Summer Loving

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Taehyung called a ‘family meeting’ the next morning before breakfast, gathering every single person in his family into the living room as he stood before them as if he was about to plead his case to the jury.

“What’s wrong, Taetae?” Mrs. Kim asks once everyone was seated on the sofas, trying to work out what they had all been gathered for.

“So, it’s about my boyfriend.”

“Oh no, you two haven’t broken up already, have you? He seemed like such a nice boy,” his mother pouts.

“Wait, you have a boyfriend?” His father confusedly states, not following the situation at all.

Taehyung rolls his eyes at both of the comments, sending a death glare over to the others who were very badly suppressing their laughs. “We haven’t broken up, that’s not what this is about. And yes dad I have a boyfriend, I literally told you over breakfast last week.”

“He’s that surf instructor with the bright red hair, you know the one.” Jin chips in, attempting to jog his father’s memory.

“The one Tae always drools over every time we go to the beach?”


“Ah okay, I’m following now. Carry on, son.”

Taehyung lets out a long sigh, taking a second for himself to contemplate his decision about wanting Jungkook to meet his family. He ultimately decides he had to, he can’t expect a lasting future without bringing his boyfriend to meet his parents ever. Some things just had to be done. “What I was going to say is that I want you both to meet him.”

“Oh really? That would be lovely! He can join us for dinner tonight if he doesn’t already have plans.” Mrs. Kim’s eyes lit up as she spoke, eager to meet the boy who has made her son so happy in a place where he usually is miserable.

“Can you all just promise to not embarrass me? The relationship is still new and I really, really like him. I don’t want anything to mess this up.” Taehyung pleads.

“Us? Embarrass you? That does not sound like the kind of family that we are.” Mr. Kim says, sarcasm thick in his voice.

“Yeah, Tae. You must be thinking of another family, we’re chill.” Namjoon joins in, causing all the others to snigger apart from their mother.

“We won’t embarrass you, my darling. I’ll make sure to keep all of these lunatics in line.”

“Thanks, mom.” Taehyung smiles, genuinely thankful that at least one person in his family doesn’t want to see him suffer. Now he just has to hope and pray she can actually tame the rest of his crazy family.

“You free tonight?” Taehyung asks as soon as Jungkook approaches him for his break, handing him a towel with a small smile as he awaits an answer.

“Well, I have to wax all of the surfboards after we’ve packed up tonight, a continuation of the whole ‘stealing a bottle of wine’ punishment from my uncle. But it shouldn’t take me too long so, yeah I am.” Jungkook laughs. “What are you planning?”

“My parents want you to join us for dinner, but only if you want to,” Taehyung says with a hopeful look in his eyes, hoping Jungkook wasn’t going to panic from the sudden meeting.

Jungkook tried his hardest not to panic, he really did, but the thought of only having a couple of hours to prepare himself for the dinner was making it hard not to. “Will it just be us and your parents or will it be your entire family?”

“My entire family... but you know my brothers and Hobi and Jimin and they all love you already so the only ones you have to impress are my parents.”

“That’s still terrifying.”

“You don’t have to do it, we can always leave meeting them until we’re all back home. No pressure.” Taehyung says honestly, placing a sweet peck on Jungkook’s lips to show how much he meant it. He would never want Jungkook to force himself into a stressful situation, whatever was best for him was best for Taehyung after all.

“No, I want to meet them. I’m just a little nervous, but I’ll always be nervous to meet your parents so it’s better to do it soon so I don’t continue to panic over it.” Jungkook smiles back at his boyfriend.

“Only if you’re sure,” Taehyung says to make sure Jungkook was really okay with it, relaxing when he receives a semi-confident nod and a bright smile to reassure him. “Just don’t believe anything they say about me, I promise it’s all lies.”

Jungkook laughs loudly at the statement before pulling Taehyung in for another kiss, both of them laughing against each other’s lips during it. They’re pulled away from each other by Mingyu calling Jungkook’s name telling him it was time to get back to work, both of them pouting at the realisation. They part ways with the promise to meet later that evening before heading to the restaurant together, both of them nervous but excited for the night ahead.

“If I knew that I would come on this trip and end up with a beautiful boyfriend who wanted me to meet his millionaire parents then I would’ve brought more than one god damn dress shirt with me.” Jungkook groans to his best friend as he picks his shirt out of the wardrobe, consciously aware of how he’s not washed it since his last fancy restaurant date with Taehyung. It was creased from when it was thrown carelessly onto the floor at the end of the night which makes Jungkook groan even louder, he couldn’t believe his misfortune.

