Summer Loving

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Taehyung has never been the kind of person who is sad for summer break to be over, usually he’s dying to get back on the flight home and is counting down everyday until he can. But this year was completely different, when he sees that he only has two weeks left of his holiday he feels saddened by the thought of leaving it all behind. Sure, it wasn’t the end of his relationship with Jungkook, but leaving the place they’ve made so many amazing memories in was making him more sad then he ever thought he would be.

Everyone was so loved up, Jimin finally built up the courage to talk to Yoongi about being something more than just a summer fling, and to his joy, Yoongi agreed and they decided to give being an official couple a go. Even Namjoon was finding some happiness and had managed to get over his nerves and ask Jackson, the cute surf instructor he had his eye on out. Everything was more perfect than Taehyung could have ever dreamt it to be, and as he sits around the dinner table celebrating with his family he couldn’t be happier.

“Can you believe we managed to get boyfriends from this holiday? I’m scared I’ll get on the plane and then find out I dreamt it all,” Taehyung laughs loudly, slightly drunk from the amount of wine he’d been throwing back through the meal.

“Ugh, don’t. I keep asking Yoongi if he’s sure about dating me, I still think it’s a prank,” Jimin whines, just as tipsy as Taehyung was.

“Hey, drunkies. Stop whining about thinking your lives aren’t real and let’s get going.” Jin says, motioning for Hoseok to get moving.

“No! More wine, this is a celebration of greatness!”

“Tae, as your big brother I’m not going to allow you to sit in here and get drunk. At least move yourself to a bar, we can’t have you embarrassing yourself in somewhere so expensive.”

Taehyung huffs, but the sober part of his brain tells him that Jin was right. He slips out of his chair, wobbling a little on his feet as he stands straight causing him to stable himself by grabbing Namjoon’s arm. “Should we go see your little Yoongles at the bar?” He wiggles his eyebrows at Jimin, laughing when he gains a blush from him.

“Thankfully he’s not working tonight, said something about taking your boyfriend out for a ‘best friend pizza party’.”

“They’re so cute they make me want to cry in a ball on the floor.” Taehyung clutches his heart as the others drag him out of the restaurant, eager to get him out of there before he embarrasses everyone even further.

Jin, Hoseok and Namjoon head back to the house, not in the mood to get drunk as they leave Jimin and Taehyung holding hands and singing loudly as they walk in the direction of the bar. It had been a while since the two of them had gotten drunk together, so they were happy to finally put an end to that and have some fun. They spend over an hour in the bar, sharing yet more wine and laughing at their inside jokes so much they end up crying with laughter.

They decide to leave the bar when the second wine bottle in front of them empties and they’re so drunk they could barely see anything but fuzzy shapes, still laughing loudly and annoying all the other customers who were relieved to see them go. They next find themselves on the beach, kicking sand at each other and running with Taehyung screaming about how he felt ‘as free as a bird’.

“The sea is so sparkly, it reminds me of Kookie’s eyes.” Taehyung gushes as he freezes, taking a minute to look out into the moonlit water.

“Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you say something good about the ocean,” Jimin giggles, playfully shoving his best friend so he almost falls over into the sand.

“It just reminds me so much so my stunningly, beautiful, perfectly perfect boyfriend now. I just want to give it a hug!”

“Tae, you can’t hug the sea.”

“Watch me!” Taehyung screams before racing towards the water, Jimin almost falling over with laughter when the younger crouches down and tries to hug the water only to be splashed in the face with waves.

Jimin feels his head spinning with all the laughing, taking a second to attempt to calm himself as he looks up at the starry sky above him. He wow’s at the beauty of it, spinning around only to make his head feel worse. He quickly looks back down again, taking a second for his eyes to focus before spotting two familiar boys walking towards him.


“Minnie, what are you doing here?” Yoongi questions as he gets a face full of Jimin eagerly wanting to both hug him and kiss every inch of his face.

“Tae and I had a wine sesh to celebrate how great this holiday has been, we came here afterwards to run!”

“Where’s Tae?” Jungkook asks, confused as to where his own boyfriend was.

“I said to him you can’t hug the sea, so he went to prove me wrong.” Jimin giggles, remembering how funny it was watching Taehyung perform the act.

“And where did he go after that?”

“What do you mean? He’s right over there-” Jimin narrows his eyes as he turns around, seeing the entire beach around him void of anyone other than them. “Maybe he ran off, there’s no way he would’ve gone further into the sea.”

“We would’ve seen him if he ran off...” Yoongi thinks out loud, side glancing his best friend who was very obviously panicking next to him as he looks into the sea.

Jungkook doesn’t wait a second longer before he’s shoving his phone into Yoongi’s grasp and running forward towards the ocean, nothing but sheer panic filling him. There was nowhere else Taehyung could be other than in the water. Yoongi was right, they would’ve seen him if he ran off but the only person they’ve seen this entire time was Jimin. He tries his best to keep his breathing steady as he frantically searches amongst the calm waves, the moonlight not providing a good enough light source for his eyes to focus the way he’s willing them too.

