Summer Loving


"What do you suggest I do? Run into the water, say 'hi my name is Taehyung' and instantly have a panic attack right in front of him?" Taehyung is on vacation in Malta with his family when he falls for a surf instructor with bright red hair and a just as bright smile. He tries to come up with a plan to get closer to the boy, the only problem being Jungkook works in the water and Taehyung is deathly afraid of the sea.

Romance / Humor
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Every summer Taehyung had the same argument with his parents about vacation, why they alway insisted on going to a place where everywhere you looked you could see what he would call the ‘world’s greatest killer’ aka the ocean was beyond him.

“Can’t we go to Paris this year? You know how much I’m dying to go, plus I bet the Eiffel Tower is beautiful in such amazing weather! I could get so many great pictures and buy some beautiful designer clothes-”

“Taehyung, must we have this discussion every single year? Our summer home is in Malta, not France, not New York or wherever you tried to suggest last year. Now go pack.” Mr. Kim sighed, he was trying to get his last minute paperwork sorted out before the start of their vacation so he really didn’t have time for his adult son to be whining like a baby at him.

“You have enough money, buy another house.” Taehyung huffs.

“And once you make as much money as your mother and I have then you can buy a summer home in whatever country your heart desires. Stop being a brat and go pack your suitcase.”

Taehyung scowls before storming up the stairs acting more like a two-year-old than a twenty-year-old, not like he could care less at this moment. He slams his door which gains the attention of his brother in the next room that worriedly goes to check up on him.

Namjoon cautiously knocks on the door before pushing it open, revealing a sulky Taehyung lying face down on his bed. “Taetae? Wanna talk about it?”

“I hate Malta. I hate the stupid death trap of an ocean. I hate this fucking family.”

“Well, ouch,” Namjoon says although he’s well aware that Taehyung only said the last part out of frustration. “We go through this every year, they’ve had the summer house for five years now and I don’t think they’re willing to change location...”

“Well, they should! They know how much I miss out on because they’re always doing stupid things by the sea. Did you know that dad bought a yacht out there? That’s one more thing for everyone to enjoy without me!” Taehyung buries his face in the pillow to disguise his scream, he knew he was acting like a spoilt brat at the moment but he was far from caring.

Namjoon sighs as he pulls Taehyung’s suitcase from the wardrobe and begins packing things for him, a routine he had grown accustomed to doing every year seen as Taehyung is always refusing to go up until the last second. It was extra draining this year though, usually, Jin would be there to give him a hand in controlling their whiny brother but he moved out at the end of last year to live with his boyfriend Hoseok, so Namjoon was now all alone in the task.

The room was silent until a few knocks came from the door, and much to Namjoon’s complete joy, Jin peaks his head in. “I thought you’d need a hand, looks like I got here just in time.” Jin laughs as he sees his youngest brother still sulking on the bed, lying as still as a rock.

“My saviour, I always knew you were my favourite brother.” Namjoon cheers.

“Hey, I am right here you know!” Taehyung huffs as he turns his head to angrily glare at Namjoon.

“Yeah I know, and you’re acting like a brat. Do you see Jin acting like a brat? No. Therefore we have a clear winner in the ‘favourite brother’ category.”

“I’m acting reasonably. I don’t want to go somewhere surrounded by my biggest fear for the fifth year in a row, I want to go somewhere safe and landlocked.”

Jin sighs as he approaches the bed and sits on the edge of it, soothingly rubbing his palm across the youngest one’s back. “It’s safe, okay? Nothing has happened to you whilst being out there before, and nobody pressures you to even go near the sea. Sure, you get a bit lonely whilst we all do surfing and snorkelling and what not, but we still have our share of fun! Remember last year when we played hide and seek around Mdina and we almost lost Joon?”

Taehyung can’t help but laugh at the memory, they spent almost an hour looking for their brother and then found him on a doorstep stroking a stray cat. “Okay, maybe that was fun.”

“We’ll do more things like that this year, I promise. Besides, going into the sea isn’t everything. I’ve kind of grown bored of snorkelling, I feel like the fish hate me by now.” Jin pouts.

“What about surfing? You both love that.”

“We’ll only spend a couple of days doing that this time. I surfed so much last year that I swear I can still feel my muscles aching from it, no way am I repeating the same mistake!” Namjoon groans, stretching out his stiff muscles as if to prove a point.

Taehyung sighs, maybe he should stop being so difficult about the whole ordeal, it’s not as if it’s going to make his parents cancel the holiday. With the promise of spending more time with his brothers, and knowing that both Jimin and Hoseok are also coming along with them this year, it makes the situation seem a little brighter in his mind. He rolls off the bed and starts packing for himself, initially shocking his brother’s but after a second they jump in to help, all three of them gushing about how much fun they’re going to have this summer.

“Wow, Taehyung is not complaining, are you sure this is our child?” Mr. Kim jokes as he packs the suitcases into the back of the car ready to head to the airport.

“Don’t be nasty, he is just being the little angel that he always is. Aren’t you, Taetae?” Mrs. Kim coos as she squeezes her youngest son’s cheeks.