“Maybe you should’ve gone to see a psychic before we left.” Yoongi jokes, seemingly attempting to lighten the younger’s mood.

“I don’t think even a psychic could’ve seen this coming.”

Yoongi laughs at the comment before waving his hand in the direction of his dresser. “Check my clothes, I might have a shirt big enough to fit over your hulk muscles.”

“If you do then I swear I’ll buy you dinner once we’re back,” Jungkook says quickly before rummaging through the shirts, praying to every single entity that he can find something.

“Restaurant of my choice?”

“Did I say dinner? I meant coffee.”

“Cheapskate.” Yoongi rolls his eyes.

“Hey, if you want me to not be able to pay my rent and end up having to sleep on your floor then I’ll be happy to treat you to dinner.” Jungkook shrugs.

“You wouldn’t be behind on rent just from one dinner.”

“Look at my bank statement and then try and say that sentence again, bet you can’t.”

Yoongi goes silent, now he’s left wanting to go through the younger’s finances to see if he was actually coping okay. He’ll have to do just that as soon as their back in Seoul, he knows Jungkook will get annoyed and call him ‘an overprotective mother’ but he can’t help but worry.

It’s not long before Jungkook is cheering and bringing Yoongi out of his thoughts and back into the room, he had been thinking for so long that the younger was able to find a shirt that fit without him even noticing he was changing.

“The universe must be on my side today because this actually fits.” Jungkook sighs in relief, reaching up to get started on parting his hair in a way that looked presentable. “You’re a life saver, Yoongz. I knew having you as my best friend would come in handy.”

“After all the things I’ve done for you over the years, who knew getting the recognition I deserve would be down to a borrowed shirt.” Yoongi sarcastically says.

“It’s the little things that matter.” Jungkook smiles over his shoulder at the elder, laughing when he’s met with a look of fake anger.

A small knock is heard from the door and Jungkook almost squeals as he knows it’s his boyfriend. He feels like a teenage girl about to go out on her first date whenever he goes out with Taehyung, as embarrassing as it may seem. But he couldn’t care less, the way his heart rate picks up with excitement and the smile that instantly spreads across his face is enough to make acting like that worth it.

As soon as Jungkook opens the door he’s pulling Taehyung towards him for a kiss, he still can’t believe he’s lucky enough to be able to kiss a man so beautiful whenever he wants, it was definitely like something out of some crazy, romantic dream he’s had. “Hey baby,” he says against his lips, the same wide smile remaining there as he pressed his lips against Taehyung’s again.

“Hey baby,” Taehyung repeats with an equally as wide smile. “Ready to go?”

“I think so...” Jungkook quickly turns around to wave at Yoongi who gives him an encouraging thumbs up for support, he laughs at the action before being led out of the cabin by Taehyung.

“You don’t have to be so nervous, my parents are excited to meet you. If anything they’ll just be embarrassing me the entire time.”

“I’m not nervous.”

“Kookie, I can feel you shaking.” Taehyung laughs as he brings their connected hands towards his lips so he can place a soft kiss on the back of Jungkook’s hand, the action comforting the younger.

“I’ve never met someone’s parents, I’ve only seen this sort of thing in movies and it always goes terribly.”

“You can’t believe everything you see in movies.”

Jungkook sighs and nods his head, attempting to push all his fear to one side and think positively for once in his life. It works for a while as Taehyung takes his mind off of everything and talks about a cute shop he found whilst he was exploring the town with Jimin, he spoke so passionately about all the art pieces displayed within it that it was hard for Jungkook to feel anything other than love. But the fear soon returns as they approach the restaurant, the fancy establishment making his heart rate pick up drastically. Taehyung didn’t seem to notice, or if he did he didn’t make it obvious, he simply just opened the door and pulled his boyfriend inside as he glanced around in search of his family. Jungkook swallows thickly when he sees the large table with them all sitting around, his mouth only drying as he gets pulled towards it at a swift pace.

“We’re not late, are we?” Taehyung says as they take their seats right in front of his mom and dad.

“Not at all, we only just got here ourselves.” Mrs. Kim smiles before turning her attention to the nervous boy opposite. “You must be Jungkook, it’s so lovely to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, and you Mr. Kim.” Jungkook says in the most confident way he could possibly manage, pleased when his voice doesn’t fail him.

“Kid has manners, you chose well.” Mr. Kim says to his son with a smile.

“I did,” Taehyung answers back honestly before turning his head to place a soft kiss on Jungkook’s cheek.

