Summer Loving

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Taehyung finishes his shower and gets changed before making his way back down the stairs, delighted to see that everyone else had already left. It’s not that he didn’t want to be around his family, it’s just that if he heard another person beg him to at least give the yacht a chance he thinks his brain will explode. He leaves the house with his book and a beach towel, making sure he locks the door behind him so his dad doesn’t scream at his for being so irresponsible. Luckily the beach was only a short distance from the house seen as Taehyung really wasn’t up to walking far, he desperately just needed some form of relaxation.

He chooses to sit as far away from the sea as he possibly could, the more distance he could put between him and the salty murderer, the better. After laying his towel down he flops on top of it with a sigh, choosing to scan the area before he really settles down and loses himself in his book. He sees some kids making sand castles and laughing joyfully which makes him smile, the sight reminding him of when he and his brothers were young. He notices that there are quite of few people sitting by themselves which makes him feel more at peace about being on his own, knowing that people won’t view as a complete loner.

Taehyung decides to take a look at the people within the sea, although there were just blurry heads from the distance he was sitting from them. Quite a few people were surfing along with the instructors guiding them, he shakes his head as he looks away wondering why anyone would want to do such a dangerous activity, it always makes him worried when his brothers go out to surf but thankfully they’ve always come back uninjured.

Opening his book, Taehyung gets lost amongst the words on the pages, putting himself with the characters in the story and forgetting about where he really was. He spends about an hour like that, completely immersed in his own little world until he hears people talking way too loud which distracts him. He tries to ignore the voices but he can’t, he gives up and shuts his book in a huff once he’s had to read to same exact sentence five times. He glances at the people over the top of his sunglasses, trying to get a good look at the noisy humans that disrupted his reading session.

That’s when he see’s him, the most beautiful person he had ever seen with his own eyes. Taehyung couldn’t believe it was an actual human standing there and not an angel. The boy had bright red hair and was wearing a wetsuit that accented his muscles perfectly, almost making Taehyung drool at the sight. He was talking to another boy with dark brown hair who was shouting at him to get away seen as he was dry and the other boy was wet from being in the water, he couldn’t help but wonder if they were together.

Taehyung fumbles to get his phone out of his pocket, desperately needing to call Jimin and tell him about the beautiful sight in front of him, he just hopes his best friend wasn’t so far out at sea that he didn’t have any service.


“Oh my God, thank every single living organism in the universe that you answered!” Taehyung rejoices.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt? You super pinky promised me that you would be okay by yourself!” Jimin was flailing around on the other end of the line, something that Taehyung could hear perfectly through the phone.

“I’m fine, stop panicking. I might be in love though, I think I’m seeing Korean Jesus.”

“Are you high? Did you buy something from a creepy guy on the corner of the street? I told you to never do that again!”

“Stop your nagging, I’m not on drugs. There’s this cute boy at the beach, his hair is the colour of a beautiful ripe strawberry and holy mother of Mary I want to marry him.” Taehyung gushes, still staring at the boy and practically melting at the sight of his radiant smile.

“Why am I not there to see this?! I knew I should’ve come with you! Go speak to him right this second.”

“I think he’s with his boyfriend.”

“With his what?! Trust you to fall for someone who’s taken.”

“It might not be his boyfriend, I’m hoping they’re just close and I’m reading the situation wrong, you know like people always do with us.” Taehyung laughs, thinking about how many times people have mistaken him and Jimin for a couple.

Jimin’s laugh comes through the phone as well, “Go speak to him, Taetae! Follow your heart!”

“No can do, he’s going back in the water. I think he’s a surf instructor.” Taehyung observes as the boy leads two people into the water and begins helping them with surfing. “Yep, definitely a surf instructor.”

“Damn, why did he have to do the one job where you can’t stalk him.”

“I can always watch him from afar, that bright red hair makes it easy to not lose him.”

“Is watching him from afar going to make him fall in love with you? No, it will not.”

“What do you suggest I do? Run into the water, say ‘hi my name is Taehyung’ and instantly have a panic attack right in front of him? That would just be embarrassing.” Taehyung rolls his eyes although he’s well aware that Jimin cannot see him.

Jimin sighs on the other end of the phone, going silent for a minute to think of a plan. “Wait for him to come out of the water and go and talk to him.”