Taehyung hums in agreement as he smiles happily, he’s always been a mommies boy so he relishes in any attention given to him by his mother. Mr. Kim just shakes his head at the scene whilst making the decision to drop the conversation there, Taehyung was being bearable and he certainly did not want to ruin that.

Taehyung slips into the car where Namjoon, Jimin and Hoseok were currently sitting, eager to ask Hoseok a question. “Hobi?”

Hoseok raises his head quickly, clearly, he had been falling back to sleep but Taehyung’s voice had broken him out of his sleepy daze. “What’s wrong?” He mumbles whilst rubbing his eyes with his fists.

“You’re studying psychology, right?”

“Yeah?” Hoseok says, confused as to why Taehyung was all of a sudden so interested in what he does at university.

“Well, I was thinking that maybe you could help me overcome my phobia!” Taehyung says, overly cheerful despite the fact it was currently four in the morning.

“I’m looking to relax on this vacation, Tae, not do the same work I would be doing if I was back here in Seoul.” Hoseok sighs as he leans his head against the headrest.

Taehyung pouts, he was really looking forward to perhaps trying to overcome his fear and finally feeling free. Hoseok opens his eyes to see him pouting, his heart sinking a little seen as he was the cause of it. “I’ll help you once we’re back home, okay? As soon as the vacation is over I will set aside time to help you overcome your phobia.”

“But there’s no sea in Seoul...”

“We’ll use the pool, it’s big enough.”

Taehyung nods even though he’s positive that wouldn’t help at all. He didn’t have a problem with the pool in their backyard, he’d spend all summer long in there if he could. His problem was with the sea, so much death and destruction just waiting to happen within the open waters making him feel terrified. He hated all the creatures that lived amongst the waves, especially sharks. The fact that there are even more creatures that live so deep they haven’t been discovered yet makes him more unnerved, who knows what could be living all the way at the bottom just waiting for its chance to attack?

“You’ll be okay, if any part of the sea even attempts to touch you then i’ll fight it.” Jimin ensures as he snuggles up to his best friend.

“You know you can’t fight water, right?” Namjoon butts in.

“Just let me be protective of my bestie, okay? Don’t kill my pride.”

Namjoon holds his hands up in surrender making both Taehyung and Jimin burst into fits of giggles. Hoseok had already drifted back to sleep, completely uninterested with the current conversation that was happening. It took about twenty minutes for Jin and their parents to fully pack everything into the car, making sure they weren’t forgetting anything important seen as they were spending six weeks in a different country. Once everything was triple checked they were all ready to go and surprisingly Taehyung wasn’t even making one noise of protest.

The flight was long, and although they had sat in first class so the seats were much more comfortable, that didn’t stop Taehyung from complaining that his back was completely aching. An eleven-hour flight was exhausting, his skin felt greasy as did his hair and all he wanted to do was shower and relax. He managed to sleep for the majority of the flight which was a good thing seen as it was still before midday when their plane landed in Malta.

“Everybody seems to be well rested from the flight, so how about we spend the day on the new yacht? I can’t wait for everyone to see how luxurious it is.” Mrs. Kim says excitedly, she had a hand in picking out what yacht to buy and was so ecstatic to finally be able to make use of it.

“You all can, I think I’m going to take a shower and spend the day on the beach. As long I can improve my tan and stay away from the water, I think I’ll be fine by myself.” Taehyung smiles as he brings his suitcase into the house.

“Oh, Taetae. Can you not just try to spend time on the yacht? There’s a cabin area you can sit in so you won’t have to look at the sea, you can just pretend you’re on land.” Mrs. Kim tries to reason with her son.

“I’ll still know I’m out at sea, mom. It’s fine, really. You all have fun! It’s only the first day, I’m sure we’ll still have plenty of time to spend together.” Taehyung begins walking upstairs so he can make a start on unpacking his things. He walks straight to the bedroom he usually has, which had the nicest ensuite bathroom out of all the rooms (he had called dibs on it the first year they came to the summer house which his brother’s had not been too happy about).

Jimin pops his head in whilst Taehyung is hanging his clothes up in the wardrobe, making sure he knocked so he didn’t frighten the poor boy. “Want me to stay with you? I’m a bit pale so maybe it would be good for me to work on my tan.”

“You can tan whilst you’re on the yacht. Seriously, Chim, I’ll be fine. I’m still a little groggy from the flight so maybe some alone time will help me relax.” Taehyung smiles.

“Super pinky promise that you’ll be okay on your own for the day?” Jimin outstretches his pinky and waits with an expectant look on his face.

“Super pinky promise.” Taehyung links his pinky with Jimin’s, pulling hard so he knows he really means it.

“Okay. But don’t get a better tan than me! It’s annoying how quick you tan.”

Taehyung laughs at that, “You know I’m naturally tan anyway, it’s in my genes.”

“And I hate you for it.” Jimin huffs before making his way to the door.

“You love me and everyone knows it,” Taehyung calls to him before he leaves, making the elder laugh as he closes the door behind him.

Taehyung smiles to himself whilst unpacking the rest of his things, making sure to put aside his shower supplies to bring into the bathroom with him. He had high hopes for this vacation for the first time in five years, he doesn’t know why but he feels like something is telling him that this was going to be the best summer by far.

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