Summer Loving

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Taehyung was silent after everything that happened, the only one he spoke to since he woke up in the hospital was Jungkook. He didn’t speak to his brothers when they came to take him back to the house, nor his best friend or Hoseok when they asked him if he needed anything after visiting him in his room. He only wanted to speak to Jungkook, his mind focusing on nothing but the younger boy.

Jungkook hasn’t left his side since, staying in the hospital when he was kept overnight for observation and still staying with him once he returned home. He didn’t want to leave him, thinking it was a miracle he was even able to have the option not to do so. A traumatic experience brings everyone closer, and that was no different for the couple.

The first-night Jungkook ever spent sleeping in the same bed as Taehyung he was woken up by screaming. The room was still dark, so much so that Jungkook could barely see anything when he jolts awake, only being able to feel the elder thrashing around in the bed beside him. He flicks on the lamp before shaking him awake, desperate to pull him out of whatever nightmare he’s found himself in.

“Shh, you’re okay,” Jungkook says calmly when Taehyung finally opens his eyes, his breathing erratic as he tries to focus his gaze.


“Don’t try and talk, just breathe. Focus on me, okay? Just me.” Jungkook comforts, softly grazing his thumb across Taehyung’s cheek to ground him.

It takes a while but Taehyung finally manages to calm his breathing, his chest rising and falling at a normal rate as the tears begin to dry on his face. The whole sight broke Jungkook’s heart, but he knows he has to remain strong and focus on making the elder feel better.

“I’ll go and get you some water, you need it.”

Taehyung instantly panics when Jungkook starts to pull away, his hands gripping the younger’s shirt tighter in a plea for him to stay. He didn’t care about how sore his throat was feeling, the only thing he cared about was keeping Jungkook close.

“Baby you need water, I promise I won’t be long,” Jungkook smiles sweetly, calmly waiting for Taehyung’s grip to loosen on him so he could move.

When he’s finally able to move he quickly walks out of the room, determined to keep his promise about not taking too long. He rushes to take a glass from the cupboard to fill with water, completely unaware of another person in the kitchen until they speak up and cause him to always drop the glass he was holding.

“Tae had a nightmare, right?” Jimin says, his eyes bright red as if he hadn’t been sleeping at all.

“Yeah. I calmed him, he just needs water now.”

“This is all my fault, if I didn’t walk away I could’ve stopped him from going into the water-”

“Jimin, stop. It’s no one’s fault,” Jungkook sighs as he heads back towards the door. “Just try and sleep, okay?”

Jimin nods, but Jungkook could see by the look on his face that he wasn’t going to try and sleep anytime soon. He can’t believe how fast the mood has changed amongst everyone, the entire thing ruining the happiness in the blink of an eye. The world really was a cruel place.

Taehyung was sitting up in the bed when Jungkook returned, hugging his knees close to his chest as he blankly glances out the window into the darkness. “I don’t like it here anymore,” he whispers when he fills the mattress beside him dip, his voice still shaky and weak.

“I’ll speak to my uncle and your parents about changing our flights if you want to head back to Seoul, we don’t have to stay here if it’s making you like this.” Jungkook sits down beside the elder and urges him to drink, stabilising the glass since his hands were shaking so badly.

“But what about your job? You need the money, and this is supposed to be a nice holiday for you and-”

“Tae I don’t care about any of that, I care about you. I’m not going to force you to spend another two weeks here when you’re clearly terrified.”

Taehyung takes a deep breath, resting his head against his knees as he looks at the younger intently. “I’ve ruined everything.”

“Don’t you dare say that. You haven’t ruined a single thing. We’re together here and we’ll be together once we get back to Seoul, nothing will change but the country.” Jungkook says with a small smile. “You need to sleep, come here.”

“I’m glad I’ve got you,” Taehyung sighs as he gets comfortable in the younger’s arms.

“And I’m glad I’ve got you.” Jungkook kisses the top of the elders head as he pulls him closer, safely cradling him in his arms so he could feel secure enough to sleep. He just hopes no more nightmares take over his mind when he does.

The next morning was no different from the one before, Taehyung still refusing to be without Jungkook. Somehow Jungkook had managed to get him to at least go downstairs for some breakfast, although he only allowed the younger to feed him two spoonfuls of cereal before claiming he was too full to eat any more. Jungkook decided not to push him to eat more knowing that he didn’t want to add pressure onto him, but he also knows he can’t continue being a pushover when it comes to taking care of Taehyung’s health and wellbeing.

