Summer Loving

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Taehyung was nervous for his date with Jungkook to say the very least. It really didn’t help him that he had four boys in his room all fussing over what he was going to wear, his best friend playing around and attempting to style his hair as his brothers raided his closet to approve an outfit. Hoseok was on shoe duty, sitting on the floor holding up what pair of shoes he thought would go with each outfit only for them all to disagree every time. It was stressful, but Taehyung couldn’t be mad at them all trying to help him look his absolute best for his first date with the boy he’s been thirsting over for almost a month now.

“You have to wear a beret, you always look so adorable when you wear them,” Jimin says as he combs his fingers through Taehyung’s hair for the millionth time that day.

“You’ve been fussing over my hair for almost an hour and now you’re just suggesting I cover it up?”

“Hey, I’m indecisive, okay? Your hair looks good in any style, but I just now thought of how cute you look in a beret.”

“He’s right Tae, I always coo over you when you wear one.” Jin pops his head out of the closet to join the conversation.

Taehyung rolls his eyes, “you coo at me all the time, beret or no beret.”

“Because you’re my baby brother and you’re just so adorable!”

“I’m not a baby.” Taehyung huffs, contradicting himself by sounding childish.

“You’ll always be the family baby.” Namjoon laughs as he continues sorting through shirts.

“Well, he’s about to do some not so baby things on this date tonight.” Jimin laughs, nudging Taehyung in the ribs for him to agree with him only to be shoved away.

Jin gasps at the words, “I really don’t want to think of my brother in that way. Besides, he wouldn’t do anything on the first date, right Tae?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time, once the boy didn’t even need to take him on a first date.”

“Chim!” Taehyung yells, mortified about being exposed in front of the others.

“I’m going to pretend this conversation never happened. Here, go put these on.” Jin sighs as he places clothes in Taehyung’s arms. The younger skips off into the bathroom leaving everyone in the room glaring at Jimin.

“What?” Jimin asks, confused as to why everyone looked so mad at him. The only reply he receives is the disapproving shaking of heads.

“You nervous, kid?” Yoongi observes Jungkook frantically trying to iron out the creases in his shirt with his hands, something he had been doing for ten minutes now.

“Of course I’m nervous! I’ve never been on a date with an actual God before, plus he’s taking me to a really expensive restaurant that I shouldn’t even really be stepping into.”

Yoongi laughs at the younger’s behaviour which only makes him receive a death stare. “Oh come on, Taehyung’s been thirsting over you the entire time he’s been here, you have nothing to be nervous about.”

“Wait, really?” Jungkook stops all movements, suddenly engrossed in what his best friend had to say.

“You’re telling me you didn’t know?”

“No! I thought he only was interested in me after we kissed, you’re telling me I could’ve been kissing him for a month longer than this?”

“Well, If you weren’t such a dense idiot and wasted your time with Mingyu then yeah, you could’ve been.” Yoongi teases.

“And now I officially hate myself,” Jungkook scoffs as he finishes styling his hair, aware that he didn’t have long until he had to leave to meet Taehyung. “Do you think I’ll be looked at weirdly for my red hair?”

“Nah, they’ll just think you’re one of the tomatoes that’s escaped from the kitchen.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes before heading to the door, seemingly done with the teasing from his best friend. “You’re an ass,” is all he says before shutting the door behind him and heading out onto the beach, not missing the way his best friend howls with laughter inside the cabin.

Taehyung is already waiting for Jungkook when he arrives, the elder staring out into the sea with a surprisingly peaceful expression on his face which Jungkook couldn’t help but feel a little pride from. He turns with a smile once he hears the younger’s footsteps grow closer, and Jungkook couldn’t help but gape at how beautiful he looked.

“Wow,” Jungkook dumbly says, face almost turning as red as his hair when he realises he said it out loud. “I-I mean you look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Taehyung offers a shy smile back, he knew he looked good from the amount of styling effort the others put in but hearing the compliment from Jungkook still caught him off guard. “Shall we go? We don’t want to miss our reservation.”

Jungkook nods and by force of habit takes Taehyung’s hand as they walk, although this time the action caused them both to grow a little shy and flustered. The restaurant Taehyung led them to was a hundred times fancier than anything Jungkook’s ever stepped foot into, he felt uncomfortable and out of place but tried to ignore the feelings in favour of enjoying his first date with the elder. Taehyung seemed to notice his discomfort and squeezed his hand, an action that Jungkook always did to comfort him when they went into the sea, he couldn’t help but allow a small smile to form from it.