Then he sees it, a slight tint of blue material underneath the water that looks too much like the blue of Taehyung’s beloved Gucci jacket for it not to be him. ‘No,’ he says to himself in his head as he swims forwards, hands frantically searching the water to grab ahold of the material. ‘No, no, no, no,’ he repeats like a mantra when he finally grips ahold of it and pulls Taehyung towards him, weightless amongst the waves.

“Tae?” Jungkook croaks out, stupidly hoping Taehyung would open his eyes and answer him as he cradles him in his arms. He swallows down his fears as he quickly attempts to bring them back to shore, praying to every single entity whether he believes in them or not that Taehyung was okay. He couldn’t lose the boy who has managed to make him so happy in such a small amount of time, the boy who he stays awake at night thinking about and planning a future with. Not now, not when he hasn’t even had the chance to tell him he loves him.

“Oh my God, Tae!” Jimin panics as soon as he sees the sight before him, running over to the pair of them once Jungkook lies Taehyung down on the sand. “Is he breathing? Please, please tell me he’s breathing.”

Jungkook raises his head away from Taehyung to shake his head at Jimin, not being able to form any words in the situation. Thankfully, before Jungkook took the job as a surf instructor for his uncle he was forced to take a course on ‘what to do if someone was drowning’, something he complained about back then but is definitely not complaining about now. Jimin’s yells and cries become distant as he focuses on saving Taehyung, saving the boy that he can’t lose.

His hands violently shake as he brings them to Taehyung’s face, remembering the first aid training that he was given although his mind was racing at a thousand miles per second. All his mind is filled with is pleas, pleas for Taehyung to come back to him, pleas for him to just start breathing again. The pleas only get more desperate as time ticks by, every second feeling like an hour as he’s waiting for something to happen. Losing more and more hope when he doesn’t hear a single noise, a single sign that Taehyung was breathing again.

When he finally hears it he thinks he must be dreaming, a harsh cough as Taehyung chokes up the water from his lungs. “Tae?” He once again asks, his voice rough and not expecting a reply to come back. But, as he sees Taehyung look at him with unfocused eyes, lids half open but still open enough to show he was alive, that was the biggest blessing Jungkook knows he’s ever been granted.

He doesn’t take his eyes off of Taehyung when he carries him off the beach, his ears not registering Yoongi telling him that they needed to go to the hospital. Doesn’t take his eyes off of him when they’re pushed into the back of some taxi, not even when they enter the hospital and Jimin is screaming at the nurses that his friend needed help. When Yoongi holds him back as Taehyung’s taken from him, put on a bed and taken to some room, only then is he forced to take his eyes off of him.

“Kook?” Yoongi grips the younger’s shoulders and looks him in the eye, an attempt to bring him round to the current situation.

But Jungkook’s mind was still racing, his brain fuzzy and unable to focus. The thought that he was so close to losing Taehyung, so close to never being able to hear his precious laugh or seeing that boxy smile that lights up a room better than a million lightbulbs ever could. He’s crying before he even realises what’s happening, breaking down in his best friends arms in front of an entire waiting room full of strangers. Nothing registers in Jungkook’s head, nothing apart from the fact that Taehyung was alive, he was still with him.

It’s about an hour later when a doctor finally comes to tell them that Taehyung was okay. Jungkook’s eyes were heavy from crying, his head rested against Yoongi’s shoulder for some form of support. Jin had arrived around twenty minutes before, after receiving a phone call from a hysterical Jimin explaining everything that had happened. The eldest ran into the hospital, panicked and clutching a bag of clean clothes for both of the boys before he couched in front of Jungkook and repeatedly thanked him for saving his baby brother. Jungkook didn’t react much, couldn’t even smile from how tired his brain was from everything but Jin understood and eventually left him alone to sit next to Jimin as they waited.

As soon as they got the news Jungkook was out of his seat, pacing towards the room that he had heard that Taehyung was resting in. He needed to see him, needed to see for himself that he was truly okay. The others decided to hang back in order to give them some space, knowing that Taehyung wouldn’t want so much fuss and probably only really wanted his boyfriend at that moment.

“Kookie,” Taehyung smiles as he sees Jungkook entering the room. It wasn’t the bright smile that Jungkook loves, but it was enough after what had happened.

Jungkook instantly feels his eyes fill with tears once again as he makes his way over to Taehyung, throwing himself down in the chair beside the bed as he hands scramble for the elders. “I thought I lost you,” he simply says, feeling the tears make their way down his cheeks.

Taehyung wiggles one hand out of the younger’s grip to softly wipe his tears away, feeling tears of his own brimming in his eyes. They make eye contact for a minute, neither of them speaking just enjoying looking at each other.

“I love you,” Jungkook whispers out, the words fragile as they hang in the air between them.

“I love you.” Taehyung repeats, his voice rough and shaky but that didn’t cause the words to lose the power they held.

Jungkook knows that today could’ve been the end of everything, but as he smiles at Taehyung and squeezes his hands to make sure he’s not actually dreaming he knows it’s only the beginning. Recovering from what happened will not be an easy task, especially for Taehyung, but Jungkook knows that he’s willing to stick by him every single second that it takes, even if it takes a lifetime.

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