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The Infected

By Nicoletta Antic

Romance / Action

The Encounter

How long had it been? Two years? Yes, that was it. It had been two years ago since the horrible parasite spread through Japan, possibly the world. It had been two years ago when people started to lose their minds and eat people; their neighbours, friends, family, anyone. All buildings in the city were abandoned, with only gore stained people ready to eat the next thing with a pulse. Though, there was one building in the city who had healthy and alive people. They were six handsome men in fact. It was at the used-to-be most prestigious school in Japan. It just happened to be that these men used to be in a club, a Host club. And it also just happened to be that they all had been surviving together because they all were together having a secret club meeting planning a surprise birthday party they were supposed to have later on in the week for the only female they had in their club when it all started. But, of course, they never had that party, nor haven't they seen this female since. When it all started, they tried to contact her but failed. At first they thought that they would look for her, but never found the opportunity to go far enough from the school. Then they just prayed that they would meet her again. Now they have lost all hope. They don't know if she is alive, dead or if she became infected, though they know one thing for sure; they'll never see her again. Well, at least five of the men believe so. There is one who still believes that they'll see her again, even though their hope is thin.

Today was like any other day in the week. Three days in a week, five of the men would split into two groups and search around the school for any sort of supplies while one stays behind in the club room to guard the supplies they have from anything. By now you may think that they have empty it all out in the school, but it is a very large school and there are still some rooms they have not entered, also meaning that there are some infected lurking around still. It seems so that the food supply was never a problem since the used-to-be club room's kitchen has always had cakes, chocolates and other sweets (thankfully including fruits) magically appear. One certain used-to-be host loves that.

"Whose turn is it to stay?" the youngest identical red-headed twin, known as Kaoru Hitachiin, asked in the club room.

"Tamaki was last time, so according to the order we have, it's Hikaru's turn." a raven haired boy with glasses said, himself known as Kyouya Ohtori, starting to gather up his backpack and weapon to go out. The oldest twin, his name being Hikaru Hitachiin, turned his gaze away from the window and shrugged.

"Fine by me." he replied and continued to gaze out the window. Lately that was his way of passing time. Also known as the closest thing to a TV he could have. He saw one of the infected people walking on the street outside the gates of Ouran, blood stained teeth peeking through it's mouth. "Disgusting…" the twin muttered in a whisper. The other hosts grabbed any supply bag that they would use plus a couple weapons just in case they saw one of the monsters that still lurked around the school.

"We'll see you later tonight then, Hika-chan!" the small former senior said, him being Mitsukuni 'Hunny' Haninozuka, also being a judo and karate champion as well as the oldest in the entire group, but you would never guessed it with his child-like appearance, and waved as he, his cousin, Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka, him himself being silent but was a national kendo champion, and the rest started to walk out the door.

"Bye." Hikaru said and lazily waved his hand. The rest of the group left, leaving him alone. Having the job of watching the supplies was easy, all you do is just sit and wait for the others to return. Nothing really came to take anything, they had the guarding job for just in case. Probably during these past two years, Hikaru has only once done anything as 'guarding'. He just killed an infected used-to-be student who happened to be walking past, otherwise he would only sit and wait. He sighed and got up from his seat by the window. He started to walk around the room, thinking of something to do. He stopped for a brief moment by a wall who was covered with framed photos. All of them showing the time they had before hell broke loose. He scanned through the pictures before his eyes landed on one, where all the host members were around their secret princess. "If only you were here…" He let out a small sigh. "We'll meet again, someday…" he said to himself as he went over to a couch and sat down. He laid himself across the old couch and stared up to the ceiling. Was there anything for him to do?


Hikaru's eyes shot open. He sat up and groggily rubbed his eyes. It took him a moment to realise he had fallen asleep. He woke up because he heard some weird 'clink' noise outside.

"Are you trying to attract them?" a voice called out. It was very muffled, so he couldn't distinguish if it was male or female, but he knew it wasn't one of his friends.

"Shit!" he whispered quickly and got off the couch. He quietly ran towards their weapons' cabinet they had at the corner of the room, grabbed a small gun and went into the kitchen to hide and guard the more important supplies, food and medicine. He had the door open a little, so he could peek out to the club room. He heard footsteps and the door opening.

"Man, you were not kidding when you said that this place had a bunch of supplies! This is a freakin' goldmine!" a feminine voice said.

Two figures came into his site with their backs facing him, one wearing an old red t-shirt with denim shorts and blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, and the other wearing a lighter shade of denim shorts and a green hoodie with its hood up so he couldn't see their hair.

"Yeah, but I expected this room to have the least weapon supplies! I just knew that there would probably be some food here." the other person said. The person had a feminine voice as well, so Hikaru knew both of them were girls, but for some reason the one with a green hoodie sounded familiar.

"Who cares? Grab anything that we could use!" the blonde girl said and ran towards the weapons' cabinet. The girl with the hoodie looked for something in her bag before she put it down the floor. She looked around the room before she walked over to the wall with photographs.

"Jeez, doesn't this bring back memories…" the girl said as she looked at the photos.