“Do you drink wine?” Taehyung asks as they sit down at their table, the elder instantly picking up the wine menu and having a look over it.

“Not usually, on my budget is always cheap beer and vodka. I’ve only tried it once, my mom got a bottle of white wine for Christmas last year which I didn’t hate, pretty sure it was cheap since she got it from the grocery store in town.” Jungkook laughs.

“You will probably enjoy the more fine wines then, I’ll order us a bottle.”

“Are you trying to wine and dine me so you can get into my pants?” Jungkook teases, not even paying attention to the couple on the table close to them that shot him a disgusted glare.

“Of course not. But if that’s where the night leads them I’m not going to say no,” Taehyung teases back, chuckling when Jungkook looks completely shocked at his reply.

Jungkook allows himself to bury his face in the menu to avoid the elder’s gaze, he scans over the various meals, all written in Italian so he didn’t even have the slightest idea on what to order. His eyes then fall upon the prices of each dish and dramatically widen when he sees just how expensive they are. “Tae, this is all so expensive...”

“It is? You should see the prices in some of the Michelin star restaurants I’ve been to, this is nothing.” Taehyung goes to laugh before he realises just how snobby he must’ve sounded from the comment. “Not that I’m bragging or anything - I’m sorry. My brothers always tell me off for talking like such a snob, I’m working on it.”

“It’s fine,” Jungkook smiles sweetly at the elder to assure him. He’s been able to see the real Taehyung over the weeks they’ve been getting to know each other, so the comment really didn’t throw him off at all.

The comment seems to be instantly forgotten as Taehyung helps Jungkook understand what the different dishes were, to say the younger was impressed that Taehyung could read Italian was an understatement. Taehyung orders for the both of them to save Jungkook the humiliation of trying to pronounce the name of the dish he wanted, he also orders them a bottle of wine that Jungkook tries not to think about the price of, but he knows it was more expensive than a month worth of rent for him.

“You never told me about your home life, I feel like we always talk about me and never about you.” Taehyung voices out before taking a sip of his wine, eyeing the younger up as he did so.

“There’s not much to tell really. I grew up in a small town by the beach in Busan, that’s probably where my love for the sea comes from. My uncle owns a business out here along with the bar that Yoongi’s working at, he’s the only one with a good amount of money in our family. He used to invite me and my brother out here for a couple of weeks each summer when we were younger, that’s when I learnt how to surf. I really just needed some extra money this year so he hired me. Free holiday, more money plus teaching people about my passion seemed like an all-around win for me so I jumped at the chance.”

“That’s cute. Do you live on your own in Seoul now? Or do you live with Yoongi?”

“I wanted to live with Yoongi when I moved there, but he lives in a small apartment above his studio so there wasn’t any room. I live in a crappy studio apartment close to uni, it’s not the best but I make it work.” Jungkook conveniently leaves out the part where his apartment always had blackouts and the heating hardly never works during the winter, he thinks those details are way too embarrassing to share with a boy who probably grew up with heated floor all around his house.

“I’ll have to come to visit you once we’re back.” Taehyung winks which makes Jungkook’s throat instantly dry, he’ll have to do some major cleaning before that ever happens.

The rest of the night goes perfectly, Jungkook tells Taehyung stories from his holidays in Malta as a kid which has them both laughing uncontrollably, they’re both scared they were going to be thrown out by the number of dirty looks they were receiving. Jungkook tries his best not to moan when he tastes how good the food is, he’s never eaten something that tasted so luxurious in his entire life. Taehyung simply smiles fondly as his reaction, glad that the younger was enjoying himself. The elder even goes as far as to order a second bottle of wine and dessert, ignoring the constant protests from Jungkook who whines about how he’s spending too much money on him. Taehyung simply couldn’t care less, and the smile that Jungkook shows when he takes the first bite of his tiramisu is definitely worth it. They leave the restaurant both feeling buzzed from the wine and full from the food, both of them giggling over absolutely nothing as they head back towards the beach.

“Thank you for tonight, I’ve never felt so spoilt in my entire life.” Jungkook smiles widely.

“Who says the night has to end here? You said Yoongi works until past midnight, right?” Taehyung smirks and Jungkook can definitely see where he was going with this.

So they both head back to the beach cabin, tipsy from the wine and giddy from the anticipation of what was bound to happen to end the night.

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