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"What if the apple thing is all lies? What if Isaac Newton came up with gravity when someone was giving him the ride of his life?" Jungkook is in a band who uses his parent's garage in order to play together, Taehyung is a science nerd with a massive crush on him.

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The Theory of Relativity

Taehyung sits in his best friends living room, biting so hard on the end of the pen it’s threatening to break between his teeth. He was staring at his crush, Jeon Jungkook, who was lying on the sofa with headphones in and one arm slung over his eyes. Taehyung couldn’t take his eyes off his muscles, thinking how good it would be if Jungkook pinned him down and-


Taehyung almost has a heart attack from Hoseok’s sudden yelling, “Why would you scare me like that?!”

“We’re meant to be doing our homework but you’re clearly too busy staring. If you bite down on the pen any harder it’s gonna explode in your mouth.”

“I wouldn’t mind something else exploding in my mouth...” His eyes trail back over to Jungkook, unconsciously licking his lips as he does so.


“What?” Taehyung mimics, pretending he didn’t say a word.

“If he saw you staring he’d probably call the police for sexual harassment.” Hoseok sighs loudly, turning back to the complicated math equations written in his textbook.

“Sexual harassment? I’m not even touching him, I’m just observing. Fine art deserves to be admired, and admire I certainly will.”

“You’re lucky he listens to that trashy emo music so loud he can’t hear the words your desperate mouth is spewing.”

Taehyung shrugs it off before focusing back on his own work, he’s never been one for fractions so he cheekily tries to copy Hoseok’s answers, making sure he’s not caught of course. They were interrupted by a knock at the door, Hoseok immediately knew it wasn’t for him seen as the only person who ever visits him was sitting next to him so couldn’t possibly be knocking at the door.

“Shove Kook and tell him there’s someone at the door.” Hoseok says to the other without even looking up.

“Touch him? Touch Jungkook? You must be losing your mind if you think I can willing do that.”

The knock sounds again, louder and more impatient this time. Hoseok groans before picking up one of the book’s and throwing it at the boy on the sofa causing him to angrily take out one of his earphones and glare at the other.

“What the fuck was that for?!”

“Someone’s at the door for you, they sound angry.”

“You know you could’ve just lightly shaken me or something, throwing one of your nerd books is full on domestic abuse.” Jungkook complains before finally answering the door only to be met with a frustrated Yoongi.

“Is it so hard to answer the door the first time someone fucking knocks?” Yoongi scowled as he pushed his way into the house.

“Yeah well, I had my headphones in and my useless brother clearly couldn’t get off his ass and let you in.” Jungkook glared at Hoseok who just shrugs as a response.

“Oh, Hi Hoseok.” Yoongi offers a sweet gummy smile as he notices the boy sitting on the floor by the coffee table.

“H-hi.” Hoseok shyly mumbles as he tries to pretend he’s working only to disguise his blush.

“Hi, Taeyong.”

“It’s Taehyung.”

“Yeah, right, whatever.” Yoongi says in disinterest as he flops down on the sofa. “When are the others coming?

Jungkook sits down beside him as he picks up his phone again, placing one earphone back in. “I told them the same time as I told you, so beats me.” He picks up the book that was thrown at him earlier, reading the title he furrows his brows in confusion. “What is this shit anyway?”

Taehyung looks up once the question is asked, noticing the book Jungkook was holding was actually his book, he finally has an opportunity to speak to his crush. “Oh! Its a book on Einstein’s theory of relativity, it explains both special relativity and general relativity. I’m reading it at the moment, it’s very interesting.”

“I think we have different opinions on what’s interesting.” Jungkook throws the book back on the coffee table with a laugh making Taehyung’s heart sink a bit, that opportunity was short lived.

Another knock at the door sounds and Yoongi sighs in relief. “Fucking finally, I hope all three of them have come together, I’m not waiting for anyone else.”