Just like that, all of Jungkook’s fears seem to melt away, first impressions are everything and it seems he managed to leave a good one on Taehyung’s parents. He manages to blend into the Kim family perfectly, being able to hold a conversation and joke along with everyone as if it was normal. He was thankful he wasn’t being grilled with questions, and he was about to think he was the luckiest boy on Earth up until Mrs. Kim asks him the question of ‘what do you do?’.

“I- uh- I study sports science at SNU.”

“Sports science?”

“Yeah... I kind of picked it because I didn’t really know what to do at the end of high school but I knew I loved sports, and I thought the course sounded cool.” Jungkook tries to explain without sounding as clueless about his future as he really was.

“So you have no career goal for the end of university?” Mr. Kim asks the question letting Jungkook know he failed and really did sound as clueless as he is.

“Well, not yet. But I’m still in my first year so I can work it out.”

Mrs. Kim smiles at him to let him know it was okay, not everyone needed to have a career plan set out right away after all. “And do you work back home?”

“I help out at my best friend’s studio for some extra money which I desperately need. I came here to work for my uncle over the summer which should help me pay my rent once I’m back home, but I think I’ll need to get another part-time job since all I could afford to eat last year was instant ramen...” Jungkook ends up rambling.

Jungkook looks up to find both of Taehyung’s parents staring at him with a look of pity, something that made him feel so small. “I’m fine though! Don’t think I’m dating Tae just for some money, I would never take money which I haven’t earned myself. I like instant ramen, and sometimes Yoongi even treats me to pizza after a late night at the studio so I really am fine.”

Both of Taehyung’s parents laugh at the rambling boy which makes him sink into his chair further believing that they’re laughing at how helpless he was, not knowing that it was the complete opposite.

“We didn’t think you were after any money, my dear. I was only asking so we can get to know you better, I wasn’t grilling you to see how wealthy you are.”

“You’re hard working, I admire that.” Mr. Kim says just as the food arrived, saving Jungkook from his embarrassment.

Taehyung smiles at his boyfriend, nudging him lightly with his elbow to get his attention. “See, told you that they’d love you.”

Jungkook can’t help but laugh at the comment, finally sighing in relief as he gets stuck into his food. All in all, he thinks the dinner was going well, despite the embarrassing situation he seemed to had put himself straight into. Thankfully everyone seemed to move swiftly passed it and didn’t bring up how sad and poor Jungkook made himself out to be, although he thinks that Taehyung will definitely tease him about it once they’re alone.

After everyone was finished eating Jungkook excuses himself to the bathroom, he wasn’t used to drinking so much wine so his bladder felt like a rock at this point. He takes some deep breaths as he looks at himself in the mirror, smiling to himself at how well the evening had turned out. He fixes his hair quickly before exiting the bathrooms, almost screaming when he sees Mrs. Kim standing outside the door waiting for him.

“Did I startle you? I’m sorry.” She says with a laugh.

“Uh- no, it’s fine...”

“I wanted to say something to you without Tae around, I know he’ll kill me if he hears it.”

Jungkook instantly starts panicking, this is what he had been fearing all night. Maybe Taehyung’s parents were just being nice because he was around and now his mom was about to tell him to back off because he wasn’t worthy or such an angel. Maybe him talking about the fact he lived off of instant ramen was too much, maybe he screwed everything up for himself by saying he didn’t have a life plan for himself.

“Thank you.” Mrs. Kim simply says, a sweet smile placed upon her face when she says it.

“I- uh- what?”

“Taetae is always so miserable when we come here, but this year I haven’t seen him with anything but a beautiful smile on his face. He even joined us for lunch yesterday on the yacht which is something he never would’ve dreamed of doing before. You’ve helped him in more ways than you know, so thank you.”

Jungkook thinks he could cry from the woman’s words, but he’ll blame all the emotions on the amount of wine he’s had to drink. But when she steps forward to give him a grateful hug he can’t help the tears that brim in his eyes, he knew he was helping Taehyung but seeing how much it’s impacted his family as well was enough to make his heart dance around in his chest.

The rest of the night was amazing after that, now he knows he wasn’t being judged for anything, Jungkook allowed himself to properly settle down and joke around with Taehyung’s family. Some embarrassing stories were told which made Taehyung hide his face in Jungkook’s neck to hide his intense blush and the younger could only laugh and pet his hair comfortingly every time he did so. After he goes home that night, Jungkook makes a mental note to never trust what he sees in movies or TV shows, because although the Kim’s might have more money than they know what to do with he’s never met a more down to Earth and loving family outside his own.

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