: 2156, Germany.


The clerk held the scanner up to my digital watch, It's just like those smartwatches by apple but more updated as the years flew by, since then the world has gotten more technical however don't get carried away the cars still travel on the ground, so basically what I'm trying to say my watch is my wallet, ID, phone, remote and key.

It's my life, It's every human being's life now, one ever uses paper money anymore, not bank tells, coins, nothing. I wasn't born to ever experience it, I also never saw paper money before. All I can do is read books about old history.

"Thank you" I smiled leaving the farmers market. It's cloudy and the drizzle of rain keeps hitting my face and leather jacket. Tucking my hands into my pockets, I started walking back home, I was in the need of fruit explaining why my visit to the farmer's market.

You see... I have this condition but I'll explain later on.

The city is busy as usual, Billboards upon buildings broadcasting different types of brands such as weight loss, music and clothing stores, news.

The world is now a whole different place most importantly.... Chaos because of a new bill that passed by our ruthless president that people mostly women have disagreed and hate most,

Including me.

Our rights have been taken away, Our dignity and freedom. I might be only one person but I want to make a change and grant my female peers and future girls their freedom.

But where do I start? I happen to be an agent for the FBI but that was soon tarnished because of this bill however I turned rogue and live off the grid for as long as I can,

For a reason...

Deciding to take an alleyway for a short cut, unfortunately, I'd taken one with two guys smoking leaning against the wall wearing dark baggy clothes, I sighed and continued to walk hoping not but knowing they will make a move.

I felt my heartbeat lowered, Oh no! and my left watch that monitored my heart rate started to beep again, I needed my fruit....

Or some adrenaline.

"Hey, sweetheart! Want me to take a chance on you?"

I clenched my jaw knowing his reference and ignored him.

"Hey!" He kept calling and when I felt his hand snatch my arm, I hissed and quickly reacted by breaking away, grabbing his wrist and twisting it, making him cry out

Just the adrenaline I need,


I roughly smashed his chest against the wall while I continue to hurt his wrist.

"Don't you ever touch me, Got it!? I growled beside his dirty ear

"Yes!, Yes!" He agreed hasty

I released his limb and he fell to the ground, I look towards his friend

"Do you want a turn!?" I glared

"No, I'm good" His frame back up

I recollected my food and been on my way.

When I exit the alley, I checked my watch and saw my heart rate back to normal. I took a deep breath feeling better and continued on home, to my apartment.

They were large billboards everywhere, every turn, corner. I swear I wish I wasn't born in this generation, It's a headache and chaos, especially now.

I never knew my parents, In fact, I grew up in an orphanage until the age of eleven. The man who adopted me was caring, loving and smart, His name was Damien and he taught me everything I know until he died of old age,

Damien taught me crafting, medical, math, science and a way of life until he did what he could until his last breath and everything else is self-taught.

I wish he was still here, My father, Damien is the only person who I could truly talk too or spill my tears while he comfort me until I fell asleep in his arms,

Damien wasn't rich but every night he always managed to have food on the table for both of us. Even though he's gone, A part of him is still here, I know it, I can feel him, protects me in spirit... I just know it.

Approaching my apartment, I enter the building and head for the staircase. When I reached my door, I held my watch up to the plate and it unlocked the door.

I sighed feeling better to be home, The apartment is dark, I programmed my watch and turned on the lights making it light.

It's temporary but it's comfortable, I don't know why I chose to come to Germany, I'm American for goodness sake but he's capable to find me, I guess this was my first choice so I did it.

removing my leather jacket and tossing it on the counter, I placed down the grocery bag along with my coat and pulled out my veggies and fruit. I opened a container of blueberries and grabbed a spoon

Eating a spoon full of blueberries, I headed over to my computers and did a few clicking and my monitors showed surveillance around my outside premises and hallways.

I installed them after I moved in, I need my safety intact and away from him.

I'm still thinking of a plan here.

I can't be caught, possessed, used and hurt... not that I am already.

I stood, decided to watch T.V to take my mind off things, Getting comfortable on the small sofa. I switch the channels on my watch but my eyes widen spotting my face on a news channel,

Plain as day

"No. he. didn't" My voice spoke in panic, On the edge of my seat. As HE showed his face sitting in his office, dress in his expensive suit and I shamefully admit, He's handsome

.... But why me? I watched and want to see what he has to say.

'On behalf of my bill, Every man has a right to choose his own lady of his desire, have their desire to what they want, Marry, cherish, love and if the lady refuses or any kind of refusal, she will be put up for auction to male suitors of my associates choosing... And gladly to say I have found my lady of my choosing but sadly she took it upon herself to run as for others"

He informed at the reporter and then his dark, grim eyes found the lens, deep down his eyes stared at mine and I shuddered down the spine,

'Madame, I know you are watching... Beware my darling and for everyone else... If you see or find her let me know or if anyone is harboring her, I will incarcerate you until further notice, Thank you'

When the live broadcast ended, I finally released a deep breath.

I can't believe he just put up my face everywhere, Now the world knows what I look like.

What am I gonna do now!?

And I forgot to mention...

My name is Madame X.

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