“You’ve been here for five minutes, stop be a grumpy shit.” Jungkook rolls his eyes as he opens the door revealing his other three friends causing Yoongi to once again sigh in relief. “Go straight to the garage, Yoongi’s already here.”

“Are Hoseok and Taehyung inside? I brought them some snacks as well.” Jin says as he barges past.

“Or come in, I guess.”

“Children! I baked you some cookies, salted caramel ones to be exact. I hope you’re both working hard.” Jin places a tub of cookies on the table in front of Taehyung, both boys practically drooling at the sight.

“Thanks, Jinie!”

Jin smiles widely at the two boys on the floor, “Can’t have my two little genius’ going hungry now, can I?”

“Jin, come on. I want snacks too, you know.” Jungkook groans from the doorway, attempting to hurry the elder up only to achieve the exact opposite, Jin’s movements only get slower in order to annoy him.

“If I want to coo over my babies, I will. Now stop being a brat and i’ll meet you in the garage in a bit.” Jin waved his hand in dismissal, not even looking in Jungkook’s direction. The boy just huffs loudly before walking out. “So... any gossip?”

“Tae said something really disgusting earlier.”

“Don’t be a snitch!” Taehyung yelled as he tried to hit his best friend, only to have him wriggle away.

“What did you say, Taehyungie?” Jin pries as he sits down across from them.

“Nothing TOO bad... just maybe something about having Jungkook’s thing in my mouth.” Taehyung mumbled but it was loud enough to hear, making Jin gasp dramatically.

“You’re too young for those impurities!”

“But he’s so hot! Those muscles just get my mind thinking unholy thoughts, like please daddy just slam me against a wall and do something already.” Taehyung whines.

Hoseok chokes on his drink as he hears Taehyung’s words, not completely believing they just came from his mouth. “Did you seriously just call him ‘daddy’?”

“Mayhaps I did. But you’re missing the point! He’ll never do any of that because I’m just a nerdy weirdo who can’t communicate with humans properly.”

“Aw sweetie, i’m sure that isn’t true.” Jin attempts to comfort him, only to be met with Taehyung’s disbelieving gaze.

“I had an opportunity to talk to him earlier and all I did was spew crap about the theory of relativity.”

“Ok, so maybe it’s a little true. But you’re cute, use that to your advantage!”

“What do you expect me to do? Strut through the garage in sexy underwear as he’s practising?” Taehyung jokingly suggests, but after the words leave his mouth he actually considers it.

“You’re not actually considering that are you? Because my future man is also down there and once he gets an eye full of your perky ass it’s game over for me.” Hoseok sighs before he gets an idea, “Maybe we should both strut around in underwear...”

“Neither of you are strutting around the garage in underwear so stop it! My boyfriend is apart of that band and I’m not letting him see either of you being sexy.” Jin scolds making both the boys huff in defeat. “I was speaking more about playing to his weaknesses. That baby blue sweater you wore the other day was perfect, Jungkook actually mentioned how cute you looked! Wear more things like that.”

“So you’re saying I should wear my baby blue sweater and nothing else as I strut around the garage?” Taehyung says, seeming to be in deep thought.

“No! Wear your pants for the love of God. Neither of you will be strutting around in the garage, you’re not parading yourselves like prostitutes.” Jin runs a hand down his face in frustration before standing up. “I have to go now, if either of you come in then I will personally hit you.”

“Fine. Thanks for the cookies, love you!” Taehyung calls after him.

After Jin closes the front door both of the boys’ sigh. “I was really looking forward to strutting around in panties, I think Yoongi would’ve loved it.” Hoseok complains.

“Same. I have a really cute red pair that would’ve caught Jungkook’s eye, you know how much he loves red.” Taehyung huffs. “Just gonna have to show him I’m not your typical nerd in some other way.”

“Tae you sound like you have a plan, you know how scared I get when come up with plans.”

“I do, and I think this is gonna be my best one yet.”

“Lord Jesus help us.” Hoseok buries his head in his hands as Taehyung smirks.

This will definitely be the best plan he’s ever thought of.

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