"Huh? Oh yeah! Didn't you say you used to go to this school?" the blonde asked and faced her friend.

The first thing he noticed about the girl was her striking emerald green eyes, after that he realised that she was quite young. No older than him. The blonde started to walk to her hooded friend and joined on looking at the pictures. "And I thought that you were only messing with me when you said that you dressed up as a dude." the blonde said and pointed to one of the pictures. "How did you end up in that club now again?"

"I accidentally broke some vase and I needed to become a member to pay it off." the hooded girl responded. Hikaru's heart began to race as he listened to the conversation, this couldn't really be her, could it?!

"Oh... I've ought to say, these guys look pretty darn good. What do you think happened to them on that day?" the blonde asked and pointed to another picture.

"To be quite honest, Miya, I'm not sure. But I presume that their families fled with them to another country with their private jets or something." the hooded girl said and shook her head. "Damn rich bastards…" she muttered. That did it.

"Haruhi?!" the oldest twin shouted and jolted up from his hiding spot. The two girls turned their heels and pointed each a gun at him that they took out of their pockets within half a second. Finally Hikaru could see the mystery girl's face. It was the same coffee brown orbs for eyes that he had not seen for two whole years, and the once boyish looking cut hair was now half an inch above her shoulders. Their piercing glares soften into eyes filled with disbelief.

"Holy fucking crap! Hikaru?!" Haruhi said and dropped her gun. Before another word was said, Haruhi was engulfed into a bear hug by the emotional twin.

"It's been so long!" he cried in happiness.

"Ditto." Haruhi said muffled against his shirt.

"Don't wanna interrupt this touching moment, but are there any more?" the blonde girl asked. Hikaru calmed down and loosened his grip around Haruhi, who was now gasping for air.

"More? More what?" Hikaru repeated.

"Survivors! Duh!" Miya said and rolled her eyes.

"Uh, yes? All of the club has been living here the past two years…" Hikaru said somewhat confused. Both girls eyes widened.

"Really?!" they said together, in a familiar fashion the twins do.

"Yeah, they are all around the school looking for something we could use."

"When will they return?" Miya asked, a little bit too excited for Hikaru's tastes.

"Um, like in three hours or something?"

"That'll take too long!" Haruhi said and pulled Hikaru's arm so they could leave the room.

"Hey! Where are you taking me?"

"To the school's intercom!"

"Do you think these work, Takashi?" the small senior asked. The two former seniors and the younger twin were in one of the high school's science rooms. The smaller of the two former seniors had just found a small box filled with batteries.

"Mm." the taller and most silent of the two said.

"That should be enough to at least keep our flashlights functioning for a couple months." the redhead said and smiled.

"Yeah!" Hunny cheered and packed in the battery box into his supply bag.

"I think we're done here, I couldn't find anything in particular." Kaoru said and picked up his supply bag.

"Okay! Let's go, Takashi!" Hunny exclaimed and put his bunny backpack on. Just when he was about to take one step he got grabbed on the shoulder by his cousin.

"Wait, Mitsukuni." the silent man spoke.

"Um, Mori? What are you doing?" Kaoru said and had a confused look on his face.

"Wait and listen." Mori replied. They waited but the only sound that came was the sound of leaves rustling outside from the wind.

"I don't hear anything, Taka-"

"Does this thing work?" they heard a familiar female voice say through the intercom speaker, interrupting Hunny. "Kaoru, Tamaki, Kyouya, Mori, Hunny, all of you! Come to Music Room #3, right now!" the voice said before the intercom was turned off. All three of the used-to-be hosts were staring at the intercom speaker with wide eyes of disbelief.

"Was that Haru-chan?" Hunny asked quietly and innocently. Before a response came, Kaoru bolted out of the room.

The two remaining people in the room looked at each other and ran out as well.

"My god! That was intense!" Tamaki, aka Tamaki Suoh, the club's former president and self-proclaimed 'king', exclaimed and combed a hand through his hair. He and Kyouya had encountered a group of seven infected locked up in one of the spare classrooms.

"There better be something good we will find due to the fact that we lost so much ammo." Kyouya said and used the edge of his shirt to clean his glasses, who had gotten some blood on it while he was shooting at the former students.

"I think that we'll find something extraordinary today! Today we'll see or find something that'll make us happy for sure!" Tamaki said, being the positive fool he has always been. Even though all members had matured greatly during these two years, they were still some things that could never change.

"I sure hope so." Kyouya replied and went over to a desk to start searching. Tamaki smiled and did the same until the intercom went on.

"Does this thing work?" they heard a familiar female voice say through the intercom speaker. "Kaoru, Tamaki, Kyouya, Mori, Hunny, all of you! Come to Music Room #3, right now!" the voice said before the intercom was turned off. Both of them stared at the speaker with wide eyes.

"Was that...?" Kyouya started, so shocked that he couldn't even finish his sentence.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki shouted and ran out the room. Kyouya silently walked out to the hallway, watching his best friend running like a fruit loop.

"I guess we did find something extraordinary today…" he said to himself and followed his friend in a calm matter.

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