“You were silent for ages and that’s what you come up with?”

“Well I’m sorry, have you got any better plans?!”

“How about not talking to him at all because he’s crazily out of my league?”

“As if anyone is out of your league. Just stop being such a baby and go talk to him, once he’s out of the water that is.”

“Wow, thank you so much, I don’t think I ever could have come up with a plan if it wasn’t for you.” Taehyung sarcastically says.

“You’re welcome, gotta go lunch is being served, love you.” Jimin quickly says before hanging up, leaving Taehyung alone with his thoughts.

Taehyung groans loudly, gaining the attention of a family who was close by. He smiles at them which makes them instantly look away, ‘rude, much?’ he thinks as he turns his attention back to the red dot in the sea aka the new love of his life. He tries to psyche himself up to talk to him, telling himself that as soon as he finishes the lesson he was currently doing and emerges from the sea he will approach him. Introducing himself will probably be the best conversation starter, even though he literally had no idea of where to take the conversation from there. On the surface, it looked like they didn’t really have that much in common, but who knows what lies deeper than just the fact the pretty boy works within the ocean?

His chance to talk to the boy arrives much sooner than he would’ve liked as he sees him walk out of the sea with the two people and says goodbye to them. He takes a deep breath before gathering up his things and making his way down the beach, luckily the boy was standing at a comfortable distance away from the sea by now, probably waiting for the next people to arrive for a lesson. Taehyung comes face to face with the boy and his mind instantly blanks, he forgets how to even move let alone speak.

“Hello?” The boy cocks his head to the side in confusion, searching Taehyung’s face for any sign of life.

“I- I’m sorry, I thought you were- erm- someone I knew! You know, from uh- back in Korea... sorry for bothering you!” Taehyung blurts out before turning on his heel and quickly leaving, feeling like the biggest idiot in the universe. The urge to run into the sea and just meet his impending death was growing with every step he took.

The boy was so much prettier up close, the way his big innocent doe eyes stared at Taehyung had the ability to instantly turn his brain to mush. Taehyung had never been bad at asking people on dates or chatting anyone up, so the fact that just happened was a completely new and mortifying experience for him. He throws himself on the sofa once he returns back to the house, figuring he’d stay laying face down there until his family arrived back, that way he had plenty of time to wallow in his self-pity.

Taehyung ends up falling asleep whilst feeling sorry for himself, only being woken up once everyone’s back and Jimin starts violently shakes him. “Did you talk to him?!” He asks impatiently.

“What?” Taehyung sleepily mumbles as he tries to sit up.

“Talk to who?” Namjoon asks, confused as to what was happening.

“Tae’s in love.”

“Tae’s what?!” Jin runs in, overhearing the conversation from the other room.

“Oh, just tell everyone, it’s fine. I didn’t want privacy anyway.” Taehyung sighs.

Hoseok laughs as he comes in to join the group, intrigued by the turn of events. “As if you’d ever get privacy around us. Now, spill it.”

“Long story short, I was at the beach and saw the most beautiful angel I have ever laid eyes on, it was love at first sight blah blah blah.”

“And?” Jimin urges him to continue.

“And I went up to talk to him after he came out of the water and completely freaked out, he was so beautiful I lost my ability to function like an actual human being and ended up blurting out some shit about thinking he was someone I knew from back home and apologised for bothering him.” Taehyung groans as he buries his head in his hands making everyone else burst out laughing. “Don’t laugh at my misery!”

“It’s hard not to when you act like a teenage girl talking to their high school crush for the first time.” Jimin teases.

“I can just imagine him shouting in the poor boys face, I bet he was so confused,” Jin says, breathless from laughter.

“Okay, let’s be done with this. I’m hungry, is it dinner time yet?”

“Oh, yeah let’s go! Maybe we’ll see your crush when we’re getting dinner!” Hoseok grins widely.

“That’s it, I’m going to speak to mom and dad.” Taehyung huffs as he walks out, leaving the rest of them behind laughing like hyenas.

Trust them to make Taehyung feel even more pathetic about the situation, hopefully, he hasn’t killed all of his chances with the pretty surf instructor. Besides, he didn’t even know his name yet.

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