“Hey, Taetae. Feeling any better?” Mrs. Kim says sweetly when she enters the kitchen, not at all surprised when Taehyung buries his face in Jungkook’s neck and ignores her. “Did you sleep well, Jungkook?” She asks instead, redirecting her attention.

“Uh- yeah, kinda. I actually needed to talk to you... would you be able to change Tae’s flight? I’m going to talk to my uncle to see if he can change mine. It’s just being here is making him anxious so going back to Seoul is a better option than staying, and I don’t mind going with him.” Jungkook explains quickly, smiling when Taehyung softly places an appreciative kiss on his neck.

“I’ll book you a new flight, it’ll be too much bother to change the ones you already have.”

“Are you sure? I can pay you back for it, I’m sure my wages will be enough to cover it when I get them.”

“Nonsense. There’s no way I’m letting you pay for the flight yourself after all you’re doing and already have done for my son.”

Jungkook furrows his eyebrows, never one to easily take handouts from others. “But-”

“No, I don’t want to hear it. I’ll see if there are any flights for later today, you both just pack your things.” Mrs. Kim cuts him off, not taking no for an answer. She leaves the room when she’s finished talking, eager to do her best to find the boys a flight out of there.

Knowing there’s no way that Taehyung will be okay with him going back to the beach cabin, and also knowing he can’t take him there with him since they’ll have to walk across the beach which is instant panic attack zone for the elder, Jungkook texts his best friend for help. Yoongi was happy to comply, not even typing so much as a sarcastic comment before agreeing to pack up all of Jungkook’s things and bring them over.

“Should we go and pack your things? Maybe we could even take a bath before we leave,” Jungkook suggests, effectively getting Taehyung to shuffle back and look at him.

“I don’t deserve you,” the elder mumbles.

“Bullshit. You deserve the entire universe, Tae.”

Taehyung looks as if he wants to argue with the words, but the serious look on Jungkook’s face has him staying silent instead. They head upstairs together to get started on packing, even though the younger insists on doing most of it whilst Taehyung lays down and watches him. Halfway through Taehyung’s mom knocks on the door to tell them she’s managed to get them on an evening flight, giving them plenty of time to take things easy and make sure everything is done before leaving.

When Jungkook manages to pack up all of Taehyung’s things he then runs them a bath, the elder following closely behind when he does. “Bubblebath?” He asks sweetly, smiling when Taehyung nods eagerly. It’s the first tiny glimpse back to the normal Taehyung that he’s been missing over the past two days, and for that, he couldn’t be more thankful. It gives him hope that there is a good chance for overcoming all of this.

They sit in the bath together, the pleasing smell of jasmine and honey filling the air around them as Taehyung leans his back against Jungkook’s chest. It’s calm, peaceful.

“Tae?” Jungkook softly says, his voice cutting through the silence. Taehyung hums to show he’s listening, a queue for him to continue talking. “Why won’t you speak to your family?”

Taehyung sighs from the question, his index finger drawing patterns on Jungkook’s arm that was wrapped around his stomach stopping its movements immediately. “If I stay away from them then they can stop worrying about me and enjoy their holiday like they’re meant to be doing.”


“No. I’m always ruining things. I ruined everything for you and I don’t want to do the same for them. If I’m not speaking then it’s like I’m not here, right? And if I’m not here then I can’t ruin anything...”

“What happened was not your fault, you have to stop blaming yourself. We’re all worried about you because we care and love you more than anything, all of us do. You’re alive Tae, you’re here and you’re alive and there’s nothing that makes me happier than that fact, and your family all feel the same. Nobody feels you’ve ruined anything, we’re all too busy thanking the universe that you weren’t taken from us.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to them before we leave... a little bit.”

“They’ll love that.”

They finish the rest of their bath in mostly silence, only talking lightly whenever something comes to mind. Taehyung just couldn’t wait to be back home, to be back in a place where he’s not surrounded by something he knows he should’ve stayed away from. Sure this holiday brought him love, but it also cursed him with trauma and more reasons to stay away from the sea. No matter how much of an argument it causes next year, he knows full well he will never be going on vacation to an island ever again.

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